jumping bike

not on my watch

pairing: steve harrington x reader
warning: swearing, violence, blood mention

requestS T E V E H A R R I N G T O N I M A G I N E where you’re Dustin’s older sister and Dustin tells Steve that Billy has you cornered at school and is calling you vulgar things and Steve is like ‘not on my watch" or something cheesy and beats the crap out of him and the reader is crying and idk
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The Shy One // Stanley Uris

Word Count- 1255

Summary- You’re a shy loser, and you surprise the group after Richie makes a few comments

Warnings; N/A

A/n; WOW I’M ACTUALLY POSTING AN IMAGINE?! WOW! (catch is I didn’t proofread so it’s probably terrible but hey its a post!!)

Requested; Yes!

req;  hi! can i request Stan Uris x fem! reader where the reader is really shy and one day richie is making inappropriate comments about her and stan and she totally goes off on richie and stan thinks it’s the cutest thing ever? lmao i just thought this would be cute idkk


Today, the Losers’ club had decided to go swimming at the Quarry. This wasn’t a one-time occurrence; in fact, they went quite often. Only typically, you didn’t like going swimming with the boys because of how shy you were. Being the only girl in the club didn’t help, because, well, I think you get the idea. But today, the boys had invited Beverly Marsh, who happened to be one of your close friends, so you’d agreed to come.

You bid your parents goodbye, telling them you’d be home later. You skipped out of the house, jumping on your bike, and riding to Beverly’s house. The two of you had made plans to bike down together, because her dad likely wouldn’t have let her go out to meet boys alone. He actually liked you, probably only because you were a girl. “Hey, Bev!” You greeted, and you two shared a quick hug before biking up to the Quarry. Upon arriving, you saw all the boys were there, in their underwear. Including him. You blushed, looking away.

Beverly sent you a knowing look. She was the only one who knew of your feelings towards a certain tall, lanky, curly haired brunette. That’s right. You liked the one and only, Stan ‘The Man’ Uris. You had for years; but you were much too shy to even think about saying anything. You struggled to actually have a normal conversation with him, let alone confess the feelings you’d bottled up for so long. Besides, he wouldn’t like you back. He probably liked someone like Beverly.

Nonetheless, you snapped out of your thoughts when Beverly began to undress. Then it hit you. You were going to be almost naked in front of Stan. The thought alone made you turn red and cross your arms over your chest subconsciously. “Come on, Y/N!” Beverly whispered, excitedly. “Let’s show these boys who’s boss!” You laughed at her attitude, but hesitantly did as told. You dropped your clothes, and were now standing in your underwear. You took in a shaky breath, and Beverly looked at you concerned.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” She asked, worriedly. “Just a bit nervous..” you said, glancing at stan, quickly returning your gaze to the ground, hoping Beverly didn’t see. She did. “Hey, it’s okay. Well go together, okay? Here, take my hand.” She said, offering her hand. You gladly took it, smiling thankfully at her. “3..” Beverly started, and you got ready to run. “2..” She looked at you, and you nodded. “1!” she screamed, and you both took off towards the edge.

“Look out, losers!” Beverly called, and all the boys looked at the two of you, eyes wide when they saw your undergarments. They didn’t have long to process it, though, because you took off, jumping right off the edge. “What the fuck?!” Richie exclaimed, making you giggle, and you hit the water with a huge splash. You laughed as you surfaced for air, high-fiving Beverly. “That was awesome!” You exclaimed, adrenaline rushing through you.

Richie looked to Stan, whose cheeks had flushed and his eyes were glued to you, blown wide and his jaw slack. “Hey bird boy, close your mouth. You’ll catch flies!” Richie called, laughing along with the other losers, while stan broke out of his stupor. “Wouldn’t want Y/N to think you’re stalking her!” “Shut up, Richie.” Stan said, rolling his eyes, and acting as if he didn’t care. He did. “So, um, do we have to do that?” Stan asked, changing the subject and looking down at the water nervously.

You glanced up and giggled at the awestruck expressions of the group of boys, pointing it out to Bev. She looked up, rolling her eyes at the hesitant looks on their faces. “Come on, sissies!” She yelled, and you could see (even from so far down) the boys gulp and take a leap off. You cheered as they came down, particularly loud as Stan landed with a splash.

The seven of you splashed around happily, having the time of your lives. Richie, Beverly, Bill and Ben were began wrestling in the water, while Eddie watched from a safe distance, making sure no one got hurt. Typical Eddie. You and Stan were chatting quietly amongst yourselves, and you were enjoying every bit of it. It was hard for you usually to find conversations with your shy nature, even with Beverly sometimes. Though right in this moment, you felt fine. Everything was perfect.

You all climbed out of the water, smiling and laughing as you all made your way up the large hill once again. As you reached the top, the group decided to stay and hang out for a bit longer while the seven of you dried off. you and Bev laying down on the ground to tan while the boys opted for sitting on the big rocks to dry off.

“You know, Stan, if you’re gonna keep staring at Y/N, at least do it subtly!” Richie whispered, though everyone heard the comment. You and Stan turned bright red, you immediately covering your chest with your arms, suddenly wanting to disappear. “Shut up, Richie.” Stan mumbled, mortified and angered.  “What? I’m just saying! You’re practically undressing her with your eyes; even though she’s basically naked right in front of us!”

A sudden anger flared within you, and you weren’t sure where it came from, but the thought wasn’t really that important as your anger bubbled over. “First of all, Mr Richard Tozier, I’m right here, and I’m not some object you can talk right over and toss around like a toy. I’m a person, a human being, and if you have a problem with me or have something to say to me, say it to my face, trashmouth. Just because I’m shy, doesn’t mean I’m incapable. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t see you looking away from Beverly and I either, so I wouldn’t be talking. Just so you know, Sunglasses are see-through.”

Everyone was silent. The shy girl they all knew, the one that never quite fit in, yet was their missing puzzle piece, was not the girl they’d just seen. “Well, shit.” Eddie whispered, astonished. Richie, for once, was speechless. “Damn, girl.” Beverly said, clapping her best friend on the back proudly. Stan, who knew what was going through his mind. His expression blank, but if you looked close enough into his eyes, you could practically see the rush of thoughts flying through. He was stunned.

Stan always knew he liked you; that much was obvious. Your quiet, adorably shy nature always appealed to him. Seeing this side to you, however, sparked something in him. He’d never seen, or even imagined, that you could’ve done something as amazing as shutting up THE trashmouth Tozier. He was proud. In a spur of the moment, Stan stood up, walking over to where you stood face to face with Richie, grabbing your waist and spinning you around, smashing his lips to yours.

Again, Silence. As it sunk it, you quickly kissed back, closing your eyes and enjoying the moment. All the previous anger you’d felt against Richie melted away within the few seconds your lips were pressed gently against Stan’s amazingly soft ones. “Holy shit, he actually did it! He kissed her!” Richie exclaimed, astonished. A chorus of cheers and whoops followed suit, and as you and Stan pulled away, looking at each other with a soft smile, you both turned to Richie, yelling in perfect sync. “Shut up, Richie!”

fun ideas for things to do for fun that are free:

- Play “don’t let the balloon hit the floor” with multiple balloons while at the same time playing “the carpet is lava”

- play hide-and seek in a mall or large public place

- dress up in elaborate costumes to do normal things like go to walmart

- play hide-and-seek or something in walmart without getting kicked out

- get on youtube with friends and try to learn a new talent like juggling or dancing or something

- look at the ingredients in the house and google what you can bake with them

- go to a park you’ve never been to before and walk around like you’re an adventurer discovering everything (“I do say! This here looks like a leaf! What an interesting specimen!”)

- just go to a park in general. I mean, they got slides and swings and crap. Get all over that (but don’t be a jerk. kids are awesome. let them play first).

- dig up toys/games from when you were a kid. Try to play Nintendo 64 games on your hi-def TV. Feel yourself get cut by the sharp, pointy pixels. 

- make a super tacky music video to a song that you thought was super cool when you were in middle school

- draw with chalk, blow bubbles, jump rope, ride your bike around your neighborhood

in general, just stop pretending you’re too cool to do the fun stuff you did when you were 10. 10-year-olds don’t have money to spend on entertainment, and yet I notice that they have more fun than anybody. Have an awesome summer, everybody.


PLOT SUMMARY: a multichapter imagine fic where the reader is dustin’s older siblings. follows along directly with the events of season 2. she’s friends with nancy, and drama ensues. over the course of the fic we see how the reader reacts to new challenges and a new romantic interest.  ( inspired by two other imagines that i literally can’t find for the life of me. )

CHAPTER SUMMARY: reader is in the dark about a lot, and suddenly.. she’s forced to see the truth at the side of her brother…..and steve.

PAIRING: SLOWBURN Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

WARNING: Swearing and Spoilers



You spent another day not talking to or seeing Nancy, or Johnathan either for that matter. They had been completely off the radar. You tried calling the Wheelers, and Mrs. Wheeler said that Nancy was over at Ally’s which – you knew wasn’t true ( because you had literally gone out of your way to call Ally ). And on top of that, you couldn’t check in on Johnathan because the Byers just never answer their phone anymore. You had gotten to the level of desperation of asking Dustin if he could get into contact with Mike or Will but  - he didn’t seem to have any luck either. You had even considered calling Steve to ask if he knew where Nancy was but. After their breakup you didn’t want to even mention her around him in risk of making him crumble. And besides, you and him had talked on the phone for like an hour, last night. Call him again you might reek a little a desperation.

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He likes you! // Bill Denbrough

Word Count: 1558 

Summary- Your best friend, Beverly, takes you to the Quarry to see the boys after another night of your parents fighting.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; It’s a bit longer than normal, but hopefully makes up for the lack of imagines I’ve been posting, I didn’t realize how many ships I’d get!

Requested; Yes! I altered the requests a bit because they were so similar, and I didn’t wanna write it twice x

req;  Hi! Can you do a Billxreader imagine where you’re bests friends with Beverly because things weren’t going well at your house and you’re staying with her since that and one day she invites you to the lake and the other boys tease Bill because of his crush on you? Thanks!

req; Hi! Can you do a Billxreader imagine where you stand up to Greta because she starts bullying Beverly and she becomes your friends and introduces you to the losers club at the lake and the boys tease Bill?


“What are you doing?” You asked your ‘friend’ Greta, as she and your two other friends were standing menacingly by the doors of the school, in front of a girl. Beverly Marsh, you recognized her from your English class. “Having some fun, and teaching this little shit a lesson.” She replied, smirking at the girl. “How’s it feel, slut?” “Make up your mind, Greta. Am I a slut? Or a little shit?” Beverly retorted, taking a puff of her cigarette. You knew the rumors about her were fake, and frankly, you felt bad for the poor girl. “Leave her alone, Greta.” You rolled your eyes, turning to the queen bee of your school. “Excuse me?” She asked, crossing her arms.

“Are you stupid?” You asked, and Greta glared fiercely in your direction. “Watch it, Y/N. Do you really want to be a loser, like the slut over here?” She asked, gesturing to the smoking teen. “Yeah, I would rather be her friend than yours. She’s a lot better than you.” You said, not missing a beat. “I’m disappointed, Y/N.” Greta said, pouting mockingly. “I’m not. You’re a terrible person, Greta. Go to hell.” You said, and she scoffed, walking away, your other two friends following suit. “Sorry about her.” You said, leaning on the wall.

Beverly looked at you, confused. “Why did you help me? I thought you were Greta’s friend.” “Yeah, an unfortunate thought, isn’t it?” You sighed. “I’m not the best at making friends, Greta’s the only one who pitied me enough to let me hang out with her.” You said, rolling your eyes. “Well, I’m not the best at friendship either, but we can give it a try? It’s the least I could do.” Bev offered, a kind smile on her face. “Sure. Y/N L/N, nice to meet you.” “Beverly Marsh.” 

That was the day she became your best friend.

“Why do we have to fight like this every fucking day?!” Your father screamed, exasperated. “Because you can’t get it into your idiotic head!” Your mother retorted. They’d been fighting for a solid hour, and you were trying to do anything to keep your mind off of it. Eventually, you gave up. You packed an overnight bag, and stormed out of your room. “I’m going to Beverly’s house.” You interrupted their heated bickering, watching their angry gazes shift to you. “Excuse me?” Your father asked, annoyed.

“I’m going to Beverly’s house.” Your repeated, not giving them a chance to reply because you were already out the door. “Y/N L/N, get back here!” Your father called, but you simply ignored him. It wasn’t the first time this happened, and you were sure it wouldn’t be the last. Beverly was kind enough to let you stay at her house. Her father didn’t mind you, because you were a girl and you were polite. You jumped on your bike, and rode the short distance to her house.

You parked your bike next to hers, climbing the short distance up the steps to her door. Knocking, you shivered as the wind blew against you gently. The door swung open, to reveal a confused Mr. Marsh. “Oh, Y/N. I didn’t know you were coming tonight.” He said, a slight annoyed tone to his voice, but overall it was a welcoming and kind statement. “Sorry, Mr. Marsh.” You said, sheepishly. He looked back and calling out “Bevvy! Y/N’s here!” before opening the door and allowing you inside.

Bev came running out, happily hugging you and dragging you almost immediately to her room. She didn’t have to ask what you were doing here, she already could tell. Not only by the look on your face, but just because it was such an often occurrence, she merely had everything ready for a sleepover daily. “I’m so sorry I have to burden you with this, Bev. If you ever don’t want me here, tell me.” You spoke, sadly. “Y/N, don’t be ridiculous. You’re my best friend.” Bev said, changing into her pajamas.

“I know, Bev, but I’m here so often..” you said, sighing. You wished it wasn’t this way, but what could you do? Your parents were always fighting, and you didn’t have many friends other than Beverly, so you were in the house a lot of the time with them, despite wanting to escape almost every minute of everyday. There was never silence in that house, and you never had fun there. It was a living hell. It was your living hell.

“I really don’t want to go home..” You whispered, a tear sliding out of your eye. “Hey, I know you don’t really feel comfortable around the boys, but why don’t you come to the Quarry with us tomorrow?” Bev asked, placing a hand on your shoulder, her tone pleading. She knew how hard it was for you to walk back into your house everyday.

“For once, would it be okay if I said yes? I don’t want to intrude on your club meeting, but.. I left pretty early in, and it was already bad. I have a feeling I don’t want to be there tomorrow.” You said, sheepishly wiping away the few tears that ran down your cheeks. “Of course it’s not a problem, Y/N. All the boys think you’re great, even if you think they don’t want you there.” Bev reassured, pausing before sending a suggestive look your way. “What…?” You asked, tentatively.

“You know.. Bill’s gonna be there.” She said, winking at you. You turned bright red, groaning. You’d made the mistake to tell Beverly about your crush on one of her best friends; Bill Denbrough. You loved Bev, she was more family to you than both your parents combined, but wow she needed to relax on trying to get you and Bill together She ‘ships’ it, and won’t leave you alone about it. “Let’s just go to bed.” You said, rolling your eyes, and climbing into bed, Bev following suit.

The next morning, you both awoke early, quickly getting dressed and leaving as soon as physically possible. Though Mr. Marsh was nice enough to you, he wasn’t exactly someone you wanted to be around for a long period of time. Not to mention how uncomfortable Beverly was around him. Climbing on your bike, you smiled as you began to bike. As you approached the quarry, the feeling you weren’t wanted consumed you again. “Are you sure they won’t mind me being there, Bev?” You asked, nervously.

“Oh please, Y/N. Even if they did, Bill would probably beat the shit out of them because he’s in love with you.” She said, nonchalantly. Your cheeks flushed, and you were happy you were biking in front of her, as she couldn’t see how red your face had turned by the mere mention of him. Arriving at the Quarry, you saw all the boys standing with their backs to you, in their underwear.

Bev immediately stripped, and you followed her lead, shyly. You weren’t ashamed of your body, but you weren’t exactly the most social person ever, and you hardly talked to the losers. Meeting them for the first time, officially, while you’re almost naked? Not exactly your favorite plan. “Hey, losers!” Bev called, moving the attention onto the two of you.

You saw Bill’s face flush as his eyes fell on you with little clothing on, but before anything could be said, Beverly grabbed your hand, pulling you with her, and running straight off the cliff. “WHAT THE FUCK?” Someone, who you assumed (from what Beverly told you), was Richie ‘Trashmouth’ Tozier. You landed in the water with a loud splash, the water refreshing after biking in the blazing heat.

“Coming, sissies?” Bev called, and reluctantly, the boys jumped in, one by one. Bill immediately swam over to you, his nervousness practically radiating off of him. “H-H-Hi Y/N.” Bill stuttered. “Hi, Bill.” you said, shyly. “W-W-Want t-t-to b-be my p-partner?” He asked, and you furrowed your brows, confused. “For what?”

Water wrestling. That’s what. You two won, knocking Richie off almost instantly. You two beat the entire group; and the others wore smirks as you and Bill, the last of the group, swam in. “What are those looks for?” You asked, confused. Bill was shaking his head behind you, glaring at the others. “Billie’s got a cru-ush!” Richie shouted, running behind Ben, who threw his arms up in surrender. “S-S-Sh-shut up-p, R-Richie.” Bill stuttered, flustered.

A wave of confidence washed over you, and praying Bev wasn’t lying to you, you took a chance, spinning around and grabbing Bill’s neck, pulling him down and smashing your lips onto his. “FINALLY!” Richie screamed. It didn’t take long for Bill to wrap his arms around you, kissing you back. A wave of cheers followed from the rest of the losers. “I told you he liked you, Y/N!” Bev cheered, and you could hear the others agreeing. You pulled away, smiling as you saw Bill’s flushed cheeks. “I like you, Y/N.” Bill whispered, breathless. “I’d hope so.” You chuckled, turning back to the group, Bill’s hand clamped tightly in yours. “Hey Bev, you’re right for once in your life!” You teased.

Bev smiled, proudly, and the others snickered. It took a moment for Beverly to fully understand what you’d said. “HEY!”

Pair of Fools (Richie Tozier x Reader)

Request: Could you do a richie x reader where they think they act like they hate each other but the rest of the losers can tell they actual really like each other & just don’t know how to express their feelings so they come up with a plan to get the two to confess to each other?

A/N: So this may possibly be the worst thing I have ever written in my entire life, which is not the best considering this is the first imagine I’m posting. Try to enjoy and I’m sorry?

Warnings: Swearing, angst x134 (maybe age them up a bit mentally bc i dont think kids get this messy??)

Word Count: 3566 

There were a lot of things you didn’t know: why the sky was blue, how many stars there were in the universe, or how to explain the theory of relativity. But there was one thing and one thing only you knew for certain: you hated Richie Tozier.

From the moment you were introduced, there was something about him that made you incredibly uneasy, and soon enough after being welcomed into the Losers’ Club you knew why. As soon as his eyes set upon you for the first time down at the quarry, he felt the need to jump to conclusions about you and your life, and then announce them to the rest of the group. You still remember everything he said, the disgust in his voice evident as he spoke about you as if he knew you, much to your dismay.

“Since when did Donna fucking Reed join the group? Little Miss Prim and Proper over here wouldn’t last five minutes. Jesus Christ, the shit we’re all going through and yet this bitch looks like the hardest thing she’s ever had to do is wipe her own fucking ass.”

“Don’t be a dick, Richie,” Beverly began in your defence, but he wouldn’t even attempt to listen.

“Don’t be a dick? Geez, Bev, I’m only saying what we’re all thinking. Have none of you ever seen her around school?”

“R-R-Rich, you don’t even k-know her.” Bill jumped in before he could continue offending you further. Alas, once again, Richie carried on.

“I don’t need to know her to know that she doesn’t fit in. She doesn’t belong with us, just trust me.”

Without realising you’d been holding your breath, you let out a long, shaky sigh. All eyes instantly turned towards you, forcing you to quickly try to blink the tears away.

“You know what? Fuck this! Are any of you gonna join me?” Richie stood at the ledge of the quarry and waited for the rest of his friends to come and join him. One by one, the boys rose from their positions around you, shooting you an apologetic smile as they passed. You understood, though. It would be a bad idea to leave Richie on his own at this point. Beverly chose to remain behind, however, nodding at the rest of them to go ahead.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N, he’s never like this. I don’t know what’s his problem but he’s never usually like this, he might just be having a bad day. Please don’t be scared away, we all think you’re cool.” As she was speaking you could hear the faint splashing of water beneath you, mixed with screams of either horror or delight: it was hard to differentiate between the two.

“Don’t worry,” you smiled, stealing a glance back the edge before you continued. “I’ll be back again tomorrow.”

Despite Beverly’s kind words, you knew that Richie wasn’t just having a bad day. There was something about you that obviously didn’t sit well with him; he had made than abundantly clear. After that, he remained loud, crude and incredibly fucking annoying. It was almost as if he couldn’t go a sentence without screaming some obscenity at someone, always demanding attention, all whilst seeming to have such a lack of respect for everyone around him. He was seemingly incapable of realising when to stop.

It wasn’t just his arrogance you didn’t care for. As you gradually became closer to the tight-knit group of friends, you began to notice more and more things about Richie that annoyed the hell out of you. His Hawaiian shirts, for example (because God, why would anyone want to wear anything that ugly on purpose?), as well as how his glasses magnified his eyes into a permanent state of excitement and bewilderment. He didn’t give a shit about that kind of thing though, he rose above everyone’s judgements and did what he wanted, causing him to become the coolest person you knew. Not forgetting his bizzare and eclectic taste in music which he so desperately had to show off with radio stations blaring whenever you all spent days together in the summer heat, and handing out mixtapes to everyone which compiled his most favourite songs yet.

Well, to everyone except you. Because, as previously evidenced, Richie Tozier hated you as much as you hated him.

In his eyes, you didn’t fit. You were too good, too kind, too smart. Always getting the best grades and the right answers, speaking in a crystal clear voice that was oh-so-sure of itself, saying all your ‘please’s and ‘thank you’s in a sickly sweet voice that made him want to cringe back into himself as he couldn’t help but play it in his head over and over again. Whenever you made a joke, it was careful, precise and clever, always earning you a chorus of light chuckles and glowing grins. You didn’t need to try hard to do anything, everything you did was so effortlessly perfect.

All of this caused you to appear to carry yourself with an air of superiority that Richie couldn’t stand. He saw you with a shiny halo above your head, radiating a brightness that came from within. You were better than all of them, not only the Losers’ Club, but everyone in Derry. Fuck it, maybe you were the best goddamn person in the entirety of the East Coast. But, Richie didn’t care to find out if you were, because he didn’t care enough about you.

At least, that’s what he told himself. If he hated you, he wouldn’t care about you, and if he didn’t care about you, you would never be able to break his heart.

And you? It turns out you would rather die than confess how you really felt about him.

Both of you thought your lies were untraceable, your acts perfectly constructed to the point where no one else would ever possibly be able to realise the truth, especially the other person. Together, you became completely different people, and it was obvious to everyone else exactly why.

Whilst Richie was never as malicious as that first day, it didn’t make it any easier to deal with- always complaining whenever you showed up, making sarcastic comments to anything you said, sometimes just flat out ignoring you for hours on end. So, instead of becoming hurt, you fought back.

For every complaint you had a perfectly-timed eye-roll. For every sarcastic comment you had an equally clever retort. For every dirty look you had one even more scathing. It was a constant back and forth, a struggle for the last word which always escalated in something that had to be broke apart unless one of you stormed off in a blind rage.

And now, as you sat once again at the quarry, many months later, you reflected upon everything you knew, and realised that nothing had changed.

The day had started like any other, a chorus of yells outside of your window demanding that you meet them at your usual spot, startling you awake as you attempted to fall back to sleep despite the streams of light pouring into your room. Before you could reach the window to lean out and question them about whatever the plan was for today, they were gone.

With a sigh, you picked up your brush and started combing though half-closed eyes, sleep still begging you at you to come back. You felt your lips begin to curl up into a smile it took you a second, but you recognised the feeling: content. Despite everything Richie threw at you, trying to drive you away, you finally felt comfortable with the Losers. You fit in. Something you never had done before.

For the next fifteen minutes you flew about your home in a haze, changing into your shorts and shirt, shoving whatever you imagined you’d need for the day into your bag, wolfing down some breakfast, and quickly locking front door behind you. As you jumped on your bike and tore down the street at full speed, you smiled once again as you knew it was going to be a good day.

The positivity didn’t last long, however, as from around the corner as you approached the quarry came no other than Richie Tozier. Your eyes met at exactly the same time, simultaneously narrowing to match the scowls on your faces.

“Richie, what the fuck?” You shouted, swerving your bike to the right, almost crashing into the sidewalk. He’d began to veer his bike towards yours, not stopping until you finally had to divert away from him.

“Pedal a bit faster would you, Y/N, or have you forgot how to ride a fucking bike?”

“You’re an actual sociopath, it’s been confirmed.”

“Could you actually use real words for once instead of whatever shit that was?”

“Oh, sorry, I forgot you had the IQ of a wombat. Maybe if it was as high as your ego we wouldn’t have a problem.”

“The fuck is a wombat?”

The pair of you continued on like that until you reached the quarry and the rest of the Losers, surprisingly unscathed. As soon as you could, you jumped off your bike and stormed over to Bill and Stan, and of course Richie went straight to Eddie.

The tension was now palpable. You were caught in such a whirlwind of fury that you couldn’t focus on anything else but how fast your heart was beating and how much you hated Richie Tozier. As you could’ve predicted, he was doing exactly the same thing.

Nothing had even escalated further than it ever had before, but somehow you were so affected by this run-in with him. Maybe it was because of how intent he appeared to be upon hurting you, both emotionally and physically this time. You believed he hated you that much that he wouldn’t stop at anything to make you miserable, to drive you away from your friends and ultimately happiness. A twisting sensation began in your stomach and it felt as if it was wrapping itself over and over again.

You were hurt. Not through anything Richie had said, or his intentions behind it. No, it was something greater than that. You quickly stole a glance at him, taking in the dark mess upon his head and his glasses which were beginning to slip down his nose. The collar of his shirt had become twisted and there was nothing you wanted to do more than go over and smooth it over for him. Push his glasses up and perhaps press a kiss against his…

What? No!   

Your eyes snapped back to the floor as you began to mentally reprimand yourself for considering for even a second that you didn’t hate him. You knew you hated him, nothing more and nothing less. But, before you could further remind yourself of how you need to act, something else caught their attention.

“Hey, Stan? Bill?” You turned to face them both, desperately trying not to look at Richie again, who was sat a few yards behind them. “Where’s Ben, Bev and Mike?”

Stan’s eyes flicked over to Eddie, who became instantly alert and listened on to the conversation.

“We’re just waiting for Mike,” Stan replied, and Bill carried on from him.

“Then we’re going s-s-somewhere else to meet Bev and B-Ben.”

Both of them seemed slightly off, as well as Eddie, who was way more alert than usual in your opinion.

“You’re both acting really weird, kinda scaring me a bit,” you laughed, but the nervous edge was still detectable in your voice.

“Probably just your unwanted presence making them uncomfortable as usual,” Richie finally called over. Before you had an opportunity to bite back, Mike arrived and greeted you all, which seemed to be a signal for the others to hoist themselves up and grab their bikes.

Just like that, you were off. Without being told where exactly you were going, you followed Bill and Stan, the other three trailing behind you. After a while, you no longer recognised the path you were on, and with a quick glance realised you’d been biking for an unreasonably long time.

The ground had turned uneven without you noticing, narrowing into a winding path through the dense forest that surrounded Derry. Inside you began to panic, knowing you were miles from home now and you hadn’t been paying enough attention to know. You didn’t want to say anything, though, afraid of being called out once again for not being able to properly fit in with the Losers.

After another fifteen minutes, Bill and Stan (who had gained quite a lead) came to a sudden halt in the middle of a clearing, letting their bikes drop to the floor. A few moments later, you had reached the opening, and you could finally see Bev and Ben sat a few feet to the right. Sans bikes.

The confusion must have been etched into your expression because Beverly shot you a devilish grin when you caught her eye. Behind you, two more bikes fell to the ground and Ben excused himself to go over to the others.

“What the fuck are we doing all the way out here,” Richie was yelling, causing you to subtly turn around so he would clearly be able to see you sigh and roll your eyes. “Seems like we’re about to perform some kind of human sacrifice or some bullshit.” Then, he turned serious. “I nominate (Y/N).”

“Bite me.”

“In your dreams, baby,” he drawled, pointedly returning the eye-roll you’d given him moments before.

“That! That is exactly the reason we’re out here!”

Stan’s exclamation caught you off guard and when you looked at him, you saw him pick up his bike and get back on. Eddie had already done the exact same, and you weren’t sure if Mike had even got off his.

“What’s going on here?” You turned to Bev for reassurance, but were met with the surprise of her being on a bike- your bike. “What the-”

“We’re sick of you two arguing,” she cut you off, with a sigh. “It’s obvious why you do it, you think you’re fooling us all but the only people you’re fooling are yourselves. We’re giving you an opportunity to be able to talk about whatever is going on in your minds whilst you walk back to the quarry, where we’ll meet you in a few hours. And if you don’t…”

“We’ll deal with it accordingly,” Ben finished, who had Richie’s bike, sounding mildly threatening for the first time. You would’ve normally laughed, but you knew it wasn’t the right time or place. They were serious, all of them.

Gradually, they began to leave, ignoring Richie’s screams of “give me my bike back, you little shit!” But just like that, they were out of sight.

The sun began to rise higher and higher, shining through the trees and beating down on the two of you as you walked in silence. For a while, Richie had stormed ahead, refusing to even look at you for a second. You didn’t really care because you were too preoccupied with repeating Beverly’s words over and over again in your mind: “the only people you’re fooling are yourselves.” As the heat intensified, however, Richie’s pace slowed considerably until you were near enough side by side.

As thankful you were that the path was clearly defined, you couldn’t help but become frustrated with the overgrown bushes and plants that lined the way. It became even more unbearable when Richie, who was still ever so slightly ahead, would push through them only to let them fly straight back into you. On purpose, of course.

“This is stupid,” you murmured, trying not to bring too much attention to yourself in case Richie bit your head off.

“Tell me about it.”

Your head snapped up straight away and you saw him waiting a few metres ahead, prodding at the ground with a stick he’d obviously picked up along the way. The sight made you smile as it revealed to you that there was an actual soft, childlike side to the infamous Trashmouth Tozier.

Sadly, it didn’t last long.

“This is all your fault, you’ve got us stranded out in the middle of nowhere and my friends are about to lose their shit at me, all because you couldn’t take a fucking hint.”

Unable to reply, you held your breath and pushed past him gently to carry on walking. The forest was beginning to thin out and the road ahead was becoming more visible by the step.

“You’re not even denying it, even you know deep down no one wants you here. That’s why they’ve brought us out here, to get rid of us. You’re dragging me down with you, for fuck’s sake!”

It was becoming harder to walk as the tears welled up in your eyes, and pain welled up in your chest. After Bev had said what she’d said, you’d felt a glimmer of hope for you and Richie, that maybe whatever it was that you were so adamant about not feeling for him was reciprocated.

“Are- are you crying?”

“No.” You sniffled slightly against your will. “Maybe.”

“Oh my God, you’re actually crying.”

“Fine, yes Richie, I’m crying! What, are you going to call me a little bitch? Tell me I need to grow a pair? Remind me once again that I don’t fucking fit in?”

Both of you had now stopped in your tracks as you whirled around on him with your fists clenched and tears threatening to fall. There were so many things racing through your mind that you wanted to tell him, but so many insults you wanted to hurl at him too. Richie was the first to speak, helping make the decision for you.

“Don’t cry.”

“Don’t tell me what to do.” You spat back, abandoning the strong facade you tried to create as you wiped away your tears on the sleeve of your shirt.

“Fuck, Y/N, I’m only trying to be nice. You’re not on your period are you?”

“No, Richie, I’m not- I’m sick and tired of you!” His eyes widened as you began to shout, taking a step forwards to shove a finger into his chest. “You’ve treated me like shit since the first day we met, for absolutely no fucking reason at all! And look at this what you’ve done too: I’m shouting and swearing in the middle of nowhere. I used to be able to tolerate jackass behaviour like yours, but you’ve broke me!”

“Well, you’re not perfect!” Richie finally managed to shout back, taking one step forwards which prompted you to move back again. “No, you are, and that’s what makes you so fucking unbearable. You’re always there with a smile on your face and this can-do attitude which has to be fake. You have this laugh and even when you’re not around it plays over and over again in my mind. I saw you around school with your perfect grades and your perfect smile and your perfect hair: it drives me insane- you drive me insane! Can you just do me a huge favour and leave us alone so I can try to move on.”

His eyes widened at exactly the same time as yours, both realising what he’d just said. Fumbling for a way to backtrack, Richie began to stutter, a first for him. And you? You didn’t know what you felt, just that you were calm now but something was simmering away inside, ready to bubble over.

“Move on from what?”

No answer. More stuttering. You began to grow impatient.

“Move on from what?”


Just like that, you snapped.

“What gives you the right, what gives you the right to decide that now you’re finally going to try and tell me this? You’ve put me through hell for the past few months, ruined my mood wherever we went, made me cry myself to sleep at night because I thought you really did truly hate me, all for you to go and tell me this? You’ve torn me apart for months and drove me insane because despite all of this, I liked you. But now? I hate you, Richie Tozier, I fucking hate you!”

Unbeknownst to you, in a whirlwind of anger and tears, you ended up with his arms wrapped around you, your head buried into the collar of his shirt. You didn’t know how long you were stood there for like that, him quietly consoling you on the outskirts of town, but when you finally broke apart, Richie Tozier firmly stated what he never imagined to say before in his life:

“I’m sorry.”

In a rather spur of the moment fashion, he leaned down ever so slightly to meet your height and softly pressed his lips against yours. It was substantially awkward and tasted faintly of salt, courtesy of you. 

“You’re a damn fool, Richie Toizer,” you murmured, half-smiling after you’d pulled away. “Beverly was right,we’re just a pair of damn fools.” 

You leaned up to kiss him once again, but as you pulled away for the second time, you knew there was a lot more you needed to talk about. As it turns out, you in fact knew nothing at all anymore, nevermind how many stars there were in the universe. But for now?

It was somehow enough.

fight me (richie tozier)

request by anonymous:  can i get a fic where everyone teases the reader about being the girl version of richie, they end up dating and it’s really sappy & fluffy?

thank you sm for the request! hope you like this!

pair: richie x reader

warning: swearing, like what’d you expect? it’s a richie fic

request here!

it masterlist

“where are we even going?” you whine, calling out to bill, who was all the way at the front. biking really takes a lot of energy.

you were biking with all the losers except bev, she was not there for some reason but, you can ask bill about that later. but right now, you didn’t know where the hell you guys were going. bill just said to follow him and you guys did because who actually has better thing to do?

“w-we’re a-almost th-there, i pr-promise!” bill yelled back.

“you said that three times, dipshit!” richie yelled from beside you.

“w-well th-this t-t-time i mean it! s-see, it’s th-that hill right th-there!” bill grinned.

with all of your might, you pedaled your bike to that hill, snaking through the other losers and finally got to the hill.

you jumped off your bike and sat down at the foot of the hill, “ha! slowpokes!”

“uhm, excuse me? we had to stop three times to wait for you to catch up because you were tired!” eddie stuck his tongue out at you.

“careful eddie, don’t want your tongue to get a disease. but hey, your mom can help you out with that right? heard she’s got experience.” you smirked.

“that’s so not funny.” eddie huffed but had a smile on his face. he knows it’s nothing personal.

“anyways bill, why in the fuck did we bike so far to get to this hill?” ben asked, pulling out the grass from the ground.

“so we can get you to exercise! am i right guys?” richie put his hand up, his smile gleaming in the sun- wait what?

‘why did i notice that? his smile is ugly, like ew. i take that back.’ you thought and dug your nails into your palm to distract yourself.

“beep beep, richie.” everybody said in unison and watched as richie lowered his hand, looking defeated.

“t-to an-answer ben, w-we came h-here to h-have a d-different s-setting. m-mike? did y-you g-get the s-sandwich-hes?” bill asked, turning his body a bit to face mike.

“yeah, i got ham and cheese and grilled cheeses.” mike said as he took out the plastic-wrapped sandwiches from his backpack.

“dibs on the grilled cheese!” stan snatched one of the grilled cheeses off the ground and began to unwrap it.

everybody else started to lunge for their choice of sandwiches and you reached for one of the ham and cheeses but someone slapped your hand away and took it.

“richie, you bitch! that was mine!” you try and reach over for it but he held it away from your grasp.

“finders keepers, little one!” he laughed.

“i’m fucking two inches shorter, so what? i can still bust your fucking kneecaps.” you sneered, earning laughs from all the other losers.

“here y/n, you can have mine.” eddie tossed his to you before he grabbed a grilled cheese.

“thanks eddie, follow his example you assholes.” you said and took a bite out of your sandwich.

“so bill, where’s bev? i kinda miss having another girl to counteract the testosterone around me.” you laughed.

“what’s testosterone?” ben asked, almost finished with his sandwich.

“something eddie’s mom will get, ooo!” richie jeered.

“beep beep, richie! fucking hell!” you exclaim, throwing a pebble at him.

“bill! she’s throwing rocks at me!” richie points his finger towards you, acting like a child.

“oh suck it up, richie. it’s not like y/n can do any real damage.” stan chuckled, nudging mike beside him.

“fuck you uris, hope you choke on that sandwich.” you grumble.

“aw, is y/n mad?” richie mocked, wiggling his finger towards you.

“fight me, tozier.” you stood up and looked down at him.

“psh, okay sure.” richie put his sandwich down and stood up, wiping the dirt from his shorts. 

“bill, hold my sandwich.” you thrust your sandwich towards bill.

this happened almost on the daily, you would trash talk the trashmouth and he would trash talk you back. it was all in good fun but damn, richie can really annoy you.

“g-guys, s-sit d-down.” he said, reluctantly your sandwich.

“no, i’m going to beat tozier’s ass first.” you tilted your head from side to side, trying to look intimidating.

“y/n, for a person who argues with richie about what he says and does, you sure are exactly like him.” stan commented, looking back and forth at you and richie.

“yeah! you could be the girl version of richie!” jack grinned while the other boys nodded in agreement.

“i would shove my face down eddie’s mom’s mouth before- oh screw you guys!” you laugh, feeling warmth spread through your cheeks.

you don’t know why you were blushing, it’s not like you like richie or anything. 

right? whatever.

“you guys wanna go already? it’s getting dark.” mike said, beginning to zip up his backpack.

“y-yeah, g-good i-idea.” 

“hey richina!” eddie shouted from across the street, “want to go down to the quarry?”

you groaned, that damned nickname. 

“eddie, it’s y/n! y/n! shut the fuck up with that!” you said as you crossed the street to go with him and the boys, “but yeah, why not? is bev coming?”

“yeah, s-she’s r-right over th-there.” bill pointed behind you and you saw beverly walk down the sidewalk, a smile on her face.

“beverly! oh thank god you’re here! if i spent one more second with these bitches, i would’ve choked!” you throw your arms around her and hugging her tightly. you could hear the boys protest in the background and you thought your heard richie mumble something under his breath.

“i’m glad to see you, too. but like, what did they do now?” beverly chuckled as you pulled away and started walking.

“they keep teasing me about how i’m the girl version of richie. i am so not him, right?” you looked over at richie, who was slap boxing eddie and laughing.


“well…” beverly trailed off, another smile creeping up unto her face.

“you too? fucking shit!” you groan.

“think about it, y/n. you cuss like a sailor, make bad jokes- don’t protest, you know it’s true- anyways, you do act like him.” beverly nudged you a bit to take away the scowl you have on your face.

“i hope you trip into a puddle of dicks, bev.” you grumble, walking a bit faster.

“oh i love you more, my dear y/n!”

“fuck off!”

after a long walk filled with groans and laughter, you guys finally reached the cliff overlooking the quarry. you strip into your underwear, walk towards the edge of the cliff and look at the boys and beverly.

“so, who’s going first?” you ask, crossing your arms over your chest.

everybody exchanged glances at each other, trying to avoid the ultimate terror of jumping first. wusses. 

“you guys are such scaredy cats! don’t tell me you have to get showed off by girls. right, bev?” you laugh.

“damn right.”

“oh yeah? why don’t you go first y/n? since you’re so strong and cocky?” richie mocked, stepping towards you.

an idea popped into your head and you smirked, “with pleasure, tozier.”

you grab his arm and pulled him down with you.

“fuck, fuck, fuck, suck a dick you fucking toad!” you could hear him scream next to you and then you two finally hit the water.

you swam up to the surface and looked up at the top again, “well?”

after that, one by one, they started to jump off and get in the water with you.

“fuck you, y/n, i could’ve died.” richie called out.

“trust me, i don’t give a fucking shit.” you flashed him a fake smile and swam over to ben and bill.

“ugh, he’s so annoying, that cunt.” you huff, playing with the water.

“i-if h-he’s so an-annoying, th-then why are y-you b-blushing?” bill pointed out and you splashed him.

“am not!”

“you look like a tomato!” ben laughed.


“oh my shit richie, you totally like her!” stan punched richie’s shoulder lightly.

“fuck off, no i don’t! she’s ugly and reminds me of a flower that’s surrounded by sunshine.” richie said and looked at the raised eyebrows around him, “i mean surrounded by poison!”

“ookay richie, you totally don’t like y/n.” eddie out his hands up and walked away slowly.

“i don’t!”

“richie. you like y/n, admit it.” mike said, picking up pebbles from the bottom of the quarry.

“yeah! she’s just like you and you love that.” beverly wriggled her eyebrows at him.

richie felt himself blush a bit, “i mean, i guess…”

“ha! i knew it! you should like ask her out.” stan winked.

“whatever, uris. go tickle your pickle or something.” richie rolled his eyes and swam towards you, bill, and ben.

“ew, who invited you here?” you grimace.

“shut up, you love me.” richie retorted.

you pinched your arm next to you to keep you distracted and when you didn’t feel any pain, you looked at the person next to you.

“bill, i’m sorry!” you laugh, reaching to look at his arm. “ it’s not that red!”

“i-it’s okay, y-y/n.” bill smiled.

“nice going, dipshit.” richie snorted.

you turn around to glare at richie. “oh my god, richie. you can’t shut the fuck up, can you?”

“no, because sometimes, your thick skull can’t hear anything!” richie shouted.

“i have a thick skull? at least something’s thick! i can’t speak for you though!” you shout back, taking a step closer to him.

“fuck you, big head!” he argued.

“i’m good, garbage bitch!”



“wanna go out?”

“yeah!” you reply and it got really quiet all around you. that escalated really quickly.

“well fuck. the two trash talkers are dating. see you guys later, i like having my feelings happy.” eddie blurted out and started to swim to the shore.

“i second that and it’s getting kind of late.” mike said and beverly agreed and walked back with him.

“let’s go ben, the warning alarms in my head are going off.” stan pulled ben away and you watched them walk off.

you looked at richie and then looked at your hands, “so, we’re really dating?”

“i guess? i don’t know, if you want to.” richie scratched his neck, feeling as awkward as you are.

“is it bad that i kinda do?” you look up at him and met with his eyes and he smiled.

oh shit.’ you thought as you felt a butterfly in your stomach.

“nope, it’s pretty cool.”

you and richie reached your front porch at his insistence to walk you home.

“thanks, trash mouth.” you went in to give him a hug and you felt blood rush into your cheeks. the shit he can do to you and you barely became his girlfriend.

“fight me, trash bitch.” he chuckled.

“maybe tomorrow.” you smile and you were about to open your door before you heard richie call your name.

“what do you-” you were cut off by a pair of lips on yours.

when he pulled back, you were red and speechless.

“i- um- i’m going to- fuck- bye!” he stuttered and backed away.

“bye, richie.” you whispered and watched him walk away.

maybe being richie’s girl version isn’t so bad after all.

Mistakes (Batboys x Batsis Reader) Part 2

Part 1

“Gotham seems to be in more trouble than it usually is!” The reporter amusingly bantered to her partner.

The fellow newscaster waved his hand to signal a video. It was taken last night in the troubled city called Gotham. The Joker managed to get out and brought a few of his friends to have a “chat” with Batman. The fight on the video was brutal and you would cringe after each mighty blow the Joker and others gave to the mighty heroes of Gotham.

“Do you think Gotham’s favorite vigilantes are getting too old for their job?”

“Well I don’t think that’s the case Jim, besides Batman you can tell that his helpers like Red Robin and Robin are fairly young… they’re probably not even twenty yet.”

“It would be scary if Robin was that old… he’s so small.”

“Oh yes, but it seems like Robin is not present in this fight, where do you think he could be? Batman looks like he could use the help.”

The news reporters and yourself brought back the attention to the video.

Batman seemed to be the only one bringing his A game to the fight, his punches were precise, but he seemed a bit more sluggish. Nightwing was an utter mess, the normal people couldn’t see but you could tell his wasn’t feeling his top game that night. His landings were stumbled and he got kicked in situations which you known he could’ve easily avoided. Red Robin stuck entirely to the outside of the fight, he refused to make direct contact with criminals and you know that Tim only does that when he looses confidence in his fighting abilities.

And Robin was no where to be seen in the video.

That was strange because you knew Damian would never miss out on a fight unless there was something vital keeping him back.

Clicking the television off you begrudgingly got off the couch and pulled out your duffle bag.

With two taps on the door, the door slowly opened.

“Leaving already?” Barry said sarcastically.

“I never said anything about leaving.” You replied nonchalantly, pretending to rummage through your bad.

Barry picked up the remote and returning to his place back near the doorframe turned on the tv.

“Batman also seems to be missing another in his most recent battles.”

“Correct, the vigilante (Y/SH/N) hasn’t been on the scenes lately, does our research crew know any information about this?”

“No, but with the lack of presence of Robin there must be a reason.”

You zipped your backpack up and slung it around your shoulders. The news began to play a more recent battle from earlier this morning. Looking at your brother’s moves you could see the laziness with their punches and the sluggish responses they gave. This time it was only Batman and Nightwing. The fight seemed to last longer than it should. A painful punch landed on Dick’s jaw, you grimaced but your eyes were still glued to the screen.

Barry noticed your interest in the screen and turned it off. You whipped your head to glare at Barry, but you quickly decided that it wasn’t the best move you tried to look like it didn’t effect you. 

“I’m glad you’re finally going back to them.” Barry said with a grin.

“You don’t know where I’m going.” You stated plainly, walking to the door.

Barry followed after you and smiled. You were just like your brothers and Batman. Too loyal to fully abandon your duties, heck, when you came to stay with him each night you made sure to fight crime along side with him to make up for your absence in Gotham. It was also no wonder that you found some stuff about your supposed mistake on the last mission you went on with the team.

You didn’t kill the man, it was Joker’s venom. A couple nights of hacking and a few interrogations lead to the actual truth.

“Thanks for your help in Central City, tell Batman I said hi.”

The boys sat in silence with only the noise of typing on the computer.

Dick slowly walked into the cave and slumped on one of the seats.

“Please tell me you heard from Damian or even better Y/N.” Tim said, eyes not leaving the computer.

Dick gave a short grunt and picked up some medicine from the table.

“We could use all the help we can get Jason.” Tim grumbled to Jason’s laid back figure.

“I am helping.” Jason shot back gesturing to his phone.

“You’re on the news.”


Jason began to play some recent news videos from across the world. He lazily scrolled through the channels before stopping on Central City’s News. Tim sighed as he watched Jason look at his phone while blaring it out so everyone could hear. He honestly didn’t even know why Jason even offered to help, he has been laying on the couch for 2 weeks scrolling through his phone. Damian was gone every day and only came back at night storming to his room and Dick was the only one who was stable enough to help Batman with his battles since no one else would.

Everyone’s thoughts were about you.

Each of them thought about their mistakes and replayed the last scene before you disappeared.  They all regretted the mean things they said and barely slept. All of their off hours were spent trying to track you down.

Dick turned to your friends and his own personal friends for help, while Jason was sitting on the couch and sometimes left it to go on an unknown ride with his motorcycle. Tim relied on the computer completely. He searched though files, cameras, and pictures in hopes to find you. Damian was gone since the day you were announced missing. He searched every place in Gotham and when Gotham turned out empty he widened his searches to other cities.

As the night went on Damian returned from his search and Dick also came back again from his most recent fight. All was quiet until,

“Bingo.” Jason blurted out.

“Did an ad tell you you’ve won a free phone.” Damian replied sarcastically.

“Central City’s News on Wednesday 5:35 go there.”

Tim quickly typed in the video and Jason picked up his helmet. Hoping onto his motorcycle he sped out of the batcave. The boys didn’t understand what was so important about this video until they went through frame by frame. Flash was seen zooming into a warehouse knocking villains down. It all seemed like a typical fight until something was thrown to the villains back to stop his motions to break the valuable tech.

Stopping the video at the right time your shadow was barely seen in the corners and your weapons was hidden very carefully to avoid the camera.

The boys face erupted in smiles.

“She’s in Central City…” Dick said with relief.

“Grayson drive the Batmobile now, we have to see Y/N.”

“So that’s where Jason went.” Tim said to no one in particular.

You crept through the alley ways. Nothing bad seemed to happen but you could feel something was off.

You were almost back to Gotham, but the walk took longer than you expected. So you were just enjoying the evening stars, dazed with not much concern.

Until a pair of arms picked you up and spinned you around. Before you could react back you recognized the voice.

“You’re not going anywhere this time Y/N”



He let you down but still held on to your hand. You gave Jason a confused glance.

“What? I’m not taking any chances until my reinforcements arrive.”

You were going to question what he meant but the screeching on a car answered it all. Dick and Damian jumped out of the Batmobile and gave you a bone crushing hug.

“Don’t do that ever again.” Damian said sternly, but you could hear his tone get cracked up by the tears.

Damian let go to wipe his tears but Dick still held on to you and he hurriedly told you everything that happened and how they were all wrong.

“Dick I know about the Joker venom so it’s ok I’m sorry I left.”

“You’re sorry? Y/N we’re sorry! We are all sorry!”

You smiled as you looked to your brothers. Mistakes happen, but ultimately your family couldn’t be divided. Tricks or lies can’t separate this family forever.

“Where’s Tim?” You suddenly noticed his absence.

Another motorcycle was heard screeching through the alley.

“You guys left me!” Tim yelled at he stopped the motorcycle.

“You were too slow.” Damian said plainly.

Tim practically jumped off the bike to hug you.

Mistakes can happen but ultimately being together as a team and family can learn and conquer those past mistakes.


Pairing: Sweet Pea x Fem!Reader/OC

Rating: NSFW, R, NC-17

Word Count: 3101

Warnings: language/cursing, smut, consensual hate sex, consensual rough sex

He was an ass. Not just an ass, Sweet Pea was the biggest ass. Every time I went over to hang out with Jughead, he made it a point to be a dick to me. He made snide comments about me living on the Northside, despite that I spend more time on the Southside. I much preferred the company of Jughead and Toni to Cheryl and Josie. Sweet Pea always made malicious comments about my hair, my clothes, even the diamond studs I wore in my ears.

           One time, I wore my River Vixen uniform to meet the gang at Pop’s. That was the worst. Sweet Pea called me a Northside slut, saying I probably fucked everyone on the football team. I never let him get away with it though. A sharp kick of his shin under the table and shooting venom right back at him knocked him off his pedestal. “Sluts have sex with everyone and you don’t see me trying to have sex with you,” I told him, eating the cherry off the top of my milkshake. He didn’t get to call me a slut just because the River Vixens were the closest thing Riverdale had to a gymnastics team.

           I happened to be at a party on the Southside with Toni and Jughead. Dressed in a skin tight black skirt, lacy maroon bralette, and a pair of Toni’s black leather boots, I was there looking for a good time. Toni and I were three drinks in and I felt great. I moved to the dance floor, finding a sexy, tall blonde boy. Crooking my finger, I motioned him over and started to dance.  I pressed back into him, grinding to the music. He started getting handsy, trailing his hands up and down my body. I turned to face him, ready to make a move.

           I leaned up, eyes closed before I felt the blonde pulled away. My eyes shot open and I saw Sweet Pea standing there and the blonde several feet away clutching his jaw.

           “Leave. NOW!” Sweet Pea yelled at him. He scurried away. Sweet Pea turned around, grabbed my arm, and dragged me towards the door.

           “What the fuck Sweet Pea?” I yelled at him.

           “You’re drunk,” he replied.

           “Yeah, that’s kind of the point!” I retorted.

           “He was taking advantage of you.”

           I laughed at him.  “He wasn’t taking advantage of me. I came here to get laid. He was hot.”

           He looked down at me, his grip on my arm still tight as he pulled me outside. “I didn’t realize you were such a whore.”

           “I’m not a whore Sweets,” I growled. “I’m horny.” He gaped at my blunt choice of words but I was just tipsy enough that I didn’t care. “You know Sweet Pea, I knew you were a dick, but I didn’t know you were such a cock block.”

           He turned on me, grabbing both of my arms. “Shut the fuck up, I’m taking you home for your own good.”

           I ripped my arms away from him. No way in hell was I going home before I got what I came for. “No, you’re not.”

           “Yes, I am.”

           “No, you’re fucking not,” I growled. He picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder, giving me a nice view of his ass. “Put me the fuck down or I swear to God,” I yelled at him, pounding on his back with my fists.

           He laughed. “Yeah, what’s a little Princess like you going to do.” He sat me down on the back of his motorcycle. As soon as I was free, I fisted up my hand and swung for his cheek. He grabbed my wrist, his grip tight. “I don’t think so, Princess.”

           “Let me go you Neanderthal piece of shit! This is kidnapping! You’re such an idiot, piece of shit, gang banger, shithead,” I yelled.

           “And you’re a spoiled little Northside slut, who knows nothing about me or the Southside. And, you’re just a fucking bitch,” he retorted.

           We stared at each other, glaring and daring each other to make a sound or blink. All of sudden, his lips crashed onto mine. I moaned at the contact, cursing my body for betraying my mind. He just felt so good. His lips were rough and aggressive. He bit down on my bottom lip and I hissed in response. I had one hand fisted in his hair, tugging on the onyx strands and the other hand grasping onto his shoulder and keeping him close. He pulled away and I used both hands to pull him back in. I was horny and he was hot. It didn’t matter to me right now how much we hated each other. We were about to work out that hate, probably more than once.

           After another few minutes of making out on his motorcycle, he pulled away with a growl. “Not here,” he groaned. He hopped on the bike in front of me, revving the engine and driving off. I clenched my thighs tightly around him, pressing as close to him as possible. I had one arm wrapped around him, clutching onto his chest for stability. I smirked evilly as I snaked my other hand south.

           He groaned and the bike swerved a bit as my hand made its way to his lap. I could feel the hardened length pressing against his jeans, aching to spring free. I rubbed him through his jeans, listening to him groan and growl as he drove. He tried to move my hand, but every time he did, I moved it back, giving him a little squeeze.

           He pulled up in front of his trailer, jumping off his bike and throwing me over his shoulder again. This time, he gripped my ass tightly as he carried me inside. He kicked open the door, hurrying inside before throwing me on the couch. He stared down at me. I was leaning against the back of the couch with my legs spread just slightly. My skirt had ridden up on the motorcycle and I knew he could see the maroon lace peaking out from the apex of my thighs. He licked his lips and knelt to the floor in front of me.

           He knotted his fist in my hair and pulled me to him roughly. Our lips collided aggressively once again and he slipped his tongue between my lips. We fought for dominance before he overpowered me, taking complete control and exploring every corner of my mouth. I felt him tugging on my hair and I groaned at both the slight ache and the pleasure.

           I put my hands on his shoulders, squeezing onto him when he bit down on my bottom lip again. I gripped the leather of his jacket and pushed it down his shoulders. He removed his hand from my hair and let his jacket fall to the floor. He pulled back, removing his shirt too. I leaned back against the couch, gaping at his body. In all the times I had known him, I didn’t realize this Greek-God-like physique was hidden underneath all that leather. I licked my lips eagerly, the ache between my thighs stronger than ever.

           He leaned in, slower this time but just as rough, and started nipping at my jaw. He trailed his lips down my neck, stopping every few inches to leave a mark. I gasped as he bit down a little harder than was necessary, but found myself willing him to do it again. While he was leaving marks all over me, I was running my nails up and down his back. Each time he nipped or bit into me too hard, I dug my nails deeper, scratching down his back, enjoying the groan that escaped him. His hands were fiddling with the lace at the bottom of my bralette, slowly pushing it up. His lips trailed down past my neck, and to my chest. As his lips reached the top of the bralette, he pushed the bralette up and out of his way.

           When his mouth latched onto my nipple, sucking roughly, my hands flew to his hair.  I tugged on his hair as he used his teeth to scrape across the hard peak before tugging. I cried out, gripping his hair even tighter and holding him in place. He gave the other rosy bus the same attention before pulling back. He pulled the bralette over my head, tossing it somewhere across the room as he leaned in for another kiss. He held onto my neck with one hand as he pressed me back into the couch with his kiss. I could feel his warm chest against mine and I ran my hands up his sides. He shivered at my touch and I smirked into the kiss. Biting my bottom lip again, he pulled away.

           He stood up and I whined at the loss of contact. However, I licked my lips as I noticed he was unbuttoning his jeans. He kicked the jeans off and my eyes were glued to him. Commando. Of fucking course he goes commando. My jaw dropped as I stared at his hard length and he smirked. He knew it was something to be proud of. My reaction was just stroking his ego.

           I stood too, starting to unzip my skirt before his hands stopped me. He replaced my hands with his own and dragged the skirt down at a slow, teasing place. He knelt down as the skirt dropped to the floor. The little scrap of maroon lace was the only thing separating my body from him. I wanted it gone. He nibbled at the skin right above the lace, leaving a mark. I looked down at him and once again knotted my fingers through his hair. He smirked up at me, catching the red lace between his teeth and dragging it down slowly. He trailed his nose up the inner side of my thigh, stopping when he reached the apex. He looked up again, devilishly smirking from between my legs. He pushed me back down on the couch, spreading my legs with his hands and kneeling between them. He draped one of my legs over his shoulder and leaned in. He nibbled his way up my inner thigh, leaving a trail of dark marks. He was almost right where I wanted him.

           “What do you want, Princess?” he growled, his hot breath blowing right where I wanted him tongue.

           “You know what I want, Jackass,” I growled back.

           “Tsk, tsk, so mean. Mean girls don’t get what they want.” He nibbled again at my upper thigh, biting into the skin roughly. He wanted me to beg but I wouldn’t give in. At least I didn’t think I would, until he pursed his lips and blew cold air directly onto the aching bundle of nerves between my legs.

           “Fine!” I conceded, groaning in frustration. “I want you.” I crossed my arms angrily, taking note of the way his eyes darkened as I pushed my breasts together.

           “Want me to what?” he asked, nipping just barely to the right of my clit.

           “I want you, inside of me. Your tongue, your fingers, your dick. I don’t care at this point. I’m done with the teasing.”

           He smirked, a predatory grin on his face as he dove right in. I threw my head back, crying out in pleasure as his mouth latched onto the sensitive bundle of nerves. He let go, using his tongue to trace a path from my clit down to the aching folds. He trailed back up, latching onto my clit once more. I felt one hand move from my thigh and ghost up towards the apex. He scraped his teeth along my sweet spot, pushing a long finger inside me, and I saw stars. Screaming and pulling his hair, I knew I was only seconds away from cumming.  

           “More,” I gasped, my voice hoarse from all the noises I was making. He added another finger, pushing into me faster and harder. I was almost there. Just a little more.

           “My turn,” I heard him say, pulling away from me completely. I gaped at him. I couldn’t believe he would pull away when I was so close.

           “Are you fucking kidding me Sweet Pea? Get back down there!” I yelled as he stood up. I rubbed my thighs together, trying to get some kind of friction. He smirked down at me, grabbing onto my arms and pulling me into a standing position.

           “Get on your knees,” he commanded. Who the fuck did he think he was, commanding me to do something.

           “No! You get on yours!” I spat back at him. He slid his hand between my legs, giving me the friction I so desired. I moaned, putting a hand on his arm to steady myself. He kissed me, hard, snaking his other hand into my hair. He pulled my head back, his kiss a centimeter away.

           “If you want this,” he whispered, thrusting his fingers hard into me, “to continue, you should get on your knees. Princess.”

           I whimpered as he pulled his fingers out of me. He held the glistening fingers up between us, looking at them before putting them in his mouth. I groaned at the site, dropping to my knees in front of him. He curled his hand tighter in my hair, helping to guide me to exactly what he wanted. I reached a hand out, grabbing onto his hard length and he groaned. I trailed my fingers lazily up and down his shaft, teasing him the way he had to me. He had such a nice cock, long, thick, and hard as a rock. I rubbed my thumb over the tip and he hissed. I decided that was enough teasing and I leaned in, taking the tip of him into my mouth.

           He groaned loudly at the feel of my mouth around his dick. I sucked on the tip before trailing my tongue down his length, tip to base and back again. When I got back to the tip, I took him into my mouth again. This time, I took as much of him in as I could, feeling him hit the back of my throat. He felt it too, as I heard him groan again. I pumped him in and out of my mouth at a slow pace, teasing him again. I knew he wanted me to go faster when I felt him tug my hair, but I stayed with the agonizing pace. After I had pumped him in and out several times, I released him with a pop. I used my tongue to trace patterns up and down his shaft, enjoying the sounds he emitted. I took him back into my mouth, deeper even than before. This time, he took back control, fisting both hands in my hair and guiding me onto his dick. He was thrusting in and out of my mouth and I moaned deeply at his control. The vibrations from my mouth made him falter for a moment and he released my hair. I removed my mouth, looking up at him.

           “Are you sure you want to do this Princess?” he asked, pulling me to my feet.

           I smirked wolfishly, hopping onto his couch again. I faced the back of the couch, kneeling, legs spread just enough, and propping my arms on the back of the couch. I bent over just a bit and stuck my ass out, turning my head to look at him over my shoulder. “What do you think Jackass? Get over here and do something useful.”

I didn’t have to tell him twice. He moved to stand beside me and I felt him put two fingers inside me, making sure I was wet enough. With all the teasing, I was fucking Niagara Falls over here. He closed the space between us and I felt the head of his cock at my entrance. He guided himself inside me and we both moaned at the contact. He pressed in slowly until he was buried to the hilt. He waited, giving me time to adjust as he rubbed my ass with his hands.

           A second later and he was thrusting, in and out, at a steady pace. I was screaming, “Yes” and “Don’t stop”. He had one hand on my hip; the other hand had made its way up to one of my breasts and was squeezing roughly. With each thrust, he drove in harder and faster. The hand from my breast snaked its way up my body and around my neck as he pounded into me. I moved one of my own hands down to my clit and rubbed viciously. He squeezed lightly on my neck, showing his control. I was unable to form coherent words at this point, reduced to moans and gasps of pleasure. The pressure on my neck, the hard thrusts as he pounded in and out, and my own fingers on my clit were too much.

           I came. Harder than I had ever cum in my life. My body clenched around him as I saw nothing but white light. I lost my grip on the back of couch and just lay my head on it. He pounded into me for several more seconds with both hands on my hips before his own orgasm took hold. His body shuddered as he spilled into me. Neither of us moved, trying to catch our breath and steady our racing pulses. After a minute, he pulled out of me and we both slumped down on the couch.

           He grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch, pulling me into his side and throwing it over us. He was leaning back on the couch and I was curled up under his arm. I wasn’t sure what to say, or even if I had to say anything to him. I didn’t like him, but he was there and he was willing when I needed to get off. Fucking him was hot. The intimate cuddling afterwards was throwing me for a loop. I stayed there for a while, cuddled up next to him. I looked up to find him staring down at me, a thoughtful look on his face. He smiled lazily when I met his gaze.

           “I hope you know I still don’t like you,” he told me, minor hints of sarcasm evident.

           “I don’t like you either,” I responded, smile on my face.

           He leaned down, kissing me roughly. Maybe, just maybe, we could learn to like each other. Until then,

           “You ready for round two?”

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Richie Tozier hasn’t spoken a word to anybody since he came to Derry in the middle of the school year. Until he talks to Eddie Kaspbrak.

Previous chapters: Chapter oneChapter twoChapter threeChapter fourChapter fiveChapter six. Chapter seven.

Chapter eight.

Winter break is almost over; school starts up again in a few days, and it is finally January. It has nearly been a full month since Richie arrived to Derry, and there is still not so much known about him. Eddie tries, but Richie does not deliver. Eddie is with Mike now, as they so always are—together. It’s always been this way, ever since the two met. Eddie feels bad for not spending so much time with Mike lately. It’s hard to spend time with his best friend when Eddie so desperately wants to spend time with his whateverRichieis. Eddie does not have a clue what Richie is, and he’s so used to it now that it’s almost as if there’s a word for it.

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some lines, things and details i adored in cmbyn, part one:

  • how delicately elio peels his egg while oliver completely smashes his
  • elio’s laugh as oliver tells him he knows what it feels like to be the odd jew out
  • sammy’s nervous/stressed laughter as he and oliver go through papers in the apricock scene 
  • the small glances between the perlman’s also in the apricock scene
  • “flying colors” 
  • the two girls slow dancing together in the background during “lady lady lady”
  • “et il est beau aussi, non?”
  • “the meaning of the river flowing is not that all things change so that you can’t encounter them twice, but that some things stays the same, only by changing” 
  • elly belly
  • elio mocking oliver
  • oliver lighting elio’s cigarette 
  • “andiamo, americano”
  • elio stealing peas
  • oliver biking with no hands
  • oliver jumping of his bike 
  • oliver poking his tongue out of his mouth before he touches elio’s lips
  • sammy’s face during the entire argument at the dinner table
  • “he doesn’t know anything about italy” “darling, he’s american”
  • elio biting the paper as oliver grabs his foot
  • “you’ll kill me if you do that” “i hope not”
  • the lil kiss on elio’s foot
  • “don’t go anywhere” oliver nods and leaves 
  • “i think he likes you, oliver. more than you do” “is that your impression?” “no, he told me” 
  • anella stroking her son’s cheek 
  • fUtiLE dEvICes
  • “traitor” 

this is only like half of the movie, i’ll do a part two.

Trapped and Alone // Eddie Kaspbrak

Word Count: 1517

Summary- At the Neibolt house, you separate from your boyfriends and friends, and have a bit of a misunderstanding later on. 

Warnings; N/A

A/n; This is kinda longer than my usual writing, but oh well, enjoy!

Requested; Yes! 1 down, 18 requests to go!

req;  Could you do an Eddie x reader where she isn’t there for Eddie when he breaks his arm(because she’s trapped in a room) so when she gets out she’s panicking and eventually gets to him but his mom freaks out on her and he doesn’t say anything/stands up for her so she’s upset because she thinks he’s mad but they eventually make up?


“Guys? Do you hear that?” You asked quietly, squinting your eyes into the dark room. A girl popped out, making you jump in surprise. It was your old friend; Betty Ripsom. “Betty?” You whispered, and a faint giggling was heard, before she ran deeper into the room, and out of sight. “Betty!” You whisper-yelled, trying desperately to find your friend, and not have IT find you.

Glancing back at the boys, who were huddled around something Richie was holding, you decided to peek into the room, for just a minute. Unfortunately, the house seemingly had other plans, and the door slammed shut right behind you. “Richie! Eddie? Bill!” You screamed, banging on the door. “Let me out!”

It was as if the boys couldn’t hear you; despite you being very loud. You heard a creaking noise behind you, and ever so slowly, you turned around, only to be met with the face of Pennywise. “Don’t worry, little girl.” He said, a maniacal giggle following the statement immediately after. “We all float down here..” He smirked, stepping forward towards you. Instinctively, you moved back. He took a step forward, you took a step back. This continued until your back hit the wall.

You squinted your eyes closed as he leaned over you, now hovering above you gently. He ran a cold finger down the length of your arm, making you shiver in terror. “Mm. I do love the taste of fear..” He said, and all of a sudden he stood up straight, eyes blown wide. It slowly merged into an evil smirk. “But then again, you aren’t that fun right now. I think I’ll go play with someone else.” He said, leaving you confused.

“How about your friends? Shall we start with Eddie?” IT asked, and you gasped. “You stay away from them! Do whatever the hell you want with me, leave them be!” You cried, your heart racing solely at the thought of losing your friends. “See, dear, this is how to play the game. Sorry, rules are rules. You’ve had your turn. Now, it’s theirs.” With a final cackle of laughter, he slowly backed away, disappearing behind another door. (Yes, you tried to follow. Yes, you were still trapped.)

You weren’t sure how long you’d been there, but upon hearing a huge crash, you jumped up, banging on the door again. “Eddie? Richie! Bill! Are you okay?!” You yelled, anxiously. You tried the doorknob; locked. Sighing, you bit your lip at your next thought. You’d either succeed, or make a complete fool out of yourself. You decided it was worth it; there was no one to embarrass yourself in front of anyways.

Backing to the other side of the room, you ran towards the door, kicking it as hard as you can. What could you say; you’d seen it in a movie once; it was worth a shot. Much to your delight, the door swung open, and you ran out, relieved to be out of the small space. You ran out to see the whole loser’s club, standing fearfully over Eddie, who’s arm was very much out of shape and broken. You glanced around the room, finding and old piece of broken wood.

You ran over, picking it up. “I said, leave them alone, you asshole!” You screamed, slamming the board down on Pennywise’s head. The others threw things at him, Bev finally stabbing him in the eye. He gave up, before disappearing, he gave a final glance, eyes set on you, and a moment later, he was gone. Richie and Stan helped Eddie stand up, and you all stumbled blindly out of the house.

As you all stopped outside the property of the Neibolt house, you moved over to Eddie. “Are you alright, Eddie?” You asked, concerned. “Like you care!” You were taken aback by the sudden interruption, seemingly out of nowhere, Eddie’s mom came, grabbing Eddie’s good arm and pulling him to the car. “You know how fragile he is!” She said, opening the door, gently pushing Eddie inside, and closing the door.

Eddie looked guiltily down at the floor of the car, undaring to talk back to his mother. “This is all your fault! All of you!” She screamed, eyes jumping from loser to loser. Beverly tried desperately to reason with the woman, but she wouldn’t have it. “You, all of you, stay away from my son. I don’t ever want to see you near him again. I know all about you, miss Marsh, and I don’t want a dirty girl like you around my son.” She was about to turn and walk away, when her eyes fell on you.“And you…” She said, walking over to you dangerously.

“Ever since my son has befriended you, nothing but trouble has happened. You’re a no good, filthy, terrible girl, and if I ever see you around my son..” She said, very low, warning tone on his voice. “There’ll be hell to pay. Understood?” You stood there, shocked. Eddie’s mother had never shown signs of disliking you; in fact, usually, she loved you. Guess that train pulled out of the station.

Looking to where Eddie sat, trying to make eye contact, and failing, as Eddie refused to look at you. “Understood, miss Kaspbrak.” You said, stepping back. All the losers were taken aback; you and Eddie had been dating (not to the knowledge of his mother, of course), for over a year, and you two had been going strong; not a single fight. (Except there was one time, where Eddie yelled at you thinking you were Richie bugging him again, but it was resolved immediately following.)

As she drove off, a tear slipped out of your eye and you ran to your bike, taking off. “Y/N, wait!” You could hear Stan call, and Richie and Bill start yelling; about what, you didn’t know. You didn’t care. You were upset; Eddie didn’t even flinch when you said you wouldn’t see him anymore. It hurt, like a bitch.

You biked to the Quarry ledge. Though it was cold, and definitely not weather for swimming, it was always calming to you to look out upon the sparkling water. You sat against a rock, letting the tears that blurring your eyes fall freely. You closed your eyes, letting out all your emotions and blocking out everything else.

“How could you say that to her?!” Eddie yelled at his mother, absolutely astonished. He knew she wasn’t a fan of his friends, but Y/N was a different story. “I never did like that girl, Eddie. She’s no good for you. It’s best you don’t see her anymore.” She said, calmly. “Fuck you!” Eddie screamed, running out the door. “Eddie Kaspbrak, come back here!” He heard his mother call, but ignored her. He jumped on his bike, pedalling as fast as he could up to the place where he knew you’d be; the Quarry.

As he tiredly pedalled up the hill, he began to lose hope. What if you weren’t here? He felt terrible for his earlier actions, but fighting with his mother isn’t something he wanted his friends to see. His worries were wiped clean, however, when he saw your bike leaning up against a rock, and your shaking figure next to it. He jumped off his bike, dropping it on the ground and running over to you, quickly tackling you in a hug.

You screamed, thinking IT had decided to make another appearance. You quickly wriggled out of their grasp, running up and standing in a defensive stance. You sighed when you saw Eddie, and when he saw your red, tear-stained face, his heart broke. He did that. “I-” He squeaked, unable to form words. “Why are you here, Eddie?” You interrupted, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I’m sorry.” He managed, his face showing everything he wanted to say. You could read him like a book; you knew he couldn’t lie. He meant it, but you were certain you were the one who should be apologizing. “I thought you were mad at me?” You questioned, him looking at you confused. “Why would I be mad at you, Y/N?” He asked, frowning.

“I wasn’t there for you- I wondered off, you could’ve died! You almost did! You were lucky you broke your arm!” You said, rushed. “Well, for the record, it doesn’t feel all too lucky.” Eddie teased, and you facepalmed. “That’s not what I meant.” “I know, but I’m not mad. I was worrying about you too, you know. I wasn’t there for you either; you were stuck in a room by yourself.” You didn’t think about it like that, and you shook your head, smiling.

“I’m just happy you’re alright, Eddie. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you didn’t come back.” You said sadly. Eddie stepped forward, pulling you gently into his arms. “Me too, Y/N. I love you.” “Only one problem- what about your mom?” “Right now, I don’t give a damn about my mom. Fuck her, and those damn gazebos.” “They’re not- never mind. I love you too, Eddie Kaspbrak.”

“I’m glad I got to meet you before you died.”

How Richie Tozier and Ben Hanscom became best friends

(with romantic Benverly and Reddie and a little side platonic Stozier!)
warnings: the henry cutting ben’s tummy scene but i haven’t exactly described it in detail. also some drunk!vomiting but not much

they’re like 17-18 here!

thanks @remushlupin for some of the ideas again <3

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