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Hi, I was wondering if you could tell us a bit about how a person becomes a wildlife rehabilitator? It sounds like it's something that takes a looot of time, so if a person isn't paid for it, then how do they get the money for it? I mean, it doesn't sound like a person can have a regular job /and/ rehabilitate wildlife?

Hi! It’s definitely more of a volunteer situation. The rehabbers I know aren’t paid for their work. Some are vet techs, so it’s easier to reconcile rehabbing with their job, but overall, it’s hard work with no monetary reward and it takes a lot of time. Some of my rehabber friends are on call all night and will jump out of bed and into the car to check a dead opossum’s pouch for the chance of surviving babies. 

What you can do if that’s not something you feel up for is volunteer during joey season (baby time). I know of rehabbers who had 30 babies in their home at the same time. They desperately need help from people who are willing to learn how to tube feed babies and keep an eye out for them, feed them, potty them, etc.

As always, if anyone here is seriously interested in doing this, message me with your area and I’ll hook you up with a rehabber near you :)

Ok, this is not rp related but you people need to listen the fuck up.

If I ever see you reblogging someones negative post and then telling them they have no right to be upset because they have nice things, and a nice life, and they’re financially ok or they have a good family or whatever, I will personally jump on your bed, and set it on fire AFTER I’ve drawn a giant DICK over your bed, right on the wall.

I will take your computer and throw it out of a 10 story building window while SCREAMING at the top of my lungs, and beating on my chest.

I will eat all of your shoes and vomit them back up all over your god damn face, and KICK you afterwards.

Then I will strap you into a leather chair that has been sitting in the sun for FAR too long while you’re wearing nothing but your underwear, and tattoo the words “I am an insensitive dick bag” on your chest.

And why?

Because people can have mental illnesses that do not effect specific aspects of their lives.

Quit trying to make people feel like they have no right to suffer from a mental illness you pricks. Jesus Christ.

Favorite Vauseman scenes: I love you and I heart you too

These next two scenes go hand in hand on this list because they’re pretty much the same. The chemistry, the dialogue, the camera angles, everything about these two scenes makes my heart a fit to bursting.

The first scene from season one Alex invites Piper to be her little spoon and you’d seriously have to be an idiot to say no to that. When Alex invites you to be her little spoon you BE her little spoon dammit! That  does not require thought. You jump in that bed!

But I like these scenes because it feels like Piper and Alex are in their own little world right now and everything around them is non existent. There’s no drama, there’s no prison, there’s no Larry. Nothing else matters right now. It’s just them and their innermost feelings coming to the surface and you almost feel like you’re intruding on a private moment.

We witness the first time Alex says “I love you” to Piper in season 2. And in that moment Alex was obviously very shy and it looked like she was working up the courage to say it. And when she does the walls are down and she’s exposed and then she says to Piper “I don’t say that to everyone, you have to say it back.” She needs to hear Piper say it and when Piper does say it I believe it and I believe Alex, I don’t think Alex says that to everyone. A part from Alex’s mom I think Piper was the only other person Alex ever really cared about. Again Alex is a woman  who prides herself on being in control. Alex gave Piper her heart with the hopes that she would not break it. So when Piper did break it, it ruined her. Quite frankly: It fucked her up.

In season 1 Piper says “why do you always feel so inevitable to me?” The word “inevitable” becomes sort of the theme of their relationship. No matter what paths they take, no matter the fights, arguments, and disagreements they have they will always come back to each other. When Piper says this Alex then exposes that soft and mushy side of herself and says with confidence “I heart you” but at the same time she’s still kind of holding back a bit, and understandably so. You can’t blame her. And Alex doesn’t urge Piper to say it back because Alex knows Piper does.  Alex could have said “I love you” but  by saying “ I heart you” instead she’s still protecting her feelings from Piper. If she had said the actual words the hurt  would’ve been more real and a lot worse. Piper hurt her the last time she said this and Alex is still very much aware of the wedge that is Larry and how wishy washy Piper can be. It’s like Piper  is right there with her and yet still so far away.

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i hate bringing this topic up again but godd the bed situation never explained anything to me. if i was rich i'd also rent a place with two bedrooms because sometimes it's just more comfortable that way. you can work and your partner can sleep peacefully, you can sleep and they can fucking jump on their bed all night long, isn't in incredible

so… my sweet little Minni stopped eating when I left her at a friend’s house, and I figured it’d go back to normal when I brought her home but it’s been over a week and I still have to goad her into eating breakfast…  Mind you, beforehand she used to snarf down the whole bowl in one go.  Now I’m lucky if she eats the top layer in the morning and eats the whole bowl in one day.  

She’s also getting bad at catching food out of the air?  Like she doesn’t even try for it.  And now, today, she won’t jump up onto my bed - she pads back and forth in front of the bed, preps to jump, then gives up and curls up in her dog bed.  She’s only 7 at most and this all happened in a single week without warning.  Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong??

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do you have any funny headcanons for prompto?? :D

Hell yes I do.

  • He’ll blast those annoying/catchy songs in the car and dramatically sing along to them to purposely annoy Ignis (i.e Uptown Funk, Boom Boom Boom Boom, All About That Bass)
  • He’ll jump on the beds at the inns just for fun, but he somehow always accidentally breaks them, but he never learns his lesson after being scolded by Ignis (this could work for Gladiolus too)
  • He likes to draw with permanent marker on everyone’s faces while they’re passed out and watch them walk around in the morning trying to figure out why the hell everyone is giving them weird looks
  • Uses as many emojis as he can while he texts because he thinks they’re cute even though his friends seem to hate it (he genuinely doesn’t care what they think)

And that’s all I have for now :~)

Nights With Daddy (Part 1)
  • Daddy:*lies in bed, reading a book*
  • Me:*jumps on the bed, wearing his favorite outfit (his button down t-shirt and thigh highs). Immediately scurries under the covers, once settled, stares at him silently*
  • Daddy:*feels my stare, looks at me with a smile and kisses my forehead before regaining to his book*
  • Me:*continues to stare; paralyzed by his alluring stature. Vigorously rubs my face against his arm, hoping to get his attention*
  • Daddy:*lifts up book and smiles, continuing to read*
  • Me:*pouts and whines, pausing to think momentarily. Crawls on top of the comforter and wiggles my behind at him*
  • Daddy:*puts down the book* "Little girl..." *growls* "Be careful."
  • Me:*bites my lip, perking my head up to stick my tongue out at him.*
  • Daddy:"Princess, if you want my attention, all you have to do is say, 'Daddy?' in that cute little girl voice, 'I love you so much, will you please play with me before bed?'"
  • Me:*scowls* Nuuuu, because then you'll say, 'Princess,' in your stern Daddy voice, 'it's time to go to bed.' And so I just hafta use my booty powers to get my way." *giggles, flashing him a grin*
  • Let me know if you want me to keep finish the story😁

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41 (hopefully said by Dean looking after his little bro???)

41. “Go back to sleep.”

This time, it’s a dream about a werewolf that jolts Sam from his bed, shaking and breathing heavily as he glances around the dark motel room. Outside, lightning illuminates the dark night sky every couple of minutes, thunder making the whole street tremble as rain pours down. Normally, Sam isn’t afraid of something as normal as a storm, but combined with the images of teeth and claws and shadow still fresh in his mind, it’s enough to make him jump from his bed and rush to the one beside his.

“Dean?” he says quietly, hesitantly placing his hand on his brother’s sleeping back. Sam doesn’t even have to shake him awake; just the touch of his brother’s hand pulls Dean from sleep, and he rolls over to see his little brother standing wide-eyed at his bedside. It takes a split moment for him to process the storm outside and the fearful expression on his brother’s face, and before Sam has the chance to explain, Dean holds up the blankets, inviting his brother in.

Sam scurries beneath the covers and curls into his brother’s side. If their dad were here, he’d say that they’re too old to share a bed, that Sammy is thirteen now and he needs to learn to comfort himself after a nightmare. But Dad isn’t here, so none of that matters. All that matters is that Dean is warm and solid and safe, and when he wraps his arm around his little brother’s shoulder, it makes some of the shaking in Sam’s hands subside.

“It’s okay, Sammy,” Dean murmurs over the roar of the storm. “I’m here. Nothing’s gonna hurt you, okay?”

A loud crack of thunder shakes the motel room, and Sam whimpers, curling further into Dean’s side. Dean just holds him tighter. “Shh,” he whispers, rubbing his hand up and down Sam’s back. “It’s okay. I got you. You’re safe.”

The pounding of rain against the windows gets a little bit softer, the storm starting to pass. Sam’s breath is coming slower now, his heart beat settling in his chest, though Dean continues to rub his back, holding him close until the rain finally stops completely.

“Go back to sleep, Sammy,” Dean whispers. “I’ll be right here if you need me.”

Sam nods slowly, resting his head on Dean’s chest and allowing his eyes to close. It doesn’t take long for sleep to overcome him again, and this time, there are no nightmares.

Hetalia birthday scenarios


January: America
February: Prussia
March: Japan
April: Russia
May: England
June: Italy
July: Spain
August: Germany
September: France
October: China
November: Romano
December: Canada


1. Gives you flowers
2. Jumps in your bed
3. Pranks you
4. Goes shopping with you
5. Sends you a hot picture of him
6. Cooks for you
7. Stalks you
8. Bought you a gift
9. Serenades you
10. Protects you
11. Asks you out
12. Jumps out of a plane and lands right in front of you
13. Throws you a surprise party
14. Locks you up in his basement
15. Writes you love letters
16. Dreams about you
17. Punches you in the face
18. Breaks into your house
19. Spies on you
20. Asks you to marry him
21. Challenges you to a duel
22. Got you drunk
23. Annoys the hell out of you
24. Wants to invade your vital regions
25. Sneaks into your room at night and watches you sleep
26. Wants to become one with you
27. Challenges you to a dance-off
28. Kidnaps you
29. Thinks about you right now
30. Is hiding under your bed
31. Would do anything for you

Zodiac sign:

Aries: Because he’s secretly in love with you
Taurus: Because he’s gone totally mad
Gemini: Because he wants you to notice him
Cancer: Because he cares about you
Leo: Because he wants to show who’s the boss
Virgo: Because you’re the only thing he can think about
Libra: Because love isn’t a simple thing
Scorpio: Because PASTA!
Sagittarius: Because you deserve it
Capricorn: Because you have no social life
Aquarius: Because you’re sexy
Pisces: Because you’re special to him

dan and phil + a dog headcanons

- imagine phil convincing dan to buy them matching costumes with their dog to wear for halloween parties
- dan and phil finally getting the motivation to go jogging because their dog jumps on their bed every morning to make them take him out for a walk or a run
- phil giving the dog a bath and because the dog’s very active, he ends up getting wet as well and dan glares at both of them when he sees phil soaked in water, but dan giggles when phil encloses him in his arms and he gets wet too but he can’t stay mad anymore
- the dog pooping everywhere because it isn’t trained yet and dan trying his best to not be mad because the dog is super cute and he can’t be mad at the dog when he could see the light it brings to phil’s eyes whenever it waggles its tail in front of phil
- dan being strict with the dog’s eating habits but phil’s the rebel who always sneaks in that one extra sausage into the dog bowl
- phil teaching the dog some tricks and making it learn how to be a magician’s assistant
- dan cuddling the dog in bed while phil spoons dan and they all snore happily and contentedly
- bonus: (parent!phan) dan and phil’s first child growing up with the dog and it becomes the child’s best friend

The Signs On Their Birthday
  • Aries:Jumps out of bed and demands presents
  • Taurus:Has a separate birthday cake for themselves, because they are not sharing the deliciousness with anyone
  • Gemini:Announces it's their birthday every day for a week leading up to their actual birthday, when they go buck wild
  • Cancer:Wakes up early, because they're excited; waits for birthday texts and calls so they can feel loved
  • Leo:Wakes up July 23rd, announces it's their birth season and keeps the party going until August 23rd; their actual birthday is celebrated with a party so turnt up that it's aired on MTV
  • Virgo:Gets so drunk they wake up in the hospital the next morning (underage Virgos get drunk off of Kool-Aid ;))
  • Libra:Gets a birthday kiss from each of their hoes at the same time (how, nobody can figure out, but everyone is jealous)
  • Scorpio:Demands the spotlight for one day in their life; they wanna be taken care of like they do for everyone else
  • Sagittarius:Their phone is constantly going off all day with happy birthday texts, calls, tweets, emails, Tumblr posts, etc. etc.
  • Capricorn:Boosts their age up until they hit twenty five; after that they stop officially celebrating their birthdays and yell at anyone who reminds them of their age
  • Aquarius:Has a birthday party on the moon
  • Pisces:Cries during "Happy Birthday" and makes a super sentimental wish
  • *thank you to the anons for the suggestion :) send suggestions to @cancercornastrology*