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In NM how is it possible that Alice didn't know that Bella was in danger before the cliff jumping? Even if the werewolves were blocking Victoria she should have seen Laurent in the meadow about to eat Bella. As fun as I personally find the whole *gift* thing I think Edward's and Alice's are too powerful. They create a lot of plotholes. I would rather if Alice was more like fortune-tellers in mythology, where her visions would be very vague or in riddles and sometimes misleading.

A more oracle-like Alice would have been a lot of fun.  Riddles and images that could be interpreted in multiple ways!

Her gift isn’t totally consistent. She sees what she needs to see when the plot calls for it, and then is blocked when the plot needs her not to see something. There are usually ways to explain or hand-wave individual instances, but there’s a pattern. I mean she doesn’t see the birthday party disaster apparently. I get that Jasper losing control was an in-the-moment thing and not a decision beforehand, but she can also see the weather which isn’t a decision at all, and Bella’s clumsiness makes her cutting herself always a possible future. lol 

From my experience, Edward and Alice make it hard to put the Cullens in danger or really surprise them in fanfic. Finding realistic reasons they didn’t hear or see something can be frustrating, and it’s no fun if the Cullens are never taken by surprised or threatened in some way. 

She said she wasn’t actively looking for Bella because Edward asked her not to (which … whatever. I mean I sort of understand the other Cullens, who weren’t so close to Bella yet [she didn’t even know Jasper or Rosalie’s backgrounds in NM, and never really got more detail on Esme’s or surely she would have compared the situations], but ALICE was her friend independent of Bella’s relationship with Edward, so Alice would have every right to be like “Bella’s my friend and I’ll watch out for her if I want to, EDWARD!”) but she saw the clif jump, so you’d think something like Laurent would break through too. Alice says sometimes she sees things she’s not even looking for. But again, Alice’s gift is somewhat constrained by the needs of the plot–a problem you always run into with powerful supernatural gifts… .

… which is why we need someone who can limit Bella’s shield somehow. I mean it’s nice they are safe (until the inevitable final showdown with the Volturi), but it’s ‘boring’ in terms of storytelling if you can’t put them in danger!

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Deddie was so generous with pet names and compliments like 'hi beautiful', 'babe' . I know Barry loves 'Iris' close to his heart moooore than Deddie could ever be but Im gonna jump off of the clif once I hear Barry sth like babe baby honey or when he compliments her beautiful gorgeous cutie

I’ll meet you at the bottom of the cliff!

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