jumping arashi


“…Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire…”

johnny’s fans are so hardcore because a lot of us don’t even speak japanese properly but we can remember the lyrics to all the songs in an album as well as the dance moves that go along with them and most of us have never met them in our lives and we live off translations and subs knowing that we probably wont be able to see them for another few years and when we fangirl/fanboy we get called “weird” for liking “asian boys who look like girls.” we pay for overpriced merchandise + shipping costs and we have to wait a few days for a kind fangirl/fanboy to upload a tv performance/show for us and sometimes the quality’s so bad that we cant even see our bias’s face but even then we’re grateful to the uploader and our hearts do the crazy thing when we feel so happy. and despite (probably) being one of the most diverse fandoms, i feel like we’re also one of the tightest. 


The Yakai’s hosts are very nice! They’d even purify their guests’ bottled water!

Idols you want to support (Idols you want to happily support) a  survey on 10-30s women

1. Sakurai Sho 
2. Aiba Masaki
3. Ninomiya  Kazunari
4. Nakai Masahiro 
4. Matsumoto Jun
6. Ohno Satoshi
6. Sashihara Rino
6. Tegoshi Yuya
6. Yamada Ryosuke 💗
10. Momoka Tsugunaga

Yama-chan is literally the youngest Idol here~