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I feel myself getting back into Stargate, with early season 4 being on TV recently, and since I don't remember this particular question being discussed around here I'm gonna ask you and every Stargate fan who reads this something I've been wondering recently: Would you trade the WoO kiss (which was on TV today <3) for one in BtS (which, as we all know, was written but not filmed because two within a few episodes are 'too many' - ugh)?

That is an excellent question. 

I don’t think I would make that trade. Because even though Sam doesn’t remember the Window of Opportunity kiss in one of the time loops, it was Jack who made the decision to kiss her, and Sam who made the decision to kiss him back. 

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In Beneath the Surface, even though they were still Jack and Sam, neither of them could remember that—they thought they were Jonah and Thera. Andat least the WoO kiss is joyful! BtS is already heartbreaking enough as it is, we didn’t need a kiss THAT THEY COULD NOT REPEAT *SOB* to make it even more painful. 

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My two cents. :) Anyone want to disagree with me, feel free!