jumping on the bandwagon

The Ending of Love Never Dies
  • <p> Erik: *takes a deep breath*
  • Erik: I lo-
  • Meg: Yes, you love Christine, I know, you love Christine so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Christine, I KNOW, you love Christine, you fucking love her ok I know, I get it, YOU LOVE CHRISTINE, I GET IT, FOR FUCK’S SAKE
  • *gunshot*
  • *Christine falls*
  • Meg: shit</p>

sarcastic, bright, lost. the most beautiful smiles i’ve ever seen. don’t know their own strength or their own value. kind to those that they care about.

cruel sometimes, unbelievably stubborn and extremely kind. uncompromising, bad with change, willing to settle. good taste in music, great taste in people.

needs reassurance often, always willing to help someone they know. hard workers, strong, athletic, intelligent. never trust that the people they love are going to stay.

withdrawn when worried, the brightest thing in the room when happy. bright laugh, naturally downturned lips, issues with expressing emotion. silver tongues but terrible at keeping friends.

golden like the sunlight, blinding like the sun. kind but harsh, perfect hair, willing to work for what they have. beautiful but sometimes unapproachable.

awkward but sweet, never seems to sleep, loves animals. hard to pin down emotionally, mentally, or physically. strong, capable, unwilling to sugarcoat anything for anyone.

athletic, fierce, independent. when they fall in love they never really fall out of it. a great friend, beautiful smiles, odd taste in food. when they stop something, they tend to not start again.

intelligent and determined, all hard edges and uncompromising ideals. physically fit, likes to help other people, animal lovers. extremely close to their family and friends.

strong pillars to lean on, supportive of others, good teachers. polite but not overly kind, caring but not overly involved. independent, gorgeous, extremely capable of doing basically anything.

sometimes too much to handle, extremely caring. always put themselves first. feel things deeply. strong eyebrows, bright eyes, big laugh. values material objects and family.

dislikes people as a whole, loves select individuals fiercely and unfailingly. harsh, very smart, materialistic. lazy but once they decide they want something they will go to the ends of the earth to get it.

dramatic, loud, fills up the whole room with their presence. bad days are really bad, good days are really good, there is not often an in between. lover of philosophy, deep thought, and beer.

—  the signs as i know them -(me)
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Otabek had to give it him. Yuri was right. Otabek wasn’t able to keep a straight face during his performance. Nor could he even try and gain his usual calm composure. Right off the bat, the Grand Prix gold medalist, Yuri Plisetsky had all of his attention all the way up to the end of his exhibition. The Kazakh man just couldn’t keep his eyes off of Yuri. Like Yuri had demanded him to. But for Otabek, it had nothing to do with yesterday’s cheeky words but the way Yuri skated. As if Otabek was the only one in the room.