jumping arashi


“…Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire…”

johnny’s fans are so hardcore because a lot of us don’t even speak japanese properly but we can remember the lyrics to all the songs in an album as well as the dance moves that go along with them and most of us have never met them in our lives and we live off translations and subs knowing that we probably wont be able to see them for another few years and when we fangirl/fanboy we get called “weird” for liking “asian boys who look like girls.” we pay for overpriced merchandise + shipping costs and we have to wait a few days for a kind fangirl/fanboy to upload a tv performance/show for us and sometimes the quality’s so bad that we cant even see our bias’s face but even then we’re grateful to the uploader and our hearts do the crazy thing when we feel so happy. and despite (probably) being one of the most diverse fandoms, i feel like we’re also one of the tightest. 

Overseas fans.

So I’m here at the other side of the world, and I know that maybe I could not ever go to a concert of any Johnny’s groups. You know what I mean? I’ll have to spend a fortune only on plane tickets plus the concert tickets.

I have to deal with delayed information, concerts reports, information about their dramas just because information doesn’t travel as fast as I’d like it to.

Also, if I want to get merchandise I need to pay twice or three times the price that Japanese fans pay plus a super expensive shipping fee.

So please don’t say that overseas fans are less than Japanese fans (I’ve been told this like 3-5 times, believe me it’s frustrating and disrespectful).

So don’t you think that we are so faithful with our favourite groups? We do crazy things just to help them to rank #1 in Japanese charts. (Like buy official merchandise with a second party).

Thank you.