A Syrian Refugee Who Swam For Her Life Just Won Her Olympics Heat
“I want to represent all the refugees because I want to show everyone that, after the pain, after the storm, comes calm days.”
By David Mack

A Syrian refugee who found sanctuary in Europe after swimming in the icy Mediterranean waters enjoyed a fairy tale start to her Olympic dream on Saturday, winning her swimming heat.

Yusra Mardini is one of 10 athletes selected to compete in the first ever Olympics team composed entirely of refugees. The men and women from Syria, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Democratic Republic of the Congo received huge applause when they entered the opening ceremony on Friday.

ardini, 18, was forced to swim for her life when her migrant boat began sinking as it was ferrying her and roughly 20 other refugees to Europe last year.

She and her sister, who both knew how to swim, jumped out and pushed the boat for three and a half hours until they reached the Greek island of Lesbos, she told the UN Refugee Agency.

“It would have been shameful if the people on our boat had drowned,” she said. “There were people who didn’t know how to swim. I wasn’t going to sit there and complain that I would drown. If was going to drown, at least I’d drown proud of myself and my sister.”

After they found refuge in Berlin, Mardini began swimming at a local sports club where she caught the eye of a coach.

When the International Olympic Committee decided to field a team of refugee athletes to draw global attention to the refugee crisis, Mardini was among those who qualified — barely nine months after she first arrived in Europe.

On Saturday, Mardini won her Women’s 100 meter butterfly swimming heat, posting a time of 1:09:21.

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Imagine your OTP has been dating for a few months, and are 19-25 years old. One day they go out for coffee with a friend and Person A is like ‘man my legs are so sore’ and the friend is just like 'why’ and sips their hot chocolate, then A & B look at each other and both blush and the friend spits out their drink and is like 'OH MY GOD U GUYS DID THE FRICKLE FRACKLE’. But as it turns out they went to a huge trampoline gym meant for children and jumped around for three hours.

The Tattoo - Part Two

Pairing: Luke & Y/N 

Words: 3300+

Warning: This is minor smut, read with caution. 


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Imagine Playing Truth Or Dare With Dean - Part 4

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I never intended for this little mini-series to happen, but I’m kind of in love with it so hopefully you all don’t mind this one last part. Thanks for reading, and be sure to send in any requests you have! Have a great week! - Nat xo

Part 1   -   Part 2   -   Part 3

The warm breeze swept your hair into your face and ruffled the pages of the book you were reading. Spread out on a blanket overlooking the lake, you took a deep breath and let it out slowly. This was perfection. 

Hunting wasn’t an easy job - everyone knew that - and when you could afford to take a vacation, you all but jumped on the opportunity. Dean had driven you three hours away from the bunker to spend the weekend doing nothing but relaxing and being together. The thought of him made you smile. 

Dean had been in your life for so many years, you couldn’t imagine a day without him. You’d been together for the last three and a half, and you couldn’t help the smile that lit your face when you thought back to the game of Dare that had led you to this exact moment. Looking over to your left, you saw Dean standing with his fishing pole, looking so serene that you were sure this would be your version of heaven, if you ever made it. 

Letting out another content sigh, you set aside your book and let your head fall back, opting to just keep your eyes closed and enjoy the sunshine. 

You awoke not long after to the feeling of light kisses being peppered over your face. You smiled, still not ready to open your eyes, and heard Dean’s soft chuckle. It was smoother than honey, and you swore you would bathe in it if you could. Before you could say anything, though, he spoke.

“A long time ago, we used to play this game. I don’t know if you remember it, but we would do these dares,” he paused, taking in the smirk on your face. His own lips quirked up, and you could hear the telltale signs of a smile in his voice when he continued. “Anyway, we haven’t done that in a long time. And I’ve been thinking… I have one more for you.”

You waited, sure that he would ago ahead and tell you what it was - Dean wasn’t much for keeping secrets from you, especially if it would be something fun. You raised your eyebrows, silently signalling him to go on, and you heard his quiet chuckle once more.

“I dare you to marry me.”

Your eyes immediately shot open, and you were momentarily blinded by the reflection of the sun on the water. A couple blinks later you could finally see, and when you trained your eyes on Dean, he was knelt beside you holding a little black box.

“I know this life ain’t easy. But I don’t even wanna think about spending it with anyone else. So tell me,” he murmured, his forest green eyes shining brightly. Leaning in, he pressed a kiss to your cheek and finished. “Do you take the dare?”

You grinned.

“I do.”



Thirty minutes after setting off from Turkey, the motor on their boat, which was meant for six people but carrying 20, began to fail. Most of those on board it could not swim. With no other alternative, Mardini, Sarah and two strong swimmers jumped into the sea and swam for three hours in open water to stop their dinghy from capsizing, eventually reaching Lesbos.

“We were the only four who knew how to swim,” she said of the experience. “I had one hand with the rope attached to the boat as I moved my two legs and one arm. It was three and half hours in cold water. Your body is almost like … done. I don’t know if I can describe that.”