jumping to conclusions there will

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I Just want to know and be safe in this fandom. Didnt mean anything. Are you pro with gina and addy squad?

I am an adult, well above the age of 18. I reblog posts about fanfic and fan art. I advise anyone who is not yet 18, or feel uncomfortable with such topics, not to follow me, and/ or to block me. I do not knowingly follow anyone under 18 (if blog states age). If that is the case, please block me, or let me know so I can unfollow.

That said, I know Gina (@twopoppies) very well. I trust her, and I believe her. I have had many conversations with her. She is a generous, kind, honest, moral person. Anyone who knows her can attest to that.

I think it’s dangerous to jump to conclusions based on words on the internet. I always try to look at things objectively, even under emotional duress. What is the evidence here? These are potentially life-destroying allegations. I urge people not to make accusations or threats to strangers that you wouldn’t want to face yourself, without any objective evidence whatsoever.

Terrible things DO happen on the internet. Children ARE victimized. But each case is specific, and those accused must be prosecuted by evidence.

I defend the rule of law. People are innocent until they are proven guilty. To think otherwise is not to give due process to everyone. Children deserve it; so do adults.

I understand if you feel uncomfortable with this and want to unfollow. Do what you feel is safe.

This is random but pls pls don’t spread news or rumors after just seeing a headline, or seeing people talk about it. Find out the truth first. Read up on it, before speaking your mind and contributing to the spreading. There is SO MUCH fake news going around right now. People jumping to conclusions, depending on their politician standpoint. And I get it. You’re angry. I am too. Sometimes I’d like to believe every single headline I see, too. But please make sure you know what you’re talking bout. This is such a problem.

A Concept:

To love Bts for being themselves and not make them think they have to write English songs or make English versions of their songs. Lol non English speakers all over the world listen to English music… Can’t English speakers do the same for Korean music? Also um Armys are from all over the world and not everyone speaks English or Korean and they’re doing just fine??? Also I’m pretty sure if it was really an issue armys would’ve talked about it but we love Bts and their music just the way they are. So @ the media.. Stop jumping to conclusions thanks..

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I'm wondering if commenting on how the seaformers look is a come on in their book. How would some mtmte bots (rung, rodimus, tailgate, whirl) react if liason compliments them, unkowingly flirting/courting them?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Here you go, anon. o / )


✦ Though touched that they would compliment how groomed he looks that day, Rung knows better than to think that they were attempting to flirt or court with him. For one thing the rule about fraternisation is still in effect, making a relationship with him and the liaison impossible while they’re still working under CROC. Another thing is that his species’s appearance is considered rather plain and unassuming, allowing them to be safe from predators who are keeping their eyes out for bright colours and flashy fins. Acknowledgement of his looks wouldn’t be enough to make him think they were coming onto him. Give him pause, yes, but Rung is a clever one. He knows better than to jump into conclusions.

✦ He acts normal around them for the next few days, careful to keep an eye out of their behaviour. Seeing them unknowingly hit on a lot of the podmates makes him cringe for their sake and confirms to him that they didn’t realise what they had been doing earlier. Rung always ends up feeling little flustered if they pay attention to him but he tells himself that they didn’t mean it. Not after what he’s seen and what he knows of them. Besides there are a lot more fantastical looking seaformers in the pod. He wouldn’t be worth their time. Much as he likes the idea more he thinks about-

✦ When they accidentally hit on him again during a friendly conversation - this time complimenting his hard work - Rung gently informs of them of what they’re doing. He spends the next hour assuring them that he isn’t offended or felt harassed by their accidental advances. He spends another hour explaining to them what one could say to this species but could not say to another. Seaformers like Mirage and Sunstreaker would consider a compliment to their appearance as a serious attempt to court them while the likes of Hound and Nightbeat would merely take it as a compliment.

✦ The liaison is grateful for Rung’s help by the time their little impromptu lesson comes to a close. They’re probably horrified by their behaviour as they try to recall what they said to how but this is a start. Maybe with luck they can figure out if they have been doing that to anyone else and apologise to them before they get in trouble or something. The liaison will be more than happy to give him a friendly kiss as a reward for being such a good friend to them and Rung is sure not going to complain about this part.


✦ For Rodimus’ species, complimenting their looks is more or less a bold and plain-as-day attempt to gain their affections and making their interests known up front. More so if the seaformer doing it has a lower position than the one they’re attempting to court. So when Rodimus hears the liaison compliment his tail and they go on and on about how pretty the colours and fins are? He ends up becoming a preening and purring pile of fins and tail before they finish speaking. Hell yeah they noticed him! Finally! He had been wondering if all those aerial tricks and jumps were going to pay off soon.

✦ He loves to show off whenever they’re around during this time. Backflips. Front crawls. Butterfly strokes. He’ll put any seasoned swimmer to shame with his agility and grace, showing off his scales just right so the sun reveals the stunning hues of red and gold for the liaison to see while they’re at the waters. Any praise or compliment the liaison gives to him in this time will have Rodimus very happy and in great spirits. He never thought they’ll be willing to be his mate considering all those stuffy rules re: relationships. Rodimus can’t help and feel a little bit smug to know he’s that much of a catch that they’re willing to ignore them for him. Why wouldn’t they? He’s a great catch!

✦ Someone will notice the odd behaviour in the co-captain of the pod. Or Rodimus will tell the great news that the liaison is trying to court him. Either way Drift or Ultra Magnus are most likely to confront the liaison, alerting them of their accidental passes and advise them to clear the air with Rodimus the first chance they get. Drift is a little bit intense when he speaks with the liaison should be the one doing it, not wanting his amica to get hurt over a cultural misunderstanding between a seaformer and a human. Meanwhile Megatron is the one who spells it out to Rodimus that no. The liaison hadn’t meant to do that.

✦ Rodimus is a pouty fish when they meet up again when the talks are done. Becomes poutier when the liaison apologies for their mistakes and explains they hadn’t meant to come off as that strong or that forward. He crawls up on their lap and curls up there, careful to not put all his weight on the smaller human while he grumbles about how embarrassing this whole situation is. He’s sure (and correct) that he’ll get teased for this mistake. Feeling some pity for poor Rodimus, the liaison can place a smooch on the top of his head for his troubles and, if they do, they’ll get to see the way his fins wiggle in joy from the sudden display of affection. He’ll give them an affectionate peep and lick in return, admitting to himself that he’s happy they’re friends if they can’t be together for now.


✦ Surprised and a little confused that the liaison would give such bold compliments and comments about his tail and fins, telling the minimer how they admire his looks and find him very attractive. It makes Tailgate very uneasy since he’s mates with Cyclonus and the liaison knows about their pair at htis point in time. It’s considered a serious offence someone attempts to ‘poach’ a mated partner from someone else because it shows the offending party does not respect the Conjunx Enduras’ ties with each other. It’s confusion that the liaison would do this because they’re friends with him and have been nothing but thoughtful and considerate and sweet. Did something happen? Did he do something?? What’s going on???

✦ Very shy around them after. He gets nervous and jittery if the liaison tries to get his attention or ask if he wants to hang out with them, always backing out at the last minute or explaining he has… stuff to do. Important stuff. Stuff that has him needed all the way over there okay bye-! The liaison is confused by this strange behaviour from their friend and will wonder what’s up with Tailgate but with their workload demanding they get to some paperwork at long last, they have to leave him be and hope he’ll come to them soon.

✦ Which he doesn’t. Sooner or later it’ll be Cyclonus who speaks with them. And he only learns about this fiasco when he asks Tailgate what’s the matter upon noticing how skittish his little mate has become. The poor minimer blurts out his current situation with the liaison and Cylconus has to ignore that territorial flare of protectiveness and jealously in him. The liaison knows better than to do that, he reasons to himself. With both the fraternisation rule in effect and their knowledge of Cylconus and Tailgate being committed mates. Cyclonus confronts the liaison, asking them, point blank, if they had meant to hit on Tailgate like that.

✦ The poor liaison should perhaps apologise for their behaviour and any urge to wanna crawl under a hole is understandable now that Tailgate’s behaviour finally makes sense. The attempts to avoid them. The nervous looks when they said they thought Tailgate looked nice on a particular day. The weird emphasis of Cyclonus during their brief chats. They assure Cyclonus that they weren’t trying to poach his mate away and they later apologise to Tailgate for stressing him out to such a degree. It’s all normal with the three again within a matter of days, the situation now a silly story they like to bring up from time to time.


✦ He is immediately suspicious when the liaison says his colours look nice because what the fuck. He’s not a looker by any stretch of the imagination thanks to his scars and disfigured face. Not by a long shot. Yet his species takes pride in their unique look in terms of appearance and colours since their shade of vivid blues is a rare sight in the water. Anyone taking the time to acknowledge it would be considered a flirter or potential mate for them.

✦ Confronts them immediately. Like. There and then. Before the liaison can go and move on to continue their work, Whirl stops them from leaving by standing in front of them and refusing to budge no matter how nice (or threatening) they try to ask. He stares them down with his one remaining eye, trying to see if they’re acting differently. He then, at long last, asks if they think he’s hot and wanna have his babies and everything. If they’re gonna make a pass like that than Whirl might as well figure out if this is worth chasing after or not. The liaison is hot (for a human) and have a nice mouth. He wants to know what it’s like to be loved stick his junk a human. Better see if this is real before trying to make it go anywhere, you know?

✦ The liaison will need to do their best to explain that they hadn’t meant to hit on Whirl and, because of the rules that stand regarding relationships, they can’t flirt or court with anyone who works with CROC since that’ll be a mess. They’re very sorry for the mistake, they are. Whirl is disappointed that they hadn’t meant to come across as flirtatious and smug that he knew something was up the moment they more or less said to him that they find him hot wanna smash or pass, seaformers edition?

✦ Whirl is also annoyed because jeez liaison. The whole point of you being their human-fish diplomat is to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen so no miscommunication junk comes up! Maybe he should hit on them in all the ways a seaformer can hit on someone to let them know what to avoid doing from now on. Whatever the liaison’s answer is to this proposal doesn’t matter. He’s going to hit on them in every perceivable way now. Flapping about the water to show off his hot bode. Mate wailing at them to show the depths of his souls or whatever the merwhales claim for this weird thing of theirs. Bringing the liaison all the fucking fish he can carry and throwing it at them to show he’s an able hunter. Goodness gracious this is a mess.

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I commented 'australia' into the chat and then he said australia?? not to jump to conclusions but!!

almasksmdfkd same i want to believe he saw my comment too and you know what?? he saw our comments ok it’s a little miracle we deserve 

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I think you thinking of “all men are trash until proven otherwise” is a really bad way of thinking, it’s like saying “everyone is guilty is proven innocent” instead of “everyone is innocent until proven guilty” and that’s the problem with people that jump to conclusions

lol at you acting like me having an opinion somehow compromises the justice system. which by the way, doesn’t actually afford the presumption of innocence evenly across the board for everyone, especially POC.

guess what, i don’t automatically have to give anyone my trust. it’s perfectly reasonable for me to feel that another human being should have to earn that from me, especially since every day men have betrayed that trust. no one is entitled to my or your trust.

i’m not someone’s fucking lawyer, i’m a fucking woman trying to survive a daily onslaught of awful fucking shit perpetuated by men. like i said, if you can’t understand why any woman would have a hard time trusting any man right now, you’re being deliberately obtuse.

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The post about falsified news in regards to anything in specific? Besides the usual Trump/Climate/Flat Earth drivel?


Basically I just had a heated conversation with a friend on Facebook after she shared a misleading headline about Trump’s whole elephant hunting situation. A lot of people are not aware of what it actually going on, they just jump to conclusions because they hate Trump.

And, like… believe me, I do too? But that doesn’t make it okay to spread FALSE information. We would be hella upset if people on opposite sides did the same thing. There’s just no fact checking these days. Even JK Rowling upset people by believing a headline about something Trump allegedly did, and speaking out about it.

We who hate Trump have PLENTY of other things to criticize him for, that are actually true and come with plenty of proof. We do NOT need to wrongly assume things and spread fake news to make him look worse. We’re better than that. He’s doing a great job of doing that himself, anyway.

Please don’t spread fake news, people.

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i dont wanna jump into conclusions but on donna t's userpic she looks like a 50-something lady and i honestly love it so much. donna is officially the phandom's grandma

lmao. i’m now imagining donna t in her arm-chair with a huge fluffy dog on her lap thinking “is no one gonna comment on this married shit? gotta do everything myself”

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I think it was just annoyance that the actual book of life didn't do that well despite it being actually good, very stylistic and by Jorge Gutierrez, and as such the 2 sequels planned for it won't get to see the light of day, while 8/10 the disney one will most likely do way better due to the disney brand and be praised in ways that they wish the book of life was.

still, i feel like its such a minor similarity that i don’t see why people so quickly jumped to the definitive conclusion that “these are the exact same movie and nothing can convince me otherwise”


GUYS this is the cool thing I was talking about the other day!
Guerrilla asked if they could use my art to, I guess, represent the company’s celebration of Amsterdam Pride!  I’m totally honoured.  I love that they are happy to use their title character to show Pride, and not just changing their logo. <3

because you’re a different person.
because you don’t feel the same way anymore.
because we’re growing apart more every day.
because i’m scared to tell you how i feel.
because i think you’re only staying since it’d be easier than leaving because you tell me you love me but i don’t feel the same want and warmth now.
because i cried and begged and poured my heart out– left everything out on the table and you ignored all of it so easily.
because i think i’m being crazy and insecure and imagining things, but am i?

how did we go from laying in bed with my face buried in the nook of your arm, crying while you held me and told me things would be different this time. that it would be hard but you wanted me and us and a future together. that you loved me and we were partners and we would grow through life.

now i’m laying here wondering why i even told you what was bothering me. you brushed it off, made me feel like i was overreacting or being the crazy girlfriend. we didn’t even talk today. we don’t talk much anymore. maybe it is my fault. i didn’t see it happen, things were good and slowly we just stopped having things to say to each other.

how else do you react when you feel like you’re losing someone that’s supposed to be your person? i fought for him and our relationship– so he stayed. except i keep thinking back on everything i said and the silence i got in return. and it hurts and it scares me that he feels distant now. so i tell myself i am overreacting, i’m asking for too much. but he used to love that, he used to tell me he loved it when i texted him constantly, tell me sweet things throughout the day. i loved it. i miss it.

the moment i begin to feel insecure and doubt the other persons’ feelings, that’s when all hell breaks loose. thoughts race in my mind, jumping from conclusion to conclusion without a break.

i never had to question it before, that’s why i’m so terrified now. i thought telling him would make me feel better, but his reaction wasn’t what i’d expected.

he used to want to know what was going on in my mind, reassure me of my doubts. things aren’t the same anymore. i’m scared that it won’t be again. i’m not sure how to fix this. i love him more than anything and as much as i can’t stay with someone who doesn’t love me, i can’t bear to leave.

—  aftertheam 

With the divorce news, here’s a list of things you can do:

- Respect their privacy

- Mind your own business

- Don’t jump to conclusions

- Don’t harass either of them or any member of RT

- Don’t throw around blame and get angry as if they did it to spite you personally.

- Don’t spread rumors & make things worse

Many fans are obviously upset with this news but just imagine how the Ramseys feel. Give them space.


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⚐︎☼︎ 💣︎✌︎✡︎👌︎☜︎ ❄︎☟︎✋︎💧︎ ✋︎💧︎ ☝︎✌︎💧︎❄︎☜︎☼︎.

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💣︎✡︎ 🏱︎⚐︎✋︎☠︎❄︎ ✋︎💧︎ ❄︎☟︎✌︎❄︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ ☟︎✌︎✞︎☜︎ ☠︎⚐︎ 🏱︎☼︎⚐︎⚐︎☞︎ ⚐︎☞︎ 🕈︎☟︎⚐︎ ❄︎☟︎☜︎ 💣︎✌︎☠︎ 🕈︎☟︎⚐︎ 💧︎🏱︎☜︎✌︎😐︎💧︎ ✋︎☠︎ ☟︎✌︎☠︎👎︎💧︎ ✋︎💧︎.

✋︎☞︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ ❄︎☼︎✌︎☠︎💧︎☹︎✌︎❄︎☜︎👎︎ ❄︎☟︎✋︎💧︎ ☟︎⚐︎🏱︎✋︎☠︎☝︎ ☞︎⚐︎☼︎ 💧︎⚐︎💣︎☜︎ 💧︎☜︎👍︎☼︎☜︎❄︎💧︎📪︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎🕯︎✞︎☜︎ 🕈︎✌︎💧︎❄︎☜︎👎︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎☼︎ ❄︎✋︎💣︎☜︎.