jumping into leaf pile

Prompts: Running with the wolves- Aurora and the picture (X)

Jolene hates space. Hates each star that she can see from her bedroom window, hates the continuous revolution of the moons, the planets, all of it.

She especially hates them.

Tonight’s another festival, another party they can’t afford, and they aren’t even bothering to show up on time for their tithe. Jolene slinks through the shadows around the fire and barbeque and benches and glares at the space station hanging over them all.

Soon, she knows, a part will detach. It will be golden and it will sing as it enters the atmosphere. It will land just next to the oak tree, the oak tree that stopped throwing out leaves every year because of them. They will come out one by one with stars in their skin and strange eyes, wearing strange clothes that look like water and carefully not showing the fangs they hide in their mouth. Their leader will talk with the Mayor of their town, Jolene’s mother, and they will pretend to rehash the old agreement as if it hasn’t already been sworn in blood.

And then they will take away another one of Jolene’s friends and she will never see them again.

Jolene scowls up at the station, so much smaller than the first moon of the night. She hates them and she hates space and she hates her mother.

But maybe she hates herself the most.

She’s never been able to stop them.


She’s twelve the first time she realizes the people aren’t moving away. That’s what her mother tells her: the people move away. They want to. They are happy to.

She’s twelve when she sneaks into the Harvest Festival, excited to be doing something she shouldn’t for another four years.

She’s twelve when she sees the Star People come down from their ship. She watches from the shadows as their eyes scan (do they scan? They seem to have only irises and no pupils) the citizens. She watches her mother greet them warmly and be warmly greeted in return.

Then she watches the tall blue one, the one whose eyes seemed to skip over Jolene’s hiding place much too slowly, turn on Elaine Huxtable.

Elaine Huxtable shakes her head. Stumbles back. And tries to run.

Elaine is seventeen when Jolene is twelve, a willowy girl with the sun in her hair. She’s the fastest runner in her school and the youngest of her siblings.

Which is why Jolene doesn’t understand why no one is helping her.

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some autumn/halloween aesthetics are: pumpkins, the colors orange, red, yellow, and brown, black cats, windy days, oversized warm sweaters, stepping on fallen leaves to hear the crunch, candy corn, old books, apple cider, pumpkin spiced/flavored everything, rainy nights, skeletons, halloween themed movies/shows on tv, junk food suddenly becoming orange and halloween themed, ghosts, spiderwebs, candy apples, pumpkin picking, haunted houses, corn mazes, those plastic pumpkin candy buckets, silhouette of bats against the night sky, witch hats, dumping your candy bag on the floor of your best friend’s living room and trading with them, dark red lipstick, the smell of dead leaves, vampires, fall scented candles, and jumping into leaf piles.

fall lesbian ask meme 🍂🍁🌰

1. are you a pumpkin pie lesbian or an apple pie lesbian? 

2. are you a harvest moon lesbian or a fall equinox lesbian?

3. are you a pumpkin spice lesbian or a cinnamon sugar lesbian?

4. are you a flannel lesbian or a wool sweater lesbian?

5. are you a combat boots lesbian or a plaid lesbian?

6. are you a hot chocolate with marshmallows lesbian or a hot chocolate without marshmallows lesbian?

7. are you a halloween lesbian or a thanksgiving lesbian?

8. are you a corn maze lesbian or a hayride lesbian?

9. are you a werewolf lesbian or a vampire lesbian?

10. are you a lollipop lesbian or a candy corn lesbian?

11. are you a leaf-raking lesbian or a I’m-jumping-in-a-pile-of-leaves-and-no-one-will-stop-me lesbian?

12. are you a scarf lesbian or a leggings lesbian?

13. are you a witchy lesbian or a mad scientist lesbian?

14. are you an uggs lesbian or a converse lesbian?

15. are you a ghost lesbian or a zombie lesbian? 

16. are you a paper lantern lesbian or a scented candle lesbian?

17. are you an enchanted lesbian or a spellcasting lesbian?

18. are you an aster lesbian or a sunflower lesbian?

19. are you a cozy fireplace lesbian or cuddling beneath the blankets lesbian?

You’re welcome to send me these, even if we’re not mutuals.

Favorite Seasons!

• no class?
• hell Yeah!
• likes out door dates
• careful! He burns!
•you two can go swimming!
• I promise you he has stars on his swim trunks
•why not take night walks?
•summer antics!
•loves watermelon

- pumpkin spice anyone?
- great seasonal coffee and cakes!
- weather gets chilly?
- time to hold hands!
- reading together
-maybe go to the beach for a week?
- fresh air is a must!

~ he blends in with the snow
~ he always wanted to spend Christmas with someone
~ he reenacts elf for you
~ caroling together
~ hot coco!
~ warm snuggles
~ maybe a snowball or two?
~ cute Christmas!
~ must hold hands
~ matching scarves

+ perfect weather for Elizabeth
+ his garden tho!
+ wonderland garden
+ likes having tea outside with you!
+ he’ll try a picnic for you
+ will have driver Kim hide Easter eggs if you want

>this boi matches the leaves
> jacket weather!
> leaf pile jumping for sure
> zen raked up his leaves? Not for long
> also likes the campfires at night!
> he matches them too??? No pun intended??
> thanksgiving mess if mc is American
> you better not stuff that turkey with honey Buddha chips luciel

< Spring
< weather for picture taking!
< flowers everyday
< walks everyday
< laying in a field?
< Yes!
< field napping is a must
< will make you flower crowns

= Winter
= you better give him a good Christmas
= still wants ice cream
= likes the snuggles
= won’t admit it
= gets sooo happy when you decorate
= you can see the sparkle in his eyes
= but he’s acting tough
= Rudolf he loves!

Allies Dating Headcanons

England: Sleepy mornings drinking tea and reading the newspaper. Museums and art galleries. Holding hands while walking in the park. Picnics. Cloud-gazing. Running your hands through his hair while cuddling. Quick, chaste kisses.

France: Ooh boy! Receiving a bouquet or chocolates every time you see him. Fancy dinner dates, or he cooks. Sightseeing in the city. Lots of PDA. Him playing with your hair. Stubbly kisses. Shopping dates. Springtime walks in the park. Just… talking. For hours.

America: Drive-in movies. Baseball games. Ice cream parlours. Piggy-back rides. Trust me, you’ll laugh harder than you ever have with him, this guy’s hilarious. Wear his jacket. Just do it. Silly nicknames. Sending each other stupid snapchats.

Russia: Hugs from behind. Neck kisses. Nose kisses. Sitting in front of the fire cuddling. Making snowmen. Snowball fights. This guy will shower you in gifts, he’s so grateful to have you in his life. Cooking dinner together.

China: Travel all over the world together. Cooking exotic foods. Dressing each other up. Playing with his hair. Him reading to you. Him singing to you. Watching fireworks. Breakfast in bed. Holding hands walking downtown.

Canada: Walking in the forest. He teaches you how to play hockey. Making pancakes in the morning. Holding hands. Make a snowman and name him Alfred, then destroy it. Wearing matching sweaters. Adopt a dog together. Make leaf piles and jump into them in the fall. Café dates. Speaking French, omg, it’s so hot. This boy can sing, too. Lots of inside jokes.

How the Four Houses Act
  • Hufflepuffs: having bonfires with friends, roasting marshmallows, and making s'mores. Making huge leaf piles and jumping into them in Autumn. Going apple picking, and going on hayrides.
  • Gryffindors: Going to amusement parks and daring each other to go on the fastest coasters. Going into haunted houses, and corn field mazes. Making prank calls.
  • Ravenclaws: Game nights filled with brain teasers and riddles. Mock debates. Having arguments about their OTPs and discussing the use of literary devices in books. Binge watching shows like Doctor Who, and geeking out. Wearing fandom clothes.
  • Slytherin: Walking around after dark, staring at the stars, thinking about anything and everything. Laying in bed, listening to music, and writing. Needing a lot of alone time. Having few friends who are like family. Great at interior design. Always trying to seem tough.

anonymous asked:

The houses as calming, warm soft activities? Kinda like playing with leaves in the fall or drink hit chocolate in the winter, stuff like that? Thanks!!

Love this!!! Absolutely!!

Houses as Warm, Soft Activities:

Ravenclaw: re-reading an old favorite book for the feeling you get at a certain part, the feeling of thumbing through well-worn pages, turning the news on as background noise at the end of a busy day

Slytherin: sitting and sipping coffee in preparation for long day, listening to a thunderstorm roll in, rewarding yourself for a success in your life with your favorite food, feeling comfortable enough with a friend to playfully insult them in a way that would be too far with anyone else

Gryffindor: group-texts debating who’d be who/what in various categories and laughing aloud at some of the reasoning, listening to a song because of the fun memories attached to it, jumping into a leaf pile in the fall that you’ve just scooped together 

Hufflepuff: laying in your best friend’s lap while you both do whatever separate things you feel like doing without needed to speak to enjoy each other’s company, inside jokes, oversized hoodies, making your friend their favorite dish because they’re sick, sipping hot chocolate to warm up after playing in the snow

You’re Gorgeous: Josh Dun x Reader fanfic

A/N: Okay if any of you are anything like me, you’ll still be wishing it was Halloween and you’re not even ready to think about Christmas. Sorry this took so long to get too, geez. Lol it’s snowing right now, but Josh fluff is perfect for any season, so let’s just roll with it… love you guys and thank you xoxo

Anonymous said:
Since it’s getting colder out I was wondering if I could request a Josh Dun x reader where the reader wears his sweaters and they cuddle and play outside with the leaves or something. Everything you write is so amazing and I’m a big fan or your work!

“Wake up babe,” Josh nudged you lightly. You had fallen asleep on the couch together eating leftover Halloween candy and watching a horror movie. While the movie kind of freaked you out a little, Josh’s arms were so comforting, and you couldn’t help but slowly drift off into sleep. “Hey y/n, it’s time to get up.”

“I’m comfy,” you whined, snuggling up beside him. “Don’t want to move.”

“But then how are we going to get caramel apples?” he raised an eyebrow. Your eyes opened, you sitting up, staring at him, excited.

“Caramel apples?” you raised your eyebrows.

“Yeah,” Josh laughed. “That woke you up alright.”

“Come on, let’s get dressed,” you decided, tugging him off the couch and traveling to the bedroom. You decided to put on some leggings, a tank top, and you slid on one of Josh’s sweaters, earning a playful glare.

“Is that mine?” a smile curled on the side of his lips.

“Maybe,” you admitted. “But it’s so cozy and it’ll keep me warm.”

“It is a bit chilly out,” Josh sighed, slipping on a sweatshirt himself. “I guess I’ll let you slide.”

“Thank you,” you giggled, and he hugged you tight.

“Let’s go,” he suggested. “Maybe we can even get pumpkin pie while we’re at it.”

“That’s a lot of sweets,” you reminded.

“There’s never too much,” he argued. You guys drove to the farmer’s market downtown, something your town had set up every time it got to be around autumn. Josh turned up some of your favorite music, you leaning back in the shotgun seat, one of his hands holding yours, both of you humming along to the song. Something caught the corner of your eye, the Starbucks sign at the side of the road, and you tugged on Josh’s sleeve.

“Hey, I hear it’s PSL season,” you hinted. “Aren’t you tempted just a little?”

“Fine, one small detour,” he agreed with a smile. After picking up delicious Starbucks, you finally arrived at the farmer’s market. There were little children with their families picking out pumpkins, scouts selling baked goods, and a light chill in the air. Red, orange, and golden leaves littered the ground, warm apple cider being sold in mugs, and plenty of scarves and boots. It was definitely fall.

“Everything’s so pretty,” you grinned, taking in the sight. “It’s like stepping into a fairy tale.”

“Yeah, it’s really gorgeous,” Josh nodded, putting his arm around you as you walked down the street. “But it will never be as gorgeous as you.”

“Shut up,” you teased, kissing him on the cheek. “You’re such a flirt.”

“Sure,” he rolled his eyes. “I’m the flirt.”

“Whatever,” you laughed. “Let’s go find the caramel apples.”

After passing by the kettle corn, cobbler, pork roast, sweet potatoes, and soups, you finally spotted the table full of caramel apples. “Awesome,” Josh smiled. “Go pick out four, that way we can give some to Tyler and Jenna.”

“Are you sure you’re not going to eat them all?” you joked, picking up one and holding it out to him.

“I’m sure,” he promised, pulling out money from his pocket and handing it to you. “I’m going to go buy a basket and grab a pumpkin pie.”

“Great,” your eyes lit up. “Let’s meet by that tree over there when we’re done. Okay?”

“Yup,” Josh nodded. He gave you a kiss on the head before taking off, leaving you to choose a couple of caramel apples. You picked out several before going to the register, greeting the old lady before handing him the cash.

“I saw you with that young man with the pink hair,” she chuckled. “You two seem very friendly.”

“He’s my boyfriend,” you informed with a laugh.

“He must be very sweet,” she gave a fond smile. “It’s so nice to see young love in the air. Young couples are so adorable to watch.”

“Yeah, he’s extremely sweet,” you agreed as she handed you the apples in a small crate and your change. “Thanks so much. You have a great day.”

“You too, sweetheart,” the old lady waved you goodbye. You walked over to the tree, spotting Josh sitting underneath it, basket beside him, talking to a couple little kids. A smile spread on your face as you approached him.

“I want to play drums too,” a little boy in a sweatshirt told Josh.

“That’s awesome,” Josh grinned. “I bet you’d be great.”

“Who’s this?” a little girl with pigtails wondered, looking up at you as you sat beside Josh.

“Y/n?” Josh laughed, turning to face you. “This is the love of my life.”

“What?” the girl tilted her head to the side in confusion.

“Josh is my boyfriend,” you rolled your eyes.

“Oh,” her eyes lit up. “Are you married?”

“No,” you frowned.

“Hopefully one day,” Josh replied, nudging you slightly.

“Yeah,” you giggled. “One day.”

“You should play with us,” the boy in the sweater decided. “It will be fun.”

“What do you think, y/n?” Josh raised his eyebrow. “Up for a little bit of playtime?”

“Absolutely,” you chuckled. You placed the candy apples in the basket and the little girl helped pick you up from the ground and led you guys towards a small park. Josh carried the basket, as well as the little boy on his shoulders, and you glanced at him. He’d be such a good dad. He was so good with kids and full of laughter and love, you’d love to start a family with him one day.

“Do you love Josh too?” the little girl wondered, tapping on your leg. “He said you were the love of his life.”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “I love Josh very much.”

“That’s really nice,” she beamed. “I hope I fall in love one day too.”

“You will,” you reassured. “Everyone does eventually.”

“That’s gross!” the little boy exclaimed overhearing your conversation. “Girls have cooties.”

“Oh just you wait,” Josh laughed. “You’ll change your mind about that later.”

“Here we are!” the little girl exclaimed, spinning around in circles happily, racing towards a pile of leaves before jumping in it.

“Come on,” the little boy begged when Josh put him down. “Play in the leaves with us.”

“I don’t know, buddy,” Josh contemplated it. “It might get a little messy.”

“Please?” he gave him sad puppy dog eyes, and Josh couldn’t resist.

“Okay,” he complied. “Let’s go play in the leaves. You going to join us, y/n?”

“Of course!” you giggled, letting your little kid side out for a bit.

“Yay!” the little boy laughed, racing towards the leaf pile and jumping in it.

“You ready?” you turned towards Josh, extending your hand.

“Heck yeah,” he smiled, intertwining his fingers with yours as you both raced towards the leaf pile, barely big enough for the two of you to jump in. You laughed as the leaves crunched underneath the two of you, the two kids cheering happily, the little boy sprinkling leaves on the tops of your heads and the little girl trying to scoop up the leaves on the sides to make the pile even bigger.

“You have a little something in your hair,” you joked.

“No kidding,” Josh rolled his eyes playfully. He moved closer to you, surprise tackling you until you were covered in leaves.

“Ah! Josh!” you cried, both of you laughing as he kissed you on the lips. He pulled away and the two of you grinning. “You’re so sneaky.”

“You’re so gorgeous,” Josh smiled.

“Whatever,” you smirked, deciding to get revenge and you tackling him this time, pushing him into the leaves with a hug.

“Oh gosh, y/n!” he shrieked, and you giggled, before feeling someone else hug you from behind, and another person.

“Group hug!” the little girl announced.

“Dog pile!” the little boy insisted.

“I think there’s a huge difference between a group hug and a dog pile,” you chuckled.

“It doesn’t matter,” Josh shook his head. “We’ve got little friends and lots of sweets, comfy sweaters and fall leaves, and love is in the air. And I’ve got you, that’s all I could ever ask for. Right?”

“Was that an attempt at a really shitty poem?” you raised your eyebrows and tried not to laugh.

“An attempt,” Josh blushed.

“You’re ridiculous,” you laughed, kissing him on the cheek.

“You’re gorgeous,” he insisted.

“I love you,” you giggled.

“Love you too, y/n,” Josh grinned.

The Boys - Fall Aesthetics

Shu: wool coats, hot chocolate, foggy days

Reiji: crisp air, roasting pumpkin seeds, new fall best sellers

Ayato: football games, count chocula, bed sheet ghost meme

Laito: jumping in leaf piles, warm gloves, drive-in movies

Kanato: carving pumpkins, Halloween candy, the fair

Subaru: runny nose, crunching leaves, Thanksgiving dinner

Ruki: fall scented candles, Halloween shopping, crackling fireplaces

Kou: fluffy scarves, pumpkin spice EVERYTHINg, new fall trends

Yuma: bonfires, making scarecrows, watching old horror movies

Azusa: trick-or-treating, pie, dogs in sweaters

Autumn in Slytherin Would Include...

winter in gryffindor

summer in hufflepuff

spring in ravenclaw

* * *

  • The slytherins making giant leaf piles and jumping into them
  • the students layering up because for some reason most slytherins are obsessed with coats and scarves 
  • friendly yet competitive quidditch games 
  • like the ravenclaws, the slytherins taking to photographing autumn because they love how everything seems to turn orange
  • of course autumn is their favourite season because halloween
  • every slytherin being SO into halloween 
  • slytherins staying in their pyjamas all day and none of the teachers seem to care
  • pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING
  • house elves keeping a special stash of cookies that keeps refilling itself
  • pumpkin spiced of course
  • someone wondering off to hogsmeade and bribing madame rosmerta to make them special concoctions of butterbeer and pumpkin spice
  • the slytherin common room actually looking kind of colourful for once because of all the leaves people accidentally bring in on the bottom of their shoes
  • no one sweeping it up because it actually kind of looks pretty 

Listen. Love what you will. You hurt no one by having a heart.

Listen. Put on your dragon scales in the morning. Wing your eyeliner like the sandals of Hermes. Paint your lips so bright that they look like sunrises over oceans. Wear short skirts. Wear tight shirts. Wear what makes you feel like you are capable of conquering. Kiss the mirror like she is a lover you have waited too long to fall for. Let no one call you vain for refusing to bend beneath their feet. Let no one call you stupid. Tell them you can obsesses about make up and still understand geometry.

Listen, we’re only young once, love the things they will rip from you later. Watch Disney on repeat. Put on your tiara and sing loudly. Dream about a fairytale wedding. Own too many plants and coo whenever you’re close to a puppy. Jump in leaf piles, own fuzzy dinosaur blankets, color in pictures of ponies. You can still have a job, own land, and be in touch with reality. You are not weakened by your dreams.

Listen, love like a war cry. Take people into your arms without thinking. Smear your heart like graffiti across buildings. Cry at a Cheerio’s commercial, cry at football, cry from laughing. Don’t be afraid to show emotion. The only behavior which is unnatural is pretending that we are unaffected by the world around us. Sing along to Taylor Swift. Sing along to Queen. Sing along to whatever gets your blood pumping. Don’t ever apologize for liking something.

Listen. You deserve to love whatever you put your hands on, and you deserve to love loudly

—  Never apologize for what makes you happy // r.i.d

lattelester  asked:

dan !

movie posters, old CDs, black nails, foggy mornings, jumping into leaf piles, baggy sweatshirts, hot chocolate on freezing days, showing your favorite movie to someone new, and when all the leaves turn from green to brown! <3

boyfriend!yoongi in the fall
  • big scarves (with leather jackets bc yoongi) 
  • borrowing his big sweaters to wear 
  • him rolling his eyes and asking why you took it every time even though he knows perfectly well why
  • “they’re warm and smell like you okAY” 
  • watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special bc tradition like you gotta man it’s charlie brown
  • having the charlie brown thanksgiving instead of the real deal bc it “means more” aka who wants to spend all dAY BAKING??
  • decorating the house w cozy shit bc it feels more homely 
  • “why are we watching a documentary on sleep paralysis” 
  • “i don’t know but shhhhhhh” netflix all day i swear
  • Coffee for the fall
  • or tea if you’re not a coffee person
  • or none if you don’t like either
  • leaf piles–jumping in leaf piles
  • him calling you childish when you jump in them
  • walks in the woods w colored leaves
  • yoongi taking pics of the leaves 
  • you putting a leaf in his hair to see how long it takes him to realize it’s there
  • him looking over at you with this cute look and then you burst out laughing and he’s like “what?”
  • him ruffing up his hair to find the leaf 
  • falling asleep on the couch w tons of blankets with a movie still playing on the tv
  • him stealing a kiss on your cheek and blaming it that he didn’t want your cheek to get too cold
Jacket - John Laurens X Reader

Originally posted by whats-your-name-man

“John, it’s Fall! Get your southern ass off of the couch and come jump in leaf piles with me!”

It had just hit October, but you were already stoked for one of your favorite seasons. It was never too hot or cold, you adored the crisp air and the smell of leaves, and the fact that Halloween was right around the corner was even better. Who better to spend it with than your boyfriend, John?

Anyone. Literally, anyone who could go outside without complaining about the weather.

“Y/N,” He stood from the couch and walked over to you as you stood by the door, “You know how cold I get during Winter and Fall, can’t we just stay inside and watch a movie?”

In all honesty, that sounded lovely, but the weather outside was perfect today and you weren't going to pass up the opportunity to jump in a pile of fresh autumn leaves. You gave him a look of sympathy, taking his large hands in yours. He gave you a smile, thinking he had won. That is until you opened the door and pushed him out into the breezy wind.

“Y/N!” He shouted as you stepped out, closing the door behind you. You grinned as you looked at your surroundings. The ground was covered in a sea of vibrant red, orange, and yellow and in the middle of your yard stood your shivering boyfriend, looking cold and mad.

“Lighten up, southern belle. It’s not that cold!” You laughed, stepping towards him with a warm smile.

“I’m freezing my ass off, can I a-at least go inside and get my c-coat?” He crossed his arms tight over his chest. You rose an eyebrow, knowing that once he got inside, you could never get him out.

“Take mine,” You said simply and shrugged off your fluffy jacket, tossing it to him. He took it and looked at it for a second, then back to you

“Aren’t you cold?” He asked, moving over to you and placing a hand on your shoulder, rubbing back and forth. You rolled your eyes and smiled at him

“Not as cold as you are, love” You leaned over to him and pressed a kiss to his cheek before running in the opposite direction, kicking leaves into the pile you began to create.

When the large pile was complete, the yard had many patches of green from the grass that had been under the beautiful leaves, showing that you had done a lot of kicking and gathering.

You nodded in satisfaction at your work and turned around to get john to jump with you, but what you saw made you forget the pile, and almost die from laughing so hard.

There he was, the tall, fit man which you called yours, wearing your too short, fluffy jacket. He looked like he was wearing clothes made for a toddler and it was hilarious.

“Are you laughing at me?” He gestured to the jacket, cracking a smile but still lacing his words with mock hurt. You nodded, tears forming in your eyes. He gasped and frowned, turning his back to you and crossing his arms.

You attempted to pull yourself together and walked over to him, wrapping your arms around his back and placing your head in between his shoulder blades. You began to sway a bit, humming a small tune. You felt him move away and turn around to face you

“Sorry I laughed at you and forced you out here,” You said with an apologetic smile. He returned it and leaned down, pressing a light kiss to your lips.

“It’s alright, love. But next time, how about I wear my own jacket?”

misku-nimfa  asked:

Everyone during autumn :D

A/N: For Allura and Coran I’m writing this under the assumption that fall on Altea is same as Earth!


  • When Lance was younger it was always his job to rake up the leaves at his home during fall. But he always makes the biggest leaf pile he can and jumps into it at least twice before he actually cleans them up.
  • It could be September 1st and Lance is already breaking out the sweaters.
    • “Lance it’s still like 20° outside.” “YOU CAN’T STOP ME SHIRO.”
    • “It’s time to decorate for Halloween!” “Lance no.” “Lance yES.”


  • During fall Keith wears a beanie EVERYWHERE, but no one complains because he looks so good in it.
  • Keith goes riding a lot during fall, he likes the feeling of the cool wind biting his face without it being super cold like winter.
  • Guess what? Keith likes drinking tea. Don’t tell Lance though. During fall Keith is almost always carrying around a mug of tea and brews about 5 or 6 teapots worth every day. When he’s stressed the number of teapots brewed doubles.
    • During times like those Shiro makes him drink low caffeine tea because he is a Concerned Dad™


  • Hunk lives off of pumpkin spice latte during fall
  • Hunk knows how to knit! So during fall he’ll start knitting a bunch of scarves and hats for the paladins to wear for the upcoming winter
  • Hunk feels the urge to bake during fall the strongest out of all the seasons. His favourite thing to bake is pumpkin pie and cobbler.
    • When everyone hears Hunk is making cobbler they beeline for the kitchen so they can have the first piece.


  • Pidge loves sweater weather, she has like 20+ sweaters that she wears specifically in fall.
  • She’ll usually be found reading books under the shade of a large maple tree for hours on end. One time Shiro found her asleep with a book on her chest and had to carry her back inside.
  • Secretly loves the crunch crunch sound when she walks on leaves, and when she’s alone she’ll walk on the sides of the sidewalk to step on all the leaves.


  • Fall is Shiro’s favourite season, he appreciates the aesthetic and likes watching how the world changes in preparation for winter.
  • He likes spending his time walking around parks and enjoying the view of the leaves changing colour.
  • If anyone can pull of those trench coat jackets during fall, it’s Shiro.
    • He looks the best in a cardigan though.


  • Allura is like the fall fashion goddess, all her outfits are always on point and other girls are jealous of the princess’ fashion sense.
  • One time Lance got her to jump in leave piles with him. She didn’t understand the point in it in the beginning but after she did it she and Lance jumped in leaf piles for the rest of the day.
  • Fall is the time when Allura likes trying out like 100 different hairstyles to go with her changing outfits.
    • It always looks so good.


  • Coran isn’t a big fan of winter, so during fall he goes out as much as possible to enjoy the weather before it becomes a frozen hellscape.
  • Coran is the one that cleans up the leaves after Lance and Allura are done jumping around in them.
    • He is Tired.
  • Coran likes collecting leaves and keeps them pressed in between a small notebook that Pidge gave him.

ohstakeme  asked:

Dating the fey boys would include?

Puck: Random water gun/balloon fights, or silly-string if it’s too cold outside to use water guns/balloons; cuddling in front of the TV or fireplace, just because; lots of debate between favorite seasons and why (and if you say any season except summer there will be a very long, very lengthy debate about why you’re wrong); PUNS, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY; surprise visits while you’re in the shower or the bath because he got lonely and missed you (at least that’s his excuse); icecream eating challenges to see who gets brain freeze first; mandatory leaf-pile making and jumping in the fall–no excuses. 

Ash: Long talks about the past and the future–good and bad; constantly having to draw him out of his shell because he still doesn’t get the concept of ‘talking things out’; lots of hugs and cuddling to makeup for him not talking about it; watching him make snowflakes out of thin air in the living room; instant cooling relief when your burn your tongue on anything hot (though that leads to its own kind of ‘hot’); WWIII-scale snowball fights that you never win but don’t mind losing because it’s one of the times you get to see him really laugh; having to crank up the heater and pile on the blankets just to be able to snuggle in bed without getting frostbite.

Rowan: Numerous petty arguments because he doesn’t know how to approach feelings without getting super defensive; lots of flowers and apology notes for being an ass; his messy attempts at cooking dinner that wind up with having to order take-out because nothing is edible; his adorable yet slightly exasperating desire to own at least thirty bearded dragons because they remind him of mini-wyverns; listening to the rain while he plays with your hair and answers questions about his world while asking some about yours; waking up late at night to him crying because he’s been holding it in all day; quiet whispers against your hair about how incredible you are.  

Sage: Never needing an encyclopedia again because he can tell you everything about anything; having to buy a bigger bed because ‘the wolf is not sleeping outside’; people asking if your ‘dog’ is legal when you go for a walk; waking up when Sage comes home late from business in Tir Na Nog and gets into bed fully clothed from exhaustion; having more hair product on his side of the bathroom counter than yours; soft morning kisses; forcing him to wear socks to bed because you get tired of waking up with his cold feet pressed against your legs; little surprises like a rose on your pillow in the morning or a note left for you in the kitchen with breakfast already made.  

Glitch: Video-game wars like you wouldn’t believe that sometimes last for days (he lets you win occasionally); having to keep him out of range of any and all balloons at any given time; being jealous of all the new technology in Mag Tuiredh that you don’t have (he brings you souvenirs); staying up late waiting for him to come home from his shift and listening to him gripe about how the gremlins chewed through the main power line (AGAIN); having your own personal cell phone repair man without ever having to leave the house; surprise kisses at all hours of the day because ‘you’re so damn cute’. 

Tertius: Having your house security wired like the goddamn Pentagon; his quietly amused smiles when he watches you get excited over something; waking up to find him asleep on the couch instead of in bed because his PTSD acted up; random hugs from behind or kisses on the top of your head without any explanation other than a smile; late nights binge watching Netflix and snuggling when neither of you are quite ready to go to bed; him self-consciously rubbing the scar under his eye until you pull his hand away and link fingers to stop him; catching him watching you and blushing; him catching you watching him and blushing.

I hope this answers your question. =) 

anonymous asked:

Hey do you think you could do Pike and Scanlan for 22 for the Autumn Fic meme if it's not too much trouble?

it’s no trouble at all! :)

22. raking leaves

He’s not sure how he drew this particularly short straw––and even less sure how he failed to talk himself out of it––but like it or not, his hours of labor (actual labor! manual labor! the horror) are finally coming to an end. The leaves in Greyskull’s courtyard, fallen from the trees that arc above him, have finally been raked into a neat pile in the center of the yard.

He leans against the rake, and surveys his handiwork with a proud eye. The yard is perfectly clean, not a twig out of place.

He’s about to offer himself a well-deserved pat on the back when he hears a clanging behind him, and a shout of “cannonball!” and before he can turn around Pike goes racing past him to dive feet-first into the pile–– which is easily as big as she is––and sends leaves flying in all directions. She actually disappears within the heap, which is impressive and a little alarming.

“Pike!” Scanlan shouts, scandalized. Then, when her head doesn’t pop back up, he approaches. “Pike?”

Still no answer. He steps closer, toeing at the mess his fellow gnome has made, leaves scattered every which way. A few crunch underfoot. He can’t see her. Confusion and worry grip him.


“Raaaaagh!” A hand shoots out and catches him by his shirt front, dragging him into the heap, and he shouts in surprise as his legs come out from under him, and tastes a mouthful of dirt and mulch for his troubles.

He surfaces, spluttering, shaking leaves from his hair, his shirt, his face. Pike is standing across from him, hip-deep in the heap, grinning like a madwoman. There are leaves in her hair, which is in total disarray.

She is, of course, absolutely beautiful. But then, when is she not?

“Got you,” she says, panting a little.

“I just finished raking these,” Scanlan laments, which sets Pike laughing.

“What’s the point of a leaf pile if you’re not gonna jump in it?” she asks him, hands on her hips.

“I mean–– That’s not–– I just finished,” he protests, and Pike sighs fondly.

“I’ll help you finish up,” she says, placating. “It’ll go quicker with both of us.”

Scanlan makes a point of considering it. “I guess that’s acceptable.”

Pike laughs, and pushes him back into the leaves, and Scanlan watches her wade out and grab the rake. And yeah, okay, he sighs like a lovesick fool, he’s man enough to admit that. Who wouldn’t be swept off their feet by Pike Trickfoot?

Then she shouts his name, foot tapping impatiently, and he scrambles out of the pile to help her.