jumping off waterfall

modern xena and gabby would be such an annoying couple like you’d be like hey xena what have you been up to lately and she’d just be like ‘oh not much, gabrielle and I had some free time this weekend so we backpacked across three states, climbed a mountain and jumped off a waterfall, and stopped an armed robbery in a small town on the way back.“

meanwhile gabby is standing behind her in a crop top, her abs are staring at you & you’re just left standing there like “sometimes i walk up and down the stairs to the basement to do my laundry and I went to the gym once two weeks ago.”

moriarty said he wanted to burn the heart out of sherlock, john burnt mary’s memory stick. the counterpoint to the fire is water. john getting soaked in asib, in the ep where he truly embraced being in love with sherlock. sherlock jumping off into the waterfall in tab and embracing his love for john. now they’re drowning in emotions together. idk where i’m going with this but fire is evil, water is gay, they’re gonna kiss

Body positivity shouldn’t be just about what your body actually looks like. It needs to be about what your body can do. Just a few days ago, I looked at my body in the mirror and immediately started picking apart what could be better until I ended up sobbing. But you know what I did the next day? I scaled the side of a fucking mountain and jumped off a fifty foot waterfall. It doesn’t even to be that level either. Simply going to the kitchen to get some food is enough. Getting out of bed when you don’t want to is enough. Waking up is enough. The fact that you are here is enough for body positivity. Your body does incredible things.
You are quite literally a living breathing miracle. Don’t you ever fucking forget that.
How’s that for some body positivity?

john’s dream vs. sherlock’s dream

on one hand (the johntent):

- it being established in TST that john knows horror films
- sherlock saying he doesn’t know who oscar wilde is. if TFP is in john’s mind than it means that he doesn’t know sherlock’s sexuality.
- euros is real.

on the other hand:

- sherlock mirrors westley in TPB and it would make sense for him to be in a coma only to wake up to save john (buttercup) from committing suicide
- euros stuck in her mind palace makes more sense as sherlock talking to himself / his emotional side
- john only knows about horror films in sherlock’s imagined situation of him and mary in TST
- sherlock says he doesn’t know who oscar wilde is but john does. this could be sherlock deliberately keeping his sexuality from john while simultaneously knowing john’s true feelings.
- sherlock jumps off the waterfall in TAB in order to go deeper into himself to solve the final problem
- sherlock confesses his feelings to molly, a mirror of john. if this were john’s nightmare sherlock would be confessing to irene.

all i’m saying is that it makes 100% more sense for TFP to be sherlock’s dream, not john’s.

although i do think that sherlock’s dream happens at the same time as garridebs. he’s going to have to wake up in time to save john.

simsterically  asked:

4, 6, and 12 for Frankie (questions about your sims) :D

4. What is their relationship with their parents? What’s a good and bad memory with them? Did they know both parents?

i haven’t given much thought to her parents bc she’s the legacy founder but i did want her to be related to the granite falls hermit somehow…. ok i’m deciding now that she has two lumberjack moms? she actually had a great relationship with them but they pushed her out of the nest so they could live out their days in peace (aka childless) hiking thru the mountains….. a good memory: the first time her moms let her stay up past her bedtime, when she got to eat her weight in smores while they told stories about their travels and pointed out constellations… a bad memory: the time some kids bet frankie she wouldn’t jump off the waterfall and she actually did it…. and then got really hurt…. and then had to stay inside the rest of the summer while a small argument about who was supposed to be watching her, turned into a bigger argument about some unrelated things (she didnt understand that at the time and just thought they were going to get a divorce bc of her)

6. What were they like at school? Did they enjoy it? Did they finish? What level of higher education did they reach? What subjects did they enjoy? Which did they hate?

frankie was a straight d student lmao. she loved learning but she couldn’t bring herself to focus long enough to actually do the work?? her favorite subject was science until they started bringing math into it and then she gave up. she was definitely a band nerd and would have played the tuba or something else equally big and embarrassing

12. What is their favourite food?

i don’t even know at this point…. when i had custom food in my game she would make herself sushi? every day? for every meal? but then i made the mistake of giving her an icecream machine and i swear she’s eaten nothing but chocolate icecream ever since

the more that time passes the more convinced i am that it’s sherlock who’s really “stuck in a plane high up in the sky, unable to come down” and that eurus is actually the part of him that’s stuck in his own mind palace

he would be completely lost to his emotions, isolated from everyone else and stuck in his head

the ‘reason’ eurus is trapped in her own head is a combination of her own intelligence combined with her loneliness, so i can’t say why the same thing can’t be said for sherlock

i keep coming back to sherlock confronting his own feelings to save john, jumping off of the waterfall to go “deeper into himself” in TAB, being surrounded by water and waterfalls in TFP

something i am wondering about, though, is the significance of TFP in a freudian sense. why is john hardly there at all? is the reason john is hardly in sherlock’s mind palace a link between john representing reality/emotion and sherlock’s isolation?

or is TFP a nightmare? an amalgamation of everything sherlock is afraid of? including …

- mycroft being weak/afraid/unable to look after him anymore
- sherlock’s love for john resulting in him being in danger
- (saw? clowns? the ring? horror movies?)
- being unable to trust his perceptions, constantly doubting his own mind because of the walls he has put up to protect himself (redbeard/dog boy/secret sister)

This is the first video in a new series I call, “Screaming While Jumping Off Waterfalls in Elder Scrolls Online”

Heads up: It’s so beautiful you might get the urge to jump off a high place. I do not recommend unless you are in a video game.

I’ve been playing WoW since I was 11 years old, so back when Burning Crusade was out. When I first started I had no clue what to do, and while I was trying to do a quest, I couldn’t find the NPC I needed and accidentally jumped off this waterfall in Teldrassil. In attempt to locate my corpse I jumped off the same waterfall and ended up falling past it, and in doing so I thought the only thing I could do was run all the way around the island until I found a way to get back up it and find it again

The signs and what they remind me of
  • Aries: Fire. Hearing a new song that doesn't take anytime to get to like, it's instant. Laying on an air mattress that deflates only slightly as you sleep. Fancy handkerchiefs.
  • Taurus: The sun. Soft kisses on the top of your head. Feeling secure. That feeling that your lungs are too big for your rib cage. Uncertainty. Being touched.
  • Gemini: freshly cut grass. Outer simplicity but inner fire. Chuckles. Judgement. Lying in your own bed after a long day.
  • Cancer: Waterfalls. Jumping off of something not knowing if you'll be caught. Getting caught. Sadness. Happy tears.
  • Leo: Walking on coals. Feeling exhilarated after doing something dangerous. Bright eyes. Riding in a jeep without the doors. Knives.
  • Virgo: Walking without any thoughts. Safety. Brilliance. Staying home all day after a long week. Being bored. A smile from across the room.
  • Libra: Parks. Heartbreak. Life of the party. Dark humor. Sunshine after a long day. Anxiety. Pretty hair.
  • Scorpio: festivals. An extremely tall wall, but it's made out of cotton candy. Sharp stares. Jelly sandals. Roses.
  • Sagittarius: the walk into school on the last day of high school. Long legs. Lemonade. Goofy grins. Getting a bad grade on a quiz. Content.
  • Capricorn: sitting in a desk. hugs from people who don't normally give hugs. Acceptance. Snide remarks. Praise. Tripping.
  • Aquarius: sleeping in a car. Hearing "it's going to be okay" when you didn't know you need it. Being blinded by the sun. Eye gunk. Being lifted in a hug.
  • Pisces: laying on a trampoline watching the stars. Comfy blankets that are the perfect temperature. An annoying voice. Watching a movie for the first time. Someone holding your face.