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This is an image of a canon Scout, really, that’s… that’s real.

This is the last concept art before his model was created.

This image shows the Scout model has at least the width of Soldier’s for the shoulders. Soldier, the one who holds a firing rocket launcher without issue every single day taking the kickback in order to fly, and is generally shown as big rough and tough. He does have a smaller waistline, but that’s not actually condemning in and of itself, so much as Soldier seems to have a bit of padding ‘round the middle if you get what I mean.

“But he’s got such skinny arms!”

Motherfucker have you even looked at the art style. EVERYONE HAS SKINNY UPPER ARMS unless they’re portrayed as heavier in weight. See the green? That’s how much skinnier than Demo each arms are. BUT LOOK. SOLDIER’S SCRAWNY. I mean shit, his jacket falls in such a way as to show his upper arms are TEENY. Holy crap. I did not even notice until I did this. Wow. Scout’s arms just look tiny because he’s got his shirt sleeves rolled up and so there’s a sudden visual drop off. That’s it. That’s the explanation. Don’t even look at Spy, his fucking thigh gap alone… Oh, and as a reminder, all three of the aforementioned classes have been shown to have extra weight. That’s muscle AND whatever’s gathered on their arms to match their little pudge bellies. Scout’s not overly skinny, he’s just athletic fit. Those arms aren’t that twiggy despite what people think. That lady commenting on his broken arms in the comic? I’m pretty sure going off this, she’s just an unreliable narrator. He may not be some buff daddy, but wiry and/or athletic =/= weak child-like kid.

These gifs show him not only beating the shit out of a Heavy in the Meet The Scout video, but in the first gif the Heavy gets a hold on the bat, pulls it away from his neck, and Scout yanks it back with a combo of his strength and his weight. He cannot weigh as much as Sasha okay, Sasha is 331 pounds, rounding up. Scout does not weigh 300 pounds. He does however completely overpower someone who regularly lifts that much, with a single yank. That’s, what, over 300 pounds of force, and they’re both yanking in a direction that does not benefit them. Can you imagine how hard he hits with the bat? OH YEAH THE SECOND IMAGE SHOWS US THIS. APPARENTLY SO HARD THAT MISHA BENDS IN HALF BACKWARDS. What, he’s gotta be like 270? 300? Just in terms of weight let alone his muscles? And Scout flipped him backwards from a tense stomach hug position that actually meant he was resisting. Plz m8 that’s some fuckin’ force.

Not to mention in the second he jumps up a typical freighting box like 'hey just wandering up the steps here.' The most common boxcars are 10’-10" to 11’ high. That’s 11’. He just jumped 11’ feet in the air from what is barely a running start. That is give or take 5 inches a 126 Inch leap. To accomplish that you have to leave the ground at a speed of 7.92 m/s vertically no matter how much you weigh. He needed a force of 19,585 Newtons against the ground based on about a weight of 163 pounds to reach that speed assuming he bent his knees at an angle of 60 degrees, which it appears he does. Salt water crocs slam their jaws shut with 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi), or 16,460 newtons, of bite force. A 2008 computer model estimated that a 21-foot (6.5-meter) great white shark would produce nearly 4,000 psi (17,790 newtons) of bite force. A Scout kicks off casually at strengths rivaling the bite of a Great White.

Can we skip the commentary that Scout’s are weak and scrawny yet? Can we? CAN WE FUCKING MOVE ON NOW?

X-Men 101: Cyclops

Scott “Slim” Summers isn’t just a mutant, X-Man, or leader of X-Men. He is the X-Men. Cyclops is fundamentally important to the legacy and ideology of mutantkind – more so than Professor X or his ideological counterpart Magneto. His name is as controversial in the modern Marvel universe as it likely is at your local comic shop. Today we’ll discuss the personal history of Scott Summers, (most of) what he has done since his 1963 introduction, and why he is now so polarizing.

Scott Summers grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. His father, a US Air Force Major, would take the family on flights in their plane. On one fateful flight the plane was attacked by a Shi’ar Spaceship. With the plane in flames, Scott’s parents attached the only parachute to him and told him to hold onto his brother, Alex. The plane went down after the boys jumped and Scott suffered an injury to his brain upon landing, damaging the part that would have enabled him to control his optic blasts. Both Summers boys suffered traumatic amnesia as a result of the experience.

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A victorian geneticist and supervillain known as Mister Sinister took and interest in the Summers boys. You’ll notice that Sinister comes up a lot. He became fascinated with the Summer’s genetic line and believed that Scott was capable of producing “pure mutant” children. Sinister believed that Scott had more potential than his brother and separated the two boys, rendering Scott more vulnerable to emotional manipulation.  

Scott had been placed in the State Home for Foundlings in Nebraska, and was subjected to a battery of tests and experiments by the orphanage owner – Mister Sinister in disguise. As a teenager, Scott began to suffer from severe headaches and was sent to a specialist (who was, again, Mister Sinister in disguise). Sinister would go on to provide Scott with lenses made of ruby quartz to neutralize his optic blasts.  

Scott’s mutant power does, however, erupted from his eyes later on with a blast of uncontrollable concussive force. The blast demolished a crane, causing it to drop its payload toward a terrified crowd. Scott saved everyone by blasting the payload again, but the frightened crowd rallied into an angry mob against him. Scott fled by jumping onto a freight train and was found by Charles Xavier. When asked to join the X-Men Scott accepted and became the first official member.

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The initial team was lead by Cyclops and featured Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Beast (Hank McCoy), Iceman (Bobby Drake), and Angel (Warren Worthington III). Professor X provided Scott with a visor made of ruby quartz to better control his blasts in the field. He was a skilled tactician and field leader, but he stood out from the rest of the team in that he had basically no social skills.

Cyclops was friendly towards the guys on the team, but had fallen head over heels for Jean Grey. While Warren was using his good looks and wealth to put the moves on Jean, he would remove himself from the situation and brood. Jean wasn’t into Angel’s posturing though; something about Scott’s demeanor and soft strength drove her wild. The pair eventually declare their love – a love that would ultimately shape many of the events to come.

Speaking of X-Men events, Scott has been at the center of pretty much all of them. Over 50 years of intersecting stories and comic events, actually. So instead of going in-depth on everything that happens to Scott, let’s hit all the early high notes:

  • Scott saves his brother Alex (Havok), and there is bad blood between them
  • Cyclops trains a new group of X-Men to rescue the original group from Krakoa
  • The original team retires, with the exception of Scott who remains the leader
  • On the new team’s first mission a mutant dies and it haunts Scott
  • Coming back from space, Jean Grey pilots a shuttle with the X-Men through radiation
  • Jean bonds with a cosmic being known as “The Phoenix Force” to survive
  • Going by “The Phoenix,” Jean’s love affair with Scott grows more passionate
  • Scott meets the father he presumed dead – Corsair, of the Starjammers
  • The Phoenix becomes the Dark Phoenix and consumes a star, killing billions
  • Jean wrestles control back from The Phoenix and dies to protect the universe

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Believing the love of his life to be dead, Scott leaves the X-Men for a while. At a family reunion of the Summers’ clan, Scott met Madelyne Pryor – a pilot for his grandparents who was identical in appears to Jean Grey. He was unaware that Madelyne was actually a clone of Jean created by none other than Mister Sinister. Madelyne was programmed to fall in love with Scott to produce the most powerful mutant of all time (for Sinister’s use).

Madelyne and Scott soon wed and she became pregnant. Scott’s future son would be named “Nathan” due to a suggestion implanted in Madelyne by Mister Sinister, although you may better know him as the badass man out of time “Cable.”

Madelyne and Scott’s relationship turned rocky after the birth of their son, as Scott would often leave in the middle of the night to go on X-Men missions. When Jean Grey had been discovered alive at the bottom of Jamaica Bay by The Avengers, Scott was hit hard. He didn’t know how to handle her return in light of his crumbling marriage and connection with the imposter Phoenix who took her place years earlier. Scott, tragically, left Madelyne and baby Nathan.

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Jean founded X-Factor to find and protect new mutants and return the team to Charles’ original vision, Madelyne Pryor was put into a coma by a Marauder attack, Baby Nathan was kidnapped by Sinister, and Jean absorbed the memories of both the imposter Phoenix and Madelyne. Comic books, amirite?

Skipping much further ahead (Cyclops is at the centre of almost every mutant event), Scott goes through a shift towards militarism after the actual death of Jean Grey and becomes involved with former villain Emma Frost. Actually, they had a psychic affair before Jean passed (gasp!).

Scott would later reform X-Force as an assassination squad, have a falling-out with Wolverine, and wage war with The Avengers over the return of the Phoenix Force. During the Avengers vs X-Men Marvel mega-event, Scott is possessed by this cosmic force along with five other mutants (known as the Phoenix Five). After a number of battles, Scott absorbs all of the power possessed by his teammates and goes mad. Professor X tried to talk Scott down from this power frenzy and (in a pretty damning panel) is killed by Cyclops.

Scott was imprisoned for his deeds, but had no regrets over his actions as the return of the Phoenix Force meant new mutants throughout the world for the first time since House of M (in which Scarlet Witch famously decimated the mutant population). Not long after, Magneto would free Scott from prison and Cyclops would become a mutant revolutionary.

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Not agreeing with Scott’s actions, Beast brought the original X-Men forward in time so that they could remind Cyclops of Charles’ vision of peaceful co-existence. The team failed to sway Scott back to the path of peaceful co-existence. This speaks volumes to how numerous events, deaths, and time itself had hardened Scott. He was no longer fighting for was was right so much as he was fighting for mutant kind itself – at all costs.

Scott’s story comes to a close in Death of X. I won’t spoil what happens to him or what the fallout was because (honestly?) I like the concepts too much to spoil them.

Why is Cyclops the quintessential X-Man? Is he even a hero? Though Scott is hated now more than ever, he remains the most important mutant of the Marvel universe. Without him the entire mutant species might have become extinct or worse – used as weapons for the highest bidders. He abandoned his wife and child, had an affair with another woman, and is arguably the reason why the Inhumans went to war with the X-Men. Still, I can’t say he was ever a real villain. Just a man who has had too many loses and was too focused on his life’s work to see the forest through the trees.

As you might imagine, seeing what Adult Cyclops became was traumatic for the time-displaced Cyclops. The bright sliver of hope for Scott Summers is how his life of trauma and manipulation can serve as guidance for Young Cyclops to not make the same mistakes.

Two:Project Shining Diamond

// what was originally supposed to be a scenario turned into this instead? inspired and based off this video HERE. all credits for the video go to @hoon-seok

// warnings: blood, fighting, cursing?? (like once i think), mentions of alcohol, mentions of drugs, bdsm JK THEY JUST TYING EACH OTHER UP LMAO

// sneak peek: “Dunno. Y/N gave it to me with specific instructions to hand it off to you and not to look at it. So I didn’t.” Seungcheol dazedly nodded, still staring at the USB. “And don’t you dare ever pull one of those little tricks on my gang again. If you do… I’ll kill you. And there won’t be a cat eyed boy with a couple of explosive toys to save you next time.” S.Coups looked up at Rap Monster with a hard glare, his jaw set. And he turned around, and left.

// poly!seventeen x reader

// word count: 4809


  The night air was hot and suffocating as it almost flared in through the open window of the black van, and Seungcheol huffed as he ran his hand through his hair - he could already feel it sticking to his forehead with sweat.

  Out of all the places Bangtan Boys could’ve used as a hideout, it had to be out in the middle of nowhere with desert for miles as far as Seungcheol could see. He adjusted his sunglasses before turning to look over at Mingyu who sat next to him. The boy was stoic as usual, and Seungcheol sighed. Really, it hadn’t been his wound that had changed him - as a leader, S.Coups knew that. It was the disappearance of Y/N, and her sudden loss in their lives.

  “How are we doing on time?” Seungcheol spoke up. Junhui, who was driving, looked over at Minghao who sat in the passenger’s seat. The younger Chinese boy picked up his phone and texted four words to Hoshi - he was with the other six members in the second black van.

  What time is it?

  He received a reply immediately - 10:10 - and Minghao raised his head from his phone, stuffing it back in his pocket as he answered without a second’s beat.

  “Ten minutes ahead of our original scheduled time. The rest are two miles behind us, and we’ll be there in eight minutes.” Seungcheol bit his lower lip, turned to look back out the window as the hot wind beat down on his face.

  There was no denying the fast pounding of his heart. He was excited - Seungcheol always loved to fight with Bangtan Boys, and, after the initial span of time he hadn’t fought for a while, it was pretty obvious he was looking forward to this one. But he was also scared. Scared of what he might find, scared of the conditions Y/N might be in, scared of what she thought of him. He licked his lips and tasted blood. S.Coups shook his head with a quiet chuckle - he’d actually drawn blood from his very own lips.

  With an inhale of breath that burned his lungs with the hot desert air, Seungcheol slouched in his seat. Eight minutes turned out to be longer than he had originally expected.

  Soon, the smooth pavement of the road turns gravelly and uneven, and Seungcheol is shaken awake from his half asleep stupor to make out a blue freight car in the distance slowly growing in the dim yellow of the van’s headlights.

  “Is this it?” S.Coups asks, leaning forward in his seat, and he pulls off his sunglasses. Jeonghan nods from where he sits next to Mingyu - he’s been gossiping and bickering with Joshua, but they seem to have forgotten each other in the anxiousness of seeing Y/N again.

  “This should be it.” Jeonghan assures. “It’s the place JinJin directed us to, after all.” Joshua smirks, and he can’t help but chuckle as he fixes the sleeves to his jacket.

  “Even if he was lying to us, I’m sure there’s a better way I could get the information out of him again even faster.” The atmosphere in the van cools at that, and Minghao swallows before speaking up.

  “Hoshi says it’s 10:00. They’re right behind us, and Woozi’s positive this is Bangtan Boys’ hideout.” Jun pulls up near the blue freight car, and he puffs a breath from his lips as he turns the car off. His hands fall to his lap, and it’s pitch dark as Seungcheol hears the second van pull up behind them.

  There’s a long silence. They must all be thinking the same thing with that same frightening desire to see Y/N again in the pit of their stomachs. Nobody says anything. They all just turn to look at the blue freight car, somehow being able to distinguish it even in the pitch blackness of the night. It’s Jun who breaks the silence.

  “She’s in there.” It’s quiet again, and Minghao sighs before responding.

  “Let’s hope that’s true.” Then, he opens the door to the passenger’s seat, and climbs out of the van without a second word. The air is hot and stuffy, and Minghao almost feels suffocated by it. He pulls at his tie, trying desperately to loosen the collar of his shirt. A second door shutting is what catches his attention, and Minghao turns for a split second to catch Jun walking over to stand next to him. Together, they both stare at the freight car. A dull noise is pouring from it, and Minghao knows Bangtan Boys are the party type while he distinguishes the word FIRE amongst the upbeat music.

  “S.Coups wants us to go ahead and invade the freight car.” Jun informs him. Minghao bites his lower lip as he stuffs his hands deep into his pockets. “The only others staying behind will be Mingyu, Jeonghan, and Joshua.” Jun turns to the second van, and brings out his hands to shape out their signature form - a number one with his right pinky, and a seven with left thumb and index finger. After a brief half second, the others start to spill out of the second van. Jun turns to Minghao with a half smirk. “Are we ready?” Minghao breathes out a half hearted laugh, and he glances at the ground before looking back up to the freight train.

  “Honestly… I don’t think we’ve ever been.” He smiles at Junhui. “Let’s save Y/N.” He turns to Vernon, gestures at the back of the first black van. “Get the ropes out of the trunk.”

  Music immediately pours out of the freight car when Jun slides open the door, and a smell that’s vaguely a mix between alcohol, weed, and cheap cologne hits Dino like a memory almost as sweet as his mother’s pastries. He smirks, and hops up to land on the platform of the freight car loudly. With a loud whistle from Woozi whom Dino knows is close behind him, the music stops, and Minghao smiles with a sense of adrenaline.

  “Who the fuck -” The voice belongs to Rap Monster - Jun knows it from the millions of times he’s fought with it. But the leader doesn’t get to finish, because the noise of Vernon’s gun shooting and the sharp metallic ting of bullets piercing the roof of the freight car cuts it short.

  “Say the name!” Junhui shouts with such a large grin, you can see his canine teeth, and it’s almost like watching a wolf about to feast on his favorite prey.

  “Seventeen!” The others shout, and then it’s utterly chaotic as the nine boys jump into the freight car, and absolutely trash the place.

  Vernon and Wonwoo subconsciously partner up together, and they’re stalking through the freight car like they downright own it. But nothing seems to take their interest - not the members of Bangtan Boys still in remote shock, not the expensive liquor that looks too divine, not even the heap of cash lying on a circular table, forgotten mid count.

  It’s a sudden sharp pain in Hansol’s cheekbone that stops the both of them abruptly, and he winces as he grabs at his face. Vernon pulls away his fingers to see blood there, and he hisses before looking up for the attacker, and there he is - Jeon Jungkook.

  He’s the youngest in the gang, and, in a way, Vernon kinda feels for the guy, because he knows what it’s like to be one of the younger ones. But it doesn’t ease the anger that’s rising in his stomach, and he snarls almost like an animal. Jungkook settles back into a fighting position with his blade gripped tight in his hand, but, in reality, it’s not a blade. It’s a shard of glass that’s cutting his hand and has blood stains all over it.

  Wonwoo hums with a raised eyebrow as he finds a broken vase behind him. It looks ancient - expensive - and yet, there it is, in a pile on the floor in pieces. One of those pieces in Jungkook’s hand with an aggressiveness that makes his eyebrows furrow. Wonwoo almost grows the littlest bit of respect for him, but then remembers their reason for being here in the first place. The mental image of Y/N in his mind’s eye fuels him to pull the rope out of his back pocket.

  Wonwoo wraps each end around his hands, pulls the rope taut and tight as he steps closer with Vernon right next to him.

  “You really shouldn’t have done that.” Wonwoo chastises, and he smirks. “You see… I’m pretty protective over the people I like. And what you just did to Vernon… I won’t condone it.” Jungkook snarls, and he hops forward on his feet whilst wielding his shard of glass.

  “You’re the ones who shouldn’t be here in the first place.” Jungkook banters back. “Tell me, what have we done now that’s got Seventeen’s peeking eyes all over us this time?” Vernon presses his lips tightly together.

  “I think you know.” And with that, he pushes at Jungkook’s sternum with the heel of his hand, knocks the blade out of his fist to clatter to the floor. Wonwoo uses the distraction to his advantage, and he ties up Jungkook’s wrists with the rope in only a few seconds. But the young boy is strong, and he’s kicking out with his feet, and almost nails Vernon right in the kneecap with a force that would’ve been too painful.

  Wonwoo quickly pushes the rest of the rope at Hansol, and pushes Jungkook down so harshly, the breath is knocked out of his lungs. As Jungkook tries to recover from the initial pain of hitting the metal floor so hard, Wonwoo climbs on top of him as he straddles his waist. He holds his tied wrists with one hand, takes a grip of Jungkook’s throat with the other.

  “Hurry up!” Wonwoo orders, and Vernon swiftly ties his ankles together with little trouble. Once Jungkook’s recovered, he lazily smirks, taking slow breaths to control the tightness of Wonwoo’s hand against his throat.

  “I bet you’ve done this before, haven’t you, big guy?” Jungkook murmurs quietly with a wink, and Wonwoo presses his lips tightly together.

  “Vernon?” He asks. Hansol pulls his gun out of the waistband of his pants, and points it at the youngest member of Bangtan Boys.

  “Already on it.” But Taehyung was reckless, and he often acted before actually thinking. So when he lunged forward from his hiding spot behind the couch to help his friend, it only took a warning shout from Vernon to alert Wonwoo of it before he elbowed out to stop V by the shoulder.

  V fell onto his back, but he held his gun up nevertheless, steady with his finger on the trigger like he’d never been knocked down in the first place.

  “I don’t think so,” The sudden murmur proved to come from Jun as he rounded a corner with rope in his arms. He licked his upper lip before harshly kicking the gun out of Taehyung’s hand, and Wonwoo smirked. “Let’s quit treating this like a play date, yeah?” Leaning down, Junhui grabbed V by his collar before roughly pulling him up to stand.

  “Maybe it wouldn’t be so much of a play date if we didn’t have to deal with a bunch of children like you.” V spit back, grinding his teeth after Jun had slammed him against the wall. The Chinese boy scoffed with a small smirk, nodding over his shoulder.

  “If that’s right, then why does my boy have one of your friends over there?” V looked over Jun’s shoulder where a brunette boy was kneeling on the floor in front of J-Hope who was tied up and bloody. It was Junhui’s chuckling that brought V back to his current situation. “Now, this is what’s going to happen. You’re gonna sit still like a good boy while we do our thing. Any disruptions from you, and I’ll make sure you don’t talk again. Got it?”

  V only bit his lower lip with a grunt. He rolled his eyes as Jun used the rope to bond his wrists and ankles together. When he was finished, he turned over to Minghao who was still kneeling in front of J-Hope.

  “You got him?” Junhui called out. THE8 looked up for a brief second before flashing a smile in confirmation. He went back to facing Hoseok, and Minghao tried his best to look comforting at the very least.

  “Let’s try this again,” He murmured, rubbing his thumb along J-Hope’s lip to rid it of any more blood he himself had caused. “Where’s Y/N?” Hoseok was breathing heavily as he spit out even more goopy blood, his lips burning with the cut caused by Minghao’s harsh hit.

  “I already told you - it’s not my place to spill. You wanna know what’s going on? Talk to the boss about it.” Minghao clenched his jaw, and with one last push of energy, brought his fist to J-Hope’s jaw in a strong punch. Not bothering to wipe the blood that had spilled out of his lips this time, Minghao rose to his feet, sighing as he spotted Hoshi and Seungkwan working together across the room. He smirked. Because there, his two friends were mercilessly tying up another member of Bangtan Boys - Jin.

  “Keep it quick,” Minghao shouted across to the two boys. “S.Coups wants this done fast. We can’t afford to waste anymore time.” Hoshi turned around to grin at him, and only nodded in response.

  “We’ve got this covered, THE8.” He assured. “Start doing a sweep of the place.” He watched Minghao walk off to meet Jun before they started to cautiously inspect the freight car, making sure there weren’t any traps or weapons that could potentially hurt their group.

  “You think you’re finally going to calm down, Kim Seokjin?” Seungkwan spit at the boy who sat at their feet, wrists tied behind his back. Soonyoung turned his attention back to the two as the Bangtan Boys member snarled, spitting at their feet.

  “It’s Jin,” His tone of voice was sharp, and there was no denying the purple bruise left on his plump lips would soon be bleeding if he wasn’t more polite. “The only people who have real authority to call me Seokjin are those whom I find worth it. And the children of Seventeen will never find their way onto that list.” Soonyoung scoffed, chuckling as he rolled his eyes.

  “Trust me, pretty boy, we didn’t want to be part of that list anyway.” He paused, swiping his tongue over his lower lip. “Now, how many of you are left that we haven’t captured yet?”

  “You think I’m spilling?” Jin muttered. “You’ll be lucky if you catch Suga. He’s not as sweet as he might look.” Seungkwan couldn’t help but roll his eyes, already tired of the situation as he pushed up his sleeve. Without warning, he brought his fist down onto Jin’s chin, snagging his lip with his ring, blood already beading there on the delicate skin.

  “Quit talking,” Seungkwan murmured, cleaning his knuckles of any bloody residue with a handkerchief he fished out of his jacket. “I’m tired of hearing your voice.” A loud ruckus caught his attention, and Seungkwan turned around to see Jihoon push Suga forcefully against a wall so harshly that a nearby six pack of expensive liquor fell off the table and to the floor with a crash. The corner of Seungkwan’s lips turned up in a smirk, and he quietly chuckled.

  “Well,” Soonyoung began, amused. “Looks like you’ve overestimated your sweet boy.” He felt his phone buzz in his pocket, and pulled it out to see a text message from S.Coups - one that wasn’t too promising. Hoshi frowned, pushing the cellphone back into his pocket as he shouted across to Jihoon. “We don’t have much more time!” He warned. “S.Coups wants this done in ten minutes. Finish it up, Woozi!” The younger boy snarled in response, rolling his eyes as he dodged yet another lunge from Suga’s knife.

  “Don’t worry,” He shouted back, not bothering to look behind him at Hoshi. “I’ll end this fast.” Suga tauntingly laughed, holding out his dagger as he swiftly blocked one of Woozi’s attacks.

  “What makes you so sure about that?” He murmured, voice deep and eyes crinkling in all the right ways to make him look even more psychopathic. “Besides… this whole ordeal is a little unfair, don’t you think? After all… haven’t you learned your manners? What ever happened to respecting your elders?” Jihoon narrowed his eyes, suddenly lunging forward and pinning Suga to the wall. His knife fell from his hands and clattered to the floor, and it only made the intensity of Jihoon’s sudden anger all the more worse.

  “I don’t think I’ll ever show respect to you, Min Yoongi. Especially not after you’ve stolen someone Seventeen as a whole have sworn to protect forever.” A mildly confused expression fell over Suga’s face, but he didn’t have much time to ask Woozi to explain before he was kneed in the stomach, and tied swiftly together to prevent any more movement.

  “Let’s just get this over with.” Woozi sighed, running his hand through his hair. “How many of you are left?” But Suga didn’t have to respond before Woozi looked over and saw Dokyeom standing over Jimin, already cleaning his bloody hands with an old rag he’d found lying around. Jimin was tied up and beaten as he sat against the wall, and Woozi smirked. “Are we done here?” He called over to Seokmin. DK laughed as he looked back at him.

  “I’d say we are.” He murmured in response, letting the rag fall to Jimin’s feet. “It’s your call, Vernon.” Hansol looked up with a small smirk from across the room, and gripped his gun just a little bit tighter.

  “Macs are,” He shouted loudly, his voice echoing off the walls of the blue freight car. Immediately, the rest of the Seventeen members pulled guns out from their jackets, pointing them at the members of Bangtan Boys.

  “Fully loaded!” They shouted in unison. Junhui looked over at Dino who’d trapped Rap Monster long ago, his wooden baseball bat pressed tightly against his throat to the point of almost choking him with a sharp knife pressed threateningly against the base of his spine.

  “This is the stupidest thing ever.” Rap Monster muttered under his breath, teeth grinding in his angry frustration. Dino chuckled, smirking as he pressed the knife into his back a little more forcefully in warning.

  “I thought we’d already set down the rule about no talking?” He murmured. “Let’s keep it that way, Namjoon. I wouldn’t want to cause any… problems.” He paused, smirking at the sound of Rap Monster sharply inhaling at the feeling of the baseball bat against his throat pressing tighter and cutting his breathing. “Now, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to let you go, but you’re staying right here. And while I’m making a phone call to our leader, you’re going to wait patiently until he comes in. Deal?” He took the silence Rap Monster had offered as an agreement, and slowly lowered his weapons as he backed off.

  Jun, who had been standing nearby after having finished stripped the place of any weapons with Minghao, brought his phone out from his pocket and tossed it at Chan, who’d caught it without hesitation. He opened up a new text message, typing something in before sending it off to S.Coups, the words NO F.U.N. printed digitally on the screen before he’d tossed it back to Junhui.

  Only a couple seconds had passed before the sound of loud stomping and feet against the metal floor of the freight car echoed against the walls. Soon followed Joshua’s unmistakable laughter, and then the rest of Seventeen were standing right there before them - S.Coups in the middle like a true leader with Jeonghan and Joshua at his sides, Mingyu lurking behind them with an intimidating glare.

  Almost immediately, Rap Monster pulled out a gun from the waistband of his jeans, and brought it up as he pointed it directly at S.Coups, his finger dangerously twitching to pull the trigger. Jisoo took the opportunity to jump in right away, and he quietly laughed to himself.

  “A pistol?” He murmured, amused. “Tell me it’s full of water, and I’ll excuse your behavior on the behalf that you’re six again. Besides… I’m much more a fan of explosions, aren’t you?” Joshua reached into the pocket of his jacket, pulling out two grenades that looked old, but still very much effective. There was a psychotic smile on his face that only told Namjoon Joshua wasn’t afraid to kill everyone and himself in the freight car at that very moment. He gulped.

  “Call it off, Rap Monster.” S.Coups spoke up, stepping forward as he brought his hand out of his pocket. “Give up your gun.” He muttered, hand held out and waiting. Rapmon licked his lips, staring at the grenades first in Joshua’s hands, and then over at Dino whose jaw had set in his angry state with a tight and menacing grip on his baseball bat. He cleared his throat, and shamefully handed the gun over to S.Coups.

  “Good,” Seungcheol murmured, a small smile toying at the edge of his lips. And then, with sudden fierce that had clearly surprised everyone in the freight car, S.Coups reached for Rap Monster’s collar of his shirt, and pulled him closer so they were face to face, the barrel of his gun pressed against his neck. The silver was cool and made Rapmon gulp as he gritted his teeth, eyes set angrily on S.Coups.

  “I want answers, Namjoon.” Seungcheol calmly spoke. “We know Bangtan Boys took Y/N, and we wanna know where she is. You’re gonna tell us where she is right now, or I’ll kill you. What sounds more promising, Rap Monster? Giving up the girl… or having your blood and trace all over this freight car?” Rapmon bit his lower lip, keeping calm throughout the scene. He could feel his member’s eyes on him, awaiting the next moves to come out of this dramatic problem.

  “Your little pet, Y/N?” He taunted. “She’s gone, S.Coups. Said sayonara with the wind. She played you. All thirteen of you. And now she’s doing the same with another seven.” There was a long silence, Seungcheol opening his mouth as he tried to say something - anything - but nothing could come out.

  “What are you trying to say?” Jeonghan asked, poison laced in his every word as he stepped forward. Namjoon smirked, licking his lower lip as he chuckled.

  “What I’m trying to say is that… Y/N played all of you. All the time and energy she spent with you? It was all an act - the girl’s an actress. She stopped by to say hello for a day or two, and then moved on. Rumor has it she’s with GOT7, now, doing the same thing to them that she’s done to you.” He laughed, pausing. “Leaving them broken hearted, I guess.” S.Coups lowered the gun that had been so firmly planted against Rap Monster’s throat moments before, and he couldn’t help but stumble backward at the newly found information on the person he’d involuntarily grown to love most. Jeonghan moved forward to catch him before he could fall.

  “If this is all a big lie to -” Mingyu began, but he was cut off by Rap Monster’s loud laughter and sudden talking.

  “Are you kidding? You think I’m lying to you? She’s the big lie! It was Y/N all along!” There’s a long silence that’s dangerous and hot, and Rap Monster sighs before gently smiling. “Look, if you wanna check it out yourselves, you can. I happen to know where GOT7’s new location is at - some kind of deserted building they’ve taken to jumping off of. They’re calling it their, ‘Flight Log: Departure’ era. But if you want the location, I can get it for you. No hassle, man.” Seungcheol looked up, only nodding with an expression that was still too utterly forgotten. He cleared his throat, licking his lips.

  “Back to the vans.” He ordered loudly. The rest of the boys seemed to be confused until Jeonghan spoke up.

  “Didn’t you hear him?” He hissed. “S.Coups said to head back to the vans. Let’s go!” Quickly, the boys of Seventeen filed out of the freight car, following the leader’s orders. Seungcheol was the only one left when he’d decided to follow after his gang, but the sound of Rap Monster’s voice stopped him.

  “Before I forget,” He mused, digging into his pocket before pulling out a single silver USB. “She gave this to me. Wanted you to have it.” Rapmon tossed the tiny device at Seungcheol, and he caught it in both hands.

  “What’s on it?” He asked, staring at it for a long moment. Rap Monster shrugged, crossing his arms over his chest.

  “Dunno. Y/N gave it to me with specific instructions to hand it off to you and not to look at it. So I didn’t.” Seungcheol dazedly nodded, still staring at the USB. “And don’t you dare ever pull one of those little tricks on my gang again. If you do… I’ll kill you. And there won’t be a cat eyed boy with a couple of explosive toys to save you next time.” S.Coups looked up at Rap Monster with a hard glare, his jaw set. And he turned around, and left.

  Later that night, when Seventeen had finally arrived back at headquarters, each boy had respectively gone back to their own dorm, the gloom of not yet having Y/N with them settling in and changing the mood for the rest of the night.

  S.Coups had kept the USB the entire time, and he’d ran his fingers on the cool silver over and over again until he almost couldn’t feel it in his hands anymore. He hadn’t told any of the others about the USB - instead, he’d kept it a secret. Almost like a secret Y/N herself would’ve whispered in his ear and begged him not to tell anyone else. So he didn’t.

  But when the clock struck 4:09 in the morning, and S.Coups had stared at the slab of diamond and USB on his desk for more than a few hours, he’d given up. He’d given up, and held the USB tightly in his hand as he made his way to Woozi’s dorm.

  Thankfully, the younger boy was still up - it seemed he was always awake these days. All S.Coups had to do was hand over the USB with a gentle murmur of Y/N’s name for Woozi to immediately figure out what was on the device.

  It was encrypted with code - protected so that it was almost impossible to get through and see what was so important on the drive. But after a few minutes of messing around with different codes and words, Woozi had gotten through the security, and was utterly confused at what he’d found.

  Because all that was on the USB was a single audio file.

  Jihoon looked over at S.Coups with a wary raise of his eyebrows, but the leader looked more set than ever as he leaned forward in his seat.

  “Play it.” Woozi licked his lips, and cautiously clicked on the audio file as it loaded and then finally began to play. And he felt his heart utterly break at the sound coming from his laptop.

  It was Y/N’s voice. It was her voice. But it was broken, and cracked, and sounded much like she’d been crying for far too long. From the moment her sobbing voice had croaked, “This commences Project Shining Diamond,” S.Coups and Woozi were hooked, closing their eyes and holding their breaths almost as if it would help them hear her voice even more clearly.

  She read a poem. A poem that S.Coups would soon find he’d never forget - one that would play again in his head the same exact way she’d read it at the time.

“A tale of boys that began as thirteen
Will undoubtedly fall when the other one comes
A tale of boys and a girl as fourteen
A prophecy in death and pain it sums

“In the month of October blood will be spilled
A revolution so carefully planned will burn
All but one will not be killed
A battle of love he will refuse to learn

“A tale of lovers who were once fourteen
Will crumble apart when only one is seen”

useless mccree headcanons I think about too much:

· Jesse used to play the violin. He loved his fiddle, but lost it after Deadlock
· When he first joined Overwatch, people like Angela weren’t very open to the idea of having a criminal walk around base. He wanted to prove that he could be a good guy out of spite, just to prove them wrong
· He later discovered that Angela ALSO played violin, and had one in storage. One night he took it to try and see if he could still play it. She caught him, and he was really guilty, but it was a humbling moment for her because it just. reminded her that he’s still a person, you know, he still had his interests and he’s not as malicious as everyone paints him
· She then taught him to play better, and they spent a lot of time practicing together
· Ever since he lost his left hand, he’s been upset because now he won’t be able to play. He hasn’t attempted to play since, because he’s worried the robot fingers will damage the strings
· Jesse knows American Sign Language. Gabe taught him it, and sometimes in normal conversation, Jesse will accidentally toss a few signs in while talking bc he’s the kinda guy that moves his hands a lot when he talks
· If u look close enough, you’ll find that he’s got a bunch of holes on his ears from where a shit ton of edgy piercings used to be when he was with Deadlock
· Might’ve had a tongue piercing at some point too
· He was a scrawny kid, grew up skinny and had a late growth spurt
· Used to have long hair while in Deadlock. When he joined Overwatch and got into trouble, Gabe would sometimes yell at him and threaten to cut his hair (as a bluff, he never meant it) but one day Jesse turned around and cut his ponytail right in front of Reyes and said “where’s your leverage now?”
· Jesse actually never liked the long hair in the first place. He meant to get a haircut
· Gabriel had nightmares about that for days afterwards. He thought the long hair was nice.
· Jesse admired Reyes and Morrison hella. Jack never really warmed up to him tho, it still lowkey breaks Jesse’s heart to this day
· Jesse is extremely protective of his team and will gladly throw himself out on the line to save them
· He’s also extremely empathetic and emotional. Not as in sensitive, but moreover he listens to his emotions rather than logic. Hence, his entire agenda to dispense justice on his own terms, bc the law won’t help those who he feels really deserves it
· He’s really good at riding motorcycles and cars. He never got his license, he learned to drive on his own, and he’s a maniac on the road but has never been in an accident
· Yet.
· He’s also an adrenaline junkie. That time spent with Deadlock? They taught him to run loose and steal, jump on freight trains, chase ppl down in motorcycles, all that stuff got his heart pumping and made him feel alive. It was a good feeling.
· A part of the reason why he liked Blackwatch was because of the adrenaline
· And tbh he probably used that to cope. Had to ignore the shit he grew up in somehow
· He likes taffy

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This is a Wasteland (pt. 7)

I grab my backpack, slide on my shoes and rush out the front door.

I start walking down the street home.

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Exclusive: 'The Maze Runner' Will Get A New Prequel, 'The Fever Code'

“We hope you’ve caught your breath, because we’ve got big news for you: There’s going to be a new addition to the “Maze Runner” series. Author James Dashner revealed exclusively to MTV News that a second prequel novel, the fifth in the series overall, will be published in 2016.

Titled “The Fever Code,” the novel will explore the creation of the Maze, and how the Gladers all got there. After all, Thomas, Teresa and their fellow Glade-dwellers didn’t choose to jump into that freight elevator and forget their pasts. Or did they?

“From the very beginning, I’ve always wanted to write a prequel about Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Alby and all the Gladers that leads up to the very moment Thomas enters the Box,” Dashner said in a release that will hit wide later today. “There are so many things hinted at that will be fun to reveal in depth. For years, fans have made it abundantly and enthusiastically clear that they want the same thing, so now seems like the perfect time to give readers the story of how the Maze began.””

Exclusive: ‘The Maze Runner’ Will Get A New Prequel, ‘The Fever Code’

James Dashner will pen a prequel exploring the origins of the Gladers.

We hope you’ve caught your breath, because we’ve got big news for you: There’s going to be a new addition to the “Maze Runner” series. Author James Dashner revealed exclusively to MTV News that a second prequel novel, the fifth in the series overall, will be published in 2016.

Titled “The Fever Code,” the novel will explore the creation of the Maze, and how the Gladers all got there. After all, Thomas, Teresa and their fellow Glade-dwellers didn’t choose to jump into that freight elevator and forget their pasts. Or did they?

“From the very beginning, I’ve always wanted to write a prequel about Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Alby and all the Gladers that leads up to the very moment Thomas enters the Box,” Dashner said in a release that will hit wide later today. “There are so many things hinted at that will be fun to reveal in depth. For years, fans have made it abundantly and enthusiastically clear that they want the same thing, so now seems like the perfect time to give readers the story of how the Maze began.”

The “Maze Runner” series has sold more than 6.5 million copies worldwide and reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. “The Fever Code” will be published by Random House Children’s Books, as were the other novels in the series.

This news, of course, comes hot on the heels of the runaway box office success of the film adaptation of “The Maze Runner,” starring Dylan O’Brien. The second film in the franchise, “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials,” based on the second book in Dashner’s series, is set to be released on September 18, 2015.