jumping into fountains


Once they’d all had way too much to drink, it was fairly easy for the other girls to convince Ryleigh to ignore her neighbour’s complaints about making noise and take the party outside.

Wandering about the small town in the pajamas at somewhere past midnight was strangely liberating and they ended up kicking off their slippers and socks, rolling up their pants and jumping into the fountain in the middle of the town square to dance in the water.

Okay so I’m slowly falling in love with the idea of Percy being a son of Aphrodite  because that au would be so neat like-

  • Percy still having his troublemaker smile and messy windswept hair and sea green eyes but there’s a certain almost uncomfortable beauty to him, inspiring a slight, undefinable uneasiness in most others because his eyes are almost too green and too deep and his crooked troublemaker smile dimples his left cheek in the most radiant way and even his messy windswept hair looks like it was supposed to be tousled in that way and all of his imperfections some how make him more appealing.
  • And because people don’t really understand where this uneasiness comes from so it just furthermore gets Percy labeled as a troublemaker at first glance.
  • Percy getting teased with/nicknamed ‘Pretty Percy’
  • Grover finding Percy at Yancy Academy because his smell is so potent that he knows that Percy must be powerful.
  • When Nancy Bobofit dumps her food onto Grover’s lap, Percy snaps for her to go jump in the fountain and to his surprise she actually does it and he’s never been so confused in his life. 
  • (This of course starts the chain reaction that ends with him passing out on the deck of the Big House with the golden haired girl saying that he must be the one)
  • Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Apollo, gives him the tour around camp.
  • After Capture the Flag when Percy gets claimed there’s such a sense of disappointment from everyone - the kid who killed the minotaur with its own horn was a son of Aphrodite? Seriously?
  • But the disappointment is quickly replaced with shock when Percy disarms Luke at sword practice without even lifting his sword. He just told Luke to drop his sword, and without a second thought, Luke did.
  • Silena is the one who tells Percy about charmspeak.
  • He still becomes a master swordsman and is still one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful demigods of the series.
  • His charmspeak goes from being something that happened either on accident or in dire situations to being more potent then you could imagine. It freaks out a lot of people because he could tell you to do anything, and you would comply without a second glance.
  • He can actually feel love, whether it be romantic, platonic or otherwise. He’ll sense it between partners and families and friends, and he tries to describe it and how each love is distinct and different but no one quite understands - everyone except for Aphrodite that is.
  • One of his powers that he discovers later on in the series is the ability to manipulate love and everything that goes with it. It goes far beyond the trivial, relationship-ending things his siblings do. The love that he can feel and sense between people - he can ruin it, he can make it so it was if it was never there. He can turn that passion into burning hatred. He can turn want into obsessive desire. And that’s when he understands what Aphrodite says when she says that love can bring the gods to their knees.
  • He’s still the child of the prophecy. Aphrodite considers herself the oldest god, being created out of Ouranos. When he was defeated his immortal essence created the sea foam from which Aphrodite was born.

But now onto the cute headcanons of Aphrodite!Percy

  • Being absolute dorks with his siblings.
  • Playing princess dress up with Lacy and letting her do his makeup
  • Getting teased mercilessly by Silena for his totally obvious crush on Annabeth.
  • Using his charmspeak to tease and flirt with Annabeth.
  • Annabeth and him being jokingly known as the ‘flower’ couple of the camp because she’s sunshine and he’s love even though they’re both scary af.
  • Percy speaking fluent french
  • Percy speaking fluent french to Annabeth
  • Percy knowing that he’s attractive and being overly dramatic with hair flips and posing.
  • Percy using his aphrodite-esque powers and looks to become suddenly extremely alluring to Annabeth - which she then blushes and punches him in the arm while he snickers.
  • Percy breaking the stigmas that go along with being a child of Aphrodite.

i fucking love the age difference between harry and eggsy right it gives harry the more ~experienced~ trope but imagine sameage!harry fumbling over the cute bad boy eggsy and even if he isn’t exactly shy harry can’t help but feel like he’s going to melt into a puddle every time the stupid boy winks

eggsy asks him out one day and harry’s about to say yes until mr pickle tugs at his leash and fucking jumps into the water fountain and harry falls in aswell

Cullen’s Mabari headcanons:

- He was born in Denerim and an Orlesian comte bought him as a present for his lover.

- The Mabari never imprinted with his “owner” and passed his days biting fine tables, playing angrily with velvet curtains and using the noble wardrobe as his personal doghouse.

- A servant, a young elf, one day decided to bring him in to the garden “Nobody free as you are should never live trapped in this golden prison!”.

- The first time he was in the garden, the Mabari jumped in a fountain, sniffed every single flower, run with his new friend.

- She had a strange smell, the Mabari noticed - did she touch… a wolf? - but she was sincerly kind and he liked her enough to allow her a quick caress under his ears.

- The girl promised him another round the next day. And she kept her promise day after day.

- The Mabari didn’t imprint with her, but he was happy enough, they were friends, two creatures who masked faces seeing just as something different.

- One day, the girl came for the last time “My master called all of us, my friend. The time for claiming again our glory has come. I’ll miss you!”.

- The Mabari knew that something strange was happened. Voices, a lot of people, too much whispering and too strong the smell of wolf and blood.

- Alone again, the Mabari was walking through scented rooms - too scented, his nose was hurt - and indifferent people.

- “A… Mabari, here?”. A tall man was speaking with another. The Mabari looked at him: he smelled of herbs and leather and iron and grass and wood.

- The man kneeled, asking if he could touch him, the Mabari barked. His hands were strong, but gentle and now that they were so close, the dog could sense something  else: he smelled like home.
He liked that man!

Penny once got “arrested” for jumping into a fountain at the mall and trying to get all the change. Security took her in the back room and put her on one of those benches that had handcuffs attached. Little did they know her uncle taught her how to get out of handcuffs. By the end of the ordeal, they just let her go because they can’t stand to have her around causing trouble in the back office for another second.

Junkrat and Water

So I’m totally on board with the headcannon that JR hates baths, but I also like the idea that his fear of water comes from water in the Outback being acidic now. 
Cause I mean… how can you deny that JR wouldn’t take off all his clothes in Nepal and just climb right into that fountain. Just like:
“This water is so clear Roadie!”
“It’s clean? Damn Omnics get all the good stuff– I’M GOING TO FOR A SWIM!”
“TOO LATE!” //already flinging off his clothes and jumping into the fountain. 
Some team mate comes around the corner as he is mid jump (probably Mei), dick swinging, and they are traumatized for life. 
JR just noodling his way around the fountain like an idiot, loving the water so much. 

Opal as Milla Vodello 

Her mindscape is a cross between Amethyst and Pearl’s rooms; the walls are covered in beautiful rock formations, whilst the platforms spew water into a pool below. The dance party at the top has the crystals and water act as a disco ball when lights are shone on them.

There is a secret room hidden in the walls; inside is Rose’s fountain. Jumping into the fountain drops Steven into a canyon-like area with three layers; the walls of the kindergarten, a wall of thorns and the Gem Battlefield nestled in the middle. Nightmares pace behind the thorns, screaming in the voices of the fallen crystal warriors and whispering Opal’s shared insecurities. Steven finds the Memory Vault “Opal’s Struggles” in here.

Berserk AU where instead of listening to Griffith talk to Charlotte about what it takes to be his friend, Guts jumps in the fountain and Casca and Griffith follow suit and then the theme song from Friends plays

10/17/2015, tronnor style
  • reunited after literally a day and a half apart
  • dinner!!!! reminiscing 
  • “let’s record troye jumping into a fountain when it’s 60 degrees outside” HA SIKE it’s empty
  • troye’s personal photographer
Dog!Yama AU

 Picture an AU in which Tadashi was originally Tsukishima’s dog, but was somehow turned human by whatever circumstance.  Now he has to adapt to human lifestyle and try not to out himself as a former dog.

Silliness ensues i.e. Tadashi forgets that it’s no longer socially acceptable to cheer and shower Tsukki with kisses ever time he sees him.  Or that he has to wear clothes all the time, yes even when it’s night time.  Tadashi, it’s just a cat, it’s not going to hurt me please let me go.  Do not juMP INTO THAT FOUNTAIN TADASHI NO

More fun facts about Dog!Yama:

  • If Tsukki doesn’t let Tadashi follow him to the bathroom, Tadashi will cry
  • He does not like Kageyama.  That face is evil.
  • He loves Sugawara.  Suga gives him meat buns and pats his head so he loves Suga a lot.  Suga is so great.
  • He still likes to wear his collar (”It means I belong to Tsukki and he loves me!”) but Tsukishima won’t let him wear it out anymore (”It looks creepy, Tadashi.”)
  • Tadashi has to protect Tsukki from all of the mean things that are trying to get him.  
  • Things like: birds, cats, Kageyama, car horns, the school bell, frogs, Kageyama, the waves at the beach, sprinklers, and also Kageyama…
  • Cuddling with Tsukki at night is a very important job and only Tadashi can do it right
  • He will also cry if Tsukishima neglects to talk to him for 20 minutes straight

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