jumping on the negative space train

The universe on our shelves

They think we don’t have any hobbies.
They think we are weird.
The kids with no friends.
But they don’t know.
Do they?

Do they know that when we open a book we open the door to a new world?

That we walk the alleys of our cities and see otherworldly creatures roaming the streets?

That when we look up into the stars, we see galaxies far, far away?

That when we pull out our clothes for the new day, we visit narnia?

That our trains at the train station will lead us to hogwarts?

That the bar at which we met yesterday is the entrance to Diagon Alley?

Do they know that the church we walk by is the weaponry of the nephilim?

That the moving dot in the sky is Saphira carrying Eragon to Arya?

That the limping man on the corner is the Bastard of the barrel?

Do they see that the white rabbit has a watch?

Do they realize that some people bleed silver?

Are they looking up into the sky and see van gogh painting it with all his happy colours?

Can they distinguish the ISS from the Hypatia?

Do they see the foot prints of frodo and Sam in the woods?

Can they choose from all of time and space? And where to go first?

Do they hear the people sing?

Can they understand why the meaning of life is 42?

Do they cry for Anna after she jumped in front of the train?

Can they see the dreams which the night court brought to life?

Can they hear the song of achilles?

Do they understand why we are not throwing away our shot?

No, that’s a negative ghost rider.

They don’t see the galaxies and universes and worlds in our own world. They call us weird, strange, nerds, geeks.

So what?

So what if we are? I honestly don’t see how that is a bad thing when I see so much more of the world (s) than you do.

assorted ENFJ traits
  • having a very strong sense of “we should do this because everyone would enjoy it” that is conflicted when it sees someone being very individual and independent because what if people don’t agree with them??
  • loving performing analysis because it’s all a very fun game to you, something that you jump at the chance to do
  • overanalyzing  -.-’’
  • using Se to calm down your overactive Ni (ex. getting too lost in a negative hypothetical or brooding too much on a single train of thought and it’s freaking you out – forcing yourself to focus on the present and the clearly relevant facts of what is and what isn’t to get yourself out of your own head)
  • not being very logical.  … at all.  
  • really enjoying spending time organizing your personal space, especially if it’s directly related to your work or mind (organizing bookmark bars, email folders, sorting documents into relevant categories such as date or subject)
  • subconsciously and consciously being very people attentive.  it doesn’t matter how much you try to stop paying attention or how much you try to stop noticing the people around you – a large part of your thought patterns are invested in observing, analyzing, and understanding the people around you.
  • internal questions like, “how are they perceiving this?”  “what are they thinking about right now?  “what bothers them?”  “what did they think of what happened earlier?”  “how do they feel right now?” “what are they interested in?”  “what do they enjoy?”  “am i bothering them?”  “am i annoying?” “are they interested in me?”  “is what i’m saying interesting to them?” “if i switch the topic from x to y, will that be more intriguing to them?”  “are they quiet, bored, uncomfortable?”  “what do i have to be, act like, or say, to make them interested in me?” “what kind of person do they enjoy?”  “are they better off in my company or someone else’s?”  “are they enjoying themselves right now?”  “would changing my personality in x way make them happier?”