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You most certainly do indeed


I’ve stumbled upon this video of Aachen’s combined show jumping/driving class and it is the greatest thing ever

Specifically it’s supposed to be a top 5 of the best from-horse-to-carriage sprints, but really it’s just an excuse to watch pro show jumpers smash their face into the ground

  • #5 Marcell Marschall :
  • a risky take on the ‘let’s hang on to one stirrup until the last possible second’ technique
  • almost crashes onto the floor, but overall a good form
  • only a slight loss of balance before a good run to the carriage
  • #4 Pius Schwizer :
  • a dramatic fail of Swiss efficiency
  • a miscalculation of how far should he stick his leg up
  • a nice crash-and-roll-over toward his awaiting carriage
  • points for his running technique
  • #3 Marlon Modolo Zanotelli :
  • a smol energized bunny rabbit
  • there’s a hand-to-the-floor situation going on
  • and a dramatic crop-throwing mishap
  • but he made it pretty well all things considered
  • #2 Constant van Paesschen :
  • the pinnacle of fail
  • despite a good potential it’s a nice massive crash onto German soil
  • but a speedy recovery nonetheless
  • run little Belgian boy
  • #1 Christian Kukuk :
  • smooth
  • flawless
  • he’s grace, he’s beauty
  • he’s what all the other guys thought they were going to achieve
  • look at him go

hi everyone i love cherry blossoms n lee chan 🌸 

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