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The One-Night Perfect Relationship | Alex Standall X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Characters: Alex/fem!reader. Clay and Hannah are mentioned.

Warnings: fluffy. Also happy!Alex. And may or may not have some High School Musical songs in the story, but, oh well…

(E/C) stand for “Eye color”/(B/F/N) stand for “Best friend’s name”.

Word Count: 2550 words.

One part of her didn’t want to be there, but the other one, which she decided to listen to, felt that the night could get better somehow. (Y/N) was on the bleachers, considerably alone since she didn’t know anyone who was sitting there, watching people dance with their dates and friends at the dance. They were jumping around, but they seemed to be having fun while doing it, which made her feel like dancing too, but everyone there had a group of friends and she didn’t want to be the weirdo jumping alone.

(Y/N) wanted to dance and her body was starting to send signals that she needed to move. So she began to sway slightly from side to side, trying not to draw attention of anyone on the bleachers. When a familiar song began to play, (Y/N) forgot for a second to try to be discreet and shook her head as she moved her arms up, letting a small smile escape her lips until she realized what she was doing, her eyes widening and bringing her arms back down. Damn the upbeat songs. It was only for a few seconds, but she had already managed to get someone’s attention.

The girl lowered her head, looking down at her own feet. And then she felt that sense of when someone is staring at you. The girl’s (E/C) eyes looked up shyly and started looking for someone who was looking at her, stopping at a boy with bleached blonde hair who was sitting a little distant of her. He had a small grin on his face, he wanted to laugh. This made (Y/N) feel her cheeks heating up as she looked down again, even more embarrassed.

“Nice moves.” she heard a male voice, which obviously came from the boy, talking to her. “Hi.”

“Hi.” she gave a small wave, looking sheepishly at him.

(Y/N) had seen him around school, but she couldn’t remember if she’d ever heard his name.

“Why are you alone here?” he spoke again after a few seconds in silence.

(Y/N) grimaced. “I didn’t even know I was coming here today.” the boy raised an eyebrow at her. “I didn’t plan to come, but my friend bought two tickets and dragged me here.”

He nodded, staring at the rest of the people in the bleachers. "Why isn’t she here with you, then?”

“She brought me because she thought her date wasn’t coming.”

“But he came.” he completed his reasoning on his own. “So she dumped you alone here.”

“Sitting here isn’t so bad.” he gave her a disbelieving glance, but she just laughed. “Why are you here?”

His eyes turned to the dance floor and he pointed to someone she couldn’t define who it was. “I was hoping to dance with her.”

“Sorry about that.”

“Nah, I deserve it.”

Neither of them said anything for a few more seconds, watching people still dancing in their strange way.

“What’s your name?” (Y/N) broke the silence, turning to him.

“Alex.” he gave her a small smile, turning his head toward her. “And you are?”

“(Y/N).” she smiled back at him.

Alex looked at her for a few more seconds before pointing to the empty seat beside her. “Can I…?” he asked for her permission to approach.

“Sure.” (Y/N) smile widened as the boy crawled over to her side.

The dance was supposed to be, well, for dancing, but soon (Y/N)’s urge to dance was decreasing while talking to Alex. On the dance floor they hardly would be able to talkbut there where they were, they could enjoy each other’s company more. They spent more than half of the Winter Formal getting to know each other better, starting a competition of who had the most shameful story to tell and, overall, talked about everything.

"So, I was already in my pajamas and getting ready to watch my shows when I heard a horn outside.” (Y/N) started telling the story of that night, seeming to amuse Alex with it. “And I went to see who it was and (B/F/N) was all ‘Get in loser, we’re going to the dance’.”

“The ‘Mean Girls’ of real life.” he said with a laugh.

"Yeah, I totally am Lindsay Lohan.”

Alex looked at the girl from head to toe before smiling. "You’re not upset about being left by your friend?”

“Not at all.” she shrugged. “I wasn’t joking when I said it wasn’t so bad to be here. I think it’s kind of cool to be able to see this big socialization of confused teenagers from afar.” (Y/N) pointed at them dramatically, then turning to point at the boy next to her. "And a little socialization right here.”

Alex still had a smile on his face as he took the girl’s finger pointing to his face.

"I’ve never noticed you until today, you know.” he said, then frowned. “Did that sound rude?”

“A little bit, yeah.” (Y/N) chuckled as he apologized. “Well, I had noticed you before.”

That seemed to get his attention, his eyebrows arching with curiosity. “Oh, really?”

"I took an interest in you because of your hair.”

“Oh, this.” Alex grimaced as he pointed at his hair.

“It’s like it’s from another world. I always wondered what it would be like to touch it.”

“Be careful there, it’ll take you to another dimension.” he grinned, nudging her.

(Y/N) smiled, looking once more at the dance floor, something catching her eyes. She frowned at the scene she was seeing before she began to laugh. Alex smiled slightly, caught by the girl’s laughter.

"What are you laughing at?”

“They got style.” she answered, motioning two people jumping in a very strange –yet funny- way. (Y/N) managed to recognize the boy as Clay Jensen, but she wasn’t sure of the girl’s name, even though she had already seen and heard about her.

“Your moves are better, though.” (Y/N) laughed at his words, remembering the ridiculous dance that had performed.

“Shut up.” she smiled slightly, listening to a slow song start playing and people start to pair up. “Wanna go out?”

“Hm?” he looked confused.

“The dance is about to end. Want to walk out there a little?”

“Yeah, sure.” Alex stood up and reached out to help her up. What a gentleman.

He was walking ahead and as soon as the girl stood up the urge to dance came back. Then she tried to sway a little as she stepped out of the bleachers. Wrong move. She stumbled and almost fell, catching the attention of a few people who looked at her, laughing.

"What the hell are you looking at?” Alex asked them as he came back to help the girl out.

(Y/N)’s ankles ached slightly making the girl whimper down as she walked. She saw her friend looking at them both with a smirk, causing the girl to roll her eyes and lower her head.

“What the hell was that?” Alex asked as they walked toward the exit from the school.

“I was trying to perform, if you didn’t notice.” she stopped to massage her leg for a second before continuing to walk. “As if it were High School Musical or something.”

Alex’s head turned to her with the mention of the movie, a smile on his face. "So it looks like I got a Disney fan here.”

“Totally, man.” she said before she felt the cold night air hit her face as they reached the outside.

They continued to walk in silence until they were completely off the school grounds and started walking on the sidewalk, where some people passed as well. Alex started to walk slightly faster than (Y/N), staying a little ahead of her before turning to her, making her stop walking too.

“Alex…?” she frowned when she saw him taking a deep breath.

Livin’ in my own world, didn’t understand.” he began to sing. Oh no, he wasn’t doing that. (Y/N)’s mouth opened slightly, not knowing exactly what to do. “That anything can happen, when you take a chance.

(Y/N) was still, not knowing what to do, when Alex looked at her expectantly, making a smile spread on her face, before she cleared her throat. “I never believed in.” the boy smirked at her. “What I couldn’t see, I never opened my heart.”

“Ooh.” he made sure to say it in a very dramatic way, which made (Y/N) laugh.

“To all the possibilities.” she continued to laugh as he approached her. “Uh.”

Alex started to swing toward her as they sang. “I know that something has changed.” (Y/N) mimicked his movements and began to swing too. “Never felt this way.” she was sure that people were looking at them at that moment. “And right here tonight, this could be the start of something new.” after all, it wasn’t so usual to see two teenagers singing loudly in the middle of the street. “It feels so right to be here with you.” they both grinned at each other. “And now looking in your eyes, I feel in my heart the start of something new.”

The boy, with an amused smile, raised one of his hands, motioning for her to hold it. “Now who’d ever thought that.”

(Y/N) copied his smile, raising her hand and intertwining in his as they sang. “We’d both be here tonight.”

“And the world looks so much brighter.” she continued as he lowered their hands and pulled her down the sidewalk. “With you by my side.”

Alex seemed to have found something he was looking for on the sidewalk, letting go of (Y/N)’s hand, and walking quickly to a bench, getting up on it as they continued. "I know…” he turned to her, holding out his hands to help the girl up. “That something has changed.” (Y/N) laughed through her words, shaking her head as she walked quickly to where he was. “Never felt this way.” she accepted his help. “I know it for real, this could be the start of something new.” Alex took careful steps, imitating with his hands the moves she had made earlier that night, making her laugh while doing the same thing, shaking her head from side to side. “It feels so right to be here with you.” (Y/N) felt like jumping, just like people were doing at the Winter Formal, but she knew she would either break the bench or fall from there. “And now looking in your eyes.” Alex slowed his dance moves, looking for the girl’s eyes; (Y/N) did the same. “I feel in my heart …” they smiled at each other. “The start of something new.”

They kept staring at each other for a few more seconds, neither of them daring to break the eye contact, until a car stopped in front of them, honking. (B/F/N). (Y/N) got startled, almost felling off the bench because of it, causing Alex to hold her, holding the girl by her waist.

“Thanks.” she murmured a little sheepishly.

“Hey girl, you want a ride?” (B/F/N) asked.

(Y/N) was about to accept when Alex’s voice caught her attention. “If you want, I can take you home.” a small hopeful glow gleamed in his eyes, and only then she realized that his arm hadn’t left her waist. Not that she was going to complain about it.

“Alex will take me.” she turned again to (B/F/N), who smirked, nodding.

“She better get home alive, Standall.”

“As you wish, ma'am.” the girl laughed at his answer before winking at them and driving away. “She seems to be cooler than Regina George.”

(Y/N) laughed. “Sometimes she is.”

“Come on.” he released his arm from her waist and getting down from the bench, then helping the girl do the same.

Thank God that High School Musical performance hadn’t taken them so far from the school parking lot. (Y/N) had always complained that school was really far from her home, so she had to wake up early if she wanted to be in time for class. But at that moment she couldn’t be more grateful for that, it meant she would have more time to talk to Alex.

In the end, she could see that the part of her that thought that night could have got better had guessed right. She’d met Alex and that had made that night exceptional. They had hit it off, and that night seemed somehow magical. So that could only mean: either that was really the beginning of something new or that had been an one-night perfect relationship. (Y/N) sincerely bet on the second, although she wanted the first one to be right.

An one-night perfect relationship is the one you have, well, for one night. When you aren’t suffocated with your daily problems and the pressures of your friends. You are a diferente person on this one night, more relaxed and even happier. Who would know how things would be between them if they talk to each other every day, or what would it be like in front of their friends? Well, there’s no way of knowing if it’s just a one-night thing or something else until you try it, what really counts is making the night worthwhile.

These thoughts passed over (Y/N) mind as they got out of the car, since Alex had offered to walk with her to the door.

“Well, I’m sure I won’t not notice you from now on.” he said when they reached her door.

"Well, it’s not just your hair that makes me interested in you anymore.” she said, a small smirk on her lips.

He chuckled. “I’m glad.”

They looked at each other for a few more seconds, both thinking practically the same thing. Alex wanted to kiss her as much as she wanted to kiss him. But would not that be wrong? Would not it be too soon? But then again, what if the next day they didn’t feel the same thing they felt at that moment? Don’t think too much, make the night worthwhile. It’s now or never.

Alex quickly leaned toward her, pressing their lips together, placing one of his hands on her waist and the other on the girl’s cheek. (Y/N) wasted no time and soon began kissing him back, moving her lips against his, placing her hands on his neck, but only so she could touch his hair. Alex noticed that and gave a small smile into the kiss, which soon turned into a laugh, making him pull away from her and rest his forehead on hers as he laughed.

“Sorry.” he said still laughing, which made the girl laugh together.

"I really thought for a moment that this was going to take me to another dimension.” it only made him laugh more, being accompanied by her.

The laughter took a while to decrease, until there were only smiles on their faces. “Bye, Gabriella.”

“See you around, Troy.”

Alex gave her a long peck before letting go of her and starting to walk away, a smile still on his face. (Y/N) watched him for a few seconds before opening the door, listening to him honking at her, waving goodbye from inside the car before leaving. The girl closed the door, resting her back on it. Whether it was the beginning of something new or just a one-night thing, it was worth it.


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“I accidentally called you my girlfriend/boyfriend today.” Stiles/Derek

Stiles lets himself into Derek’s apartment, calling out a hello as he dumps Derek’s mail on the side. It’s not an unusual habit, Stiles spotting Derek’s scant bills and correspondence in his mailbox and grabbing it for him on the way up. What is unusual is Derek not rolling his eyes when Stiles comes through the door with his post. He likes to complain that he might have something private in there and that Stiles is too nosy for his own good. Stiles always taps his nose, says it’s too cute to be an annoyance, and Derek rolls his eyes again, turns away with a fond smile.

Stiles likes putting that smile there, likes seeing Derek happy, revelling in something as easy and light as gentle bickering. To some people it might seem like nothing, to Stiles and Derek it’s a damn miracle. After everything they’ve been through, survived, to come out the other side and still have some sort of lightness inside of them; Stiles is endlessly grateful. He’s glad to be alive, glad that Derek is, too. He likes getting into the semantics of whether or not having a cute nose gets him a free pass when it comes to rummaging through Derek’s mailbox. Besides, it’s not like he ever reads it; Derek doesn’t get anything particularly interesting. That’s not the point, it’s just a habit, now. The same way Derek always reminds Stiles to take a sweater with them if they’re headed out, or Stiles picks up Hershey’s kisses at the store because he knows Derek likes them, but won’t buy them himself on pain of death.

Not, that he’s using that phrase literally. 

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Mari the Shiny Ghost

Rating: T

Word Count: 7927

Pairings: YohaMaru

Summary: Yoshiko living the life of a university student, with classes, friends, and an overly-friendly ghost. 

Notes: This is based off artwork from @kaitoelichika​ (as shown here). It’s really cool! I recommend checking it out. 

Link: (FFN) | (AO3)

It was 8:30 AM. The alarm had gone off, then immediately the snooze button had been hit. At 8:45, the alarm had gone off again. The snooze button was once again pressed. When the alarm rang for the third time at 9:00, instead of hitting the snooze button, the entire alarm clock had been yanked out of the wall and thrown across the room. Now it was 9:30, and the occupant of the bed was still asleep. This caught Mari’s attention.

“Hmm… What to do, what to do…” Hovering over the bed, she considered her options. There was the tried and true method of whisking the covers off, exposing Yoshiko to the morning chill. She could always get more creative, though. There was no telling how much time she had left before Yoshiko woke up, though, so perhaps a Rube Goldberg type of device would be overkill. She had another idea, though.

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things from my childhood I think about a lot
  • every day during recess we’d hold weddings
  • I started a gang called The Ducks that consisted of my friend, Chickie, her boyfriend, The Rooster, and me, Little Quack
  • I’d eat rocks to establish my dominance as I was a really small kid, eventually I became known as Survivor Girl and was going to win our school a million dollars by being on the show
  • I found a tiny grape and decided to keep it and watch it grow, so I put it on my windowsill and woke up to it being a raisin. It took years be able to eat a grape or raisin
  • my friend dated a tree and honestly it was my favourite of all her boyfriends
  • I got my head stuck in a fence
  • I opened an umbrella on a windy day and got lifted a foot into the air and started flying down the playground until my friends grabbed me
  • and my favourite; we held a grade six talent show and I convinced a (male) friend of mine to be Hannah Montana and the whole school thought I had actually gotten Hannah Montana to come to our school, so my friends and I played on it. The talent show came and he had his handmade dress, wig and makeup on (and for some reason he brought a motor cross glove, just one, to wear) and at the end of the show he performed with us as background dancers in Halloween costumes and then ripped off the wig saying “I’m not Hannah Montana, I’m Miley Cyrus” and I’ve never laughed harder or seen more little children cry
  • bonus: we only had eye shadow for makeup so we used it for everything, eyes, blush and lipstick, but we didn’t bring makeup remover so he had to wear the makeup for the rest of the school day, but the eye shadow was cheap and stained his lips from being on too long and his lips stayed purple for a few days
Electrical attraction

I used “Stop trying to cheer me up.” as an excuse to finally write electricity kink! Percy c: It doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the sentence because of that.

Words: 1k

Rating: Mature (there is nothing happening yet though ;) )

“Stop trying to cheer me up.”

Jason rolls his eyes so hard that he fears he will see the inside of his own head. Percy is being a child, lying on the shore of the lake in the wet sand and pouting. He’s been like that for over an hour now and Jason is slowly giving up on getting him to move anytime soon.

“Stop being so difficult.” It isn’t the best of retorts, Jason knows that, and Percy’s pout only seems to become bigger at the words. There are many things Jason could say to him now, most of them kind of mean, but he keeps them all in. Jason doesn’t even know what Percy’s problem is, Annabeth told him the gist, something about hippocampi and a misunderstanding, but even she wasn’t sure why exactly Percy had decided to lie pouting by the lake in the end. Jason suppressed a sigh and instead of voicing all the things that go through his head, he gives Percy a shove.

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Mister Blushy BLushy. (Ladynoir/All the other ships in this love square Pirate AU)

WhIt was quiet, Adrien was laying peacefully in his bed filly dressed from the night before. He had been too tired to even get into his undergarments and have a comfortable sleep. He was so tired he didn’t even think about it.

Adrien let out a breath the cool air of the morning turning it visible for him to see slowly fade away into the morning.

Adrien glanced out of the window to see the endless sea. He was instantly comforted. Being far away from his father. Even escaping was a miracle. But every morning that’s what gave him hope. The sea. It reminded him of his great escape finally free from the chains of his restrained life. Adrien couldn’t of been happier.

Adrien heard footsteps on the deck above him running around disturbing the peace. He groaned in annoyance and threw his arm over his eyes. He knew they had jobs to do and all. But couldn’t they have been quieter?

“What in the world?” Adrien heard a crew member say.

“Captain! Come quickly!” Adrien sighed and sat up, apparently they had found something.

“What is it, so early in the morning…?” Adrien yelled as he rubbed his temples to ease the pressure building up inside his head.

With no answer Adrien sighed and stood up, “Where’s my hat?”

“Captain!” This call was urgent.

“I’m coming. I’m coming.” Adrien assured as he walked up the steps towards the outside where the morning sun would greet him. And his crew.

“Look at what’s caught in the net!” One shouted before he even got all the way up the stairs.

Adrien groaned again finishing the stairs as he starred at the wooden floor not looking up until he started speaking. “What could it possibly be that you’re all-”

Adrien froze in his steps and quit trying to pull his jacket on his tighter. What he saw in front of him was amazing. It was beautiful. She was beautiful.

A light gasp escaped his lips, it couldn’t be.

She had a light scowl tracing her face as she looked at him. She looked strong, but she also looked fragile. Like one wrong move and she’d either snap or lash out at them.

Adrien gulped, he was frightened. Sure he had been nervous and frightened around his father, but nothing like this. Her gaze was just so powerful Adrien felt like melting behind it. He had no idea what to do.

“What do we do sir?” One of his crew asked and Adrien broke their stare down to look at the one who asked the question.

“We keep her, but we need somewhere wet for her to stay.” Adrien advised and the only girl in his crew snorted before whispering something to Adrien’s friend Nino who only blushed at Alya’s words before glancing up and down Adrien.

Adrien scowled and rolled his eyes, “Alya, you find or make if you have to a place big enough for her to stay. Nino, you stay with me.”

Alya nodded and ran off as Nino gulped before stepping forward and standing beside Adrien who now had his arms crossed and was watching two men tie the rope to the rigging so they wouldn’t have to keep holding it.

Adrien let out a sigh before looking to see the animal had flipped over onto it’s stomach the net leaving imprints on it’s skin. Adrien felt bad for the creature.

“Got it!” Alya cried getting help from other crew members who brought up a glass coffin.

Adrien raised an eyebrow, “You sure this will hold water?”

Alya nodded with confidence. “I already tried it out C’pn.” Alya saluted and Adrien rolled his eyes before turning them to the mermaid.

“Alright, lower her in. We’ll load it up with water once she’s in.”


Hours later when they finally had her in and the water filled up Adrien could inspect her in the water. See what she looked like wet. 

She was all shimmery and her skin had clear scales on them except for her chest and tail covering up the necessary parts.


Adrien turned around and looked to see one of his crew trying to insult him. “Who said that?” Adrien called not seeing anyone there.

After a bit he sighed and turned back to see she had crossed her arms over her chest while sticking her bottom lip out her head completely under the water.

Her blue-ish/black hair looked soft and silky in the water matching the blue horizon line on the ocean which Adrien loved to watch. It was hypnotizing.


Adrien jumped up and looked behind him a glare on his face, but there was no one there. No one in sight who was calling him names anyways.

“Who’s there? I know someone’s there. Come out and you won’t get 30 lashes.” Adrien threatened. He hated the whip. He really did but he wasn’t go to sit around and let people insult him.

He groaned and turned back to the glass coffin to see the mermaid smiling at him sinister-ly.

Adrien squinted his eyes and she kissed the glass. For some reason Adrien felt himself turning red.

“You’re cute.” He heard her say and he gasped before falling onto his bum and backing up just a tad as she stuck her head out of the water again and laugh at him.

“Nervous much?” She asked and Adrien glared slightly. Though he couldn’t stay mad long for being embarrassed.

“No.” He answered and she chuckled.

“Sure, mister blushy blushy. What is your name anyways?”

This only made him blush more, he had no idea why all of a sudden she was communicating with him. And so bravely also for being in a glass coffin.

“Adrien…. And please stop.” He asked leaning forward so that his weight was only on his bum and not his arms.

“Why? It’s not like you’re in a cage or anything. So it’s not terrible for you.”

Adrien flinched, she obviously wasn’t happy.

“Look, I’m sorry but-”

“No, you’re not.” she interrupted.

“Could you just listen?” Adrien asked standing.

She glared at him before crossing her arms and nodding.

“You’re valuable. I’ve never seen anything like you. You’re unique and if I returned you to your home…” Adrien trailed off. But the mermaid didn’t hesitate to finish his sentence.

“You’d be doing me a great service. So what do ya say?” She glanced repeatedly between him and the ocean sending the obvious signal that she really wanted him to let her go.

Adrien sighed and rubbed his acing head, he always got bad headaches.

“I-I…” Adrien fell silent. He felt bad for catching her in the first place. Though he technically didn’t catch her his crew did but that was beside the point.

It was wrong to hold someone against their will, to trap them.

Adrien knew this all too well. He thought about his father being to controlling and keeping him on house arrest basically. That’s why Adrien ran away.

Adrien sighed. “Can I ask one thing of you first?” Adrien said and Marinette nodded.

“Is it true that a mermaids kiss can keep a man from drowning?”

Marinette’s eyes went big for just a second before relaxing.

“If I said (ahem), ‘no’ what would you do?” She said her arms hanging over the edge of the coffin. 

Adrien shrugged, “I’d probably set you free.” Marinette’s eyes lit up.

“And if I said yes?”

Adrien gulped a red color covering his ears making them burn with heat.

“I-I- would probably set you free. After one thing.”

Marinette smirked before pressing her body to the glass and leaning on her arms which were crossed on the coffin.

“Well, yes then.”

Adrien looked up from the deck to her in surprise. “Really?”

“Would I lie to you Adrien?”

Adrien didn’t know what to say, he’d only known her for a few minutes. He couldn’t know if he could trust her.

Adrien gulped, “If I let you go, will you kiss me?”

Marinette raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“M-my father, I ran away from him and I assume he’s going to come take me home again. And I won’t go without a fight. But if I fall in the water-”

“You’ll be able to escape.” Marinette concluded. “But what about your crew?”

Adrien hadn’t thought about what would happen to them. Knowing Alya though she’d take over and become the captain.

“They’ll be fine.” he concluded and Marinette nodded before turning a light pink.

“Y-yes. I will.” She said and Adrien looked at her before smiling faintly.

“C-come here so we can get this over with.” She said turning red and Adrien smiled turning a darker shade as well.

He walked over and knelt beside the coffin right in front of Marinette who was looking him in his emerald green eyes with her bluebell ones. So beautiful.

“Ready?” She asked and Adrien nodded a small smile on his lips as he looked up at her his cheeks dusting pink.

Marinette raised her arms up out of the water and wrapped them around his next bringing him closer and making his hair wet.

She breathed in deeply puffing out her cheeks looking really cute making Adrien chuckle a bit.

“Here goes nothing.” 

She closed her eyes and leaned down kissing him smack on the lips Adrien’s eyes widening at the touch before he reached up and put one hand in her hand and the other on her wet arm.

Adrien kissed back deepening the kiss a moan emitting from his lips and onto hers as he rubbed her wet arm with his thumb and ran his hand through her hair with his other hand.

They pulled away and Adrien gasped along with Marinette both of them red.

“Will you let me go now?” She asked and Adrien smiled his lips still tingling from the kiss she had given him.

Adrien stood and tried moving the coffin over but it was too heavy so he gently heaved her out of the coffin before walking over to the edge as she looked at it excitedly.

“Thank you.” She said starring into his eyes before she gave him another kiss before jumping out of his arms and falling into the water leaving a splash before swimming away.

Adrien sighed dreamily and leaned against the railing starring at where she had swam away.

“So uh, Captain.” He looked over and saw Alya and NIno. 

“Yes?” He asked glancing back at the water as the two smirked and grinned at him.

“How was your make-out session with the mermaid?”

Adrien froze for a second time that day.

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OK sorry i tried to like vikturi but i can't stop thinking that it is sooo creepy that yuri has pictures of viktor everywhere on his room & starts dating him like a creep? >.<

Err… whoa, let me stop you right there. :p

Like, I’m cool with it if you don’t ship or don’t like the ship for whatever reason, but this is really taken out of the context, big time. It’s Yuuri’s childhood room that’s covered in Victor’s posters. When Yuuri returns to his home town, the first thing that he explicitly states is that he hasn’t been there in five years; he literally apologizes for staying away that long to his family.

He hasn’t used that room in over five years, meaning that he left for college/competitive skating when he turned 18. This was the room of Yuuri the teenager, and naturally he had an idol when he was not yet an adult, someone to look up to ever since he discovered that he was into figure skating, and of course he admired someone who was considered the very best at the thing that Yuuri enjoyed doing (and on top of that this idol was rather close to his own age, thus easy to relate to).

He admired Victor as a skater and artist when he was young, probably thinking that his dream of ever meeting Victor or ever skating on Victor’s level was just that; a dream. He’s never been shown to be a creepy or stalker-y fan; Victor was merely an inspiration to Yuuri, someone he’d love to compare to someday, to be just as skilled as this guy was. (Hell, Yuuri even backs out when Victor offers him a picture when they are in the same room for the first time; he’s not some crazy obsessed weirdo to jump on the first opportunity to touch or harass his childhood idol.)

And Yuuri isn’t an idiot, because yes, when Victor shows up at his house he needs some time to adjust to that guy that he’s looked up to his entire life because said guy is a skating legend and very attractive, but we also see that he soon learns to separate the two; Victor the skating legend that he idolizes, and Victor the human.

Because he knows Victor the public figure, but Victor the person, he has to get to know that person. Which is why he is very reserved at first, because he understands this. He knows the difference between ‘fiction’ and ‘reality’. They have to get to know each other as actual people if they want to get into any relationship (even a friendly one), and now that this is a real possibility, Yuuri embraces that and lets him in.  

Even if you want to include the banquet scene: Yuuri was never the creepy fan. He’s very drunk, yes. But he’s outgoing and getting close to ALL his fellow skaters at that point, he’s not just going after Victor. (Pole dancing with Chris in his underwear, the crazy dance off with Yurio, etc).

And then eventually, this is what we see after that chat that Yuuri has with Victor on the beach; ‘he meets me where I am’, this is the point where Yuuri first learns how to separate the two.

This shit happens before Victor first kisses him, and Yuuri doesn’t care at all anymore about the affection, he gets it now, this is Victor his coach and his friend, not Victor the legend:

Same as this: Yuuri does no longer give a shit about personal space or sharing a bed (the only thing he cares about is that someone set the alarm so that he doesn’t miss his performance), because this is Victor after Yuuri got to know him; his friend and the person that takes care of him. 

There’s nothing creepy about their relationship even with Victor being Yuuri’s childhood idol, because they took the time to form a normal friendship that goes both ways, and there’s equal attraction from both sides whenever they’re together. 

Like seriously, I’m not forcing you to ship it, but it’s probably the most least-creepy fictional relationship out there at the moment imo. :p 

Account - Requested (Michael)


‘Michael what are you reading?’ you ask as you walk into the hotel room, Michael sitting on the bed with the laptop on his knee, he closes it as soon as he sees you and gives you an innocent smile.

‘Nothing much babe, come cuddle’ he tells you, you narrow your eyes and watch him but he just smiles even more and then you don’t go to him he stands wrapping his arms around you, lifting you’re from the floor slightly and then walking to the bed dropping you on it. You laugh as he crawls up towards you, stopping as he hovers over you. He brings his head down to yours, your lips meeting and he kisses from your lips to your neck. You moan as he sucks at you skin.

You lay in bed your head on Michael’s bare chest after he distracted you from what was on the computer. Michael’s fingers are running through your hair, and you shift a little to see where the laptop is you see it is next to the bed on the floor. You sit up getting out of the bed and Michael groans as you pick up his shirt and slip into it.

‘I can’t believe I let you distract me’ you tell him, making him laugh a little.

‘You enjoyed being distracted’ he tells you sending a wink in your direction, you move toward the laptop but Michael rolls over on the bed picking up the laptop and placing it next to him on the bed. You glare at him as he smirks, puts his hands behind his head and closes his eyes. You take this as a chance to distract him, you climb on the bed straddling Michael, you move your lips to his neck leaving soft kisses and then you start to move down his body kissing his chest, he groans and you lift your head moving your lips to his. He moves his hand to hold your waist and you take the opportunity to reach to the side a little and lift the laptop screen, you move your lips from his and then Michael snaps to reality realising what was happening he closes the laptop before you get chance to look at it. You huff climbing off the bed and walking out on the room.

You trust Michael you do but you can’t understand why he is hiding something from you, and it’s annoying. You head to Ashton and Luke room and flop onto Luke’s bed; he shuffles over a little making more room for you. After a bit you go for a walk with Luke and when you get back Michael is in Luke, Calum and Ashton’s room sitting on the sofa next to Harry, his phone in his hand and you see it is a Tumblr page he has up, you know he only uses Tumblr to look at pages about himself the weirdo. You jump over the back of the sofa and he jumps as you grab his phone and you shuffle away looking at the Tumblr page he tries to get it off you but you move away. Then freeze, you slowly look up to him and he has also frozen a smirk on his face. You give him a blank look and throw the phone at him walking out of the room and heading back to yours and Michaels room. He is right behind you.

‘(Y/N) don’t be embarrassed’ he tells you grabbing your wrist and spinning you to look at him.

‘I’m not embarrassed, I’m pissed that you have been look at it and not told me’ you tell him.

‘Seriously, you pissed at me?’ he asks as if shocked

‘Michael that is my stuff, you looking through my Tumblr page is like me looking through your song book’ you tell him, remembering how much he hates anyone even touching the book never mind if they read it. He watches you and laughs.

‘It’s nowhere near the same. Why do you even have that page?’ He asks, you feel like he is judging you.

‘It was before I met you Michael and I enjoy using it. You know how much I love to write but no-one wants to read it so I figured I would change one story into a imagine about one direction and people loved it but then a girl asked if I wanted to co-own and I said yes then she quit and I carried on. Babe I love writing and if this is the only way people will read my stuff that this is what I’m going to do. And if you judge me on it then, maybe you aren’t the person I thought’ you turn away when he doesn’t reply and head for the bathroom.

‘(Y/N) wait. I’m not judging you, I get it. I actually like the stuff I have read. I have to admit it was a little strange when I found it but I don’t mind it. Please don’t be mad at me’ he begs and you smile at him.

‘Fine, but now you have seen that could I have a look at your song book’ you ask with an innocent smile, you narrows his eyes as he things about it for a moment.

‘Fine, okay ten minutes but you can’t ask questions about what I have wrote’ he agrees, you pout a little and then shrug. ‘Can you write a short story about anything and let me read it?’ he asks, his request suppressing you and you frown.

‘Are you taking the piss?’ you ask and he laughs shaking his head no.

‘I really want to read something, just write anything, please for me’ he asks again coming over, one hand holding your face his thumb brushing it slightly.

‘Fine, but I get the book for fifteen minutes and can ask questions’ you bargain, he laughs and nods agreeing. You flop onto the bed together, you lying with your head resting on his chest as he plays with your hair.

‘I can’t believe my girlfriend has a fan account’ 

Taking Requests

From Chelsea