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i’ve been binging on “humans are weird/space orc” posts and i love them all and on the topic of humans being terrifying predators - 

human response - especially among the youngsters of today with their extreme nihilism - to a problem is smash it/hit it/destroy it/kill it

“human steve the machine isn’t working”
steve looks at i for a minute, fiddles with a cable “idk man, just hit it, it should work”

*sees a spider* SMASH
“HUMAN why did you kill the spider??? it did nothing wrong??????”
“don’t tell amy she’s a nature-fan, but i don’t like spiders in my room and i’m not gonna show it out politely”

alien overhears a conversation between two humans
“the whole thing’s like broken five ways to hell”
“throw it out the window.”
“… yeah. sounds fair”

“what if i just…. whoosh”
“if you just what, human lily?”
“just whoosh. into the sun. would that be rad or what.”
alien stares in mild horror at the species with no sense of self-preservation that still is somehow alive and thriving on a death world that gives them so many opportunities to be killed. which they seem to have a fascination with.

some people asked for more big 3 and of course i couldn’t refuse :”)