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ajax-daughter-of-telamon  asked:

Sith Lords at the zoo! Which animal does each one spend the longest time looking at?

we now return to family-friendly shenanigans

vader: dolphins dolphins dolphins dolphins dolphins dolphins (”grandpa come on you’ve been here for an hour now” “they need me to feed them fishies” “where did you even get those??”)

sidious: is far too interested in the geese that walk around the park to care about the zoo animals. go, agents of chaos… show these people the power of the dark side…

maul: of course the big cats are his favorite. look at them, they don’t give a shit. those animals are dangerous predators, but they’re just napping in the shade. perhaps they are planning something big…

savage: jumps into the giraffe exhibit because he wants to ride one of them. what do you mean that is not allowed? what is the point of having all these animals here if you cannot interact with them?? 

asajj: she loves the exotic bird show, seeing all those beautiful creatures fly to the handlers down below. it’d be better if they ate everyone else in the crowd.

dooku: monkeys and apes are so fascinating, even more intelligent than some of the nitwits he’s been forced to live with. how he longs to sit down and watch them for hours on end. 

kylo: the aquarium tunnel is mesmerizing. there are so many species just swimming around him, he could almost touch them. holy shit look at that shark

nihilus: stares at the penguins all day, refusing to leave the zoo until he gets a life-size plushie of one.

grievous: big lizards are just the best, okay. anacondas, komodo dragons, whatever. he’s practically glued to the glass. if dinosaurs were still a thing, grievous would shit his non-existent pants.

bonus!Valkorion: the wild homo sapiens is truly the most interesting and laughable animal of all

Lights Will Guide You Home

Summary: They weren’t supposed to cross Dobie Road. 

Prompt: Blaine and Kurt meet when they’re little, when Blaine knocks on Kurt’s bedroom window and asks to play. Blaine is a demon, though he’s obvs very un-demonish except for maybe horns and wings. Kurt’s parents sees him one time and forbids Kurt from seeing him again. Years later a teenage demon boy turns up on their doorstep. Blaine left his family when he refused to act the way he should. Happy ending with Blaine/Kurt & Hummels~

Warnings: violence, language, self-hate


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cosasmalas3  asked:

"Brittana Is Real." I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song) sung by Louis Prima from the Jungle Book

Song: I Wan’na Be Like You

Artist: Louis Prima & Phil Harris

Request: cosasmalas3

I wan’na be like you!

“I wan’na be like youuuuuu.” Muffled voices sang beyond the door. “I wan’na walk like you!” The voices grew louder. Pots and pans were keeping beat and feet marched in time to the stereo speakers throughout the house. “Talk like you toooooo!”

Santana carefully turned the knob of the front door so as not to disturb the commotion happening on the other side.

Two voices sang out. “It’s truuuuue, an ape like meeeee-“

Santana’s eyes widened. The living room had been transformed into a jungle. Covers, blankets, and couch cushions created forts and bridges. Stuffed animals were tossed about haphazardly. In the center of the chaos, dressed in jungle outfits – a lion’s mane on one and giraffe ears on the other– and smeared face paint, were her two animals parading around and singing at the top of their lungs. Two sets of blue eyes realized they weren’t alone.

Giraffe ears jumped up excitedly and shouted. “Come on, mom! Come play with us!”

sekiyo  asked:

I really like your blurbs so I'm gonna request a Luke blurb (just for you) where he teases you all the time but you took them personally and when he teases you again you start crying and he gets all fluffy and stuff and wowowowowow

Okay last one for tonight just because…and Shianne you are literally killing me with these feels honestly. I love you though, anyway to the blurb

So Luke usually isn’t much of a tease but when he is it comes with extremes. Like being a sarcastic kind of way, like usually it seems like insults but it never usually is. So Luke would be teasing you like, pulling out a picture of a garbage and being like “Oh found a cute pic of you.”And you would roll your eyes and find a picture of a hoe and just respond like ,“Nice selfie.”You both would laugh and giggle and then finally he would turn to you and be like “Remember that time that you thought you were pretty and asked me? Yeah, I had remember Aleisha to remember what pretty actually was.”And even if that was sarcasm you were extremely upset by that. Because not only did he mention his exgirlfriend that you already told yourself was much prettier than you, but he even said it. Sarcastic or not. You sighed turning away from him to go to the bedroom that you shared. You couldn’t help but feel your heart clench when repeating those words in your head. Luke would be generally concerned and you would brush him away saying that you’re tired. Although Luke knows what the means. She’s upset you and he should fix this quick. So after a few minutes he waits for you settle down a bit, and he enters the room. You’re wrapped up like a burrito and he simply says in a low, raspy voice, filled with concern, “What’s wrong love?”And you just pushed his face away from you because you don’t want to talk while hot,salty tears are running down your cheeks. Luke would just whine and call you babe before forcing you to lay on your back. Although your arm is still covering your eyes and you’re breathing is off.  Immediately Luke attempts to pry your arm from you eyes and you just whine turning over again. He wants to apologize and he wants you to know that he means it. “Fine, if you’re gonna be difficult.”And Luke would be the silly boyfriend that he is and completely jump his giraffe body on top of you and then completely engulf you in his arms. “Luke stop! Luke seriously…omfg Lucas Robert Hemmings I swear.”You would whine, though you had a little smile on your face, as he rocked you back and just flat out hugged you. “Love. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you cry.”You’re silent for a moment and then slowly you feel his hot breath through the blanket as he just misses the side of your lip. “Did I get you?” “Close…gosh Hemmings…please don’t do that again.”You warn poking your head out from the covers. With a smile on his face he nods, kissing your forehead. “I promise Princess."