jumping on the flower crown bandwagon

“ This is Briggs. No matter what happens this territory must not fall. Every solider here must be both strong and flexible. You must move as one cohesive unit, following, me, your leader, in all things and at all times. “

Bonus Flower Crown Version :

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I wanted to jump onto the bandwagon and make some warriors linearts and thought flower crowns would be cute so I went with it

Feel free to request some cats! I don’t mind going off-model for them, so if you want the fur to be longer it droopier or something feel free to ask c: I’m also willing to add a fringe/hair/thing as well as lashes if you request it!

The designs used will probably be used from my sideblog Morecatswarriorcats unless you specify what design you want me to use. If your cat isn’t designed there and you don’t supply me with anything then I’ll just design it on the spot from the wiki~

Please let me know what colours you want for the flower crown! I don’t mind taking colours from flags or just having random combinations – any is fine by me c:

I won’t take non-canon characters! Sorry ;u;

Please let me know in through tags/text responses if its for a wckintype. If you do I’ll make sure to say not to reblog it as kin or me unless it was for you c: