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Wanna-One Park Woojin School AU! (Part 1)

This will be a short series, as a paragraph-styled AU instead of a bullet point one. Enjoy! (You + Park Woojin)

– Your POV –

“(Y/N)!! Come down for breakfast! Don’t tell me you want to be late on your first day back?” Your mom yelled from downstairs. 

It was the first day of the stress-filled junior year, but you were excited to go back to school. You called out, “coming, mom!!” and twirled downstairs in the red plaid skirt and white shirt uniform that seemed to fit you more than anyone else. 

You gulped down your cereal and grabbed your backpack with the cute keychains you had just bought. You were a strong proponent of look good, feel good, and you certainly felt fresh and ready for the first day. You waved goodbye to your mom, jumped on your bike, and started pedaling to school.

“(Y/N)!!! Oh my goshhh I missed you so much!!” your best friend Jihee (A/N: another apparently popular Korean girl name lol) exclaimed as you locked up your bike on the racks. You both screamed and jumped around, hugging one another tightly, as you were unable to meet over the summer due to conflicting vacation schedules. You both walked into the school, feeling fresh. Your steps barely faltered when the whistles and howls from the school boys met your ears. They were already prepared with flowers, attempting to score some girlfriends on the first day of school. You sighed – from the first day, it was already so hectic in the school. You completely ignored all of them, not even bothering to shoot them a smile or a polite nod. 

"Seriously, (Y/N),” Jihee asked as you continued down the hallways, “you can’t even give them a nod of recognition or anything? That’s too harsh,”

“I really would Jihee, but don’t you remember how that ended up working for me last year? They all thought I was into them just because I smiled, and I eventually had to be mean when rejecting them,” you explained.

Even though you had just moved to the school a year ago, you somehow found yourself at the top of the social ladder, thanks to your grades. Everyone found it interesting that the “new girl” had come and knocked Ha Minho (A/N: bear with me), the bratty and arrogant boy who had always ranked first, off his pedestal.

Ever since then, you found yourself the subject of unwanted attention, which you did appreciate at first, but ended up becoming a hassle. Jihee, the first person who befriended you when you first moved, was here before all of this happened, leaving her one of the only people you trusted at the school. But that was okay, you were still happy with having one very good friend over having many bad ones. 

You took a seat in your homeroom class next to Jihee, watching the rest of the students filter into the room. Multiple students happily greeted you, and you seriously nodded to all of them. This year you had no time for funny business from anyone, as junior year was full of important placement tests and preparing for college applications. 

There was one person, though, who was a stark contrast to everyone else who entered the room. You looked up in reaction to the scent of subtle but dark cologne/shower gel that smelled… good. He walked in, with a black hoodie covering most of his dyed red hair, hands in pockets. You heard some kids shudder and say “woah, scary…” in reaction. Fascinating how the human mind works, the one person who didn’t say anything to you was the one you noticed.

But your thoughts had barely any time to linger on the boy, because your homeroom teacher immediately walked in and started giving the morning announcements. The classes of the day passed by rather quickly, as you had tuned out your mathematics lecture, your best subject. Before you knew it, it was already lunch hour. You and Jihee both brought your lunch, and got ready to escape to the library to eat in peace.

“Jihee? Please come to the school office, I have some errands for you to run”, a teacher called out from the hallway. Jihee, on the student council board, motioned for you to go ahead and start eating in the library. You nodded in response, and picked up your bag and lunch to head over.

Once you had arrived, you greeted the librarian and struck up a quiet conversation about her book recommendations for the month. You had always loved reading, especially mysteries and true crime, always wanting to solve the problem before the main character did. You knew you would have minimal time to read for fun before the intensity of school began, so you wanted to grab some books before then, for what you called your “brain breaks”.

You jotted down some of the librarian’s favorite books, and quickly walked over to the mystery section in excited anticipation. The first book on the list was The Devil in the White City, a chilling historical crime novel about the horrifying murders that took place during Chicago’s 1893 world fair. 

"L… La…. La… Lar….” you mumbled to yourself as your fingers traced the rows of books, searching for “Erik Larson”, the author of the book. “Is it even here…” you muttered, unable to find the book. You stopped in place, taking multiple soft strands of your hair and brushing them between your lips, a habit you had whenever you were deep in thought. You scanned the section again, eyes widening in happiness when you finally found the book you were looking for.

It was on the highest shelf, and after jumping around a bit in attempt to reach it, you had decided to find a stool to stand on in order to reach the book when suddenly you felt something warm and hard touching your back. Your head whipped around in shock, to find none other than the black hoodie kid from class reaching above you to get the book. 

Your mouth dropped open, the hair that was held between your lips tumbling out. Time seemed to pass so slowly, as you looked up at his face, which was… way prettier than you expected. And that scent… it was so clear now, how had you not noticed it before?

The boy grabbed the book and began walking away, finally snapping you out of your shock. “Hey?!” you called out. The boy didn’t turn around, and kept walking as if nothing happened. You ran up to him, grabbing his clothed arm and tried your best not to scream in the library. “Why are you taking my book?!” you angrily whispered. 

Finally, the boy spoke for the first time. “Your book?” His voice was deep and raspy, and you caught sight of a snaggletooth amidst his pearly white teeth. Attractive, you thought, before mentally kicking yourself. Focus, (Y/N). The book. “Last I heard, this book belongs to the school, not you,” he curtly finished, walking away from you.

You stood there in shock. Who was this kid?

A/N: Ahhh I have no idea if this is good or not! Any feedback/comments on the length, story itself, etc. are greatly appreciated!! I hope you liked part 1 and are anticipating the next installment! 

I am also working on the other requests right now, so please be patient :) Thanks for the support, everyone!

fun ideas for things to do for fun that are free:

- Play “don’t let the balloon hit the floor” with multiple balloons while at the same time playing “the carpet is lava”

- play hide-and seek in a mall or large public place

- dress up in elaborate costumes to do normal things like go to walmart

- play hide-and-seek or something in walmart without getting kicked out

- get on youtube with friends and try to learn a new talent like juggling or dancing or something

- look at the ingredients in the house and google what you can bake with them

- go to a park you’ve never been to before and walk around like you’re an adventurer discovering everything (“I do say! This here looks like a leaf! What an interesting specimen!”)

- just go to a park in general. I mean, they got slides and swings and crap. Get all over that (but don’t be a jerk. kids are awesome. let them play first).

- dig up toys/games from when you were a kid. Try to play Nintendo 64 games on your hi-def TV. Feel yourself get cut by the sharp, pointy pixels. 

- make a super tacky music video to a song that you thought was super cool when you were in middle school

- draw with chalk, blow bubbles, jump rope, ride your bike around your neighborhood

in general, just stop pretending you’re too cool to do the fun stuff you did when you were 10. 10-year-olds don’t have money to spend on entertainment, and yet I notice that they have more fun than anybody. Have an awesome summer, everybody.

okay here’s another story, aka the robbed robber story that i still can’t believe to this day:

okay so my mom’s husband and i were driving past a parking lot, and this couple is getting into their car. this robber runs up to the woman and snatches her purse, then jumps on his bike and starts riding off. and i’m like. oh god, we need to help this lady. then, her and her boyfriend or whatever jump in the car (it’s like a pickup truck) and they follow the robber with the bike. when they catch up, the lady fucking sticks a broom stick or tree branch or something out the window and knocks the robber onto the cement. she gets out of the car and im thinking she’s just gonna get her purse, then her bf gets out and im like ready to call the cops if these people start fighting. but she grabs her purse and her bf fucking tAKES THE ROBBER’S BIKE AND PUTS IT IN THE BACK OF THE TRUCK. then they got in and left thE ROBBER LAYING ON THE FLOOR ?????

i don’t know what to think of this story ?? like dont rob people or youll get jabbed with a stick and ur bike will be stolen

spartanluna  asked:

So, I just got some super frustrating news. I've been working on getting my body fat % down to at or below 24%, and having taped myself, I thought I was at 27%, so I've been excited. I go in to my recruiter's office to get taped and now I'm 7.5% off my goal. I'm trying to maintain my moto, but damn this is frustrating. I do 2 miles on the treadmill after work every night, at an incline of 10-14 at 3-3.5mph, my diet is good, could be a little better I suppose. BLARG.

This is actually a common occurrence for people. if you feel like you are getting in a rut with your workouts switch up the cardio. 

Try biking, swimming, jump rope, elliptical,

You see the body is ONE ADAPTIVE MUHFUGGA so if you do the same thing over and over without increasing the intensity or length of exercises then that is just 

The Law of Diminishing Returns

Heres an Example not many know this but theres a misconception that training with high reps only works muscular endurance. 

Originally posted by lesmemoiresdoutreagreg

You see when training with high reps with an exercise you can very well put on strength and size but the problem is as you become stronger and doing more repetitions, the noticeable gains in muscle mass and strength go down. 

So while thinking the more reps you add, the stronger you get they are actually making the increases in strength and size smaller.  

So while reps in the range of 20- 40 where muscle failure is hit and you can do no more with good form, That can actually build an impressive amount of strength and muscle. 

But the higher above this you go the smaller the increases in strength and muscle mass. 

the level of profits or benefits gained is less than the amount of energy invested.

As you keep adding to the number of reps you can do, strength is less affected and endurance is more affected. until you are doing so many pushups that changes in strength are no longer measurable.  That happens somewhere around 130-150 reps, according to the various researches.

SO I could do say 1000 Squats but Honestly while it be great my muscular endurance if im looking for Strength and Size it probably be better just to add more weight and do less reps. 

But there are folks like Herschel Walker who does 1000s of Pushups and Situps everyday and get INSANE BENEFITS but he is an anamoly

But anyways to get back to what you were saying.

Stop doing the Same old Same Old and switch it up. It keeps your workouts more fun and also helps you keep getting results.

BUT REMEMBER IF YOU ARE NOT SLEEPING A MINIMUM OF 8-9 HOURS WHILE WORKING OUT AND EATING HEALTHY NUTRITIOUS FOODS FOR THE MAJORITY OF YOUR CALORIES then you are honestly wasting Time because only when they all work together do you get the best results

From the 3 Legged Stool of Fitness Patented Jaxblade ;)

So Don’t give up. Stay consistent and keep at it

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Thankyou guys so friggin much for all the positive feedback and support on my Jughead Serpent Au, you guys make me so happy to write these stories!

He was practically floating on air, the goofy smile that seemed a permanent fixture on his face today was driving his friends crazy, and that only spurred him on, what fun was a secret if you didn’t use it to mess with people?

“Come on man, what’s with the stupid face? You haven’t stopped grinning since you drove up this morning. I didn’t think you even knew how to smile?” Dean teased, elbowing Jughead in the side and impatiently waiting for an explanation.

“What? A guy can’t be happy around here. Maybe I really like what’s on the lunch menu today.” He shrugged lazily, pulling a long drag out of the cigarette hanging from his mouth, a few of the Serpents stood outside Southside high while Jughead leaned against his motorcycle, the extra wide smile still playing on his lips.

“You eat everything, you don’t care what’s on the menu” Keith rolled his eyes, shrugging his jacket off and taking in the late fall, early summer sun “this wouldn’t have anything to do with our very own ball of sunshine, little miss Betty Cooper, would it?” He smirked knowingly.

There were hushed laughs and immature “ooooohhhsss”

Jughead popped the collar of his jacket, rolling his eyes
“And if it is? I can’t help the fact that someone like her wants to be with me, she’s.. special” He smiled proudly.

A few of the boys began cracking up and some of them made obnoxious fake throw up noises.

“Yeah whatever, find a girl like mine and you’ll Change your mind real fast” he threw his hands at them, putting his cigarette out.

“You’re dad will be happy.” Keith said knowingly, his eyes sympathetic.

Dean looked worriedly at Jughead, for a boy his size, he was most definitely all bite no bark

“You ain’t just with her because of what your dad said right? About us getting in Riverdales head? Because Betty’s real nice and I don’t want to see her get hurt.” He said slowly, warning evident in his voice.

“You don’t have to worry about that, what me and Betty have is real. My dad has nothing to do with the way we feel about each other, if it gets him off my back for a while, so be it. But im not letting him anywhere near this relationship. I’m not letting anyone near this relationship.” He cast his eyes too a group of particular nasty Serpents in the corner who were eyeing Jughead with an unfamiliar look.

“Figured we’d stop by Pops again after school, as corny as that place is, the burgers are some of the best.” A lanky Serpent named Jacob said,a few of the other boys voicing there agreement.

“Sounds like a plan.” Jughead nodded Cooly, pulling his phone out and sending a text to his favorite girl

JUGHEAD: wanna grab a milkshake after school? On me ;)

He bobbed his knee anxiously waiting for the text, quickly opening his phone as it lit up.

BETTY: wouldn’t you much rather it be on me? ;)

He nearly choked on his own breath after reading the message, his eyes going wide, another message popped up and he eagerly opened it.

BETTY: I have no idea where that came from. What are you doing to me Jughead Jones? ;) a milkshake sounds amazing, bring your friends I’ll bring mine. Can’t wait to see you. Miss you.

He clutched the phone in his hand, his heart instantly feeling lighter, she had such a damn effect on him, it scared him sometimes, but the excitement overshadowed the fear and he found himself anticipating seeing her face.

The day went by quickly and before Jughead knew it he was pulling into Pop Tate’s Parking lot, the rumble of motorcycles following him as his gang parked their bikes, heading for the door in a rowdy bundle. Jughead stood beside Keith and Dean, his eyes scanning from the doorway, softening when he spotted Betty standing beside a booth on her tiptoes, looking around for Jughead, when she caught his eyes, she grinned leaning down and whispering something in Veronica’s ear, the dark haired girl turning towards him and rolled her eyes playfully.

The three boys made their way over and stood before the booth awkwardly, Archie moved over from his seat, and dean dropped beside him, shaking the entire table with his mass.

“Woah there big boy!” Veronica laughed, her hands coming out to steady herself as Archie clapped him on the shoulder
“We sure could use you on the football team!” He laughed as Dean grinned shyly.

Betty slid into the booth, Jughead sliding directly beside her, his arm instantly coming to rest on her shoulders. Betty looked up at him with light eyes
“Hi” she whispered.

Jughead brushed a strand of hair from her eyes and smiled “hi”

The conversation was light and fun, Archie and Jughead realizing how much they had in common and Keith and Veronica discussing fashion, a secret passion of Keith’s. Kevin had pretty much fallen in love and Dean was just happy to eat and listen to the stories, occasionally setting both the girls into fits of giggles at his barking laugh.

An hour later, the perfect bubble they had been in burst with a very audible pop.

“Elizabeth Cooper! What on earth do you think you’re doing?!” The shrill voice of a middle aged women, followed by a man who looked exceptionally like Betty rang through the tiny diner.

Betty stiffened in Jughead arms, her whole body shaking slightly as she stood almost robotically.

“Mom. Dad” she whispered, taking shaky steps out of the booth

“What are you doing here?! Don’t you know you have tutoring? And Latin class? And what’s this I hear about you ending Cheerleading practice early? What’s the matter with you?!” She screamed in her daughters face.

Betty shook her head
“It’s Friday, I was just..” she was cut off by the older man clutching her wrist

“Don’t talk to your mother like that, keep your mouth shut, let’s go.” He tugged Betty towards the door, the blonde losing her footing and tripping slightly, her eyes downcast as she winced.

Jughead was out of the booth in seconds flat, his eyes lethal as Archie followed closely behind, Jughead gripped Betty’s fathers hand that was wrapped around Betty’s wrist

“Let her go.” He growled as Hal Cooper, stared shocked at his hand

“You don’t know who you’re messing with boy” he hissed as Alice waved her hands frantically.

“You’ve been hanging around these people. Their kind ” she spat, her eyes narrowing on Jughead as he shook his head still glaring at Hal, he opened his mouth to speak but was quickly cut off when Betty stepped forward.

“Don’t talk about them like that. They have more class in one finger than you do in your entire body.” She said dangerously, standing toe to toe with her shocked mother.

“You don’t know anything about them.” Betty spoke

Alice shook her head
“I know enough. I know enough to know these people are nothing but trash, nothing but thugs, nothing but..” suddenly a glass soared past the older woman’s head, smashing against the wall behind her head, sending glass flying as Betty stood in front of her, her hands shaking

“You need to leave.” She hissed , her eyes dark as the entire diner went dead silent, to make matters worse Chuck and his football players stormed in through the front doors, noticing the motorcycles in the front they had come for a fight. Noting the tension, they stopped abruptly and watched.

“Elizabeth, we’ll discuss this at home.” Alice Cooper said her voice shaky, as she touched a hand to her chest.

“No.” she said finally, testing the word out on her lips “no I’m not going with you.” She finished finally.

Hal laughed bitterly
“Where will you go? Who’s gonna want you? Now that you’re some Serpent Slut?” The man smiled wickedly.

Betty looked down at her hands helplessly and Jughead stepped forward, coming up to grip her now bruised wrist.

“She’ll stay with me.” He said, tugging her towards the door, his arm coming around to wrap around her protectively as he ushered her towards the door, shoving past Chuck and his friends as they shouted, an all out screaming war broke out.
Chuck reached for Betty’s hand

“Think about what you’re doing Betty, think about your decisions.” He said dangerously, threatening her.

Jughead pushed her softly ahead of him and turned to chuck, slamming him against the wall
“You touch her, you look at her, you even breathe in her presence, I will kill you. I swear to god, I’ll make you wish you were never born.” The boy fell against the wall as Jughead released him.

Jughead turned back to see Veronica and Archie and Kevin slipping out the back with Dean and Keith right beside him. The dark haired boy jumped on his bike, reaching a hand out for Betty, who looked at him nervously.

“Do you trust me?” He shouted over the noise.

With one final glance back at the chaos behind her, Betty gripped his hand and climbed onto the back of the bike, her hands wrapping securely around her waist.

“You ready angel?” He said when she dropped her chin to his neck.

She pressed her nose to his pulse point and nodded

“Take me away Romeo.”



News of your disappearance spread like wildfire, your parents didn’t know how to react, they didn’t know how to tell those back at home that you were now missing. But they weren’t the ones to spread the news, sadly the news spread quicker than expected. Headlines blew up the United States, “Young Girl Missing in Europe.”

There was only a picture of the girl, and a small story. Peter had soon read the story, his new friend, Ned, showing him the headline. “That’s-s Y/N… “

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Ned quickly handed his phone back to his mom, “do you think they’ll find her?”

“She promised she would be home on August 13.” Peter had been broken from the news he received, he didn’t want to talk about the fact that his best friend was now missing. “Hey Pete, I just heard the news, I’m sorry honey.”

Peter didn’t react, he only sat there, looking at the purple popsicle that sat on his bedside desk. “She’ll come back.”

Aunt May wanted to hug her little nephew but all she did was sit down next to him, putting her arm around his shoulder.

3 months had soon passed, it was now 3 days into the school year, Peter knew you weren’t coming home. Her parents came home from Europe, and Peter wanted to run over to see if his best friend was there, but she wasn’t.

Peter turned to the table, sitting down and now doing his homework, a knock came on the door, May stood up from the sofa, pulling the door open to see Y/N’s mom standing there, a red cup of popsicle sticks in her hands, her cheeks stained red.

“Y/N would want Peter to have these.” Peter stood up, walking towards the door, watching as Y/N’s mom handed him the cup, it was full of the multiple popsicle sticks, each one a different color or some have the same. “Oh.. um.. Thank you..”

She wiped away a tear from her cheek, and turned to look at May, she gave her a hug, and walked out of the room. Peter set the cup on the table, looking at the facts he had given to his best friend, each one better than the last but it was undeniable that his favorite was either about the turtles or that coca cola was originally green.

“Time for school, Peter.” Aunt May placed her hand on Peter’s shoulder and they both prepared to leave for school.



“Time for school, Peter.” Peter nodded, following Aunt May out of the apartment, your mom sat there, reading the mail in her hand. “Good Morning May.”

“Morning, how are you today?” She smiled and put the mail down on her side, “I’m good, almost done packing.”

Ever since Y/N disappeared everything changed in your family, your parents started to fight, blaming each other for you going missing, but they eventually split up, and now your mother is moving out of the apartment. Peter wanted to help every opportunity he got, he would sometimes help her take out the trash or bring her for lunch.

Peter looked down at his phone, today was August 13,more than 3 years since you went missing. “Peter, you gonna come and see me at the new house?”

Peter snapped back into attention, “oh, yah, uh of course.”

“You guys better get going. I’ll have to invite you over some time soon for a housewarming party.” A smile traveled onto her face as she pulled the apartment door open. Peter nodded in agreement and followed Aunt May downstairs as they prepared to leave for school.

“It’s gonna be your first day of school!!! You ready to be back?” Aunt May was more excited that Peter got to get out of the house, and she got to be alone.

They walked out to the car, Peter got in the side and waited for Aunt May to start to drive him, once she was in, she started the car, pulling out of the small parking garage and into the crowded road. “I’ll see you when you get back home, just take the trolley, yeah?”

Peter nodded and jumped out of the car and walked up to the school. He saw his best friend Ned, standing there fiddling with a hat on his head. “Calm down Ned, you look fine.” A smile traveled to the young man’s face, “let’s make this year good.”

“It’ll be great.” Peter’s eyes traveled to see Liz walking into the school, her best friend Michelle at her side, they were giggling along as they walked into the school. Liz looked towards Peter, she moved her hair behind her ear, smiling at him.

“It’s going to be the best year yet.”


Black Widow had control on the large rover, Hawk Eye shooting arrows from the back, they sped through the snowy woods, the same rover following behind them with the enemy in it. One of the enemies came flying up from the side, almost in an Iron Man suit, but instead he only had a jetpack on his shoulders.

Black Widow reacted quickly, pulling the door open and kicking the man in the chest, causing him to fly back in the air. Iron Man came across the front, hitting someone off the rover, and soon Hawk Eye had to do the same, kicking someone off the back of the car. The car drove up to them, Hawk Eye couldn’t react in time, they started to fire an alien gun at the car, Black Widow swerved the car, confused on what was happening.

“Get it under control!” Thor was soon in on the action, jumping on the other car ad destroying the large gun on the top of the car, with his large hammer he soon hit the person in the driver seat, causing them to swerve.

Thor jumped off the car, landing on a watch tower and fighting 4 people. Iron man was doing the same, but circling the area around the car, Captain let out a scream from the back of the car, his motorcycle coming to the side of car.

Cap passed the car and joined Thor on the front lines, grabbing people and dragging them by the car. He soon through him at another one of his comrades, and his shield was thrown at a small base, causing a small explosion. He grabbed his shield from the ground, following behind Thor as he hit his hammer on the end of a vehicle causing it to flying upwards in a explosion.

Black Widow followed closely behind, Hawk eye still firing arrows into the enemy sidelines. Hulk let out a scream from the side as he picked up a vehicle, throwing it into another vehicle. They jumped over a large barrier, causing the avengers to now run into the forest without the car. Tony running ahead, scoping the area for other enemies.
He flew up in the air, looking at a large building plastered to the mountain, he started to locate a weak point where they could enter. He hit the side of the building causing him to bounce off as a blue holographic shield appeared. “SHIT!”

“Hey! Language.” Cap yelled on the other end of the line as he drove into the deep woods. “Jarvis what’s the view from upstairs.”

Jarvis focused on the building, looking at it from a space shuttle, “the central building is protected by somme kind of energy shield.”

The Avengers sighed as they watched Strucker’s men charge at them, “Strucker’s technology is well beyond any hydra base we’ve taken.” Thor started to fight a few of the enemies, “Loki’s scepter must be here. Strucker couldn’t mount this defense without low loss.”

The enemies behind Thor soon disappeared, he caught his hammer and waited to approach more people. The alien guns started to fire at the Avengers, Black widow threw a grenade towards the car of people, they flew up into the air, screams coming from all of them.

“Long last is lasting a little long boys.” Black Widow stated as she looked at the situation around her, Hawk Eye joined her, firing an arrow into a tank, killing the main shooter, “think we lost the element of surprise.”

“Wait a second, no one else is gonna deal with the fact that Cap just said language.” Tony stated from atop the building, “i know..”

Cap let a smirk come onto his face as he drove into the oncoming traffic, he jumped off his bike, throwing it forwards a car that was charging towards him. “Just slipped out..”

“Sir. The city is taking fire” Jarvis spoke lightly, “Well, we know Strucker’s nothing to worry about civilian casualties. Send in the Iron Legion.”

“Sir. There is a enemy causing mass amounts of energy.” Tony acknowledged Jarvis’ comment, “send in Scarlet Witch.”

“Already on it Stark.” Scarlet Witch approached from the side, circling the supernatural energy. She looked closely, it appeared to be a girl, her hair moving in the vicious winds she was creating, eyes glowing a bright blue as she stood in shock.

Her eyes traveled to see Scarlet Witch, she stood and watched the girl. The young girl’s hand flew up, a vehicle now flying towards Scarlet, she ducked quickly, landing in the melting snow. “Stark, she is like me.”

“Hawk go help her.” Tony kept circling for a vulnerable way into the building, but he was still stuck, “wait. She might be the one we are here for.”

Scarlet stood up, looking at the girl once more, her eyes still glowing. “I dont think she knows of her actions.”

“What do you mean?” Cap spoke lighlty, heading towards Scarlet Witch, “I didn’t exactly know what I was doinng. There is no sure way to find out what side is good and what side is bad if you’ve only fought for one.”

“Jarvis measure her vitals.” Jarvis did as Tony said, measuring the young girls vitals, “sir, she appears to have an immense amount of electric voltage coming from her neck.”

Tony flew back towards the radioactive currents, “is it running on a certain time schedule? Shocking at certain intervals.”

Jarvis focused in on the girl’s neck, there were no steady shocks for a certain amount of time, as the girl resisted attack someone, a generated shock was sent through her body. “It appears that when she resists attacking, the shocks are generated.”

“Get the collar off of her Scarlet.” Scarlet looked at the thick lined collar on the girl’s neck, “how am I supposed to do that?”

Jarvis spoke lightly, “there is a vulnerable point at the back of her neck?”

Scarlet Witch reacted quickly, but the young girl was quicker, she looked at the girl and lifted both of her hands up, causing Scarlet to fly in the air. She let out a scream as a swirl of wind started around her. It started slow but it moved faster, the tornado grew in size, ripping the trees from the ground, picking up the white snow fom the ground.

A scream escaped the tornado of whirlwind, panic reacting in Scarlet as she didn’t understand the emmence power coming from the girl. “Jarvis. Identify who she is.”

“On it sir.”

The tornado started to move, picking up a vechile with it, the girl was in a panic, her eyes turned back to their regular color. She looked into the tornado, almost as if she was looking for something, she reached her hand into the whirlpool of wind, her hand latched onto Scarlet’s as she tried to pull her out.

Scarlet looked at her with twrror on her face, her heart racing outside of her chest, “you are okay-y.” She spoke with a cracked voice, “I’m gonna help you out.”

The girl had a reassuring smile on her face, trying to comfort her as she reached for her other hand.. But a loud buzzing came from the collar on her neck, sending a current through her, her eyes shot back to the blue color.

“No.. No..” Scarlet spoke as the girl let go of her once more, throwing her into the swirl of wind and snow. In a moment, everything stopped, the earth slowed down, the tornado disappeared, causing Scarlet to fall from an unbelieveable hieght, Tony catching her.

Behind the girl stood Cap, the collar in his right hand, her eyes slowly fading to their previous color, she started to fall backwards, soon being caught by Cap, “I got you, I got you.”

Tony set Scarlet down, all of them soon staring at the girl, each one of them shocked. “I’ve identified her.”

“Who is this girl?” Cap looked up at Tony as Jarvis displayed a file of the girl on Tony’s screen, “her name is Y/N Y/L/N. She went missing from London around 3 years ago.”

“Where is she from?” Cap stated as she stared at the girl, hoping he could soon return her to her proper home. The young girl stirred a little, her eyes slowly coming open as she mumbled a word, “Queens.”

Who is ready for a reunion in part 3????

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partner in crime | jughead jones x reader

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written by: rosie

edited by: rosie

anonymous said: can you do a fic reader x jughead when the reader joins the serpents with/for jughead (to be with him and kinda keep him out of trouble?)? sorry if this has been requested before

chapter song: swish swish / katy perry

i cuss slightly under my breathe as i mount my bike, i was a freaking southside serpent yet i was stuck baby sitting our newest recruit; the boss’ sixteen year old son.

i’d been working under FP since my father passed away, he was killed by the big c, cancer. i was sixteen scared, alone and fatherless.

so the serpents did what they do best, protect their own. so i became a serpent, serving loyally under the jones man as two long years passed.

ever since FP was thrown in jail i was left to babysit the newest snake, brining me to why i was cursing, what the boss says goes. leading me to where i am now, my bike.

there was something about riding around town, the wind in my hair as i zip around the small town, hands gripping onto the handles as i start my search.

i spot the brunette boy amongst the crowd of serpents pulled off the side of the road leaning against their bikes.

i grin, speeding toward them pulling up in front of the large group of leather clad boys. i dismount my bike pulling the helmet from my head, allowing my locks to flow down my back.

my boots crunch in the dirt as i approach, the group turning as i walk toward them.

“boys” i greet with a stern expression.

“jones lets go, now” i huff lowly ruffling my hair out

the group let out a low ‘oo’ sensing that the younger boy was in trouble if i was looking for him.

i was somewhat infamous in the southside of town, one of the most respected serpents -well- by the older serpents. the younger ones seemed to need more maturing.

constant snickers and whistles as they try and pick me up, it never worked. i was a cold hearted bitch, but it worked. you see you can’t have your heart broken if you don’t have one.

“and what if i say no?” he snickers crossing his arms across his broad chest.

forsythe pendleton jones-” “the third” he corrects me triggering an eye roll.

“im under orders from your father, you need to go back to headquarters, let’s go” i push the helmet into his chest hard.

“you want me to ride on the back of your bike?- atleast buy me a drink first” he chuckles the whole gang laughing with him.

“i promise you jughead jones you don’t want to mess with me, your father is being released i need to get you back” i seethe my temper growing shorter by the second.

“my fathers getting release-d?” he’s voice picks up slightly before he lets out and low cough and clears his throats repeating the same words, stronger this time.

boys and this no emotion things was getting boring fast

“as much as i love riding around half the town because i was left to babysit a sixteen year old i actually have better things to do” i sass walking back over toward my bike.

i mount my bike slipping on my helmet as i glance back over to him “let’s go bad boy” i smile sarcasm oozing from my words.

the guys behind him rile him up, whispering god knows what into his ear.

my stare hardens as i watch his adam’s apple bop figuring out his next move before he walks over and secures his helmet before slipping onto the back of my bike.

and with one swift flick of the wrist we were hurling forward causing the boy to grab at your waist afraid he’d be sent hurling off the back.

“you’ve got a iron grip don’t you jones” i joke, his warm hands seemed to loosen but still sat on my waist, my skin pecking out from my jeans and my jacket.

we’re half way to the bar when my bike lights up, beeping like crazy, i hastily pull over the both of us hoping of the motorcycle.

“you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” i cuss kicking the dirt as the engine light flashes, not enough water in the engine.

i bend over examining the bike when i catch the younger boy step back taking a long glance at what my ass looks like in my black denim jeans.

“jones” i warn fiddling with the bike hoping i could magically fix it and then get back to headquarters.

“im just enjoying the view” i don’t even have to see his face to know that the infamous jones smirk was plastered on his tan face.

i straight up lifting the bottom of my shirt up to dap the beads of sweat off my forehead, out of all the times my bike decides to brake down it chooses today.

the hottest day of the year and with the worst company i could dream of.

i pull my hair tie off my wrist throwing my hair up into a messy bun as i retrieve my phone from the back pockets leaning against the bike.

“no signal great” i cuss under my breathe as i slip the device back into my pocket.

i glance as jughead paces pulling out his own phone “good thing i have two bars hey?” i move away from the bike trying to grab the phone from his grasp.

“oh how the tables have turned” he smirks triumphantly

“just hurry up and call help im sweating” i complain removing my jacket and letting the small breeze relieve me ever so lightly.

he walks off exchanging a few words before walking back over to me, “helps on its way darling”.

i roll my eyes picking myself up off the floor dusting the dirt off my clothes “who’d you call?” i pause as the roar of engines flood my ears.

“you’ve got to be kidding me” i groan glancing as the horizon fills with 8 bikes- jughead posse from earlier.

i share a look of displeasure with the raven haired boy as he greets his friends mounting his own bike “my lady” he holds a hand out to me.

“what about my bike?! im not just leaving it here!” i argue looking wearily at the group.

“i called a tow, now c'mon we wouldn’t want to keep my father waiting would we” i roll my eyes walking over to the boy trapping his shoulder as i pull myself up.

“hold on” he whispers a shiver running up my spine as i wrap my arms reluctantly around the boys waist.

“i hope you know how to drive this thing” i huff as he flys forward, the others following behind us as we lurch toward the local bar we called home.

we come screeching to a halt outfront of the small car park, bikes littered the entrance.

i swiftly jump off the bike happy to be on the ground again, i swivel and punch the raven haired boy in the arm “drive like that agin when im on the back, ill kill you”.

he rolls his eyes placing his helmet on his bike.

“i think i did good -we- did good, we’re like-” he pauses his mind wondering “partners in crime” he sing songs a smile working it way onto his face.

i roll my eyes and turn to walk away when his hands clamps around my wrist and pulls me back forcing me against the warm bike, his body trapping me.

his hand jump from my wrist to my neck as he presses his rough lips on mine catching me completely off guard, im taken back at how good the boy kisses i let out a moan.

he smiles into this kiss and pulls me up by my thighs resting me own the bike as my legs snake around his torso. it’s like my mind shut off as i continue to make out with the younger boy.

something clicks and my hands are on his chest pushing him away breathless, you glance to see the older jones man standing outside the bad his arms crossed.

“son, y/n” he states a smirk on his lips, jughead turns and walks away heading over to his old man as he slings an arm around his son guiding him into the bar.

leaving me slumped against his bike my checks red and a knot in my stomach. what had i gotten myself into

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Southside Girl - FP Jones x Andrews!Reader

I kind of put two requests together here but one more than the other.  This is a much longer one but I really like it - I hope you guys do too!


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FP Jones was not exactly the bestest of friends with your father anymore. Or exactly popular with the rest of the northside but you didn’t particularly care.
Ever since you were just 19 years old you had been sneaking to the Southside and, more particularly, to FP’s trailer. Originally he thought you were just going through your rebellious years so sure, he played along until he fell in love with his ex-friends oldest kid. A year later when you had still stuck around he finally took you more seriously, you weren’t just in a phase and if it took a year for you to prove it you didn’t care because you had fallen hard for the older man and neither of you had any shame in it at all. He had taught you how to be one of them. How to take your shots like a woman and drink any of his men under the table, he corrected your stance and really showed you how to throw a punch if you ever needed it - the south was rough and he didn’t want you hurt. Hw showed you how to hustle like no other and how to ride his bike. He wouldn’t let you on any bike but his and he didn’t let anyone on his bike but you. His favoritism and preference of have you ride with him made it clear in your head that he liked you back. From then, you both seemed to click.
You were 20 when you became an item, known only on the Southside as FP’s princess and no one messed with you, you kept it pretty well hidden in the north staying a pretty little wall flower until you could sneak back to your leather clad man and your true home. It got harder at 21 when you were given you’re your first jacket. Thick leather and embroidered back, the green serpents thick and noticeable, marked as one of them and more importantly, marked as FP’s and you never wanted to leave. Your father, Fred still had a tight leash on you to say you were almost 22 and it frustrated you and FP to all ends. You couldn’t exactly tell your father, all hell would break loose but you couldn’t leave FP - not after everything that had happened between you. FP had helped you find yourself, truly. You were not some damn wallflower. You were strong, powerful, you belonged on the Southside.
Still every night you would leave your house, a normal thing but now as you left you would dress yourself in leather and meet FP by Pop’s, jump on the bike behind him and feel the wind in your hair as you gripped him tightly. You dad never knew where you went, he just let you leave thinking you would be off to a friends or to study - little did that man know.
That night was like any other; leave, ride, get into the Whyte Wyrm and be yourself. Until they arrived. You thought nothing of it when Joaquin entered with some people, they were probably just school kids - you just didn’t see which school. You were too wrapped in FP’s arms, your lips meeting furiously as always when you had been apart for a while, your back pressed up against the railing at the top of the stairs. You remained like that, until glass was broken and shouts emerged causing FP to pull away and yell down, “What the fuck is going on?” his shouts called all attention to the two of you on the stairs. Then you saw it. The blue and yellow Riverdale High varsity jacket and then the red hair.
“(y/n)?” Archie looked up at you, your hair a mess, lipstick smudged and your leather beginning to feel hotter and hotter by the minute.
“Archie, what the hell are you doing in Southside?” you asked furious and confused,
“Enough baby,” FP looked to you as you stood behind him, “I’ll take care of this.”
“What do you think you are doing here?” FP asked threateningly once you had gotten outside,
“Looking for some thugs but I find you here instead!” Archie glared at you dangerously, “and in that, with him. What is he, (y/n), twenty years older than you?” he shouted
“Do you think I care?” you started, walking to him fiercely, making FP have to hold you back a little,
“I’m telling dad.” your face paled,
“You wouldn’t."
"Look, you two calm it! Damn you’re acting like children.”
“In case you forget, we are!” Archie interjected glaring at him,
“Speak for yourself.” You growled as FP wrapped his arm round your waist carefully and turned you to face him,
“look,” he spoke quietly to you, ignoring the seething Archie behind him, “Fred was going to need to know sooner or later right? It just happens to be sooner than you thought kay?” you nodded reluctantly as FP stood away and grabbed your hand, “Lets get you home kid, we’ll take the truck.”
The car ride was eerily quiet, Archie hadn’t quit sulking the whole way but your mind was too busy wondering how your dad would react.
You didn’t even have chance to knock when you got home before Archie barged into the house and made your dad storm out to see what was going on. To say his face dropped at the sight of you in a serpents jacket, black jeans and one of FP’s flannels with his arm around you was an understatement. Your father looked as if he was about to pass out. “What the hell is going on?”
“Welcome to your only daughters boyfriend, dad. Good to see you have been keeping tabs on her.” Archie sniped, obviously furious before he scaled the stairs to his room, your dad being to shocked to shout him back.
“What is he on about?” Fred had paled and couldn’t pull his eyes away from FP’s arm around your waist.
“Well dad, I’m with FP now.”
“Like hell you are!” Fred seemed to burst, your confession finally making it click in his mind. “What the hell are you doing with my daughter, FP?"
"She came to me mate, she’s of age what’s the big deal?"
"What’s the big deal? WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? She’s my daughter and you are my age, you are old enough to be her father!” your dad was fuming,
"Don’t you dare.” he threatened, “what have you done to yourself.” his words seemed to stab you,
“woah, Fred that’s a bit harsh don’t you think.” FP stepped in defensively, his grip tightening much to your fathers hatred.
“This was you, wasn’t it. So desperate to get back at me that you make her into this."
"This had nothing to do with him.” you tried but FP spoke louder,
“Why can’t you accept that she is her own person now, Andrews. She can do what she wants.” 
"Not under my roof she can’t.“ You got sick of their bickering and you shouted over the two, pulling away from FP embrace briefly,
"I chose him dad. FP Jones makes me who I am and I would be lying if I said I didn’t love him,” you could hear FP’s sharp intake of breath, you two hadn’t said that to one another yet, “If you don’t approve fine, say goodbye because I will be damned if I lie to myself and stay here because this isn’t me, this is me,” you gestured to your current appearance, “and I am sick of lying to everyone. I love this man, dad! And if you wont have me under your roof like this, I will happily leave.” You didn’t realize that hot angry tears had  started to fall down you cheeks until FP had pulled you back to him and had started wiping them from your face.
“Come on baby, you can stay with me.” Fred didn’t even try and stop you as you left, wrapped in FPs arms again. Neither of you spoke on the way back to your new home but you could see FP’s worried glances from the corner of your eye.
You barely spoke when you got into his trailer either, you had only been here a few times but it hadn’t changed. You didn’t really know what to do with yourself so you stood awkwardly, kind of numb to anything that was happening until FPs arms wrapped around your waist from behind, “you need to rest, come on.” he lead you to his room but not in a suggestive way for once, you could see the care in his eyes, especially as he took your jacket and gave you a fresh shirt to wear, looking away for you to change before you hugged him tightly, you were a lot smaller than him so he rested his chin on your head hugging you tightly, “I’m so proud of you baby girl.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead lightly before delicately leading you to the bed, letting you lie down and pressing another kiss to your lips carefully before going to leave and sleep on the couch,
“no,” you mumbled reaching out, “stay with me, please.” FP smiled softly before kicking off his shoes and jeans and climbing in beside you, letting you snuggle into his side.

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