jumping on the tumblr train


These are the projects I’m currently working on/will be working on very soon:

- Mass Effect: Andromeda collaboration with @raedmagdon

- Mass Effect 3 (post end game) comic collaboration with @raedmagdon (Shiara)

- SWTOR comic about f! Wrath and Lana Beniko. 

- Korrasami stuff fur shurrr.

- Might cave to the tumblr hype and jump on the Supergirl train. Chooochoooo. That being said, she gon’ be riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipped. 

- Agnes: my webcomic! The protagonist is a precious gayby, genderqueer girl.

Got an idea? Want me to draw something? Send it my way! I love collaborating with people, and new prompts keep me working. :D

hello! i’m kirstie, a huge colin firth and kingsman fan.

i’ve first seen kingsman last year and it basically got me hooked so i jumped aboard the kingsman train but i only joined tumblr a month ago. i’m basically new around so you might not know or see me on your dashboards yet :3

anyways, joining the community has been good to me and gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people who share the same passion and obsessions. i’m not a social person in real life so i thank my few tumblr mutuals (you know who u are *wink*) for being there to spam my dash with stuff that cheer me up XD

aside from kingsman, i am also a fan of Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch, Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr., Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter. (in any case, if u want to, we could talk about that, too)

i love to sketch and spend most of my time watching or sleeping (lol)

anddddd here’s my derp face, if u don’t mind

so there you go. a little bit about me.

you people are awesome. let’s be friends! :)

the last person in the world to actually join tumblr.

hey, i think i’m gonna be a tumblr now.

i used to get to do this thing where i would have a thought, i would figure out how to dance around it in a long-form structure, i would put it on the internet, & then i would get to hear the thoughts of other people on it, both friends & strangers. i miss that.

lately, i’ve taken a break from writing anything on our band’s blog, because i felt an obligation to be relevant & speak on behalf of five people—
so as not to offend or mischaracterize or annoy, i’ve decided to start writing on my own tumblr, because i miss writing. 

paradise fears just put out an album, so that writing is on hold for a moment.
i’m working on a couple of pretty thrilling projects, but i can’t do anything with them until they’re real.

while i’m sure that i’m jumping onto the tumblr train just in time for everyone else to dismount & join another social network (probably with a super trite name, like ‘BlogBuddy’ or ‘Wuurdz’ or ‘Flumble’) 

& while i’m sure i’m far too culturally backlogged to post anything relevant to this site (by the way, i just started working on two #relevant articles: ‘why i think i’m outraged by the killing of Cecil the Lion,’ & ‘the social, societal, & sexual implications of YOLO culture’),

& while i can’t promise that i’ll post anything that has value for anyone other than myself (this post is probably a good example of that),

i figured i’d start doing some writing anyway.

stay tuned for pithy jokes & melodramatic self-exploration & obscure short stories & abstract poetry & all of the things in between.

(also, i just reread the only other post on my blog– about john mayer– & realized how funny i was four years ago)


I’m so overwhelmed, and in the best possible way. Went to Pepperdine (Pierce’s alma mater) to hear a reading (which I MISSED because of horrible traffic and I’m still upset) and participate in a Q&A.

I can’t even express to you guys how personable Pierce is, or how incredible this fandom continues to be. I suppose for now these images of Pierce taking part in a SWEET ASS MAGIC TRICK will have to suffice - yes, we have a magician in our ranks now. Pierce has dubbed apcvm a Violet, officially. 

I had to get back to my office, so I can’t post anything more substantial, but there is a FULL sheet of REALLY great questions Pierce answered that I will have up by tomorrow, as well as a few more pictures that he was kind enough to take with me.

He says “hi” to everyone on here :) 

(To everyone else I met who wants to jump on board the crazy Tumblr Red Rising train - reblog this post or something just to let me know you’re out here and I’ll do a big intro to the tumblr fandom. So nice meeting you all!!)

I can’t really bring myself to jump on the “I hate kids” train most of Tumblr is on and well most people around my age I know irl too actually.

The truth is I actually really freaking love little kids (like under 10), I’m in uni and my happiest day of the week is when I go into work as a part time teacher.

I love the innocence they have. I love their eagerness to learn. I love their willingness to share or help each other purely for sharing or helping sake, not because they want something in return. I love that they laugh at almost anything. I love how proud they are of their littlest achievements and are rarely ever hard on themselves. I love how inquisitive they are. I love that mischievous glint in their eyes when they think they’re tricking you. I love how honest they are. I love how funny they can be without knowing. I love how the smallest things can make them extremely happy.

I LOVE how they believe the best in people because they haven’t experienced the kind of hurt that makes us believe that any human is capable of evil. But most of all… I love that they are so easily accepting of you and they don’t give a crap if you’re skinny or fat or whatever race or who you love or if you have a disability or anything. And even if they aren’t accepting probably because of influence of people around them, they learn tolerance way faster than most adults could ever hope to.

Everyone was once like this, that’s why despite all the horrendous things people do, I believe humans are inherently good. From whatever age we just learn and experience different things that transform us. Although it still doesn’t change the fact that we were once ALL exactly what I described above. Being around kids strangely gives me hope for the human race.