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Bucky, I'm guessing you fly a lot to missions and stuff and I have a 23 hour flight to New Zealand coming up. Any advice on how to not die of boredom?

1. sleep. 

2. sleep

3. read a book

4. read the briefing you were supplied with before takeoff, or you might ACCIDENTALLY CAPTURE THE WRONG BASE CLINT

5. bother the people sitting near you by singing dirty lyrics to songs they know and love, thereby ruining them forever

6. sleep

7. no matter how bored you get, DO NOT JUMP OUT OF THE PLANE

..And I knew I loved him the second I told somebody about his eyes when they asked my favorite color.
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Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: “Could You Write Something Where The Reader Pretty Much Grows Up With The Winchesters And Her Mom Dies And So They Basically Adopt Her And The Reader Develops Feelings For Dean But Doesn’t Think He Feels The Same Way About Her? Thank You!”

Warnings: Mild swearing, death, mentions of sex. 

Word Count: 2009

Notes: Since you didn’t really specify any ending I just winged it, hope you enjoy anon! -Dani (You’re welcome for proofreading this, Dani! -Lottie) (Also Y/M/N means “your mom’s name”)



“Sammy! Sammy!” A 10 year old Y/N called out jumping out of a truck and running over to hug a 9 year old Sam Winchester. You were a year older than Sam but you two got along well. Like siblings.

“My name is Sam. Only Dean calls me Sammy.” He said while hugging you.

“Why can’t I call you Sammy? Aren’t we family.” you pouted while straining your neck to look up at Sam who was already a head taller than you.

“Of course you’re family Y/N.” An 13 year old Dean spoke walking out of a motel room door, John following close behind. John walked up to you mom and pulled her into a hug.

Your mom was a hunter who had met John on a hunt when you were still a baby. Your mom and John hit it off and since then you had been following your mom and John around on hunts growing up with Sam, Dean in motel rooms and going to the same schools.

This time John called your mom about a vamp nest in Wyoming so you and your mom packed your bags and head out to Wyoming.

“Y/M/N! How’s life been treating ya?” He asked. Your mom pulled away and leaned against the truck. “Ah same old same old.” she smiled.

You, Sam and Dean walked back to one of the motel rooms. This was normal for the three of you. Your mom and John would stay in one room, and you and the brothers stayed in the motel room next to them.

Normally you three shared one bed so the cost would be cheaper. You always slept in between the brothers because you were too scared to sleep on the sides of the bed. They always let you sleep in the middle without any complaints anyway.

That night John and your mom left you and Sammy alone with Dean to watch you two while they went out chasing the nest.

Dean made mac-and-cheese while you and Sam watched crap TV.

You were the first to take a shower and crawl into bed. By the time Sam finished showering you were already asleep, curled into a ball.

After Dean finished his shower he and Sam crawled into bed on either side of you.

“Hey Dean?” Sam whispered.

“Yeah Sam?” Dean replied.

“Do you like Y/N?” Sam asked.

“Ew what? She’s like 10. That a three-year age difference!” Dean replied, almost too quickly.

“No, stupid! Like as family?” Sam said.

“Oh… yeah I do.” Dean said. 

“I do too.” Sam said while yawning and rolling onto his side. “Night Dean.”

Dean rolled onto his side, looking at you. “Night Sammy… you too, Y/N.” he whispered.


You were laying, curled in a ball, under the blankets of your motel room bed. You sneezed and groaned. You and Sam had come down with the flu and because John and your mom were out hunting something, Dean to take care of the both of you.

“Dean, do we have chicken soup?” Sam asked.

“Yes. I’m making it now.” Dean replied. 

You we’re in the other bed, you were almost asleep but not quite. Your stomach wasn’t feeling well. You kept groaning, holding your stomach curled in a ball. You were almost asleep when you suddenly felt sick. You ran out of bed suddenly ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind you. 

You threw up in the toilet while crying. You hated throwing up, and you haven’t slept for 24 hours. You stayed curled over the toilet crying when you heard a knock at the door and a frantic voice calling you. 

“Y/N? Are you ok? What’s going on?” Dean called you. 

You just sobbed, you head hanging over the toilet. The door started to creak open. 

“Don’t come in. It’s embarrassing.” You cried. You felt a hand start to rub circles in your back. 

“Y/N don’t be stupid. Everyone gets sick.” He said in a calming voice. 

“But I hate throwing up.” You sobbed. 

“Everyone throws up.” He said. “I’ll start a bath for you.” 

“Thanks Dean…” You smiled, watching him. 


“Dean?” Y/N whispered. 

“What Y/N” Dean said, rolling over to face you. Sam was already taking up half the bed. You had woken up on the ground multiple times the past month. 

John has suggested that you sleep in the same bed as Dean instead now instead of Sam. 

You didn’t mind, Dean seemed weird about it though. You we’re excited about it, you felt giddy around Dean. Like you had butterflies in your stomach when around him.

“Do you think our parents are together?” You asked. 

Dean looked shocked at first but looked concerned shortly after. 

“What do you mean?” He asked. 

“Like hooking up, idiot.” You frowned. 

“Y/N! Where the hell did you learn that phrase?” He whisper-yelled. 

“I’m 13, I’m in 8th grade. I go into high school next year!” You whisper-yelled back. 

“Right… right. Well, yeah. Yeah they are.” He said.

“Do you think they’ll ever get married.” You asked. 

“I don’t know. I really don’t.” He said. 

“If they did, we’d be brother and sister.” You said. 

“Half siblings.” He corrected you.

“Yeah.” You said, yawning. “I’m tired.” You hugged Dean, burying your head into his shirt. You fell asleep not long after. 

“Night Y/N.” 


“Y/N run!” You heard your mom’s voice in your head over and over again. 

You didn’t know how long it had been since hiding in the back of your mom’s truck under blankets to hide you. Your mom was hunting something called the yellow eyed demon with John. John had gone ahead and your mom decided to check out a vampire case on the way.

It must have been 30 minutes by now. You sobbed to yourself, replaying the image of your mom on the ceiling, her stomach cut open and bleeding in the house the vampires were in. 

A man with glowing yellow eyes surrounded in darkness glanced at you before she burst into flames. You gasped, crawling back on the floor and running out of the house as fast as your could. 

The last thing you could hear was a male voice. “Let her go… for now.” 

You sat, rocking and humming trying to calm yourself down. 

“Where’s that stupid bitch’s kid?” You heard a voice outside the truck speak. You quickly stopped crying, covering your mouth and biting down on your hand, trying to be silent. 

After what felt like forever, the voices disappeared. You leaned back and sighed in relief when you felt something in your pocket. 

You reached into your back pocket and pulled out your phone while quickly dialing a number.

After a couple rings they picked up. 

“Hello?” The voice answered 

“Dean?” You whispered.


“Hey.” you sighed, getting into the front seat of the truck. Sam followed behind. Dean was driving what used to be your mom’s truck. Ever since your mom’s death, John had basically adopted you. John didn’t take your mom’s death too well either. Looking back on it, they were definitely hooking up, and were possibly more than that. Dean dropped you and Sam off at your school and picked you up at the end of the day. When he wasn’t doing that he was either researching or sneaking into a bar somewhere.  

“Hey, how was school?” He asked you. You just sat, looking out the window. 

“It was fine.” Sam answered. You stayed silent the whole car ride back to the motel. 

“I’m going to a party with some friends tonight.” You said after walking into the bathroom and locking the door behind you. 

“Excuse me, you’re what?” Dean asked, pounding on the door. 

Sam just sat on the motel bed, watching as Dean yelled at your through the bathroom door. 

“Y/N! I’m coming in!” He yelled before breaking the door and slamming it open. 

When he got in the bathroom door was open, your school clothes were on the ground, and you we’re nowhere to be seen. 

“God DAMMIT Y/N!” Dean punched the wall in anger. He winced and held his fist in his other hand. 

“Dean, she hasn’t been taking her mom’s death well. Maybe we should just let her grieve.” Sam said. 

“NO… no. She needs to be here. Not out screwing some guy!” Dean yelled. “Get in the car, were going to find her.”

After hours of searching for you they found you around 1 A.M. at some party. You were literally in the middle of hooking up with some guy. 

“DEAN WHAT THE FUCK.” You yelled, pulling your skirt back up. 

“C’mon. We’re leaving.” Dean said gruffly, grabbing you by your arm and dragging you out of the house. When you got out to the car you yanked your arm out of his grip. 

“What the hell is wrong with you Dean?!” You screamed. 

“What the hell wrong with you? Going out to some party with some guy and you’re fucking him?” Dean yelled. 

“How is that any different from you going out and fucking any girl who stands still long enough? HUH?” You felt tears welling up in your eyes. 

“I don’t do it as a way to not think about my mother’s death! That’s why it’s different! You shouldn’t be doing this!” He yelled at you.

“Why do you give a shit about what I do? You’re not my dad or my brother Dean!” You screamed, blinking back tears. You quickly realized what you said. “No- Dean I-” 

“Get in the car, Y/N.” 

“Dean I didn’t-” 

“Y/N. Get in the car. Now.” Dean growled. 

You silently got in the car. 


It had been 2 years since that fight with Dean. 

It was still awkward around you two, part of the reason being that your feelings for Dean had gotten stronger since you were a kid. You liked him, maybe even loved him. 

You and Sam were closer. You talked to him about the fact that you liked Dean often. He was your safe place, your brother. 

You three had decided that you were going to the library to research something for John. 

Dean had gotten up about 30 minutes ago, saying he was going to look for more books since you were running out of books and quickly walking off. 

“I’m gonna go look for Dean. Be right back.” You told Sam. 

“Ok.” Sam said, not looking up from what he was reading. 

“Hey Dean, Sam and I think we found that John’s looking for so we don’t need those books anymore- oh.” You stopped dead in your tracks watching as Dean made out with some girl, his hands groping her ass frantically. 

You knew he was hooking up with someone in this town, you had just never seem him in the act. 

You felt like a ton of bricks hit you. 

“Oh, hey Y/N, sorry. I’ll be back in a few, just finishing up some- uh… business.” He smiled at you, winking.  

“Yeah, I’ll see you back at the motel.” You said, quickly turning around while blinking back tears. 


It had been a couple months since Sam had left Dean and John. Once again, things between you and Dean were weird. Even weirder now that Sam had left the three of you. 

John was more determined to find the thing that killed Dean’s and your mom. 

You however didn’t want to find it. You really didn’t. You wanted to move on with your life. Still being a hunter, but not hunting the thing that killed your mom. 

“I understand Y/N.” John said. 

“Thank you John, really.” You said, pulling away from his bear hug. 

“Understand what?” Dean asked, virtually coming out of nowhere. 

“I’ll leave you two alone. I’ll be in the car.” John said while closing the door behind him. 

“Dean, I’m leaving.” you said. 


“You and John are hunting the thing that killed our moms but I don’t want to anymore. I still want to hunt but I don’t feel like I can get over my mother’s death while continuously hunting the thing that killed her.” You explain. 

“Y/N, please.” He said. He looked like he was about to cry. 

“I have to Dean.” you said. 

“Please don’t leave me…” Dean’s voice cracked, he looked helpless. 

“Goodbye Dean.”  

The Mixed Tape

A Polyfarms Soulmate AU where songs sung by your soulmate get stuck in your head. 

Kinda for @charmerweek but also an 11k monstrosity so take of it what you will. 

Also on AO3 

November 2013

*beep beep beep*

A hand slams down on the analogue alarm clock next to the full-sized bed. The hand retreats underneath the Shark’s comforter. The afternoon air is still and quiet. Something shifts around the bed, A tuft of black hair peeks out as a loud groan is admitted from somewhere within its covers. The hand slips out again, reaching for the iPhone resting on the nightstand. A bleary-eyed teen pokes his head out to check the time on the screen.

4:35 pm the phones reads.

“Shit,” the boy curses.

He jumps out of bed. He scrambles to slip on his ratty, black converse. Hastily, he snatches his keys and slings his backpack over his right shoulder. He rushes down the steps, ignoring his sister’s protests to slow down.

“I’m running late,” he shouts over his shoulder. He runs through the garage, picking up his skateboard. He’ll hardly have time for his pregame playlist. He sighs, fishing his earbuds from his backpack, selecting the proper list on his phone before opening the garage door.

“Close behind me!” Chris hollers at his sister. He presses play, slipping his phone in his back jeans pocket. With a foot on the board, he peddles a few steps—allowing the steep hills of San Francisco to carry him all the way to hockey practice. Fortunately, today was only a scrimmage.

“I hope they’re not busy night now,” he mumbles. Thinking of his soulmate—out there somewhere—as he hums along, “the faster we’re falling, we’re stopping and stalling…We’re running in circles again.”  

Meanwhile, approximately three hundred miles south, a girls’ volleyball team is in the midst of a warm up for a regional qualifying game. A tall brunette is in the middle of passing drills with her partner when a familiar song floats into her head.

“Change,” she shouts at the team manager, a petite blond girl in a faded polo and spandex.

“To what?” the manager shouts back.

“In Too Deep,” the girl shouts back.

The manager gives a thumbs up, switching the song quickly. It was commonly accepted on their team that soulmates could be distracting and it was easier to join along with them than it was to counteract their songs with other music.

“Just as things we’re looking up,” she shouts. “You said it wasn’t good enough.”

“But still we’re trying one more time,” her team chimes in, causing Caitlin to laugh.

Somewhere in Massachusetts, a prep school hockey team is in the middle of the third period of a regular season game. One of the defensemen hears a song crescendo in his mind. He chuckles to himself.

“You always know how to make a game more interesting,” Derek chirps his soulmate.

He rushes a winger as he sings, “maybe we’re just trying too hard. When really it’s closer than it is too far.”

In a small town in Maine, a high school senior is amidst a typical party. He tries to ignore the music in his mind. Forcing himself to enjoy the tedious conversation he’s having with someone’s cousin who’s visiting from out of town. Unfortunately, the song has gotten so loud he can hardly concentrate.

“Will you excuse me?” He says, not bothering to hear the answer as he pushes away from the girl. He bolts out of the basement, finding a quiet corner near the backyard door.

“You really suck sometimes,” Will announces to whoever figured out how to make their music so blaringly loud. He doesn’t have much option other than to join in, “cause I’m in too deep, and I’m trying to keep. Up above in my head, instead of going under.”

The song ends almost as quickly as it starts. There’s a few punk songs that come up, and some Kesha that happens at one point. Will has learned not to think too deeply about his soulmate’s music taste. He’s realized that it’s too dynamic and varying to give a real sense of who they are. He feels like he knows them, though. He’d love to know how they get so incredibly fucking loud at the weirdest times, but there’s not much he can do about that…yet. Yet, he keeps reminding himself. Soulmates meet each other eventually, his mom reminds him constantly.

Considering he’s grown up around the same small group of people, Will’s relived it’s not one of them. It means that he won’t be stuck here his entire life. He’s going places. He’s going to fall in love…someday.

The music stops after twenty minutes. There’s a comfortable silence in which the music of the party he’s at is quiet in comparison. It gives him time to decompress. Later, he’s sure he’ll here some Queen or Pat Benatar. He’s pretty sure his soulmate is an athlete, but the jury’s still out on that. It’s something they’ll bond over. He can feel it.

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I imagine Jungkook is the kind of boyfriend who would want to draw you like his “French girl”

Ed Sheeran Reveals the Ingenious Way His Girlfriend Rescued Their Cat After It Jumped Out the Window



When one of Ed Sheeran‘s cats escaped his home, his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn implemented the purr-fect rescuers plan!

A proud owner of two female felines with snack-inspired names (Dorito and Calippo), Sheeran told PEOPLE last week, “Dorito jumped out of a three-story window yesterday!”

“Cherry opened the window to let some air in, and she just jumped out,” the singer — whose new album ÷ currently tops the Billboard 200 chart — explained.
“Cherry obviously freaked out; she’s in this closed-off garden that we can’t get into because it’s not our garden. So Cherry tied all of her scarves together onto a laundry basket and put food in it and lowered it down and picked her back up. What an idiot, though!”

Sheeran, 26, and Seaborn — a 24-year-old risk advisory consultant he’s knows since he was 11 — began dating in 2015 and have had their cat companions for one year.

“Me and Cherry literally had them from birth, and they think that we’re their mother, from our warmth and our smells,” Sheeran said of the sisters, who make frequent cameos on his Instagram since he’s returned from his year-long social media break.

Sheeran said his girlfriend and his longtime pal Taylor Swift have bonded over their shared affinity for cats.
“Her and Taylor have hung out without me quite a few times; I think they have gal chats,” he said. “I don’t know what they get up to, talking about cats or whatever.” 


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Just wanted to come by and say that I admire your art so much. Your traditional work is so beautiful and well executed, I adore seeing your work on my dash c: Keep it up :) I just love your work. Much love <3

I THINK MY HEART JUST STOPPED(○□○)I idolise you so much and have been a big fan of your work for a long time and to see this message I literally jumped out of my chair!!, Thank you!!! this means so much!!. I hope to keep making you happy with my art (/^▽^)/

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hi, connor! i need a lil advice. i'm currently at college and i hate every aspect of it - i have no friends, my roommate is constantly gone, and i have issues with being alone. i want to drop out after this semester and pursue photography, but everyone keeps pushing school down my throat. what do you think?

Plan it out. Like, keep and commit to the path you’re on right now and really give it a go, but start planning potential escape routes. The more you have a specific vision of what your life will be like, the easier it will be to make big jumps like dropping out of school. It’ll also help put those in your life more at ease during the transition. You may find that you can do both and that exploring life beyond education actually makes it bearable for you. You could also actually take the escape route. But you gotta build it first. Like, you can just dip and figure it out later but that’s risky as fuck and could throw you off for years. I prefer to get my ducks in a row to the point that my big jumps in life don’t feel like big jumps, just logical next steps.

Charming Nights - Chapter Four

Juan, or Juice as he was now known among his friends, woke up slowly that Sunday.
His mouth was dry and his head was foggy. He knew he hadn’t drunk himself in to oblivion, but he’d definitely had an enjoyable night.
Memories of the boys toasting him, welcoming him to the Dallas Crew flooded back. Dancing with Mila. Promising to meet Tig with Jax so they could get his gear ready for his routine.
Juice rolled over, grabbing his phone off the bedside table. 12:47pm.
Shit, shit, shit.
Jumping out of bed, he sat back down for a second, shaking the woozy feeling before standing again.
Juice pounded on the wall separating his and Jax’s rooms. Jax was meant to be coming along with him and Tig that afternoon, and his grumbling indicated he too had slept long in to the day.
“Up, man, we gotta meet Tig in 10 minutes!” Juice called out.
He didn’t want to risk smelling like he’d crawled out from the gutter, so jumped in the shower, soaping up and rinsing quickly.
Throwing on a shirt and jeans, he stumbled out of his room, knocking on Jax’s door.
“Coming! Start the truck. My keys are on the bar… Probably.” Jax called back.
Juice searched the bar area, eventually finding the keys on a barstool. He’d worry about how they got there later, racing out to the truck and starting it up as Jax emerged from the clubhouse.
He shielded his eyes from the sun and managed to make it to the truck.
“You drive, I think I’m still about three shots and seven beers over the limit.”
“You definitely know how to party.” Juice smiled, pulling out of the yard.
“It’s the stripper life, man. You get your clothes off and then drink to forget your parent’s disappointment.” Jax replied, chuckling.

Jax directed them to the street and Juice parked. Tig was waiting, a sly grin on his face.
“Only 5 minutes late, Jax. That’s a new record.”
“Fuck off. Let’s get food before we turn Juice into a stripping beaver or something.”
Juice was concerned, but confident that Tig wouldn’t actually dress him up in a beaver outfit.
They ate at a cafe, greasy food for everyone to soak up whatever was left in their stomachs. Heading in to the supplies store, costumes, or lack thereof, hung off the wall on mannequins.
Juice walked around wide-eyed, past firemen outfits, military, there was even a sexy chef.
“Alright, so I’m looking at this for you.” Tig pointed to a wall of clothes.
“Oh.” Juice was somewhat underwhelmed by his choices.
It was streetwear, made for dancers. A lot like the clothes he used to wear back home.
“It was clear to me that you were going to be our urban dancer, when you were dancing with Mila.”
“It’s just, I thought Jax danced in this kind of gear, you know. To ‘Pony’.”
Juice looked at Jax, who shrugged, a disinterested look on his face.
“Jax is going to be doing Pony back in his cowboy outfit, like we discussed.” Tig shot Jax a disapproving look. He turned back to the racks and started going through the sweatpants.
Jax moved over to Juice.
“He gets pissy when I don’t play by the rules.” he whispered.
Juice nodded.
“If things go how I think they will - and they will,” Tig said, pointedly. “Then I want you and Jax to do a number together. Take these, try them on.”
Juice caught the clothes, moving towards the change room. He undressed, put the sweatpants and walked out.
Jax and Tig were on sitting on a couch outside, and looking up, Jax immediately scrunched up his nose and shook his head. Tig threw more clothes at him.
Back and forth Juice went, trying on new pants, shoes, shirts, whatever Tig gave him.
The guys would critique the outfits and finally Tig and Jax were happy with three costumes.
Tig paid, telling Juice that he was able to claim it back in his taxes as it was business related.
“Now, we go and test them out.”


Back at the club, it was empty except for the people setting up for the evening.
Tig jumped up on stage and motioned for Juice to join him.
“Run out back, put all this on, and come back out.”
Juice did as he was told, pulling on his new pants, shoes and a plain white fitted shirt.
“And this to finish the look.” Tig said, handing a black cap with a “J” embroidered on the front.
Juice slid it over his mohawk.
“You’re going to be dancing to ‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy.”
“Really? I don’t-” But he was cut off by the smirk and shake of Jax’s head and the song playing overhead.
Tig began going through the steps without listening to Juice, watching him to make sure he was getting it.
Juice knew the dancing was meant to be sexy, but what Tig had in mind was even more over the top than the song itself. It was not the style he was used to but he did well, surprising Tig.
“WOOOOO!! Take it off!!” Jax cheered for Juice in a high pitched voice from the seats by the stage.
“I wanna debut you at the end of the show in two weeks. You need to be here every second night after the garage job. We’re gonna practice till it’s perfect. You can learn the group dance with Clay and Jax at home.”
Tig turned to Jax.
“I expect him to have the routine down. If he works out well in his solo, we’re adding him to the mix the week after.”
Jax saluted.

They practiced and practiced, Tig not caring how tired Juice was after working all day. They’d dance from the time Juice got to the club until the evening, and then Juice would be taught the group dance on his nights off.
On the nights Mila was there for set up, she would bring Juice water. They’d chat afterwards if they had the time, mainly discussing the dancing.
The Saturday finally came, and Juice was ready. He’d learnt all the moves and hadn’t been able to get the song out of his head for a week.
The other dancers went out and did their thing, and Juice could hear the roaring of the crowd from backstage.
“You ready?” Tig asked him.
Juice nodded, slipping his hat on.
“Make me proud.” Tig replied, walking out on stage in his get-up.
Jax came out back in his assless chaps and hat.
“Nice, mini-Tig.” Juice laughed.
“Shut up. You nervous?”
“Not really, I mean I’ve danced in front of people before. Just not got my ass out for them.”
“You’ll get used to it. I’ve seen you move, you’ll be great.”
“Damn straight, he will!” Clay came up and smacked Juice on the ass, running off.
“Better get up there before he calls you out. Good luck, brother!” Jax said and Juice made his way up the stairs to the side of the stage.
“Be kind, he’s not from around these parts, but he’s gonna show y’all how they make ‘em in the Big Apple.” Dallas was there in all his Southern glory.
Juice adjusted the brim of his hat.
“Please adjust your panties and make him feel welcome! Juice!”
The crowd cheered and Juice made his way out, head down, moving to the intro of the song. When he’d hit his centre mark, the first verse began.
Honey came in and she caught me red-handed
Creeping with the girl next door
Picture this we were both butt-naked
Banging on the bathroom floor
Juice moved across the floor with ease, mimicking the steps that Tig had taught him. He thrusted, slide across the floor on his knees, gyrating at the women who began to throw money on him.
He tore his shirt open, grinning and throwing it in to the outstretched hands of some shrieking patron.
But she caught me on the counter/It wasn’t me
Saw me banging on the sofa/It wasn’t me
I even had her in the shower/It wasn’t me
She even caught me on camera/It wasn’t me

Juice felt ridiculous, but it felt good to be dancing again after so long, and the bills covering the stage made air-grinding all the more easier.
He simulated banging against the the different surfaces in the song.
Picture this we were both butt-naked
As the words blasted through the sound system, Juice turned, tearing at his velcro-sided pants. He was left in nothing but his hat, shoes and a purple thong, his rear end on display for the whole club to see. The chorus played through again.
Heard the screams getting louder
It wasn’t me
She stayed until it was over
The screams really did get louder and the money rained down as the women saw him in most of his glory.
The song began fading out and Tig came back out on stage.
“We’re really glad y’all stayed until it was over! Now, what do we think of our boy, Juice? Wanna see him back next week?”
Juice couldn’t help but laugh as the ladies went wild, tossing more cash on stage and holding their drinks up.
“That’s what we wanna hear! Give it up for all our boys!”
The rest of the crew came out on stage, slapping Juice on the shoulders and taking their final bows.
Heading backstage, Juice went to take a shower. He came out after, dressed back in his normal clothes.
“Well, you did it, kid!” Tig said, shaking his hand and passing his a roll of cash. There was a little more there than he made in a week as a mechanic.
“Welcome to the club.”


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“Where is she?” Demanded a strong cockney accent.

Everyone looked up to see a dishevelled, yet, good looking man with eyes of burning fire, having just woken up and jumping straight out of bed noticeable in his presence. Eva’s dad, Scott. He looked around at the faces waiting to hear something on Eva’s state. George holding a plastic cup of, what he could only describe as, stale coffee, Caroline’s head resting on his shoulder. Katie, looking as though Scott’s presence had just awoken her from a short-lived slumber on Ross’ chest. Adam looking very jittery as he bit at his nails, Carly sat next to him, Matthew sat next to her, his posture bent forward, elbows resting on his knees, his mum – who had arrived not long ago – consoling his devastated state as he cried like a child in the comfort of his mother’s presence, Gabby on the other end of Denise feeling out of place. Everyone here had some form of a bond with Eva, she did not.

“Scott,” Denise said, sighing, standing up and going to give him a hug which he gratefully accepted. “We haven’t heard anything yet. From what we know she was rushed to surgery the minute she got here.”

“S-surgery? Why? What happened?” He asked in panic, then turned to look at Matthew. “Matthew, what’s going on?” However, Matthew hadn’t spoken much since he got back from phoning his mum, only informing the group that she was on her way, and since her arrival, he crashed into her arms like he used to do when he was a child and had fallen and scraped his knee. Then, that seemed like the end of the world but it was nothing compared to now.

“She got hit by a car.” George spoke up, his voice raspy from how dry his throat was, he hadn’t spoken much either.

“How? She was supposed to be at that ball.” Scott said in confusion. None of this was making sense.

“She never came. She had an interview.” Denise answered.

“What interview?” Scott was lost. If his daughter had an interview, surely he would have known about it.

“This is all my fault.” Matthew sobbed, rocking back and forth. It wasn’t supposed to end like this. It was only a small white lie to benefit Gabby and now it had turned into the girl that he loved in hospital.

“No, no, darling.” Denise shushed, holding out an arm to him as though to say that she was here and he hadn’t to worry. “We’re not sure what’s going on Scott, nobody will tell us anything, I tried but they said there was no news yet, we’re just going to have to wait. Here, sit down.” Denise motioned for him to take a seat next to Ross, and, he did so, but still looked about in total awe of the situation. His little girl.


Three hours. Three hours they had been here and not a single word on what was going on with Eva. Everyone was a bag of nerves, however, George much calmer now. Matthew fell in and out of sobbing fits and had been for a cig every twenty minutes. He hadn’t clicked on that George wasn’t speaking to him, or, how he glared at him, clenching his fists whenever he saw him cry again, not only his mother, but Katie, Ross and Gabby feeling sorry for him, as though he wasn’t the prime cause for all of this. Scott was even trying to ‘pep talk him’, completely unaware that the reason his daughter lay on an operating table was because of Matthew, because he couldn’t, for once in his life, be honest with her. She loved him, all she wanted him to do was show her that he loved her back.

Matthew looked to his left, looking for any sign of a doctor coming towards the small gathering awaiting news about Eva, but there was none. His eyes flickered around the room absentmindedly then, before landing on his best mate, George. Unbelievably, he was so preoccupied with Eva that he had completely forgotten about George’s presence. He’d forgotten about most presence bar his mum and Eva’s dad. George was looking back but, even in his state, Matthew could tell that George wasn’t too happy with him, which made him on edge, and caused him to look back down to his shaky hands.

“Kym.” Scott announced.

Probably the one name Matthew dreaded to here upon arrival. His guilt deepening knowing that her mother was now here. He knew how close they were, her mum knowing everything there was to possibly know about their relationship. He liked Kym. She went in and out of phases liking him back, depending on his and Eva’s current situation at that time. She had time for him though, even though she was constantly telling Eva to stay away from him. He was certain Eva wouldn’t need much convincing from her mum now, her choice to stay away from him would be voluntarily, looking now at the circumstances.

“I want to see her.” Kym demanded, barging past her ex-partner and towards the reception desk where a nurse was on the phone.

“Kym, there’s no news yet.” Scott informed, trying to pull her away from the desk, her eyes drilling through the nurse who was now aware of Kym’s presence.

“Sorry, can I help you?” The nurse asked, holding her hand to the speaker of the phone.

“No, it’s fine. Sorry-“ Scott tried. “My daughter. My daughter is in this hospital and I want to see her now.” Kym said matter-of-fact, emphasising her point by pointing her index finger against the surface of the desk.

“Kym, they’re going to come find us as soon as they know something.” He tried to sooth, he could see she was in a state of distress, and, regardless of how many years it had been since they had been apart, he knew that when Kym was distressed that was usually projected in anger, which wasn’t good for anyone.

“I want to know something now! I’m her mother! They might not tell them lot anything,” she snapped, gesturing to the small gathering all awaiting news on Eva’s condition, “but she’s my baby, and, so help me God, if you,” pointing an accusing finger to the nurse, her voice getting louder and louder, “don’t get me some information on my child I will see that you regret it.” Denise, along with Katie, were now trying their best to help Scott calm Kym down.

“Miss, if you don’t calm down, I’m going to have to ask you to step outside.” The nurse said, calmly.

“Oh is that right? Would you be calm if you found out your daughter was in a car accident? Would you?” The nurse whispered something to another nurse who then scurried off.

“But not only found out.” Kym hadn’t previously been looking at anyone but the nurse, but now, her attention was focused on Matthew, his glassy eyes staring back at Kym. “Heard it.” She announced, taking a few steps in his direction. “What did you do?”

“He didn’t do anything, Kym, he was at the charity ball.” Denise defended Matthew, obstructing Kym’s view of him as she moved to stand, protectively, in front of him.

“So why did I get a voicemail from her, in tears, claiming that she was done with him again?” Kym pushed at Denise’s body, desperately trying to get sight of Matthew.

His eyes were down again, tears dripping onto his suit trousers, Gabby comforting him once more, this time, him gladly accepting.

“I was just trying to make everything easier for everybody. I didn’t think that she would get hit by a car.” He sobbed.

“Matthew.” Gabby said, trying to, somewhat, shut him up.

“No.” He said, pulling himself from her grasp once more. “Why did you have to make me chose? It was just a stupid ball, you didn’t even have to speak to her, you just had to let her come.”

“I don’t recall it being Gabby who Eva got rats-arsed and was inconsolable over.” George piped up, for the first time, speaking to Matthew.

“You what?” Matty asked, squinting his eyes at George at the sheer audacity of him.

“It was you, mate. You can’t ever let her be happy. You just keep pushing at her until she breaks.”

“Oh, fuck you, George!” Matty exclaimed, standing up.

George stood up afterwards and moved towards Matthew as Matthew did so George, Ross and Adam quickly pulling the two of them apart.

“I fucking love her, you dick! You know I do!” Matthew cried, being held back by Ross.

“What?” Gabby asked, her voice desperately fighting the lump in her throat at her boyfriend’s recent confession.

“I used to think you did, in your own fucked up way, claiming her over anybody else. Ruining any chance of a relationship she was ever given. But, you didn’t love her. You were just insecure.” Matty attempted to go for George again. “Scared that she would find somebody better than you because you knew that she would.” George taunted, his volume heightening as Ross pushed Matty further back than where he initially wanted to be –hovering over George as blood streamed from his nose and grasping his winded stomach.

A commotion broke out between the small group, George and Matthew arguing back and forth, Caroline attempting to tell George to shut up, Ross and Adam still holding the two of them apart, Denise and Scott demanding to know what they were talking about and Kym also trying to make a point to Matthew about his mistreatment towards her daughter. In the midst of this, a doctor was being pointed towards them by the nurse at the reception after enquiring about Eva Crawford’s family and friends, a look of irritation crossing his features at the scene that was in front of him. He walked towards them, attempting to call on their attention, not loud enough when asking for who was with Eva.

“Excuse me! I’m looking for the company of Eva Crawford!” Carly was the first to here, trying her best to divert everyone’s attention to the doctor, with no luck, passing the job onto Adam, who, unusual for Adam, yelled amongst everyone to inform them of the doctor’s presence.

“Right, firstly, I’m going to need everyone to calm down. I refuse to tell anyone anything until there is a calm. Now, I understand how you all must be feeling but, please, have a little bit of consideration for the other people in this hospital who could possibly be losing a friend or family member.” He chastised, speaking to them all as though they were children – they were acting like it.

“Doctor, we’re sorry, we’re all just really worried.” Denise tried to reason.

The group huddled themselves around the Doctor who informed them that his name was Doctor Brian Templeton. A slim, tall man within his late forties, possibly early fifties, greyish cropped hair, and glasses perked on the bridge of his nose.

“How is she? Can we see her?” Scott asked, his arm cradling Kym’s shoulders, her eyes threatening to let tears shed.

“I’m afraid, at the moment Eva has been placed into an induced coma.” Brian regretfully revealed. Kym’ knees gave way at his words, Scott catching her before she fell to the ground. “She’s in a critical condition that all we can do is monitor closely for the time being.” His words were not helping anyone at all, yes, she may have been alive and breathing but everyone, even Gabby, were asking themselves for how long.

“Unfortunately, due to the car accident, Eva has suffered a traumatic brain injury which has led to swelling on her brain, hence the need for the induced coma.”

“But she’ll be okay, won’t she? That’s why you had to put her in the coma to help stop it.” Scott was trying his damn hardest to not let the cracking in his voice be known, but with great difficulty.

“For the time being, we can’t say how the coma will affect Eva’s current state, but we are holding out hope. It was a complicated and difficult surgery, but please, let me assure you, we believe we have done our very best. All we can do now is wait to see if Eva will respond to the surgery positively and, if or when, she comes around, we won’t know the full extent of her injuries until then.” Brian concluded.

This full situation felt like a nightmare that nobody could wake up from.

“Can we see her?” Kym asked, hopeful.

“Yes, but only a short number of people at a time. I’ll keep you all posted, but I do suggest that after everyone has seen her, that you all go home and get some rest, there’s no point waiting about for her to wake up today, the chances of that are second to none.” With a curt nod, he stalked off.

Out of instinct, Matthew moved forward, desperate to see Eva, just to see for his own eyes that she was still here with him.

“Don’t you dare.” Kym warned through gritted teeth, a hand pushing at his chest. Speechless, his eyes darted from Kym’s face to the corridor that could lead him to Eva.

“A brain injury. Because of you,” She pushed his chest, much harsher than before, “because of you my daughter is in an induced coma with a brain injury.” She slapped his chest now, tears infinitely falling from her eyes.

“Kym, I’m sorry, I really am, I just need to see her.” He pleaded.

“You,” she emphasised, “aren’t getting anywhere near her. If she wakes up, you’ll never see her again, and I promise you, darlin’, I will make absolutely sure of that. You are poison-“

“Right!” Denise intervened. “Kym, I understand that you’re upset and you’re scared but so is Matthew and everyone else here. Nobody is to blame for this, certainly not Matthew.”

“Oh, but he is.” Kym nodded. “He is the sole reason she is lying in a critical condition, as the doctor put it, and if she doesn’t wake up and my little girl dies,” her voice cracking, “it will be his fault.” She whispered.

She looked around at everyone, most eyes avoiding her look, before walking off, the only thought going through her mind was holding her daughters hand and watching her chest moving up and down confirming that she was still with her. Scott followed, giving a sympathetic smile to Denise but avoiding Matthew. He didn’t know if what Kym, or George for that matter, was true but he would hate to find out that it were. His daughter clearly never spoke to him about Matthew the way that she did to her mother, therefore, there were clearly some things that he was missing out on. But, he didn’t want to know the truth right now, it wasn’t important right now, so, he followed Kym, to be with his daughter, whilst Matthew broke down another time, Kym confirming to him what he already knew –he was to blame.

here you go angels! 

would just like to say sorry for the, probably, innacurate medical terms, i’m quite shitty with them and tried to google them haha! anyways, hope you all enjoy and let me know how it was for you!

Beneath the Skin. The End.

Chapter 31: Belle returns to the mansion and the story comes to an end. 

Chapter note: So… this is the last chapter of Beneath the Skin… strange. This chapter is dedicated to @dekujin who’s prompt made this story happen. 
Thanks to everyone who has liked and especially those who have showed your support through comments… it really means a lot. 
So yes… nothing more to say really… 

Mr. Dove’s job had been to bring the young woman to the dock and then bring her over to France and to her new home. However this had become impossible when said young woman had demanded him to take her back to the house of Mr. Gold. When he had informed her of what he had been paid to do, she had attempted to open the door of the wagon and jump out in defiance. He was at a loss as to what to do. Because Mr. Gold had tasked him with bringing her to the docks before escorting her on the boat and to her new home in the house located in the village outside Calais. That was his job.

However Mr. Gold had told him that if any harm were to come to this woman he would make him pay in ways which would make him beg for death. Normally Mr. Dove would never care much for such statements, but Mr. Gold had always been a man of his word and Mr. Dove had never known him to make groundless threats. In fact he would rather go so far as to say that Mr. Gold most certainly was a man of his word… in the most terrifying way possible.

So realizing that this young woman would not cooperate, demanding to be taken back as quick as possible or she would walk, he saw no other choice in turning the carriage around. He was certain that Mr. Gold would not approve or even be in a rage by this, so much that he might not get paid, but the way the man had spoken when he said which fate would lay in store for him should she come to harm… it sent chills down his back.

There was no other choice.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! You may have already answered this, but how do you feel about Maggie forgiving Daryl so easily? I've seen that a bunch of Glenn fans were angry about it, but idk...I'm a Daryl fan so I obviously forgave him easily. My reasoning was that Daryl obviously had no idea what was going to happen when he jumped out of the lineup and if he knew it meant Glenn dying, then he wouldn't have done it. And the guilt has been eating him alive. But I still understand why Glenn fans were upset...

i’m pretty much conflicted with what i think in all honesty since i have two conflicting ideas:

i do blame daryl for his death (you can see my explain here) and i understand that this is down to personal interpretation, but in my sense, i don’t find it fair that maggie has easily forgiven daryl for this. i just think the scriptwriters in this sense have focused more of the grief of glenn on daryl, rather than maggie which is completely stupid for me to comprehend considering maggie was his wife and is carrying his child. in all honesty i’m just completely tired of the writers recycling daryl’s storyline (i explain this process here).

however, i understand why maggie may have forgave daryl. the tv version of maggie has definitely diverted from comic maggie in my understanding e.g. maggie appears more forgiving on the show in the comics. for example, maggie attacked rick as she believed glenn’s death was his fault. however, there have been more examples of maggie’s forgiving nature on the show e.g. forgiving tara for being initially with the governor, who killed her father. 

personally, i like to believe that maggie forgave daryl in order to take down negan. if there are tensions within the group, this would tear the group apart and would act as a distraction to the sole focus: overthrowing the saviors and negan. because of this, i think maggie acted like glenn would have in this situation, forgave and took action.

so basically no, i did not like that maggie forgave daryl so quickly, but i do understand her intentions.

thank you so much for asking to share my own views, it is much appreciated and i hope you’re having a lovely day! 

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I got high and tried to bake a pizza and a cockroach jumped out of the oven and burned my leg!!! Either that or I was just tripping balls

mate i think u were tripping balls bc the cockroach would’ve most likely died ahjsksjd