day 15/100 of productivity [25 july 2016]

the state of my desk is a physical representation of the state of my mind right now — disorganised, cluttered and very confused (・_・ヾ all i want to do is jump in bed, hide under my blanket and go to sleep 

🎧  and darling we will sing until we die, we’ll never waste these tears on fears and cries; and now the world is ours to take, and every single move is ours to make 

What was it like to film “The Wedding,” which was pretty much the hottest episode on television last year?

By that point, Sam and I had been working together for eight months, so we’d built up a friendship. We all talked a lot about it beforehand and rehearsed every detail to make it as honest as possible. We really tried to show how there was an attraction there, but there was so much going on with [Claire], so lots of conflict too. She wasn’t ready to jump in bed with this person, so we had to slowly break down the barriers of guilt to show the love. The great thing about our writing team is that whenever we rehearse a scene, they are so open to anything Sam and I have to offer. There was a lot of, ‘Well, you know, I don’t know if she would say or do this and she might wait a little before this.’ There was a lot of conversation and willingness on their part to work on things. I think that openness really does wonders for our show.

-Elle, March 2015

So they rehearsed every detail of The Wedding episode to make it as honest as possible. What exactly goes into that kind of rehearsing? 😉

I love it when cats jump onto the bed next to you and make that weird purring meow, like what are they saying


“Fuck you’re up here”

herebedragonsimaginingdragons  asked:

I went into my little brother's room to get the laptop charger while he was on the computer playing Minecraft and I was yelling some Eurovision song and I jumped onto his bed kicking my legs in the air while singing really badly and he just ignored me and I believe this is the kind of thing Finland and Estonia or Denmark and Iceland would do and I honestly don't know which one is better

definitely denmark and iceland


“It was getting to be later in the evening and I was in my pajamas when all of a sudden I see this black thing out of the corner of my eye and I proceed to jump on my bed and just freeze.

I suddenly see this creature walking across the floor just in front of my bed then I see another one coming it was very very big I wasnt sure if it was like tarantula or some sort of huge spider.”

Carli Lloyd -  Creepy Cockroaches 

  • Me:Do you ever just see two characters that you love so much and just want to see them love each other and be happy?
  • My Sister:*immediately jumps off the bed*
  • My Sister:Let me learn you a thing.
  • My Sister:*grabs replica Master Sword to use as pointer*
  • My Sister:*gestures to posters on the wall*
  • My Sister:So, this is Poe and Finn, they love each other. This is Dean and Castiel, they also love each other. This is Steve and Bucky and they have been married since the 40s. This is Kylo and Hux they-

Anna Rike: “Ok call me crazy!! But i’m such a One Direction and HARRY STYLES FAN since the beginning…. There I was…. ready to go to sleep on Friday night, took off my make up and.. I was just putting my phone in the charger and then I saw it….the message I’ve been waiting for all my lifeee haha….!!! My friend send me a message, telling me to come to the city ASAP because he was sitting next to Harry Styles Harry freaking Styles, in one of my favorite bars in Zwolle!!! So naturally I jumped out of bed, put on a fancy outfit, some make up and on my way I went…………” (source)


“Are you happy now, Y/N?” Dean grumbled, stepping out of the bathroom and holding his arms out to display his new look. 

“Oh my god, yes!” you exclaimed, jumping off of the bed and running over to him so you could get a closer look. “Oh, you look so dapper! Now give me a spin.”

“This is stupid,” he muttered under his breath, but he followed your instructions nonetheless, slowly turning in a circle.

You ran your hands over the fabric of his sweater once he had completed his 360 before taking hold of his tie and pulling him close to you. “I can’t decide if I wanna squeeze your cheeks or fuck you.” You grinned, licking your lips teasingly.

“Well,” Dean started with a wink, his hands moving to grab the belt loops of your jeans, “I think we both know which option I’d prefer.”

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