jumpers for penguins


De hecho, son tan importantes que grupos conservacionistas en Australia, Tasmania y Nueva Zelanda piden cada año a voluntarios de todo el mundo que sepan tejer, que les ayuden a suministrar ropa caliente para estos animales, en especial para sus crías.
Sobrevivir a un vertido: Cuando las plumas de un pingüino se embadurnan de petróleo, pierden su capacidad aislante. El agua penetra hasta la piel, les hace sentir mucho frío, y pesan tanto que les cuesta nadar, cazar y alimentarse. Una de las mejores formas de evitar que estos pingüinos mueran es lavarlos.

Pero grupos se observó que muchos, sobre todo los más débiles y jóvenes, morían de frío o intoxicados antes de poder ser atendidos. Los suéters no sólo les mantienen lejos del frío, sino que también evitan que se laman las plumas y mueran envenenados.

El llamado Penguin Jumper Program (Programa de suéters para pingüinos) para suministrar suéters a los pingüinos empezó en 2001, cuando un vertido de petróleo afectó a 438 pingüinos azules.

En aquella ocasión fue tal la necesidad de ropa de lana a medida, que se hizo un llamado pidiendo ayuda a voluntarios en la confección de las prendas.

La respuesta fue tan grande que recibieron cerca de 1.000 suéters procedentes de todo el mundo.

Orphan's Christmas

Well, this has been a labor of love, all for my wonderful Secret Santa, nemo-miracle-grow. Dana, you found me out at the very last! I knew the pigeon farming race would be my downfall! It’s been so fun getting to know you a little bit over these last few weeks. I hope you’ve enjoyed all my nonsense, and I hope that we can continue to chat in the future. 

So, this is my longest story EVER, coming in at around 12,000 words. 1,000 words for each day of Christmas? It’s no lords a leaping or drummers drumming, but it’ll have to do. Anyways, I hope you like it, Dana! And I hope it gives all of you who read it a little bit of that magic Christmas feeling. Merry Christmas!!!

Orphan’s Christmas

It’s a fucked up name, Finn thinks as he trudges across the room, scuffing the remains of last night’s sludge across the crummy dated carpet. Just because someone can’t afford to go home for Christmas, it doesn’t mean they’ve got dead parents. And if they did have dead parents, then it’s even more fucked up. It’s a stupid name for a stupid thing, but he promised his Dad that he wouldn’t hide out all alone in his room over the holidays, so here he is in the University’s overly warm cafeteria building with a flask in his pocket and his headphones around his neck. He may be here, but that doesn’t mean he has to enjoy it.

He pushes through the glass paneled double doors into the meeting room and has to repress a groan. There’s no real way to dim the lighting for the party, so the florescent lights glaringly illuminate the depressing scene. In the center of the room, a pair of foldable tables are festooned with plastic holiday tablecloths, but they’re the cheap kind and they show the battered and stained faux-wood beneath. Only a dozen or so chairs surround them, and Finn shudders at the thought of the intimacy they’ll be forced to share. He’s going to have to make meaningless chit-chat with these people for several hours, and he’s exhausted already just thinking about it.

There’s another set of tables in one corner, and a pair of girls are bent over them, fussing with something beneath. He lets his eyes roam over their figures, linger on their upturned behinds for a moment since they’re facing away, but neither of them is anything special from here, and his attention wanders almost instantly. It’s been a near constant stream of girls since he got back four months ago, but none of them have kept his attention for more than a week or so. He’s not sure what exactly he’s looking for, isn’t all that sure he’s looking for anything really, but whatever that elusive thing is, it’s not in the stream of bubbleheaded girls who touch his arm and bat their eyelashes at him over their cheap beers in red plastic cups.

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an rbb hypothesis

so the lovely @saracha33 had an anon who pointed out something very similar to what @larrymama pointed out in a chat earlier today, which is that perhaps rbb wearing overalls/dungarees means that it’s time to work.  we were wondering if maybe that work was to do with stunting and he was trying to warn us, much like the horse was used as a warning of nasty press pushes coming while they were on tour.  @silentlarryshipper, @larrymama, @someonethatsfunny, and i took a closer look and happened to find a pattern.

on november 14, rbb tweeted this photo

and about a week later we saw this

the next time danielle appears is when louis shows up in chicago and starts hanging out with her family on december 18th.  that same day we got this tweet

when i first looked at the photo, i thought he was still wearing his santa suit, however the cuffs are lacking the white trim, so it is believed he is wearing his penguin jumper that is usually paired with the overalls.  we can’t know for sure, but it does seem interesting to note.

the next tweet that definitely has rbb wearing the overalls was on december 24

and less than a week later, harry shows up in anguilla for yachtgayte with kendall (december 29th).

then on january 1st we got this tweet

which has already been noted as perhaps a hint to the ski stunt we now are having fun with.

it could all be coincidence, but maybe every time these overalls appear within a week we seem to get stunting going on.  maybe it is indicitive of “winter work” coming up, or a changing of the guard, so to speak.  i think that rbb is here to communicate first and foremost as well as help spread positivity, but one of the ways to help spread positivity is to warn us of upcoming stunts.  perhaps this is one way they have of warning us.  let’s see if the pattern continues.

huge thanks to @lads-laddylads for making this post that helped with the timelines as well as the others mentioned above!

“You understand it was a joke, right, Sherlock? You don’t have to wear it all day.”

“Why not? It’s warm and surprisingly resistent to acid. The only thing I don’t understand is why there is a pengwing on it. They aren’t normally associated with Christmas, are they?

"A what?”

“Oh, do pay attention, John. The animal on the front. A pengling.”

“… Have some more punch, Sherlock.”

For vowofsherlock and the anon who wanted Sherlock in an ugly Christmas jumper and liking it.




So, that’s the last of the christmas pictures. Was it okay?

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!

See you next time!