jumping out of helicopters

  • Viktor, trying to impress Yuri: Jumping out of helicopters is dangerous. You know, they say 1 in 5 people don't even make it to the ground.
  • Plisetsky: What do you mean they don't make it to the ground? Where do they go?

“What it looks like jumping out of a helicopter, into the water, at night. It’s pretty cool to watch from our PJ’s perspective. I have a ton of respect for them when it comes to water work. The winds under the helicopter are hurricane force and that rope ladder is not easy to climb… It requires quite a bit of teamwork from the aircrew to cast/recover/hoist, especially at night. Even though it appears there’s a bit of light thanks to the camera’s low light capability, to the naked eye this was completely dark and flown on NVG’s.”

In the McCree comic he says that Talon is “using Blackwatch’s playbook”, so now I’m really hoping, that at least once, him and Gabriel did a mission where they both jumped out of a helicopter onto a high-speed train. And afterwards when they’re both miraculously safe, Jesse says, “Boss I mean no disrespect, but I’ve done a lot of dumb ridiculous shit, and that by far takes the cake.” And Gabriel can’t even argue so he just nods. 

ryden-phan-onice  asked:

post 10 facts about yourself and pass on to 10 faves💫

1. I pole dance

2. I can unload and reload a 12g pump-action shot-gun without looking at the chamber

3. I have accidentally eaten humpback whale mucus

4. I once canoed for 6 hours straight

5. I used to dissect parasites out of Eider ducks for a job

6. I have been within 3 feet of a wild polar bear

7. I once zip-lined between two peaks in the alps at ~10,000 ft. elevation.

8. I am very clumsy

9. I can hum and whistle at the same time

10. I have jumped out of a running helicopter and been left in an extremely remote location in the Arctic to do science.

GTA Jeremy can ride in a plane, no problem. Helicopters? He’ll manage.

But jumping out of a plane or helicopter?

You’ll have an easier time convincing Jeremy to set himself on fire than getting him to jump out.

The first time this becomes an issue, the police have shot the cargobob him and Jack are in enough to make the engine stall and they have to jump out before it explodes or crash into the ground.

Jack had to push Jeremy out of the cargobob with a parachute, and Jeremy screamed the entire way down to the ground.

He refused to get in a plane for a heist for a long time after that.

If you see a question that doesn’t logically make sense, don’t answer it! Nobody needs to know the amount of force that Timmy will hit the ground with if he jumps out of a helicopter that’s 500m in the air and and he’s falling at 50m/s/s and air resistance is negligible. I wouldn’t answer it so neither should you.
—  Physics professor
What I learned from BBC Sherlock

- BBC has one wardrobe and they make all the characters wear the same shit

- London has two therapists

- Who you are doesn’t matter but it matters that they’re the baker street boys?

- You can jump out of an exploding building from two stories high and escape unscathed and prettier than ever

- You can jump out of a helicopter and onto slippery wet metal in the middle of the ocean and escape unscathed and prettier than ever

- You have pretty good cell reception in the middle of the ocean

- You can lose an entire fanbase and ruin your whole acting and writing and marketing career in 90 minutes @bbcone @pbstv

- You can bastardize two great writers (Wilder + Wilde) and fuck them over in death in 3 minutes

Stop Putting Yourself In Danger

Request: Request for Steve x reader where the avengers tower gets attacked and both Steve and the reader get badly injured. Reader finds Steve and shields him with her own body when another attack hits resulting in more injuries. Reader helps Steve out of the building by making him jump to a helicopter but can’t make the jump herself because of her injuries. Later Steve finds her and while patching her up all the fluff and love admitting starts :)

A/N: Fem!Reader, as requested. This one was a bit difficult to write.

Warnings: The blue shirt of sex is destroyed, sorry.

Word Count Total: 1574

Title: Stop Putting Yourself in Danger

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