jumping off again


Mornings in St. Petersburg 
or alternatively titled: Viktor Nikiforov’s Instagram is A Katsuki Yuuri Appreciation Account

“No matter gay, straight or bi
Lesbian, transgendered life
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born to survive
No matter black, white or beige
Chola or orient made
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born to be brave
I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way”
- Lady Gaga telling America we’ll survive the next four years during her halftime show…God Bless.

A Family Affair
  • *Angelo's*
  • Molly's Date: *raises his glass* To us.
  • Molly: *smiles; lifts her glass* To us *clinks his*
  • Molly's Date: *nods at Angelo* A mate of yours?
  • Molly: *turns away; waves* Oh, yeah, he's friends with...someone I know *turns back* So...where were-
  • Sherlock: *suddenly next to them; exasperated* Sorry I'm late...may I join you?
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly's Date: *frowns* Excuse me?
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Edward, this is Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock, Edward Castle *mutters* Sherlock is my soon-to-be-ex husband.
  • Molly's Date: *raises an eyebrow* You never told me you were married.
  • Sherlock: *pulls up a chair; smug* Ah, first date. Remember ours, dear?
  • Molly: *narrows her eyes* Where are the kids?
  • Molly's Date: *splutters his drink* Wait, you have kids? Plural? As in...more than one?
  • Molly: *still looking at Sherlock* Yes. Where are they?
  • Sherlock: *thinking* Hmm...one is out solving a crime probably, teenagers, I'm sure I left the twins downstairs with Mrs. Hudson, John and Mary wanted the toddler practice and Mycroft is baby babysitting.
  • Molly's Date: *alarmed* Jesus, how many have you got?
  • Sherlock & Molly: *glance at each other* Five.
  • Molly's Date: *confused* Well, then...why did are you splitting up?
  • Molly: *smiles* The sex was crap.
  • Sherlock: *chuckles; takes her wine glass* Now, Molly, give him an excuse he'll believe *raises the glass to the light*
  • Molly's Date: *looking between them* What's going on?
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Does the name Julia Smith mean anything to you?
  • Molly's Date: *shakes his head*
  • Sherlock: Nooo *sniffs the glass* You never get to know their names first, do you? Did you know she was fifteen years old?
  • Suspect: ...
  • Sherlock: Her mother hired me to investigate her attack. Dinner at a restaurant with someone she met in a chatroom... *dips his finger in the wine glass* I don't I need to tell you the rest *tentatively tastes the liquid*
  • Molly: *calm* You see, while you're sat here with me, the police are raiding your flat and, well...I don't think you're getting away this time.
  • Suspect: *fuming* You have no right-
  • Sherlock: *fuming* Our eldest is the same age. It's is taking all my self-restraint not to force you to drink this and leave you at the mercy of my girls. Far worse than anything I could do to you.
  • Greg: *enters Angelo's; approaching their table* Come on, Castle. You have the right to remain silent... *leads the suspect away*
  • Molly: *holds Sherlock's hand* It's okay...we got him.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Too late *sighs* That was...good.
  • Molly: Not bad for an amateur, eh? *pats his knee* Come on, let's round up the troops.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Thank you for helping me.
  • Molly: *grins* What would you do without me? *kisses him*
  • Sherlock: *takes her hand* Don't make me think about that.
  • John: *running his hands through his hair* For God's sake, Will...put that down.
  • Baby Holmes: *grinning; rips open the bag of flour*
  • John: *high-pitched* Don't you dare! Where did you even get-
  • Baby Holmes: *throws the flour at him*
  • Mary: *returns from the bathroom; examing one of Sherlock's shirts* I think I got most of it out *looks up, sees John covered in flour; stifling giggles* What happened?
  • John: *glares at her* About this baby of ours...

I don’t know if this is a new thing, because this is the first time I have seen it happen. And I haven’t done a PoE in a while.

I ran into a player while doing a 41 PoE just a little while ago. I joined in mid-session and we were in the Fallen room. One guardian was fighting off Fallen while the other sat in the back next to the cliff. He did nothing! When the round ended, he jumped off the cliff while we waited for the next round. (which makes Variks try two times to teleport him) Variks couldn’t teleport him to the room because he was dead and we could not get to him in time before getting teleported back. He remained dead the entire time. The final round was in the Fallen room where the worthless teammate’s ghost was located. My teammate revived him and he proceeded to jump off again. So we just left him there. He didn’t revive himself at all; so he didn’t get the chest in the treasure room like I thought he was going to do.

I was curious. I checked his most recent PoE sessions. ALL of them for the past 3 days were like this. Barely any kills or none at all.

Don’t be that guy. Be a team player.


Imagine telling newt about the reoccurring nightmare you have about him jumping off the wall again.

“Right” newt said bursting into your room “somethings up with you and i want to know what”. “I dont know what you mean”. You shrugged but newt didnt give up. “You dont eat, you seem like you hardly sleep, min says your not running well and you keep avoiding me so whats wrong?”. You turned away but newt grabbed your hand “y/n what is it? I want to help you, your my friend”. “Its you” you said quietly. “Me?” Newt said confused and upset “have i done something?”. “No, you havent done anything newt” you said trying to reassure him. Sighing you told him everything, about the nightmares youve been having constantly each day about newt jumping off that wall again, trying to kill himself again, how you couldnt save him, how being in the maze reminds you of it and everytime you close your eyes, you see newt jumping. “If you died” you said softly crying “i dont know what id do, i need you newt”. Newt pulled you gently into a bear hug and held you tight. For a while newt just hugged you letting you cry, too shocked to respond. “Y/n” he sighed stroking your hair “id never leave you”. “But what if you felt bad again” you asked him “we were friends before when…”. “It was different then” newt told you “y/n then i felt all alone, i was trapped and in a weird way that first time on the wall made me realise what i do have, i dont feel alone anymore i have you and tommy and alby and min, you guys make life worth living”. “Do you promise me that if anything happens at all, to make you think those thoughts again you’ll tell me” you asked newt “im always here for you, you know that right?”. Newt nodded “of course, i feel better now and i know i can come to you with something like that”. “You can with any of us” you nodded “we love you newt”. Newts face broke into a little unexpected smile, the kind that made you feel everything was going to be okay". “I love you too, now please no more nightmares”. Sure enough, soon after that the nightmares stopped.

Imagine if, years post-"Predacons Rising", Ratchet is traveling Cybertron and comes across an old ex-warlord living alone in the canyons with a hyperactive sparkling he picked up along the way.
  • Ratchet: I see you have been keeping...er...busy, Megatron. I must say I'm slightly surprised to see you haven't taken up oratory again.
  • Megatron: (looks at the camera like he's on The Office, then points to the ceiling of his small hab suite)
  • From the second floor: (various loud banging sounds)
  • Megatron: Orion Megatronus, you had better not be jumping off the recharge slab again!
  • Tiny voice from upstairs: No, Daddy!
  • Megatron: Good! Now go to sleep or the Wee Folk will get you!
  • Tiny voice from upstairs: (squawk of panic)
  • Ratchet: .....
  • Megatron: I told him humans live under his bed.
  • Ratchet: .....
  • Megatron: Don't judge me.
Dating Newt would include . . .
  • calling him lizard to annoy him
  • tending to his wounds after long days in the Glade
  • or the Scorch
  • or, heck, the Crank Palace
  • being know as ‘what makes the Glue dry’
  • him protectively wrapping an arm around your waist
  • being best friends with Minho
  • treating Thomas like a little brother
  • Newt getting jealous when Jorge flirts with you in the Scorch
  • staying up late to talk about who you thought you were before your memory swipe
  • helping him through his depression
  • you being the reason you never tried to jump off the wall again
  • “Darling,” and “Lovely,”
  • rubbing his shoulders when he’s stressed
  • having to deal with sarcastic remarks from Minho
  • “You guys are like an old married couple.”
  • “At least we get to live to be old. I’m probably gonna kill you within the week.”
  • “Easy, tiger. Don’t get cranky on me. That’s Newt’s job.”
  • occasionally throwing punches at Gally
  • only for Newt to make excuses for you during Gatherings about your violence
  • He shrugged lightly. “It was self defense.”
  • “I didn’t even attack her!”
  • being treated like the queen of the Glade
  • and the Scorch
  • and WICKED headquarters
  • basically the world
  • slowly becoming close friends with Brenda
  • cuddles !!!
  • firm temple kisses after long days in the Glade
  • “I love you and only you.”
Monroe: Part 2

Tony backs away from the roof and a running start towards it again, jumping off this time.  As he jumps Tony calls his suit to him, he scans the air around him in confusion and his mind races when he can’t seem to see the woman who had jumped.  As the last of his suit attaches Tony takes off and circles the tower, where the fuck could she have gone, he thinks angrily as he circles the building for a second time.  

“God fucking damnit!” He screams as he starts flying back to the tower, he’s almost there when he feels a solid weight shoving him down.

“What the- ““Eat a fucking dick Stark!”

Tony stops flying in confusion as the weight disappears from his back, what in the hell, he thinks as what appears to be a wing swipes past his face.

“Goddamn Stark you can’t even fly, right can you?” the woman from the roof taunts as she flies by him.

“Are those vibrainium wings?” fires back Tony in a disbelieving tone.

“Very good science boy,” the woman says with sarcasm dripping from every word, “you’ve unlocked the achievement of super nerd!”

Tony looks at the woman in disbelief then he smiles.  He’d never had a woman speak to him like that.  All the ones he’d met had been flirty and nice, hoping to get into his pants, but not her.

“You’re-“ “Hush, I don’t want to hear you speak anymore and I’ve got things to do so this is the end of this conversation.”

Monroe takes one look at Tony before gracefully gliding to the nearest building.  Just because Stark was a goddamn idiot didn’t mean that she could blow off work.  As Monroe heads down from the roof of the building, she pulls out her phone.  It was time she called a very old friend of hers.

“Hey kiddo,” a familiar voice answers, “long time no talk.  How’ve you been?”

“Save it arrow lord. I just ran into your billionaire friend, sexy as hell I’ll give him that, but other than that nothing to special.”

Clint chuckles, “Figured you’d think so. What did he do this time?”

“Had a felon drug me just so he could get me registered.”

“Sounds like him. You coming’ to visit?”

Monroe glances at the time on her phone, “Sure, give me twenty minutes.”

Monroe hangs up and rolls her shoulders before extending her wings and taking off.  Fucking arrow lord, Monroe thinks fondly, she’d never let anyone know but Clint was one of the few people she considered a friend.  Monroe smiles a little as she lands on the roof of the building her friend is in.  Monroe hears the door to the roof open and prepares herself as she feels Clint approach her.


Monroe lets out a laugh as Clint picks her up and spins her around.  

“Hey arrow lord, I’ve heard you’ve been busy.’

“You have no idea kiddo, come on, there are some people I want you to meet.”

  1. Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Hey! This is actually my first ask and i was wondering if you could do a Dean x Reader where the team goes to the beach and the reader really wants to swim but is super self conscious about her stretch marks on her thighs? Dean brushes off her discomfort and asks later? (reader is tall and thin but has stretch marks on her thighs And she super self-conscious about them) FLUFF and smut…(DO WHAT YOU WANT…I’m okay other way…but i would not complain if there was smut in there ;))) THANK YOU!!!

AUTHORS NOTES: I hope this is ok. :) Enjoy xx

‘Come on it Y/N the waters great,’ Dean called, jumping off the jetty again.

I laughed watching them. I stood thinking about joining them, looking down I realised that I would need to take my skirt off. Exposing my legs, exposing them… Sighing, I sat back down, continuing to watch the boys.

‘Coming in?’ Sam asked running up to me, shaking his hair like a dog.

I squealed as he got me.

‘Nah, I think I might lay back and read.’

I did just that. Dean approached later, pulling my book out of my hand.

‘We don’t get many days to enjoy time off, the sunshine or fun. Move it Sweetheart, get in that water and have some fun.’

He bent down to grab my arm, attempting to pull me up, I pulled it out of his grip.

‘I’m really fine right here, Dean.’

I sighed, quickly readjusting my skirt to cover my legs. He watched my action but didn’t say anything

‘What’s the matter, can’t swim?’ he asked, jokingly.

I smiled, ‘Something like that.’

He nodded and headed back to the water. I got up later and walked along the water’s edge, enjoying the cool lapping at my feet, letting my toes sink into the sand.

Sam approached, ‘You ready?’ he asked as they got ready to go home. I

smiled and nodded, following him. We grabbed dinner and headed back to the Motel. I ate with the boys.

‘I didn’t realise you wouldn’t swim,’ Dean commented.

‘She can, she was on the swim team at school.’ Sam corrected him.

Dean looked at me puzzled.

‘You said it not me,’ I told him.

He looked confused.

‘I think I might go bed.’

The boys looked at me weird. I headed into my room.

I walked into my bathroom and looked into the mirror. I was ok with almost all of me. I was tall for a girl, 5ft 6. My y/c/h, sat nicely, my eyes sparkled a pretty y/c/e colour. My body was thin and lean. My problem was my thighs. ARGH, my thighs. I looked down at them. The silvery bumpy lines that left trails across them. I felt tears in my eyes. I tried to ignore them. I traced the marks on my skin, I had tried to get rid of them. Bio oil and every other cream on the market. Nothing worked, they all lied.

I know most people hate something about themselves, but why couldn’t mine be something I could fix. I had enough scars from hunts on me, why would God be so cruel as to put these here too. I hated people seeing them. Especially the boys, I didn’t want to see that same reaction on their face as I got as a teen. The disgust as they see it. I’d managed to hide them so far. Wearing only trousers or ¾ length pants. Or on occasions like today a skirt, making sure it was covered.

I heard a knock on the door.

‘Y/N?’ Dean called.

I dropped my skirt and wiped my face. Checking in the mirror to make sure I looked ok before opening the door.

‘Sorry Dean, I just want to go bed,’ I sighed, not letting him in.

‘What’s going on? C’mon tell me. We don’t do secrets in this family,’ he stated.

I raised an eyebrow.

‘Ok we,’ he gestured between the two of us, ‘don’t do secrets. You’re my best friend Y/N, I know something is up.’

I sighed, letting him in. He wasn’t leaving.

‘It’s nothing, I just didn’t feel like swimming.’

‘There’s more to it than that,’ he declared.

Sitting on my bed, pulling me down with him.

‘I’d rather not talk about it,’ I muttered, fiddling with my skirt.

‘Sorry sweetheart, but you are going to spill.’

I groaned, ‘I just don’t like the look of me in shorts or swimmers or anything. It’s no big deal.’

‘Firstly, why you are amazingly hot? Secondly it is a big deal.’

I blushed at his comments.

‘It’s not and no not so much my figure. It’s…,’ I stopped.

‘It’s…,’ Dean prompted.

‘The stretch marks on my thighs,’ I muttered looking down.

‘Seriously? That is what this is about?’ he asked, surprised.

‘They’re hideous Dean,’ I cried, covering my face.

‘I doubt that. Nothing on you is hideous.’

‘You’re just saying that to be nice.’

‘You’re just saying it to be mean to yourself,’ He countered.

I shook my head. ‘I’m saying it cos I know, others have told me,’ I mumbled.

His face got angry.

‘Here is what is going to happen. You are going to stop right now. Stop hating yourself, stop hiding yourself, all of it. You are amazing, beautiful and incredibly hot. You know what those marks represent?’ he asked.

I shook my head, refusing to meet his eyes.

‘That you are a woman. Every woman has them, it’s a sign of womanhood. You’re a tiger whose earnt her stripes,’ He said leaning to kiss my cheek at the same moment I turned to talk to him.

His lips landed square on mine. Startling us both. He pulled back slightly before changing his mind and wrapping his hand around my head, pulling my face to his and kissing me.

His lips tasted of the burger we had for dinner, his tongue explored my mouth. I heard him groan as I kissed him back. We stopped for air after a little while.

‘I have wanted to do that for so long,’ he mumbled smiling.

‘Really?’ I asked in disbelief.

He nodded, ‘Since that night we met and you hustled me at pool.’

I bit my lip, smiling at the memory.

‘That’s my job.’ Dean growled taking my lip between his teeth, kissing me again.

His hands wandered over my back and sides. Along my arms, God it felt so good. His teeth and lips exploring my neck. He laid me down on the bed, kissing me again. Moaning as I ran my fingers over his body, he caused me to gasp as his hands found my breasts. His hands wandered done my body, to the bottom of my skirt lifting it up. I froze.

‘Dean.’ I said, pushing my skirt down.

‘It’s ok, they don’t bother me. I bet you can barely see them. That your legs are as hot as the rest of you,’ He whispered.

He tried again, this time I let him. Freezing the whole time. I heard a moan.

‘God, Y/N you are so gorgeous.’

He kissed along my thighs, tracing my stretch marks with his mouth. Argh. It was so hot. It only got hotter.

Later that night as we laid in bed, Dean turned to me.

‘You know, they really aren’t that noticeable.’

‘Now I know you’re blind,’ I told him.

‘Possibly, but really Y/N you have nothing to worry about. And I’ll beat sense into anyone who thinks otherwise.’

‘What if it’s me?’ I commented, with a grin.

‘Oh, I have some plans for you,’ he said kissing my neck.

They never told me that monsters weren’t real or to never take candy from strangers
They never told me that I wasn’t aloud to watch R rated movies
They never taught my soccer team or helped me build a volcano for the science fair
Daddy never talked with his mouth he talked with his fists
Mommy never sounded like home she sounded like pipes being lit and eyes as big as the teddy bear at Costco we couldn’t afford
They never held my Hand when I crossed the street or kissed my skinned knees
I was always the one doing the tucking and telling mommy not to let the bed bugs bite but what I really meant is “Please don’t try to jump off the roof again.”
They weren’t there the first time I ever got my heart broken or cried myself to sleep
They weren’t there when I stood on the roof of a building just like mommy had so many times before
They weren’t there
They weren’t there
They weren’t there
They never told me that monsters weren’t real or to never take candy from strangers
—  but maybe thats because they were the monsters and the only strangers I ever had to watch out for was them

Simon Cowell on Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction

Hunt for the Goddess

Jason was out, finishing up patrol. He had disrupted more than a few criminal enterprises in the night and was now on his way to his favourite spot in town. He stopped to take a view on an occurring assault scene. Halting his swing he dropped down onto a fire escape before he jumped off again. Landing behind the robber he grabbed his neck, breaking it with his paws. The woman took off after, leaving him there. He never really bought into the whole dependency or connection, but in the back of his mind he felt some sort of flare of anger that was not his own.


HIVE descended on Ivy’s greenhouse, sending in drones first. Three chopper drones dropped arson bursts bombs into the greenhouse, setting the plants ablaze, fire spreading on account of the massive amounts of oxygen and growth in place.

‘’—— Well, there is a house in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun. And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy, and God, I know I’m one.’’ Xemara belted through the microphone, a grin on her face as she made a performance out of it on top of the bar, before her eye fell on the time. A chuckle rolled over her lips shortly after the last note as she jumped off and clocked in again, looking around the place as if she didn’t just test her vocal limits. ‘’Who does round two?’’ she asked loudly, wanting to keep the atmosphere going. However, she couldn’t help but walk over to the other side of the bar when she spotted a familiar face. ‘’Ah, how unfortunate that we know each other, seeing as this means that you’re paying double.’’ she commented with a light smirk.