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you’re hanging out with the cutest girl in the whole wide world, driving around in a pink cadillac convertable, ignoring the male gaze, and eating cherry popsicles on a warm summer day. you think you finally know what joy feels like

having a picnic on a hill filled with wildflowers, you feel the sudden urge to cry from both an underlying sadness and an overwhelming appreciation for the beauty of queen anne’s lace and daisies

you’re parked at the beach at 3:30 in the morning on a warm summer night, and you feel weirdly nostalgic for a time you weren’t alive for 

you’re driving in a car filled with friends with the windows rolled down, and though it’s never possible to fully leave your sadness behind, in that moment, everyone is smiling and everyone is happy, and there seems to be blue and yellow glow over everything

you walk deep into the woods and flop onto your back into a snowbank, staring up at the bare trees and falling snowflakes as the sky gets dark, feeling as if you could lie there forever

you’re riding the subway late at night, listening to an old ipod classic. the car is dimly lit, it’s empty, and it seems as if the train will never stop, but you’re not going anywhere in particular

concept playlists

it’s early afternoon and you’re lying in a quiet meadow with a cool breeze blowing through the grass around you. you have no responsibilities and you are totally hidden from the world. the sun is warm and so is your heart. you breathe deeply and watch the clouds float past. you feel at peace for the first time in a long time

it’s very late at night, or maybe very early in the morning and you’re curled up in a blanket fort you’ve made. soft fairy lights shine through the material and you can hear a pattering of rain on your window. you feel peaceful but long for the rain to get heavier. you think the world might be magic after all.

you’re sat on your bedroom windowsill, window closed to the heavy afternoon rain and strong winds outside. you warm your hands on a large cup of coffee and are wrapped in your favourite blanket. you think about your life, the little things you will get done over the weekend and the tasks you’ve already completed. you are relaxed and proud of yourself.

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I HAVE DONE ONE and I was going to fill up this post with honorable mentions, but I actually have enough of those to do another full list. So here’s Usagi’s top 11-20 outfits. Surprise!!!

20. Usagi had to kill a librarian to get this cardigan

19. Trying to emulate the fashionable stylings of the inimitable Naru Osaka

18. This is the look that inspired Steve from Blue’s Clues to go all in on green stripes. 

17. Anyway Usagi can canonically time travel, so it should come as no surprise that she used this knowledge of things to come to jump on the romper trend about 20 years early 

16. I am absolutely willing to bet that Ikuko started sewing bunny patches on every piece of clothing because Usagi kept losing her sweaters and coats. Also these mittens are definitely connected by a string through the sleeves. 

15. pink and green (mid tier)



12. Usagi is literally wearing a fanny pack and it in no way negates the cuteness of the outfit. In fact, the combines factors of the pastel color and the jauntiness of the angle at which it is worn kind of… accentuate it. I don’t know how I feel about this. 

11. Every time I see this image I can barely hold back tears. Her jacket is just too darn big for her small arms.

stop telling people to kill themselves over fictional ships you fucking nasties

does anyone ever think about the go go choreo and how it is labeled as a “meme” choreo because of all the “popular” dance moves used throughout it? and then the fact that go go itself is a satirical jab at the obsession young people have with materialism and fleeting trends like dabbing and saying yolo? so despite that the choreo is full of memes and it looks all fun it’s essentially a giant mockery on the dance trends that everyone jumps on the bandwagon to follow and bts are basically dissing the lack of originality there is these days because we’re so obsessed with keeping up with doing what we think makes us cool/popular because that particular trend is considered cool? food for thought


Couldn’t have agreed more.
@Regrann from @markus.effin.prime - Bruh I almost cried. I’m not for jumping on trends and “just because it’s black.” But this is historic. Just the trailer alone breaks down so many walls for people of color. Just imagine how many options our children will have now for inspiration just off this film alone. Even if the story was wack it’s still going to change so much. I was emotional just watching it. And besides all that it just looks amazing from a comic fan point of view. - #regrann #blackpanther #BlackTribbles #blackpowerranger

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                I’ve been put on the EXECUTIONER’S stage.
                         They jeer and laugh WICKEDLY.
      Holding upon high my SEVERED HEAD, the peasants say,
                                “the kingdom of demons is upon us

         I throw away myself, and become the CARNAGE.
          All the people with hearts, become nothing.
            Now it’s too late, everything is DESTROYED.

                                                 / 羅刹国 - DIR EN GREY