jumping in the water


Dolphins off the coast of Australia

mike gets a video camera

some cute headcanons involving mike recording the losers!! also this is kind of got hella long so sorry haha

  • oKAY so let’s get started…

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reasons you should not sleep on eddie kaspbrak’s strength

1. is the first (!!) to jump into the water right in front of the bullies to get better shots during the rock war

2. is attacked by his biggest fear at the niebolt house, literally has asthma attacks when he hears about it but still goes back to help his friends

3. L O S V E R

4. absolutely no hesitation about going back to the house when he’s called after he snapped his arm in half, was tormented by pennywise, and was literally .02 seconds away from dying there

5. stands up to his mom who has had compete and utter control over him when he finds out what’s been going on

6. literally propels down a rope into a deep ass tunnel with only one working arm (??????)

7. was the actual mom of the group during the final scenes in the sewers (being the first to notice people were missing, being in the front leading the group around without bill, etc)

8. at the beginning he was afraid to even set foot in the sewer bc of the greywater, but later on he literally falls face first into dead bodies swimming in it and still moves onwards

9. germaphobe but when he’s sprayed in the face with some dank fucking liquid by a demonic creature at the end he doesn’t panic; instead - “I’M GONNA KILL YOU!!!”

10. kid was deathly afraid of aids from a cut up ben at the beginning but by the end he was able to do a blood oath 

summary: please never sleep on this kid’s strength & character development

the foxes as shit my 5 yr old nephews say/do

Dan: [gets angry at you, waits until you’re far enough away and then stares you dead in the eye and makes a mess/breaks something before you can stop it from happening] “uh oh :))”

Kevin: “you can’t go to bed, we have to beat this game!” (Me: “you mean this level?”) “NO, THE WHOLE GAME”

Andrew: [finds the fucking candy no matter where you hide it]

Matt: [drops everything and launches himself across the room to squeeze you lovingly whenever you ask him for a hug]

Aaron: [doesn’t really understand hours/minutes, measures time in spongebob episodes instead]
“How long will you be gone??”
“Like an hour”
“Like 3 episodes of spongebob”
“Oh, ok”)

Seth: [falls down and then falls asleep on the floor instead of standing back up]

Allison: (me: “shhhhh”) “UMMMMMM, no one is on the phone?? No one is sleeping?? I DONT HAVE TO BE QUIET”

Nicky: [jumping on the trampoline while sobbing grossly]

Renee: [asks for fries at mcdonalds for the sole purpose of letting someone else eat them]

Neil: [gets hurt] “I’m okay I’m okay I’m okay imokayimokayimokayimokay. You okay???”


Wymack: (me: “can you help me with this?”) “that’s not my job ://////” [helps anyway]

Abby: [will absentmindedly stroke/pat your arm the same way one would to soothe an animal]

Bee: [constantly seen wandering the backyard while carrying at least 3 dandelions]