team sleepovers
pt. 1

•it’s at suga’s as he’s an only child and his parents treat them all like their own children

•with noya and tanaka on snack detail, there isn’t a single item of healthy food in sight

•sleeping arrangements are,well, there are none, just a mess of pillows and blankets and duvets all over the floor of the living room which is also the seating area for the team

•monopoly, destroyer of friendships, is played with daichi as the banker
~he cheats big time;
~suga finds out and makes it his mission to bankrupt him
~he succeeds and wins
~ennoshita manages to spend 99% of the time playing in jail
~tanaka and noya get bored and forfeit in favour of an intense mario kart session

•yamaguchi forces everyone to watch shrek two as it’s ‘the dankest of them all’
~this confuses everyone apart from enoshita and tsukishima and they all end up unironically enjoying it

•tanaka initiates a creep shot war between himself and kageyama
~kageyama is sorely losing
~other people slowly get dragged into it
~turns out it’s impossible to get a bad picture of nishinoya

•there is a short game of just dance™ but everyone gives up when daichi gets serious because he can out dance all of them

•despite jumping off the walls for three hours, shouting that he’s going to pull an all nighter, Hinata is the first to sleep at ten (10) pm
~sadly falls victim to a permanent marker
~he somehow falls asleep on yamaguchi and he’s too kind to move so he falls asleep shortly after

•everyone but suga and enoshita is out by twelve meaning the pair can have their 'we’re not gossiping just sharing information’ chat that lasts a good hour

•Tsukkishima is the first to wake up and is glad to wake the others by blaring evanescence
~of course, after checking suga’s parents are already gone for work
~suga somehow sleeps through it

The Secret (5)

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The stage lights dimmed into darkness and the concert was done.

“THAT WAS THE BEST!” Zoe screamed, flopping back into her seat with her legs still swinging excitedly off the edge. She had been dancing and jumping around for three hours. It was only thanks to sugar that she was still awake. “Did you see Kai, Mummy? He looked right at my face!” she exclaimed loudly, slapping her hands against her rosy cheeks.

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anonymous asked:

how exactly did the bangtan slut life choose you? cause I was asleep when it rose from the depths of hell and dragged me in deep

It kinda went like this…. 

First, I didn’t even like Bangtan when they came out. Tbh, I hardly cared about any group after my beloved 동방신기(DBSK) split. I remember seeing their dance practice for BIL and being all, “Meeeeeh.” I was a very silly person at that time. 

And then… Namjoon’s mixtape came out and more specifically, he dropped the videos for Do You and Joke. I mean…. look at him!

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I was wrecked. So, so wrecked. I wanted to watch more, naturally, so I started looking up more about him. Discovered he was the leader of the same Bangtan that I had shunned back in 2014. Decided to give them another try because, helloooo. Hot guy. He was my original bias in BTS lol. 

So, next was hearing about The Red Bullet tour coming to Dallas and I needed to go because 1) Kpop in Texas and 2) Namjoon. I really began buckling in at that point, but still didn’t care too-too much. Then I finally saw them and my eyes… they were opened completely. I became trash with one concert. I needed more. All of it. And then they released Dope dance practice and this little fucker named Jeon Jungkook was front and center.

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And he moved up to main bias, especially when I pinned down his voice and how good he is at everything (the little shit). But then I met @ellieljade and she helped kick off Taehyung’s reign at #1 for a few months. 

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

But then Jimin decided he needed some attention (and Nicole was falling hard), so he jumped to #1 (for three hours).

Originally posted by sunflowhobi

But, as time would quickly tell, Jeon Jungkook is jealous of the #1 spot and refuses to budge from it. 

Originally posted by queenwithcollars

So, now, my bias list is pretty much: #1 Jungkook, #2-#7 ALWAYS CHANGING. Seriously. Jimin was #2 for a good bit, but now Yoongi’s jumped up to #2 and Namjoon and Tae are tied for #3 but Hoseok was #3 last week and my life is a mess. 

….It’s confusing being me. 

So that’s how the Bangtan slut life chose me. I probably didn’t need to use gifs, but I wanted to. I hope you enjoyed. Lmfao.

Ask me something you’re curious about.

This just made my biological clock jump three hours ahead because all I want to do is dress my child up as a tudor executioner, so I can dress up as a headless Thomas Cromwell

Imagine your OTP has been dating for a few months, and are 19-25 years old. One day they go out for coffee with a friend and Person A is like ‘man my legs are so sore’ and the friend is just like 'why’ and sips their hot chocolate, then A & B look at each other and both blush and the friend spits out their drink and is like 'OH MY GOD U GUYS DID THE FRICKLE FRACKLE’. But as it turns out they went to a huge trampoline gym meant for children and jumped around for three hours.

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is there anything you recommend for concert day? like what to bring...what to wear..when to arrive etc..?

Sure! Essentials:

1) BRING WATER! You may run in to the issue of not being able to bring it inside (although most places allow water), but the waiting in long lines before the concert can leave you parched! Even if you can’t bring it in, bring money to buy water (and whatever other snacks/drinks you want) inside the venue! The last thing you want is to pass out or overheat, so water is your best friend!

2) Bring your light sticks & fan signs! Some venues are cautious about signs (we will try to find out information about signs beforehand for each date!), but you can bring any BIGBANG official light stick you own! And you will never forget being a part of that ocean of crowns, so I highly recommend it!

3) DO NOT BRING CAMERAS. Only highly skilled DSLR sneaker inners should try this. Your camera may end up getting you thrown out! If you really want pictures or video, use your camera phone, and be discreet!

4) Arrive early! Fans started arriving for Alive Tour in the morning, and I got there around noon. Alive was sponsored by Samsung, so there were Galaxy booths and fun things to do outside/inside of the venue before the show. I’m not sure if there will be things like this at MADE Tour, but it’s also good to come early so that you can get into the lines and get into the venue quickly.

5) Dress for the weather, but be as cute and expressive as you like! VIPs are known for being a fashion forward as our idols. But if you’re not a fashionista, you could wear fan shirts and other specialized things. DO cosplay! DO wear your best clothes! Have fun! Just remember to dress for the weather. Southern California shows and Vegas shows may be on really hot days. North East shows may be on really cold days. Pay attention to the weather, and dress accordingly. But, if it’s cold, layer! Inside the venue, you will feel really hot, because there’s so much energy! Have layers that you can take off inside.

6) EAT. I cannot stress this enough. If you don’t eat all day and try to go to the concert at night, YOU MIGHT PASS OUT AND MISS THE SHOW! Sometimes fans get really nervous or really caught up in the excitement and forget to eat meals before the show. If you’re in line, make friends with the people in line around you, so that if you have to leave to eat (or use the bathroom), they’ll let you back in line. Or make small groups of people and order food together. Just don’t go in there hungry! Sure, the venues sell foods and snacks, but you’ll be so into the concert you won’t want to leave to go buy them! EAT BEFOREHAND!

7) Have a bag that you can close and zip. This is just a suggestion, but I’ve seen fans lose important things like wallets or even MERCH that they bought, and that can be heartbreaking. Save the trouble a bring a bag that you can zip up all your important things in!

8) BRING ENOUGH MONEY FOR MERCH if you want it. If you know you’ll want a T-Shirt, or a poster, or whatever other types of merch they’ll be selling, make sure you bring extra money (or another way to pay for it). The venues also typically sell the crown sticks, so you should bring money for it, if you want to buy it there (but I also suggest buying it online beforehand and having it shipped to your home. The venues DO sell out!) The merch isn’t cheap, so bring at least $30 if you want a T-shirt, and move up from there.

9) Rest well the night before, if you can. I’ve been to a lot of concerts, but Alive Tour left me drained afterwards. BIGBANG are really high energy, and if you love them as much as I do, you’ll be screaming and jumping for two - three hours straight! Not to mention standing in line for hours beforehand! 

10) Make lots of VIP friends! Always be careful of strangers and don’t hand anyone your bag or anything, but be friendly and talk to the VIPs in your section, and standing around you in lines! You will have a blast talking about your biases and favorite songs and favorite BIGBANG memories and albums. It’s so much fun meeting other VIPs in person!

*BONUS* Make sure your parents or someone you know knows where you are at all times. K-Pop concerts are big events with lots of people and your safety is most important. Especially because many of you are travelling to go to these concerts! Call someone when you arrive, just before you go in, after you leave, and when you get back home/to the hotel. Be safe! Have fun!

These are just a few basic tips. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask!