three komaedas jumping on the bed

one fell off and hit his head.

two komaedas jim pink on the bed

one made spaghetti-o’s now hes dead.

one komaeda sleeping on the be

Beauty Convention PDA - One Shot

In which you were invited to a beauty convention and Simon goes with you, vlogging all your PDA :’)

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‘Y-N! Come on, you have to get up or we’ll be late!’ I woke up to my fiancé, Simon, jumping on my bed in attempt to wake me up.

Today was a big day for me: I was invited by Tarte to go to a beauty convention in London, and had already announced it on all my social media and heard that so many of my fans were intending to go to my meet and greet stand. Of course, Simon had to come too, for we were a very popular couple online, especially after uploading the video of his proposal being uploaded to my Channel.

I opened one eye tiredly and quickly glanced at my watch. I still had plenty of time to get ready, I could even take a bath and serve breakfast for all the boys. But the smell in the house told me that that wasn’t happening, as the door to mine and Simon’s bathroom was open and had soft music playing from it, the water in the bath was already running and the smell of pancakes was obvious all around the house.

'Baby, let’s go!’ Simon giggled, and I could make out he was holding his vlogging camera through my blurry vision. He was still jumping up and down on the bed, and I frowned, stretching my arms and legs.

Suddenly, I felt his entire body weight land on me, pushing out all the air in my lungs. 'Oh my god, Simon! Get off! You’re fat!’ I shouted and laughed, trying to push him off of me.

'I’m not getting off until you’re awake.’ He said in a low voice, shoving his camera in my face. Normally, I wouldn’t have let him film my ugly ass morning face, but I had grown used to it and the viewers seemed to love these kinds of videos.

'Okay, okay, I’m awake.’ I grumbled and Simon rolled off of me, slipping off my side of the bed and ending up sitting on the floor.

'Anyways guys, now that the princess is awake, we shall go eat some breakfast and get ready, and we’ll see you then.’ Simon said to his camera and then I heard him turn it off. I sat up, looking at him on the ground.

'What time do we have to be there again?’ I asked him. I obviously had extremely messy bed hair and my voice was a little frail, so I guessed I looked really confused and that that’s why he started laughing.

He stood up and enveloped me in a hug, burying his face in my neck. 'You’re so cute.’ He mumbled, and then his hand found mine, intertwining his long fingers with mine. 'Come on, let’s get ready.’

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I quickly found my place near the Tarte stands at the beauty convention, Simon trailing behind me as I was pulling him along by his hand through the crowd. Several people had already recognised us, and it pained me to say no to the pictures they wanted to take, but they all seemed to brighten up when I told them to come see me at my meet and greet table.

'Simon? Y-N?’ A girl that looked to be in her teen years walked up to my stand. I looked up at her and flashed her a warm smile. I could feel Simon put an arm around my waist protectively.

'Hi, what’s your name?’ I asked her and she smiled down at me. She was holding her phone in her hand and pointed it at us, so I was guessing she was filming.

'Megan,’ She told us with a wide grin.

'Wow, I like your name.’ I laughed and so did she.

'Can I take a picture with you, and Simon as well?’ She asked politely, she seemed extremely nervous, so I nodded and stood up, pulling her into the middle of my and Simon. She held up her phone and we all smiled for a selfie.

'You’re so nice with them,’ Simon pressed a soft kiss to my cheek when the girl said her goodbyes and left.

'I’m just being normal,’ I smiled at him and shrugged.

'No, you’re just really cute, babygirl.’ Simon chuckled and played with the ends of my hair and pressed another loving kiss to my forehead. I smiled and leaned into his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

'See everybody, this is my girl.’ Simon said with his arm extended, so I could tell he was vlogging us again. He pressed numerous kisses to the top of my head.

'Stop!’ I giggled and laughed, pushing him to get away from him.

'Hey, where are you going?’ Simon asked me, grabbing onto my arm so I couldn’t get away.

'Away from you,’ I teased.

'I don’t think the viewers will appreciate that.’ He joked and pointed his camera at me, so I smiled and waved.

'Hey everybody!’ I laughed. 'I have to go because there are some of you guys waiting to get a picture,’ I said to the camera.

'What? No, you’re mine.’ Simon pointed the camera at him again, pulled me into him and pressed a loving kiss to my lips.

Tangled Sheets

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: can yo do a draco one shot where the reader and him get into a nasty fight but eventually come together because they realize thats they need eachother no matter what? thanks xx

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Y/N wrings her hands together, watching them turn white from lack of blood flow, as she waits for Draco to bite out his next scathing remark. She regards the bed, its covers messy and tossed all over the mattress – covers she and Draco were lying under just half an hour before. She finds herself getting angry as she remembers what he said, what he called her. And for what? For talking to Blaise! “I can’t believe you, Y/N,” Draco finally says through gritted teeth, drawing Y/N’s attention again. “How could you –” With a quick motion, Y/N jumps off the bed and moves to stand in front of Draco, face to face, drawing herself up to her full height. “I did nothing wrong, Draco! He asked for help, and I helped him! You have absolutely no right to be angry at me, none.” She stays in her position, waiting for a response from her boyfriend, but he simply glares at her. They’re probably only in silence for a minute, but it feels like an eternity for Y/N, and her own angry expression falters as time drags on. “D-Draco…”

He pushes past her roughly, making her stumble to the side and grab the bed post for support. She whirls around and runs forward in an attempt to stop Draco from leaving, but he wrenches the door open and steps out without a backward glance. He slams it closed and Y/N can hear his footsteps receding down the dormitory stairs, fast and purposeful. Y/N sinks to the floor, her back against the door, body jolting whenever she hits irregularities in the elaborate mahogany construction, and rubs her shoulder where Draco shoved her, trying to soothe the shooting pains. Her view of the room becomes blurry as tears well up in her eyes, and she slowly loses sight of the tangled sheets adorning the bed and the stark whiteness of her hands.

Sheets. Whiteness. Y/N winces as they’re yanked off of her, the sunlight shining through the windows and hitting her face rather harshly. “What?” she groans, rolling over and pushing her face into her pillow. Not so comfortable, but effective in shutting out both light and sound – until Pansy pulls it out from under her face. “Get up, Y/N,” Pansy orders, grabbing her arm and pulling so hard that she practically topples to the ground. “Enough moping.” Y/N sits up, wincing at the pain in her back and gives Pansy a doleful look. “I’m not moping, I’m just –” “Not getting out of bed for two weeks is moping, Y/N.” She bustles over the Y/N’s closet and starts pulling clothes out at random, tossing them to the side as she searches for the perfect outfit. “Why don’t you get up and show him what he’s missing?” she says over the loud clatter she’s creating. Pansy pauses for a second, apparently finding something she likes, and stalks back over to Y/N, handing her the neatly folded clothes. “Go. Get ready.” Y/N complies, heaving a huge sigh, and drags herself to the bathroom to shower.

After she’s done, she eyes the pile of clothes lying on her bed, and with an unexpected surge of confidence, pulls them on. For the first time since that night, she actually feels… fresh. Good. Pushing her dorm door open, she makes her way down the stairs, completely ready to face the day. But when she steps into the common room, all eyes turn to her and the whispers ensue. Y/N glances at the sitting area, at the long green couch which is currently occupied by a number of her peers giving her unrelenting stares, and is hit by a strong flashback of her and Draco occupying the seat. Staring into the fireplace, watching the flames flicker behind the grate, reveling in the feeling of Draco’s strong chest rising up and down with his breaths and his warm hands running through her hair…

“Y/N!” She snaps out of it and turns towards Pansy, who’s staring at her with a mixture of sympathy and annoyance. “Come on… it’s time for breakfast,” she declared, taking Y/N’s arm in hers and pulling her towards the entrance to the common room. The room had filled with chatter after Pansy appeared, not paying the two girls any more attention, but another pair of students stumble into the common room, making everyone quiet yet again. Y/N pauses as she stares at them, the silver haired one of the pair stumbling as he surveys the room through tired eyes. His gaze stops on Y/N and his mouth falls open slightly, eyes saddening even more as he scans her face. “Y/N…” The whisper carries through the whole room, hitting her ears and filling her head, his familiar – yet rather hoarse – voice making all her emotions hit her like a runaway train, nearly bowling her over right there.

Ignoring Pansy’s frantic protests, Y/N detaches her arm from her friend and slowly makes her way across the room, her eyes never leaving Draco’s. With a reassuring nod at Crabbe, who looks quite uncomfortable at the state of his leader, she takes Draco’s hand in hers and leads him upstairs. She slowly turns the knob on the door and pushes it open, noting the disheveled state of the sheets on Draco’s bed. “Let’s go,” she whispers, leading him towards the bed and sitting him down on it, and he finally speaks. “I missed you,” he mumbles, his voice gruff from lack of use, and he clears his throat in an attempt to clear it. Y/N nods, shushing him slightly as she makes to fix his tousled bed, but he stops her, one of his large hands enveloping her small wrist, halting her movements immediately. Y/N drops her gaze to the connection, watching as Draco slowly skates his hand down her palm and toys with her fingers. She sucks in a breath when he finally intertwines their hands. “I didn’t cheat on you.”

Draco nods, tugging slightly on their joined hands and making her sit on the bed with him. “I – I didn’t –” A single tear makes its way down Y/N’s face, and Draco raises a free hand, wiping it away. He puts an arm around her and rubs large, soothing circles on her back, mumbling soothing words in her ear and apologizing for his actions, for his anger, for his unwillingness to listen, for everything. After Y/N calms down, they lay back down on Draco’s bed in the tangled sheets, holding each other close.

my cat accidentally bit my boyfriend too hard and it spooked her so she sproinged off him to the floor and was jumping on the bed where my laptop was but as she’s mid-jump she forces herself to do a flip back onto the floor to avoid landing on my laptop ‘cause she knows i don’t like her being on it lmao like she’s busy having a panic attack but still has enough brains to be like “OOO FUCK NOT THERE NOT THERE”

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Giant yellow labrador puppy dog and his instagram full of cute pictures of him and his cute boyfriend/fiancé/husband. So proud. So adoring. So much Levi scowling over his morning tea. Also an actual yellow lab puppy maybe. (Levi pretends to be mad when it jumps on the bed to wake him up).

this is so cute i legit died sldfkjkldfj i love thinking about them having instagram accounts and what would be on them because IT WOULD BE SO SWEET and DOMESTIC and YES there should be a dog

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SO Tord so your a bounty hunter cough cough (more like booty Hunter) cough cough

He sighs with irritation.

Tord: I like Edd, yes. I will not deny that fact. I don’t meet many people with his enthusiasm and want to help others. But that like doesn’t change the fact I have an operation to start up and get running, a series of promises to keep, or that I have no intention in jumping into bed with someone I literally just met.

Tord: And even if I did, it’s none of your damn business.

i share bedroom with my older sister and my bed is always near the door, so my dog usually walks in, settles down next to my bed and continues sleeping

but my mom bought us a bunk bed because i also have a younger sister, so i now use the bunk bed with my younger sister while my older sister uses the bed next to the door

today my dog walked in and must’ve realized i wasn’t where i usually was because all of sudden i feel him landing on my stomach and licking ny face, effectively waking me up and realizing i was still in the bedroom and nothing changed much. now he keeps jumping on my bed to make sure i’m here. help

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.