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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Karasuno practicing their various acrobatics

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Lana Del Rey photographed for Interview Magazine Germany, by Jork Weismann, in 2015. The background has been edited.

Ghost // Jughead Jones

Summary: Jughead’s been neglecting his girlfriend in favour of the case leaving no time to see each other. It slowly gets worse until things escalate into a fight when you came home late when he’s been waiting to apologize.

Characters: Reader x Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, and Veronica Lodge (mentioned).

Words: 2888

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters involved. In this, like every other Riverdale fic I do, Jughead is NOT asexual in this.

Warnings: Swearing, fighting, neglect, and smut.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: Finals are finally over and I’m free to write again!

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It was a tough week to say the least with your boyfriend Jughead completely skipping the study dates you set. He had asked you out not even a full month ago in a sweet but very Jughead way that you appreciated dearly. Your teacher had put you together for a project that you were steadily doing the project solo and it was a lot of work to do.

You couldn’t believe how you barely saw him anymore with his obsession over the murder of Jason Blossom and he was spending it with Betty Cooper. That made you a little uncomfortable given she was a basket case and obviously mentally unbalanced from the Chuck Clayton incident. Jughead and Betty had gotten together earlier in the year for a month tops before it become glaringly problematic on how different they were. It was insane how little you saw each other when he lived with you. You were emancipated from your parents a year and a half ago and now you could see how it wasn’t that smart to start a relationship with someone you live with. He just didn’t care about you like you cared for him.

To: Jughead👑
From: Y/N
~When are you coming be here?~

To: Y/N
From: Jughead👑
~Can’t make it sorry, info about Jason came up~

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Me babysitting kids as they watch me play Project Mirai
  • Kid: What are they saying?
  • Me: Japanese
  • Kid: That's weird
  • Me: Maybe they think you're weird
  • Kid 2: I don't like this
  • Kid 3: I like this
  • Kid: I like this but I don't like him (Len)
  • Me: How dare you. He's my favorite. I have a statue of him.
  • Kid 2: That's weird
  • Me: You're weird
  • Kid 2: I'm gonna burn it
  • Me: I'm gonna burn your toys ಠ_ಠ
  • Kid: Why don't they just speak English
  • Me: Because they're Japanese singers. Same way Naruto doesn't have an English name. How do you have a Shounen Jump book but not known anime?
  • Kid 4: We don't know about anime yet
  • Me: Yet?? I'm such a horrible influence

oH my fReaKinG gOD FiNalLy I’m dOnE wiTh This StupID PrOjEcT *jumps out the window*


April’s Featured Game: ARCADEA

GENRE: Fantasy, Adventure, Puzzle
SUMMARY: In the world of Arcadea, people can accomplish their dreams. How? Through video games of course! Everybody who lives in Arcadea has a special arcade machine they can visit in their dreams that lets them fulfill their strongest wishes. Whether it’s to go on an adventure, or make friends, or fall in love, or solve a mystery, or completely start a new life, there’s a game made just for them..
The game follows Maisie, a new arrival to Arcadea. She’s not very interested in all this gaming stuff; her only goal is to find an important person. But along the way, she can’t help but be roped into other people’s problems. She also can’t help that the arcade machines seem to glitch around her. A lot.

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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Park Chanyeol//The Rhythm of Hate - Part 2

Originally posted by chanshine

Summary: You hate each other, even though you’re soulmates. You try and stay away from each other, but a shared course and a project is determined to keep you two facing off. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: Soulmate!AU, college!AU
Word Count: 6,726

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(yes I made the banner in MSpaint don’t judge me)

Here is the long awaited list of Art Tips I mentioned a few days ago! These are Mostly things I’ve learned to help me improve this year. Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions!

  1. Set “practice” goals. Give yourself specific goals, but always word them as ‘practice’ not ‘improve’. Improvement takes time and can be difficult to attain. Meeting a goal to practice things is significantly easier and more rewarding. Improvement happens with practice and you’ll see it later on. Be specific with your goals. For example: “Practice Angry Expressions!”

  2. Give yourself a solid time frame for your goal. Define exact dates. It could be a week, two weeks, even a month. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

  3. Do Studies. Studies are a series of sketches, doodles, paintings, etc.. Done following research, usually looking at a photo or physical reference. I usually fill a whole page with quick, haphazard sketches of what I’m studying. If you’re studying birds, fill a whole page with birds, or hands. They don’t have to be good, they aren’t meant to be perfect. It’s just to get the idea on paper to help you form the visual on paper and in your hand.

  4. Change your goal as soon as you feel ready, after your last one. If you feel you’ve completed your goal, feel free to wait as long as you like, but it’s a good idea to have a list of goals so you aren’t left floundering for one. (Since it’s always harder to think of something when you NEED to.) For example: Angry expressions, Faces at low angles, two-point perspective, cool color schemes. It’s easier to move forward with a list of your own making, than leaving yourself hanging.

  5. Thumbnail. I can not say this enough! Before jumping into a big project, you’ll want to get in the habit of doing thumbnail sketches beforehand. No bigger than 2 or 3 inches, I usually fill a page with them. Thumbnailing can help you figure out how to get that posing just right. Or how you want your composition aligned. Small quick sketches of the different ways you could do things, to find how you want to do things.

  6. You can trace your own sketches. That’s right. It took me twenty years to figure out I could just trace my own sketch onto another sheet of paper to make lineart and do color so I didn’t fuck up my sketch. Digital artist, you can use a new layer over your sketch. Traditionally though, THIS IS HOW YOU DON’T FUCK UP YOUR SKETCH. (also if you trace very lightly it erases way better than trying to erase a full sketch. If you’ve never tried to color over a partially erased sketch it is hell.)

  7. Use References. You’d be surprised how many young artists out there think using references is wrong, or cheating. Let me tell you something. Did Leonardo Da Vinci have a reference for the Mona Lisa? You bet your ass he did. As far as I know he had at least two! All the great masters knew to use references. Actually looking at the thing you’re trying to recreate is the easiest way to master it. If you can’t find a reference for something, look for something that looks similar. Having a concept of what you want is quintessential to improvement. Hell, keep a whole folder of references. Hold onto them to fall back on later. Use them to their full extent.

  8. Draw at an angle. For traditional artists, drawing flat on a desk can often result in disproportionate drawings. Things farther away from the the eye tend to look smaller so things on the farther side of the paper can end up enlarged to compensate for our own eyes perspective of the paper. Drawing at an angle fixes this problem. It brings the paper into a better angle for your face. (I just lean my drawing board on top of a box of staples. It works lol)

  9. Watch other artists. Written tutorials are a phenomenal resource to many artists. But Video tutorials are some of the most helpful things in the world. Video tutorials can show you, in real time, how it’s done. Actually seeing it happen can really help. (I watch hours of tutorials and speedpaints. I just let them play in the background while I draw.)

  10. Try different materials. I’m not gonna lie, I loved digital art. But it just didn’t work for me. I discovered copic markers and my art has improved so much with a material that I feel more in-tune with. So experiment. Borrow from your friends, try new things in school, in art clubs. Whenever. Sometimes, you just need to try something different, to discover something that works better for you.

  11. DON’T. STOP. DRAWING. You don’t have to be churning out a completed piece every week. No. But you should always doodle, sketch, scribble. Hell, even if you just scribble out some squiggly lines, you’ve done something! You don’t have to share with the world. Just. Don’t. Stop.

Where’s my drunk York fic where he gets fucking wasted with North and Wash, and then barges in on a meeting The Director is having with important UNSC members and proudly announces and gloats to everyone he’s nailing the Director’s daughter

The DEH teens and the five theories of deviance

Of course I don’t think this was intended, but it’s something I was thinking about today. Each of the five teenagers in DEH seem to fit into the five different theories of deviance- the reactions a person will have when a deviant act is committed.

1. Conformity- Jared. Throughout the show, Jared constantly tells Evan that he is only a “family friend” and he tries to blow off Connor Project things by saying “I said I was going to hang out with my real friends” or things along those lines. He also tells Evan “just nod and agree. Don’t make shit up!” when Evan reveals he’s lied to the Murphys about his relationship with Connor, and even goes right along with the plan to fake emails. Jared tends to be the funnyman who is also somewhat representative of all of the other students who think Connor is crazy and while they have no reason to really hate Evan (in the beginning, at least) they also don’t have any reason to go out of their way to talk to them. While he doesn’t seem to be pinned to the “typical conformist” archetype, when an act of deviance is committed (i.e. Connor’s suicide, Evan faking the emails, the truth getting out) Jared goes right along with Evan’s plan and when things don’t work out, he molds himself right back into the world of the other students. Jared tends to follow conformity whether it be to the rest of the student body or to Evan’s plans.

2. Retraction - Connor. The most obvious example of this is obviously his suicide. While it’s not stated whether or not Connor’s suicide was intended or accidental, in the idea that it was, Connor was dealing with his broken family life and his depleted relationship with his sister. He also deals with the entire school believing he’s crazy and not having any friends. Due to all of this buildup, Connor escapes, or retreats, by using drugs. The drugs are a sort of release from the everyday terrors Connor faces, unfortunately, when Connor is high he is irritable and abusive to his family and others and it only drags his life further down into the hole he’s trying to release himself from temporarily. This goes on for a while until Connor finds Evan’s letter and sees Zoe’s name in it. While Connor was mean when we see him alive, he’s also super high, and it’s also known that Connor has a super protective instinct over his sister, and seeing this letter from someone who didn’t even know her may have been the last thing Connor needed to end his life and retreat for good. Evan’s letter (the deviant act) is responded to with suicide (the retraction).

3. Innovation - Evan. When Cynthia and Larry think that Evan’s letter to himself was actually written by Connor, and Evan doesn’t have the heart to tell them it wasn’t, he starts the first of a long fabrication about this friendship he had with Connor. In For Forever, he simulates the day in which he and Connor go to the old orchard where Evan falls out a tree and breaks his arm and Connor is there for him. Sincerely, Me is about Evan and Jared creating fake email exchanges between Evan and Connor to show the Murphys and prove they were actually friends. In If I Could Tell Her, Evan tells Zoe all the things he loves about her, but passes them off as if Connor said them and never got a chance to tell her. He even goes so far to create a social media movement during Disappear, ‘The Connor Project’, dedicated to 'keeping Connor’s memory alive and that everyone should matter’. All of these things, however, all stem from a letter that Evan wrote to himself and Connor found- during one of the two’s only interactions, the other one in which Connor pushed Evan to the ground. Evan doesn’t know how to say no to people or tell the hard truth, so he continues to create a world of lies for the Murphys to hide under while dealing with Connor’s death- Evan doesn’t necessarily represent positive innovation, but it’s definitely innovation.

4. Ritualism - Alana. Alana is the super smart girl who is always ambitious to start new projects and learn new things, obsessed with getting new things to add to her resume. Alana is a perfectionist, and she barely refers to anyone as “friends” only “acquaintances”. When Connor dies and Evan starts the Connor Project, Alana jumps at another opportunity, especially one that can prevent anymore kids who feel invisible from killing themselves. Alana does multiple extracurricular activities and devotes almost all her time to them, and she spends every day doing so many of these similar things. When she realizes that everything Evan’s done is a scam, she flips, and promptly goes back to the life she knew before, the extra activities she did and the acquaintances she had, falling back into her old routine.

5. Rebellion - Zoe. When someone loses a sibling, the expected response is to be sad or depressed or angry, especially when they’re a teen and it’s to suicide. Zoe is all of these things, but for all wildly different reasons. When Connor dies, he and Zoe had a fractured relationship that would have taken a while to fix had either of them tried or wanted to. Connor’s suicide leaves Zoe sad that she never knew her brother better, but she’s mainly angry. At his suicide note. The letter that Zoe thinks is Connor’s suicide note says that there were a lot of underlying circumstances to Connor’s situation, a lot of mental health issues and personal struggles, and it angers Zoe because in her entire teenage life, all of Connor’s “issues” were taken out on her and she believed it to be just him being a genuinely terrible person, and this letter is trying to change her entire perspective of him, like it has to everyone else, yet Zoe refuses to believe it. Zoe starts to soften up when Evan tells her all the things Connor loved about her (which are actually things Evan himself loved about her) but by “Only Us” has let Evan into her life but still wants to leave Connor out of it, saying that their relationship didn’t need to revolve around Connor or his death. In “Requiem”, Zoe says “after all you put me through/don’t say it wasn’t true/that you are not the monster that I knew” saying that she refuses to believe that Connor was anything less than abusive, like he was to her, thus rebelling against the normal reaction.

When a deviant act is committed (Connor’s suicide, Evan’s plan, the Connor Project formation), you react by going along with it (conformity/Jared), getting away from it (retraction/Connor), making something new of it (innovation/Evan), continuing your everyday life (ritualism/Alana), or breaking the status quo and not following the new order (rebellion/Zoe).


Lucy Vallely - Cliff Ends

Teen Contemporary


The type of person the signs want/need in a relationship

Aries Want: Someone spontaneous, innocent, and adventurous 

Aries Need: Someone that’s going to push them, listen to them, and keep them humble 

Taurus Want: Someone fun to procrastinate with, who will make them feel like the center of attention 

Taurus Needs: Someone to nurture them, motivate them, and look out for their best interests

Gemini Wants: Someone crazy and spontaneous who wont make them feel caged

Gemini Needs: Someone who will stimulate them intellectually, motivate them, and keep their energies leveled

Cancer Wants: Someone that they can take care of who is hopelessly devoted to them

Cancer Needs: Someone very introspective who is willing to provide the necessary amount of emotional support and guidance 

Leo Wants: Someone to worship the ground they walk on, make grand gestures, and add to their image

Leo Needs: Someone to keep them grounded and show them they there is more to life than their image, provide stability

Virgo Wants: Someone who will overlook all of their flaws who they can easily understand

Virgo Needs: Someone straightforward who can show the analytical Virgo how to relax and not over analyze every little thing, someone to let loose with

Libra Wants: Someone to follow their lead, compliment their appearance and actions

Libra Needs: Someone to keep them humble, pick up their messes, and cheer them up when they feel stressed

Scorpio Wants: To dominate their partner, someone who will help them achieve their goals who they can control 

Scorpio Needs: Someone who doesn’t take life as seriously as they do, provide optimism and humor to their daily lives, and make them less suspicious of people

Sagittarius Wants: Someone to constantly learn with and jump from project to project with, someone to study

Sagittarius Needs: Someone to direct their energy into one thing at a time, motivate them when distracted by unhealthy activities 

Capricorn Wants: Someone steady and slow who is comfortable in their own station in life, as Capricorn is comfortable in theirs

Capricorn Needs: Someone who will encourage the Capricorn to break from their normal routine, pursue more, shoot for the stars 

Aquarius Wants: Someone to provide constant excitement and adventure, someone who won’t be too clingy, as the Aquarius likes to detach from time to time

Aquarius Needs: Someone who will accept their emotional detachment and go with the flow, someone who will push the Aquarius to make their dreams a reality

Pisces Wants: Someone to care for them and indulge in their romantic fantasies, someone who will support them through absolutely anything 

Pisces Needs: Someone who will dedicate excess time and effort into them, support and encourage their interests, help them deal with emotional burdens