jumpin' jim brunzell

Greg Gagne, Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, and Baron Von Raschke
[September 27th, 2016]

The AWA is alive and well! Oh, the sparks of emotion that flew through me when I saw this photo. I love how Greg’s wife is like “BOBBY, STOP THAT!” You take the best talker in wrestling history’s jaw away, and what does he do? He learns all the sign language he needs!

Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell speaks on Roddy Piper
[August 7th, 2015]

Roddy Piper was a tough, city kid who came from Winnipeg and was tough as nails. Roddy realized what he had to do to be on top in this business and he did it. His wit and savvy were second to none, he knew what the promoter wanted, he was incredible on the microphone and he had probably the quickest hands I’ve ever seen on anybody. He would have been a great prize-fighter and he would have been a great boxer. He beat the crap out of Mr. T in that one WrestleMania and he was head and shoulders above everybody. He had an agenda and that’s what he stuck to. But he was totally different outside the ring. When he left the ring, I know he was a hard partying guy but I know his family meant everything to him so once he was off camera that was it, I never saw Roddy.

I may have partied with him once or twice in the six or seven years I was with the WWF. When I had gone down to North Carolina, he had just left and he and Flair just did unbelievable business down in North Carolina. He was a hard living guy and partied like a son-of-a-gun. I remember one time we were in the LA Sports Auditorium and he got done wrestling and we had separate rooms, not like a locker room but just different rooms that you would go shower and when he reached around for a towel he stuck his finger in a socket and it was live and he went down like a ton of bricks shaking on the floor. He was lucky he didn’t get killed being electrocuted but he overcame that and when you think of someone dying in their sleep of a heart attack but look back on his life, he partied hardy and he was doing whatever he could to further himself and further his career. GOD bless him, he will be missed dearly.