jumped from a building

i used to romanticize the shit out of everything and it wasn’t until recently that i realized; no one is going to swoop in with a cape and save me from jumping off the tallest building. nobody is going to drive to my house at 2am just to wipe away my tears and that’s okay. i am wearing a cape too, i can save myself, i can wipe away my tears. i fell in love with the idea of having a hero but what i failed to realize is that i can be my own hero when everyone else is too busy to see me falling. and yes, there will be times where other people save you and that’s okay. just make sure at the end of the day you’re still wearing a cape too.

Man who saved two children from Manchester fire to be deported
Robert Chilowa, a Zimbabwean national, has been told there was ‘no case to answer’ for his case to stay and he must leave his house within 12 days
By Kevin Rawlinson

A man has been told he will be deported from the UK weeks after he saved two children from a house fire in Manchester. Robert Chilowa, who was commended by police for the rescue, said the order felt like a “slap in the face”. The Zimbabwean national was hospitalised for smoke inhalation after the fire at his neighbour’s house and says officials have now also told him he cannot use the NHS. “I did a great job but now what they are saying is, ‘Get lost’,” he said on Friday. “Friends said, ‘When are you going to see the Queen? When are you going to be knighted?” Chilowa ran out of his house barefoot when he heard screams in the early hours of 10 February. A girl who had jumped from the building told him her siblings were still inside. Fighting the heat and smoke, he called up and told the two youngsters to jump and he would catch them.

Love Live! Sunshine!! things that kill me

• Riko literally stripping in front of Chika in the very first scene they have together??

• the quiet “zura” right before Ruby starts freaking out in the first episode

• “oh no she’s brain damaged”

• smol Zuramaru and the motion detector lights

• it’s joke

• Riko literally breaking down a wall and proceeding to jump from the balcony of one two story building to another

• tiny Yohane hitting a tree with a stick for no apparent reason and falling down

• You having a hat that says “YOU” on it

• Hanamaru showing up to the beach at 4:00 AM

• Riko actually literally saying “I love you” while holding Chika’s hands during the sunrise


it’s joke

• the fucking Tokyo outfits (the original ones especially)

• “I’ll do my Rubesty”

• You Watanabe + glasses??

• Mari comically tripping face-first into concrete during the most dramatic scene in the series

• Riko screaming like the lipstick les she is when her fanfic falls out of her locker

• all that damn Kanamari angst

• all that damn Kanamari flirting

it’s joke

College Confession #85

There are a lot of rock climbers who go to my college so climbing campus buildings and hanging out on roofs is pretty common. Well one night a kid made a plan to step it up a notch and haul a keg to the roof of the performing arts building. It’s a real modern looking building with this big pride rock looking thing jutting out from the edge of the roof, a perfect place from which to haul a keg up three stories. Amazingly, they were able to haul the keg up to the roof in no time flat. Well the party gets going and there are like 20 people up on this roof revelling in the success of their keg haul. 

The kid who’s whole idea this was, decides this is not enough. So he walks out hangs a rope from a point and decides to bungee jump off the building. He then ties into this rope with his harness and proceeds to jump off the building, falling in a graceful arching swing. But just as he does so, campus safety comes rolling around the corner. Imagine there surprise to see a student jumping off a three story building. Well the kid notices them, lowers himself to the ground and just takes off. Now the rest of the party is stranded on the roof, drunk, with a keg, and a lot of explaining to do. Or at least they would have been stranded had they not all been climbers. The ropes come out and the harnesses get donned as teams of two start rappelling off the roof of this building as it’s being surrounded by the cops. The cops were seriously unprepared for this and as they scrambled to locate the rappel point more ropes were tossed down and more students rappelled and escaped into the night. Finally, the cops made it through the building and on to the roof to find one poor remaining sole, one fairly empty keg, and the rope still dangling from pride rock.

Tl;Dr A bunch of rock climbers at my school hauled a keg to the roof of a building and had a party. One kid set up a rope swing and jumped off the roof alerting campus safety and the cops, but luckily everyone was prepared and rappelled off the roof, away from the cops, and into the night.

-University of Colorado 

“We had our first date after we were already in a relationship. Although we had been talking on the phone for 3 months and in a relationship a month, we had not yet seen each other in person. When I finally had a clear weekend, I drove 3 ½ hours, picked her up and WE WENT TO CHURCH! That was our first date. We enjoyed a great service followed by sushi dinner, a candy store run, and a long walk in the park just talking and enjoying each other.

We have been together for over a year now. I love the fact that out the gate we set boundaries only for each other in order to value and respect what we were building a lot more. We knew from jump this was IT and we would set up a foundation early.

This woman rides for me like no other. It’s not easy dating a model but this woman is truly a blessing. She supports me thru my good and my bad. No matter what I know she’s going to be there. Her Loyalty is everything.
At the end of the day as a couple soon to be married we understand that we will have challenges in our relationship but no matter how big or small it maybe we will always work together to get through it.”~Domo, 25, and Kiara, 26, Toledo, Ohio

How Would You Feel?

Post fight and the team were all sprawled on the couch, the previous battle and exhaustion washing over them as JARVIS had put on some random tv show that was playing. Every fight, they usually were too tired to go towards their room so now here they were.

Steve and Tony were on the couch, fingers linked even though they were not pressed together. Once in a while, Steve would squeeze his hand and Tony would return the favour.

Natasha was staring blankly at the TV while gently caressing her fingers through Bruce’s hair, his head in her lap. Thor had disappeared into the kitchen with Sam for some food because battles can make norse gods really hungry apparently.

“I swear to god Barton, the next time you jump down from a god damn building, I won’t let Stark save you!” And Cue Bucky and Clint coming into the living room, a dangerous glare on Bucky’s face as Clint pulled a face at him.

“He was just below me, Buck! How should i know it was going to swerve to the right at the last minute” Clint mumbled the last part and winced when his arm hit the couch.

Bucky glared at Clint’s arm like it was responsible for every reckless thing that Clint has been doing.

“Can’t you just love your life, Barton?” Bucky sighed, taking Clint’s good arm and dragging him onto the unoccupied couch.

“Well, why should i? I have you for that” Clint grinned, following Bucky without a fight.

Natasha’s lips curved into a small smile at Clint’s statement.

“He’s got a point there, Barnes”

Bucky didn’t reply, only wordlessly took the first aid kit that Sam gave, two big bags of cheetos in the other hand.

“Ooo, gimme one!!” Clint reached out for one bag but Bucky made an indignant sound and pulled Clint’s outstretched hand and put it on his lap with a look that said ‘move and i’ll make sure you don’t have that arm’ which made Clint pout and sigh.

Sam shrugged and took a seat at the couch that Steve and Tony occupied which made Steve scootch closer to Tony, resting his head on Tony’s chest.

“Man, i am single as hell” Sam mumbled miserably, ripping one bag of cheetos with too much vigour.

“Fear not, friend sam! For my jane is not here tonight, we can be together!” Thor exclaimed as he sat next to Sam.

Sam’s eyes widened when Thor winked at him and the team burst into laughter. Instead of Bucky of course, who was still glaring at the now bandaged arm.

“Hey” Clint called out, voice soft and quiet as the volume of the tv increased.

Bucky looked up into his eyes, mouth pressed into a frown. Clint didn’t like that, he liked it better when Bucky was smiling, when his eyes were - as cliche as it sounds- sparkled with happiness and joy.

Clint’s fingers fleetingly touched the side of Bucky’s face.

“Buck, i’m fine” Clint insisted, voice earnest as his eyss locked onto Bucky’s stormy grey ones.

“You could have died, Clint” Bucky said and Clint was taken aback at the raw vulnerability in those words.

Man, Bucky really does love Clint’s life more than Clint loves his own.

He felt like he had reached another level with Bucky. Being friends with him for 2 years now has been like a never ending up and down ride with achievements unlocked and higher level.

Bucky took his hand that was resting on the side of his face. He was shocked, not realising his hand was still there and tried to ignore the motion that his tummy was doing. It was swooping down and up and all around and it was only them holding hands.

“Well, Tony and I are heading to bed.” Steve suddenly announced and was shocked back into reality.

Oh right, they weren’t alone.

Instead of letting go, Bucky held on as he brought their hands to his lap.

“Yeah, us too” Natasha stood up, giving Bucky a look that Clint could not decipher, Avenger and Shield Agent or no, no one could really decipher whatever Natasha Romanov was trying to tell you with her eyes if it wasn’t meant for you but Bucky clearly did because he shrugged at her. Bruce followed Natasha wordlessly and Clint waved to them.

Thor and Sam left two seconds after, something about milkshakes and burgers and then there were two.

Still holding hands.

“I’m sorry” Clint said suddenly and Bucky squeezed his hand, sending a jolt of electricity down his spine before letting go.

Clint frowned at the empitness he felt.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Clint” Bucky mumbled before leaving Clint alone with his thoughts and god forbid, feelings.

Bucky was still mad. Obviously. Because he handed Clint his normal morning coffee without a cute smile or a smart comment about his bird’s nest hair.

And Clint was in a bad mood because Bucky was mad at him which meant that he was playing video games with Thor and Sam without any good natured threats and complaints.

“Lovebirds still not talking?” Natasha asked as she watched Clint wordlessly play video games and Bucky talking to Steve at the other side of the room.

“Looks like it, if not they would have been squished together on the couch already” Tony shrugged, sipping his coffee.

“You know they’re not actually together right?” Bruce walked in next and Natasha leaned into him as a greeting.

“They might as well be, they’re practically married” Natasha shrugged.

Tony perked up at that, looking like he had the brightest idea ever which made Bruce shake his head immediately.

“Tony” Bruce said in warning but it was too late because Natasha was catching on because she too had a little smirk on her face.

“God help us” Bruce muttered as he left the two of them to their devices.


“So how long can you actually keep this up?” Steve had asked that evening in the middle of a spar with Bucky.

Bucky was sweating, droplets of it dripping down his face but he still wouldn’t give up. He needed the distraction anyway. His feet were sore and his arms needed a rest but he wasn’t going to give up until he won.

“It’s like you just met me Stevie” Bucky grinned, going in for another kick but missing Steve by an inch which made Steve chuckle under his breath.

“Not this, Buck. I meant with Clint”

Bucky kept quiet, going in for a punch but Steve caught his arm and twisted so Bucky was kneeling down, mouth agape as he stared up at his childhood best friend.

“Okay Stevie, you can let go now” Bucky huffed, tugging at his arm but Steve was giving him an amused smile.

“Talk to Clint” He said in that no nonsense Captain America voice.

Bucky rolled his eyes and Steve pulled at his arm a little.

“Okay okay, I’ll talk to Clint! Dear god, let me go” Bucky mumbled frustratingly.

Steve let him go as Bucky mock saluted him and left him there to regain back his energy.

“Young love ” Steve sighed, shaking his head.

“Captain, Sir would like me to tell you that you should and i quote 'get your sweaty ass down here, Rogers’ preferably now”

Steve grinned. “Speaking of love right?” he mumbled to himself as he picked himself up from the training mat to make his way down to Tony’s workshop.

Clint was testing out new arrows. Feeling that sense of satisfaction and joy every time it hit the bull’s eyes but never getting enough even if he tried different positions.

He hates fighting with Bucky. Hates it down to his core because his whole day just turns upside down and downside up and even video games and new arrows couldn’t bring his good mood back.

Its a wonder how he survived life without Bucky before he came into his life. He groaned and took another arrow. He pulled the bow and aimed.

“Tony made you those?”

Clint missed. He turned around to watch Bucky nonchalantly walk in the training room with freshly showered hair and his t-shirt clinging to his god damn toned body.

Clint swallowed and averted his gaze.

stupidly attractive super soldier, he thought bitterly.

Bucky ran a hand through his wet hair, recently cut short because Clint commented about how his hair was getting longer again.

Clint felt his heart beat faster when Bucky came closer so he turned around to grab some more arrows.

“Clint” Bucky called but Clint was too busy adjusting his arrows to even look at Bucky.

Bucky rolled his eyes at Clint’s usual stuborness and waited for the blond to shoot the arrow before reaching out to grab at Clint’s arm.

Clint didn’t flinch from the sudden contact so that was a good sign and Bucky softened his hold, hand lingering down Clint’s until he reached his fingers.

Clint was looking at their linked fingers confusingly, eyebrows furrowed together. He pursed his lips, trying to ignore the tingling feeling he felt from his fingertips all the way to his arm where Bucky’s hold was on him.

“Steve wanted me to talk to you” Bucky said, tightening his grip on Clint’s hand.

“So talk” Clint mumbled.

Bucky chuckled, shaking his head slightly.
“I tried to think of what to say in the shower and came up with so many things
but when i saw you, i came up blank”

Clint’s lips quirked into a small smirk. “Speechless by my good looks i guess”

Instead of Bucky’s usual insult and shove, he looked into Clint’s eyes and Clint was frozen as his own eyes bored into Bucky’s.

“Definitely” Bucky nodded.

Clint’s eyes went wide as he laughed nervously.

“I- i was just kidding Buck” Clint laughed, trying to untangle his fingers but Bucky was stronger so he pulled Clint closer to him so he was pressed up against Bucky’s body. Bucky smelled like lavender soap and citrus shampoo, it was intoxicating.

Bucky usually did this, he pulled Clint close and he would hug him so tight until Clint all but melted into his embrace. But then, that was it. He would let Clint go and it left Clint confused about well, everything.

But Bucky wasn’t making a move to hug him, he was just staring into his eyes and holding him really really close. Clint was trying to figure out what he was thinking but he came up blank.

“I’m not Clint, you’re extremely good looking. And i look at you every day and i become speechless at how attractive you are. And you make me laugh with your stupid puns and somehow it makes you even more attractive that i sometimes question my own sanity” Bucky said, his breath ghosting over Clint’s face through the little gap that they have between their faces.

Clint was shocked, mouth agape and eyes wide as he took in what Bucky was saying.


“How would you feel… if i told you..” Bucky cut him off, a hand going up to rest on Clint’s cheek.

Clint gulped nervously as Bucky leaned in, lips brushing his ear and Clint closed his eyes.

“- that i loved you” Bucky’s voice was close and Clint’s heart rate picked up.

“Do you mean it” Clint whispered and Bucky pulled back to smile at his best friend, his partner before he pressed his lips with Clint’s.

Clint melted into him easily, responding to the kiss quickly as a sigh escaped him. It was slow and gentle and so unlike Bucky that it made Clint cling to him tighter, arms wrapped around Bucky’s neck. His fingers gripping Bucky’s hair when his tongue started tangling with his, exploring his mouth slowly until Clint felt his knees going weak.

He didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t because he’s been imagining this for so long it was a bit unreal.

When they pulled away, they were both flushed and their lips were swollen.

“It took a near death experience for that?” Clint asked, laughing as he buried his head in Bucky’s neck.

Bucky’s hand tightened on Clint’s waist when Clint started kissing his neck, teeth scraping the skin as he bit lightly.

“Quite a few, actually-” Bucky let a groan escape him when Clint started working on a real hicky on his neck.

Once Clint was satisfied with his hickey and Bucky was a groaning mess, gripping Clint’s hips so tight it made Clint press his hard on Bucky’s thigh, he pulled away to kiss Bucky hard.

“I love you, Bucky” Clint took the opportunity to mumble in the middle of the kiss.

Bucky smiled and Clint felt his heart bloom like god damn flowers in spring.

“Yeah, i definitely love you” He said before kissing Bucky again.

it’s a cold night to be kissing concrete
Let us assume that yonder building is ten storeys high. How may we reach the roof? Certainly not by ignoring the very obvious fact that at least two hundred feet intervene between us and the roof! Yet that is precisely the attitude of the so-called simplicity cult in mystical religion. God, they affirm, is an exalted state of infinite consciousness to which the microcosmic mind must be united. So far, so good–and here Magic[k] is in accord with their view. Therefore, these people propose to attempt gaining the summit of attainment by ignoring the steps between man as we find him now and the supreme end–God. It is as though they wished to jump from the ground to the roof of the aforesaid building.
—  Foundations of Practical Magic by Israel Regardie
you’re my angel [warren worthington iii]

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warnings: Movie spoilers, language, sex mention, angst, death mentionW O R D COUNT: 4835

italic = flashback

    You had promised him that you were not going to get involved. You had promised.

    Warren watched from the skies, his metal wings keeping him from falling, as you jumped out from behind an abandoned building. His eyes grew wide and his focus fell, causing him to drop a few feet because his wings stopped moving.

    When he recaptured his focus, he trained his eyes on you. He did not want you to be involved with Apocalypse, in fact; he was only fighting for Apocalypse because he wanted fair treatment for all mutants, especially you. Warren had always been an advocate for such cause, especially because he came from a mutant fighting ring. He had been forced to fight other mutants since his wings came to be. The fights were gory and sometimes resulted in death; it was not something he liked to remember. When Apocalypse found him, he had given him a second chance; a chance to be something and live a life outside of a cage. It was not the best life, seeing as people were afraid of him, but he was okay with it as long as he did not have to live inside a cage.

    However, after meeting you, it was a different story.

    He had met you after Apocalypse had found him and given him his metal wings in exchange for the soft, white ones he used to sport.

    The Archangel had found you in an alleyway in Berlin. Your body had been beaten, sunk in on itself for protection. Legs curled beneath your body, and your head had fallen into your hands. Your frail body was covered in colorful bruises, and some of your bones were not bent in the right way. It was obvious that some humans had thought it would be funny to abuse a harmless mutant. Just the idea of it made Warren’s wings itch.

The moment he saw your face when it lifted from your hands, he was breathless.

    In all his life, he had never seen someone so beautiful. Even covered in scars and wounds, Warren had never witnessed a more perfect face.

    Your cheekbones were sculpted and your lips full; Warren could not take his eyes off you.

    “Hey,” he whispered softly, his wings moving inward so that he would not hit the walls encasing the two of you. His voice was surprisingly soft and sweet, something you had not heard in awhile.

    When you shrunk back away from him, he held his hands up. His curly, blonde hair fell into his eyes and he pushed it back, away from his face.

    “Hey, I’m not going to hurt you,” He whispered, “I’m a mutant, just like you.”

    He could tell you were a mutant by the way your eyes glowed. They were a fierce blue, electric and neon.

    Warren held out his hands, palms up, and began to approach you. Your shivering body was still afraid of his, but you let him continue walking towards you. His footsteps were light, a tactic he had learned for stealth.

    When he reached you, he knelt onto his knees and dropped one of his hands. He gently grabbed your pale chin with one of his fingers and lifted your face. His fingers were soft, as was your skin, and you shivered again; this time not because of the cold or fear.

    Your eyes reached his, and he knew he was done for.

    The electric blue of your eyes coupled with the few freckles dotted across your skin made Warren’s heart race. He could not get enough of you. It was like you were a drug and he was going through withdraw; needing more and more of you to keep him going.

    Your hands trembled, but he encased them with his own large ones, to keep them warm.

    It was then that Warren promised himself and you, that he would never let any more harm come to you.

He hid you from Apocalypse and any other humans or mutants that could cause you harm. From there, a relationship began. The two of you started dating when you began to trust him more. While the two of you were involved, Warren had found an abandoned barn with no relative neighbors. It was perfect for you; big enough for both of you to practice your powers, and it had rafters that Warren could fly up to. There also was no one around to see you chasing Warren around the grass, trying to catch him and spray him with water that sprouted from your fingertips.

He often wrapped his arms around your waist and flew up to the highest point in the barn and sat on one of the beams. There was a window near the roof of the barn where you could watch the sunset. Warren would hold you with his strong arms, his wings wrapped around you for extra protection. His lips would pepper kisses along your neck, making soft giggles erupt from your throat. Eventually, after the sun had fallen and the moon took it’s place, you would turn around and finish what he had started.

Later in the morning, it was not uncommon to find the two of you still up in the rafters; just this time, neither of you wearing clothes.

Those were the moments that Warren savored. Because he often had to leave to work with Apocalypse, those moments did not occur as often as he liked.

Of course the only reason he was working with that monster was you. After seeing you so beaten and broken, Warren had joined Apocalypse so that you would have fair treatment among humans.

The angel only did things if it involved your protection.

Floating above the battleground, he watched as you moved forward, helping the X-men take down Apocalypse. Warren knew that you did not like that he was working for such a monster, but you understood why he had chosen to do so.

When he was about to leave for the fight, he had made you promise that you would not get involved. It was not that he did not think you couldn’t protect yourself; it was that you would do anything to save people from pain, even if it meant inflicting it upon yourself.

Warren’s wings fluttered in anticipation. He was anxious about going into battle and leaving you here alone. Of course, he had done it before, but this was not a battle he was sure he would come home from.

He took a step towards you and wrapped both his arms and his wings around you, tears welling in his eyes.

“Promise me you won’t come to help,” he whispered in a broken voice. If you were to come to fight and get hurt or even killed, Warren would not be able to live with himself.

You shook your head sadly, not able to make that promise. Arms tight around his frame, you looked up at him, “Warren, you know I can’t make that promise.”

“Angel please,” he cried, voice cracking. Angel was the silly nickname he had given you; even though he was the one with wings, you were the Angel in his life. You were the one to save him from the horrors of his past.

“Warren,” you trailed off.

Tears began to fall from his eyes, dripping onto your hair from above. His nose buried itself into your hair and you inhaled his sweet scent through his uniform.

“No,” he spoke, voice harder than it was before, “I can’t leave here until you make me that promise.” He pulled away so he could look into your eyes, “Because you know that I cannot even think of living in this Godforsaken world if you’re not in it. You’re the only thing getting me up in the morning and the only thing keeping me going during the day. You are the only one who sees me for me instead of some mutant freak with wings; you understand what it’s like and you don’t abuse me for it. You see my wings as part of me instead of some weapon or some freak show. After I got out of that mutant ring, I didn’t think I would ever feel normal again. I thought I was always going to feel like a murderer or some thing that could be controlled. But then I met you. You were broken just like me: damaged and scarred. Somehow, in some way, we managed to fix each other. I felt like a person again; I felt useful and worth something. You made me believe that my wings were a part of me and that they are beautiful. You made me that way, Angel; I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.”

By the time he finished talking, both your eyes were overflowing with tears and you were clinging to him as if you were abandoned at sea and he was the only piece of driftwood. Sobs erupted out of both your mouths and you buried your face into his chest.

Nodding softly into the muscles of his shoulder, you managed to make out a few words through sobs, “I promise, I promise.” You repeated the words over and over to comfort both yourself and Warren.

When he attempted to pull away, you reached out and pulled him back to you. You arms wrapped around his torso and squeezed. He reciprocated the hug before pulling away and placing his hands on your cheeks. His thumbs wiped away the tears that leaked out of your eyes before sweetly pressing a kiss to your temple, “You’re my Angel.”

You raised yourself onto the tips of your toes before responding, “And you are mine.” The simple words meant so much more than the ‘I love you’ that other couples would use.

Before he could pull away, you quickly placed your lips onto his, savouring the sweet, and possibly last, kiss you would ever share. His lips fit with yours almost as if they were meant to fit together. Warren’s mouth tasted sweet, of the strawberries that you grew outside the barn. You eagerly kissed him, slipping you tongue into his mouth, wanting to remember as much of Warren as you possibly could. Warren responded with just as much eagerness, slipping his own tongue into your mouth. When he reached to entangle his fingers in your hair, you had to pull away.

“We should stop this before neither of us can,” you whispered. Warren nodded softly and pulled away from you after kissing your forehead one more time.

His wings flapped a few times, signally he wanted you to step back so he could spread his wings to their full length. When you did, you were once again amazed at the sight of his wings. They were magnificent; Warren just wished you could have seen them when they were still feathers.

Warren nodded to you once before he shot up, his wings propelling him into the sky, where you took one last glance at his frame before you got ready to leave.

The Archangel was unable to do anything as he watched you advance towards Apocalypse. He knew it was a bad idea, but it was like he was frozen, unable to warn you. His body was in such shock that all he could do was watch as you got closer to the mutant.

Apocalypse’s back was turned to you, a perfect time to attack. You reached your hands out, palms facing his back. Your mutation began to take over, ice flowing from your fingertips. It was beginning to wrap around Apocalypse’s ankles, when he turned to face you.

It was so fast that everyone missed it.

He grabbed you by your neck and lifted you off the ground. His large hand gripped your throat, effectively cutting off your air. Your hands reached up to grip his hands, trying to pry them off your throat. It was no use, as he was far too strong for you.

You began to sputter at the lack of air, your body shaking. Veins appeared on your forehead and your face turned a horrible shade of red. You coughed and gasped, trying to inhale air, but you were unable to do so.

From the air above you, Warren’s eyes widened in surprise. His mouth dropped in fear. This was exactly what he had feared would happen. It was the exact reason he wanted you to stay back at the barn, where he could return to you and you could live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, ‘happily ever after’ was not the case.

Before Warren could fly down to save you, Apocalypse threw your body away from him. Your body flew through the air and Warren began flying faster than he ever had before.

It was like everything was in slow motion as Warren tried to reach your body before it hit the ground. He furiously flapped his metal wings, his heart aching as he watched you fall. Before your body hit the ground, you looked up and made eye contact with him. Your Archangel. When your eyes met, he knew. You knew. It was too late for you, he wasn’t going to be able to get to you fast enough. Just before you body made impact, his mouth opened and he screamed out in pain as he watched, “NO!”

The X-men turned at the scream, their hearts breaking as they watched Warren reach his hand out. They watched with sad eyes as your body hit the ground, your neck snapping at an odd angle and Warren screamed out again. The team watched as he made it to your broken body. Their heads lowered to look at the ground as they felt the pain of another fallen mutant.

Warren had landed next to your body.

His hands hovered over you, not willingly to touch you in fear it would hurt you even more. But that didn’t matter, your life had already been taken.

Your neck had broken upon impact.

Warren looked over your body, trying to find something that indicated that you were still there. Still there with him.

He finally reached out and took your body into his arms. Warren wrapped his arms around your frail, broken frame and pulled you into his lap. He slowly began rocking back and forth, tears falling from his eyes. The broken angel openly sobbed as he ran his hands frantically through your soft hair. His body shook with each sob and the X-men watched with broken hearts as he begged you to come back to him.

“No, no please,” Warren whimpered, his voice cracking, “Please get up.”

The X-men then realized that Warren was not one of the bad guys. He was just someone so deep in love, someone trying to protect the only thing he had left. He was just a broken soul, longing for yours to come back to him.

“Please, you’re all I have left, Angel,” He whispered to your broken body, “God, don’t do this. Don’t do this to me.”

He was shivering on the floor, “You’re all I have left, please! I can’t do this without you, so don’t leave me!” He was shouting at the end of his words, hoping that you would get up and be with him again.

After a few minutes of graveling over your body, Warren began to feel vengeful.

He took you from him. That mangy bastard who promised him that you would be safe if he followed him.

Warren’s body shook with rage and he slowly placed your body onto the concrete beneath his feet. He raised one of his hands and slowly placed them over your open eyelids. He moved his hands downward, closing your dead eyes as a sign of respect.

His eyes never left your body as he stood up, his frame no longer shaky. His jaw clenched in anger and furious tears leaked from his crystal blue eyes.

His wings began to extend to their full length, a frightening sight as they were almost twenty feet at their full length. The metal shifted, looking terrifying as he took a step back from your body.

Warren whispered a few broken words before his body turned to face Apocalypse and the X-men, “We will meet again.”

Warren’s whole body was filled with undeniable rage and a strong surge of vendetta arose within him. He clenched his fists and took a threatening step towards the mutant who caused your death.

He stood in front of the mutant who thought he was a God and shrugged his shoulders back.

The X-men realized what he wanted to do and filed in behind him. They created a triangle around the Archangel, a formation that conveyed that they were a team. He looked at Apocalypse with fury in his eyes.

“You took her from me,” Warren spat, his voice low and threatening, “Consider this mercy.”

Then he opened his wings quickly, and feather shaped knives flew from inside them. The blades were sharp and slid through the air with ease. From behind the Angel, the rest of the X-men unleashed their powers.
    Scott whipped off his glasses, the red lasers shooting from his eyes. They flew right on target, hitting Apocalypse in the chest.

Jean stood behind Scott, her power encasing the mutant.

Alex, like his brother, shot a red laser-like bolt from his chest and into the mutant.

Peter, Mystique, Charles, Hank, and the rest of the X-men unleashed their powers upon Apocalypse.

Even Erik and Storm joined the fight. After all, you were their friend too.

With all the mutants combined powers, Apocalypse did not have a chance to even fight back. He quickly fell to his knees, the X-men overtaking him. He cried out, realizing that this was his last stand.  

When the X-men finally stopped, there was nothing left of Apocalypse.

Not even his ashes.

Warren fell to his knees in his place.

He had no one left; you were gone.

The blonde stared at his hands sadly, tears beginning to rise once again.

Jean Grey then took a step forward, feeling empathy for the fallen mutant. An idea sparked in her head as she looked to you and then to Warren. She did know of a way to bring the fallen girl back. There was a mutant back at the school that might be able to bring her back from the dead. Even though Jean did not know you well, she did know that you did not deserve to die.

However, it was a long shot. The mutant was not trained and might not be able to do anything for you. Deciding it was best not to tell Warren that, she simply walked forward and placed a hand on the broken Angel’s shoulder.

“You know,” She began, “You can come back with us.”
    Warren’s head shot up at the sound of her voice. When he pondered the question, he sadly shook his head.

“I don’t deserve a chance with the X-men, I was fighting against you; against the right thing,” he whispered.

Jean shook her head, “No. You were fighting for her. You only made the choices you did because you believed that it would keep her safe, that’s not a mistake, Warren; that’s love.”

Warren looked up at the redhead with tears falling from his eyes, before turning to face the rest of the X-men. When he saw they all held the same expression that Jean did, he made the decision.

Warren nodded his head, believing that you would want him to take this chance. That you would be proud of him.

Jean watched as Warren stood up, following behind her as they walked back to the Jet. She was not going to tell him about you unless she was positive she could bring you back.

The ride back to Xavier’s school was silent; all head’s lowered as a sign of respect for the fallen mutant.

    It was a three weeks later when the mutant at Xavier’s school managed to wake you.

    What happened?

    Am I awake?

    Thoughts raced through your head as you ran through possible scenarios of what happened.

    It isn’t possible, I died! My neck snapped, I must be dead.

    Unable to open your eyes or move your body, you sat there in silence.

    It was not possible for you to be alive, but somehow you still felt sensations in your body.

    You felt the pain in your neck and in your limbs. You felt the soft mattress beneath your body and the cold air around your fingertips.

    Oh my god, I’m alive! This isn’t possible, how is this real? What about Warren? Oh god, he must think I’m dead.

    Your train of thoughts was broken when you heard another voice.

    “Charles! I think she’s waking up!” It shouted. You shrunk back from the loud tone, surprised when your body actually moved.

    You sat up quickly, vibrant blue eyes flashing open. Your small frame inhaled deep. greedy breaths of air and your chest heaved with each inhale and exhale.

    When you looked around the small, cramped room, you were surprised to see that it looked like an infirmary. The bed was a small one with wheels so that you could be moved if needed and there was an IV stand next to your bed.

    You were dressed in normal clothing: a pair of jeans and a short sleeved shirt. When you finally focused on the people in the room, you recognized only one; Jean Grey.

    Your eyes frantically scanned the others, and when you did not see Warren, you made a move to get out of the bed. If he was not here, than he must have been dead. There was no other reason that he would not wait for you.

    The moment you stepped foot on solid ground, you collapsed into a pile; the pain being too much.

    Jean immediately took a step forward to help you, but you only held a hand up.

    “I can do it.”

Jean sighed, “I don’t doubt that you can’t, but you were legally dead half an hour ago.”

    Your head shot up at the words, “What?”

    Jean shook her head before she began explaining, “Your neck snapped when you went against Apocalypse. Thankfully, we defeated him and brought you back here. We have a mutant here with healing powers and he was able to bring you back, but you’ve been dead for three weeks.”

    Your head raced at the explanation before you returned to your previous thoughts, “Warren?”

Jean looked down at the ground for a moment before lifting her head to face you again, “We didn’t tell him that we were going to save you.”

“What?” The words were shouted, surprise filling your voice, “You didn’t tell the love of my life you were going to save me?”

Jean shook her head, “We didn’t want to tell him because we didn’t know if it would work. We didn’t want to make him feel even worse than he did if he found out that we couldn’t do it.”

You sighed and looked down at your hands, “Can I see him?”

    Jean smiled and nodded her head, “I think you should. I mean he hasn’t eaten or slept since he got here. He won’t talk to anyone either. He just sits on the roof of the school and drinks.”

    You sighed, realizing he was getting back into old drinking habits. When he had first found you in Berlin, he had been drinking to forget the horrible things he had been forced to do in that mutant fighting ring.

    Deciding it was time to see him, you took a small step towards the exit of the room. When you fell back to the floor, Jean chuckled.

    “I expected you to be a little sore after coming back to life,” Jean spoke, humor evident in her tone, “That’s why I asked Kurt to be here; he can teleport you to the roof.”

    The blue mutant with the tail at the other end of the room held up a hand and waved softly, “Hi.”

    You nodded your head back as a way of saying hello and smiled softly.

    Struggling to walk over to Kurt, you held out a hand, “Alright, let’s go see my Angel.”

    Seconds after the words were spoke, you felt a rush of air and then you were on solid ground again.

    The roof.

    When you turned you head to the edge of the roof, you almost burst into tears at the sight of your blonde haired Archangel sitting there. He sat with his feet dangling over the edge and a bottle of vodka by his side. He looked tired and drained, as if he had not slept in weeks. However, that was not the surprising thing about him; it was his wings.

They weren’t metal anymore.

His wings were no longer cold and a grey metallic color, they were white and made of feathers that looked softer than the clouds. They looked just like how he had described them in stories he used to tell you. The white wings looked so majestic, you were tempted to step forward and stroke them.

He was looking down at his hands sadly and he shook his head at the sound of Kurt.  

    “I said I don’t want to talk, Kurt,” He spoke. Kurt had left earlier to give the two of you some privacy, but you didn’t care; his voice was a silky and soft as you remembered it. Tears fell from your eyes and you took a small step in his direction, no longer shaky on your feet. All you cared about now was seeing the love of your life again.    

“I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not Kurt then, huh?”

    At the sound of your voice, Warren jerked his head to you. His eyes widened and he shook his head in disbelief. Before you could question about his wings, he had gotten to his feet and leapt forward. He didn’t care how you were alive, just that you were there, with him.

    His arms encased you body and he began to sob once again. His strong arms felt just like they did before, but this time the white wings that held you were soft instead of hard and metal.

    Both of you began to let tears fall as you let your head rest against his muscular chest. Warren squeezed you tighter in his arms and he let one of his hands run into your hair. He ran his slim fingers between the soft strands and tilted your head back.

    “How are you alive?” He questioned, but before you could respond, he cut you off, “You know what? I don’t care.”

    Then he lowered his mouth down to yours and kissed you like he’d never done before.

    His mouth was soft and felt heaven. One of hands held your neck softly, and the other one dropped to hold your waist. His large hands held your waist softly as if he were afraid to break you, and his thumbs brushed against your sides, sending shivers up your spine. When his tongue touched the edge of your bottom lip, you opened your mouth to let him in and he gratefully obliged. While furiously kissing each other, Warren’s wings fluttered to his hands and he began to lift off the ground.

    When he did so, you tore your mouth away with much difficulty and looked down at the ground. You hugged his body tighter to your own and he flew higher into the sky, smiling so bright that you thought the sun would be jealous.

    “How did you get your wings back?” You questioned softly, looking up at his perfectly sculpted face with the tattoo running up the side of it.

    He smiled and launched into a story about Xavier finding a process for him to get them back. It was very painful, wherein he had to tear off his metal ones and let the feathered ones grow back.

    You grimaced at the thought of him in pain, but Warren made you forget about it when he kissed you again.

    When Warren landed back on the roof of the school, he held you in his arms while the two of you watched the sunset, like old times.

    After the sun had set and the moon had taken its place, you turned in his arms to stare up at him.

    “You’re my Angel.”

    “And you are mine.”

Sherlock: It isn’t over.

I started watching Sherlock in middle school. I first heard about it when I saw a gif of a guy jumping off a building, and from then on, I started watching. I had heard about the show in passing, so I wasn’t a complete stranger, and I already knew what “shipping” was, but I wasn’t too invested in it. But coming across the stories of Sherlock and John felt new to me because there was a community built around the mutual love between them, a community that I now have spent several years laughing and crying with. Sherlock has always been there for me, especially when I felt like an outsider for being a queer person.

People used to think I was funny for thinking characters in a show/movie/book were queer, and because I saw something they didn’t, they made fun of me. They didn’t see those aspects of these relationships because they didn’t think it was possible for queer things to exist. Two men being in love was something for people to laugh at, no matter the context. In many ways, BBC’s Sherlock has solidified that fact today. All those people who thought Sherlock was gay? Apparently that’s supposed to be funny. What meant a chance at representation to us, to the rest of the world it was the cue to laugh. They were, in fact, cheap gay jokes.

I discovered a community of writers during high school, a community that came together from different backgrounds and perspectives, all seeing a romantic narrative in Sherlock. Thousands of brilliant people. Through complex meta and artistic expression, the community has built something wonderful. And somehow we’re the one’s that made the mistake for thinking queer people were something other than a joke to the world. People who saw subtext are now ‘delusional’. People who saw themselves are wrong for seeing it. It’s the same thing we’ve been told for years.

Along the way, we were united in the same cause: the fight for representation. Some of us have discovered our talents along the way. Some of us have discovered ourselves. And now that we know the truth, mourn for a while. Be angry. And then put your thoughts into words, into art. Make something that matters and that makes it all worth it in the end. Make this your origin story.

Close Call

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader

Words: 597

Warnings: Depression, attempted suicide

Request: Requested by @risingteeas: Hi! Could you do a Modern au where reader wants to jump from the top of a building and A.Ham is trying his best to talk her out of it and she eventually listens? It’s totally ok if you don’t want to do this ;u;

A/N: I will 99.99% of the time be able to right a fic for any of you guys because I love and treasure you all! (I just don’t know how well I did, I was never suicidal but I do have a bit of depression, even though it’s sort of mild)

You stared down at the cars driving by, the cool wind stinging your face. A soft sigh escaped your lips as you observed the people walking by, some of them rushing through the streets of New York on their way to do something important. Something significant. Unlike you. Your legs dangled carelessly over the edge, leaving nothing between you and a 50 story drop from the skyscraper.

Slowly, but not too carefully, you stood from your seated position. You glanced over the edge, oblivious to Alexander’s car parked by the road. From the height, it looked like any other vehicle. You stood at the edge of the building, gathering your breath to prepare for the long fall. Slowly, you inched closer, peering out to see if anyone were walking by. The streets were fairly empty, due to the fact that the majority of people were starting work around this time.

The sound of a door being pushed open, and then a voice calling your name startled you out of your thoughts. You nearly stumbled over the edge, not that you’d mind. You turned, and froze at the sight of your friend standing helplessly by the entrance. “Y/N… Please…” Tears were starting to form in his eyes. “Please step off of the ledge, ok?” You stayed silent, staring into Alex’s eyes. “Please.” He repeated, his eyes pleading.

“I-” Your voice cracked. “I can fix this.”

“No, Y/N this isn’t going to fix anything!” He yelled, your eyes widening at his anger. He suddenly calmed down when he saw your surprise. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to- to scare you.” He took a careful step closer. “Y/N.” Tears stung your eyes when you finally got a clear view of his face. The new angle he stepped into showed you how tired he was, and the light illuminated the tears that flowed down his face.

“I can make it ok. I can-” You took a deep breath. “It’s ok.”

“Y/N this isn’t going to make it ok.” He tried his best to keep his voice calm and level. “This will make things worse, trust me I would know. My cousin-” He cut himself off. “Please, Y/N.”

“It’s different. He was family. I- I don’t have any family left.” You cried out, tears flowing freely down your face.

“This- it is different. Because-” He added quickly when he saw the look in your eyes. “-because I’m in love with you.”


“Please don’t jump, Y/N. I need you. So much. I need you so much.” He kept repeating, taking careful steps closer. Soon enough he reached out, a pleading look in his eyes. Without realizing, you extended your arm, gently grabbing his. Without hesitation, he pulled you into a tight hug. You held onto Alex almost as if your life depended on it, openly sobbing now.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” You whimpered, muffled by Alex’s jacket.

“It’s ok. You’re ok.”

A Night Sky (Jason Todd x Reader)

Summary: Night + You + Jason = Wonderful thoughts.

Pairings: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: the smallest pinch of swearing..

a/n: shout out to the night/dawn/morning sky for being so aesthetically pleasing.

You stood at the rooftop of the building. It was beautiful night sky. The stars were shining brightly and the full moon was was reflected upon your eyes filled with awe. You tried to ignore the gun shots and smoke in the distance, because you would give anything to see this view. The sky just brought so much meaning and bliss for example it showed that no matter how dark things may seem everyone is able shine above all. You sat at the edge of the building, your (e/c) orbs continuing to look at the world above.

“YOU’RE TOO SLOW. HAHA” You heard someone yell from behind you. You turned around to see a masked man ran and jumped from building to building. He was a jump away from your building. “TRY AND CATCH ME NOW.” The man jumped quickly to your building and pushed you off.

One hand was able to grip the ledge as tightly as you could and felt him jump to another building. You tried reaching for the ledge with your other hand before the hand held onto the ledge slipped. You quickly grabbed the ledge with your other hand just before your descent started. “Hey you’re gonna need some help there.” A figure spoke giving you a hand. You took his hand with your free hand. “Now obviously I would sit at the edge of a building at the middle of the night, but what’s yours?” He remarked sarcastically and pulled you up. “Well maybe I was enjoying a night sky.” You tried to hold the anger in you.

“Ha, there’s nothing good about the night sky. It’s just a black abyss, smell of cigarettes and sounds of crime everywhere.” He got you back up the building. “Excuse me, maybe if you try to ignore that for a second, you’ll see why.” You got better view of him. He was wearing a red helmet, a red bat symbol, leather jacket, you knew who he was. “Please enlighten me.” He said you felt him grin under that helmet. You sat down and pat the floor beside you. He sat down as well.

You laid down and he just followed you. “You see, Red Hood, everyday we get to see the night sky, full of stars and of course the moon. It gives a sense of hope and calmness. It also starts an adrenaline and rush in your heart. It does all sorts of things to you and it through all that It’s still just a night sky.” You trail off.

“Well, Yeah sure, but that’s just the night doing it’s thing then it becomes a routine, just another repetition of thoughts.” He shrugs off placing his hands on his chest. “It doesn’t have to be. Everynight a new thought.. A new idea.. The night sky just really brings out my thoughts and creativity.” You say smiling up at the sky.

You both just lay there for a while.

Now and then you would talk about all kinds of thoughts. Scary, funny, happy ones. It was nice. Sometimes he would go on and rant about his feeling. He told tales of his nightly activities and how batman won’t let him give criminals the punishment they deserve. He spoke sassy yet sentimentally. You could tell he’s been through A LOT. You would occasionally hug him or pat his head for comfort. You always told him to calm down and breathe before he continues

You told him all about the ventures of your average day life; from waking up in the late morning to sleeping during the latest of nights. You told him about your artistic views and about the beauty you saw in such sceneries. He loved the way you viewed the world, although he did not see it. He found it nice to see another point of view.

“oh shit, I just realized I have to go.” He gets up as you do the same. “Oh well, I guess this is goodbye then?” You ask looking at him. “We can meet here tomorrow? Same time.” Your eyes lit up. “Yes, I would love that.”

The same words went on in Jason’s mind ‘I really want to kiss her right now.’

“I’ll see you tomorrow, um..?” He realized he never got your name. “Oh (y/n) or you can just call me (y/n/n).”

“Okay, see you tomorrow (y/n/n). I’ve got to go catch that guy” You couldn’t see but there was the biggest smile on his face. “Well no offense but I’m pretty sure he’s way too far right now.” You laughed.

This went on for weeks.

Sometimes he would go hours talking about Nightwing, Batman, Red Robin and Robin. He’d talk about his bestfriend Roy, although you alway joked about how he was more like his boyfriend. Let’s just say he’s a short tempered guy with some really mean comebacks and sarcasm.

You would show usually start conversations about your day that night or an interesting story. They were stories from your day to day life and he listened to every single one.

“Red? Where are youuu?” Your voice echoed feeling the smallest pinch of fear. You closed the door behind you and walked around the rooftop.

It all went black.

“Red, I know it’s you.” You said removing his hands from covering your eyes. “Awww.. How’d you know.” He said revealing himself. “Who else exactly did you think I was expecting? We’ve been meeting here for what. Three weeks now?” You said obviously. “Eh, probably, never was keeping count of anything.” He said.

You both sat on the floor. “Hey, good news. I finally caught the guy and put him in the place he deserves.” He proudly said. “By that you mean you shot him, didn’t you” You said rolling your eyes. “Okay, Maybe I kinda did, but I put it through his leg. Bats stopped me, before I could do anything else.” He grumbled at the last sentence. You giggled at his hatred for Batman. “What’s with you and him anyways? I mean it looks like you'e got an on and off relationship with Batman.” You were genuinely curious.

“Well, when I had my turn of being Robin I fell into the Joker’s hands while looking for my mother. There was an explosion and I didn’t survive.” He took short break to look at you in the eyes. “ But I was revived by a certain Lazarus pit. Coming back to Gotham I hoped that the Bats would have killed the Joker, but no. So I may or may not have tried to pull a gun on the both of them.” He stopped.

“oh. That makes quite some sense and it’s definitely sounds like one hell of a story .” You said happily and amazed. “Well yeah, but I’ve been meaning to tell you something that could be need a even better hell of a stor.” He said mocking you amazement. He stood up and took off his helmet and mask. “I’m Jason by the way, Jason Todd.” He lent you a hand to get up. You took his hand and hugged him. “I’m glad to know that you trust me so It’s my turn to trust you. “We’ve been seeing each other every night.. But I was thinking that maybe, You’d want to eat out sometime during daytime or maybe not. I don’t know how to say it but ugh” You started laughing pathetically. “Sorry I’m really bad at these things and sooner or later I’m going to ramble on and on then I’m going to lose track of what I’m suppos-” He rolled his eyes and crashed his lips into yours.

Instead of usual fireworks you felt shining stars, shining brighter and brighter. It was beautiful and gave you so much happiness. You rest your arms on his shoulders as you felt him smile through it. You pulled away with way too much joy.

“Is it that you love me, because that is what I need to hear.” He said smirking. “Fine, I love you.” You managed to say over all the worry and fear. “Cliché moment.” He snickered. You laughed lightly as he continued “I love you too.”.

I’ve been thinking a lot about if the Leverage crew was in NYC during the Chitauri attack. Just like

  • Eliot punching a Chitauri in the face then turning to Hardison and saying “You never know when you might need to fight an alien” and grinning.
  • Parker jumping from a building onto one of the skyscooters, shrieking in glee.
  • Hardison pushing through a crowd of people, stuck outside a locked door, and quickly hacking the electronic lock and getting dozens off the street, before running back to where he last saw Eliot.
  • Parker on her skyscooter seeing a falling Clint Barton, and catching him.
  • Eliot snatching up Cap’s shield and flinging it back through half a building, bouncing off two aliens before landing near Steve’s feet.
  • Sophie’s panicked phone calls because she knew they were there.
  • Hardison sets up search pages to help people find their lost/injured relatives
  • A lot of time and energy goes into making sure that the small businesses and homes that were damaged/destroyed get help in rebuilding. 
  • Eliot spending a lot of time fixing walls and cooking meals for rebuilding volunteers
  • Hardison ensures that plenty of rebuilding supplies are available at very reasonable prices for volunteer groups

I just.. have been thinking a lot of things.


OH MY GOSH! Thank you you all so much, I don’t know where the hell one hundred of you even came! I just had the 200 followers post up.

  1. How can you break a lighter?
  2. She didn’t know what she was about to do, but she knew she was about to end a life
  3. “This is definitely the stupidest, the most suicidal idea you’ve ever had!”
    “Or the most brilliant!“
    “This is me questioning your mental state”
  4. The fight club under the bar had one rule. You kill somebody, accidentally or purposelessly, you attended the funeral and look the person’s family in the eyes
  5. I’m never going to beg for my live. It’s not worth the embarrassment. 
  6. “Who are you?“
    “Jules. I’m the sniper someone ordered.”
  7. She’s not very good with people, but she covers that fact that by doing damn well job. 
  8. I found out it hurts quite much when you jump from a building. 
  9. “They broke your legs! How were you supposed to save them like that?”
    “By not breaking them in the first place!”
  10. You make me sound like I know what I’m doing! Which I don’t, which means that I’ve no fucking clue what I’m doing! 
  11. Is there any change of getting a beer around here? I mean, vodka is nice and all, but I kinda miss the whole American beer thing. It’s okay, sooka. I can settle with vodka.
  12. She could hear her bones crack under the hard impact. She wanted to roar in pain, but if there was a change that the guy would hear her, it didn’t seem so necessary. 
  13. “I just cleaned the floor,” Judson shouted after Rachel as she dragged the newly wounded vigilante by back of his shirt through the white marble floor
  14. “Are you okay?”
    “Yeah, it hit Jessy first, check her.”
  15. She slept in morgue once. Case went bad, and they put her on desk, so she didn’t leave station in almost a week
  16. She got beat up block away than last time.
  17. When his bully leaned over his beaten body, and whispered out shaky ‘run’, and hell, he ran like no end.
  18. The two of them woke up  in a gutter on a lonely part of town
  19. She shakes in anger, pulling her brother behind her
  20. Director hired me as the last change of defense. Meaning, when everything else fails, he will put a gun to my hand and send me to work.
  21. There have to be lot of alcohol in the eggnog for me to even drink it
  22. “Why would you be afraid?”
    “Because a mental guy is holding a rocket launcher”
  23. “If you want your cop bitch back alive, you free my boss.”
    “Listen to that.. You picked the worst person to kidnap for leverage to get your son of a bitch back. They won’t even lift a finger to get me back.”
  24. This is not worth burning a favor
  25. “Squeeze my hand, buddy. You’re gonna get through this just fine.”
  26. You want me to do your dirty job?
  27. “I found your boy. What I can see, he has broken ribs and he’s bleeding like hell. I’m gonna batch him up if he let’s me, I’m gonna drop him to Seven’s pawn.”
  28. Try not to do the whole war cry thing
  29. This starts to be weirder than I though was possible
  30. Okay, just like we practiced. You stay behind me, I handle the whole.. People thing.
  31. Part one of ‘trust me I can handle this’ is the fact that I can handle this.

This is just part one, I’ll post the dialogue list in a while

Grim Reaper (Jungkook, AU)

Originally posted by hurrydownthe-jiminie-tonight

Suga // J-hope // Jungkook

Main series

yay I finally got around to writing Jungkook’s side storyyyy bye (this was actually so terribly sad to write, but I also think that’s because I’m an emotional little bitch on my period)

Words: 1910

It happened again.

Jungkook had taken the soul of a child that always left him feeling weak, not strong. Although he didn’t feel physically weak, he mentally wished he could jump off a building and never wake up from the aftermath.

He walked down the street with hands shoved deeply into his pockets, watching as everyone that passed him didn’t spare a single glance. It saddened him how he wasn’t yet mature enough as a reaper to reveal himself to the human race. It saddened him he couldn’t even leave a single trace of even existing on this planet. Why did that have to happen? Why couldn’t he just live in the world like a normal human?

It was the child of a young girl, this time. Not even minutes old before it strangled to death on it’s own umbilical cord. There was no saving that child’s soul, even if Jungkook could.

The look on her face as she cried tore him apart. Her screams filled the entire corridor of the hospital, if not the whole floor. Jungkook thought she was going to choke to death on her own tears, if not for the man at her side attempting to console her. His own tears wet the top of her head, as he whispered sweet words into her ear. Jungkook hated it.

He wished he could die.

The moment he returned to Hoseok and Taehyung, he regretted it. He wished he was as strong as Namjoon, being able to leave them for so many years and never leave a single trace. He wished it were that easy for him to disappear, but it wasn’t.

“Jungkook,” Hoseok’s voice was quiet. He knew the job Jungkook had was just a burden, just a burden one of them had to take. That’s why he despised Seokjin more than anyone. He could’ve been given a job, to take souls of murderers, low lives that were going to die soon anyway, but no. He was stuck taking fresh, young souls that hadn’t even had a chance to breath in proper air through their lungs before having the life they deserved ripped away from them.

“You’re doing well.” He promised, patting Jungkook on the shoulder. Although he knew Jungkook preferred to be by himself, Hoseok still did his best to keep the two youngest in check. Jungkook appreciated that about Hoseok, who seemed to be someone who cared for nothing but himself. It was untrue, but only Taehyung and Jungkook knew the truth.

Jungkook shrugged away from Hoseok, brushing hair out of his face before pulling the hood of his sweater up. His skin was buzzing with action. His break time was up.

“Where are you going? Have some tea.”

“No time,” he muttered, before ducking out the door and moving towards his next job. Unlike his superiors, Jungkook didn’t have the luxury of taking breaks for longer than 12 minutes every 49 hours. He couldn’t afford to leave those souls hanging on to whatever life they weren’t destined to have.

As he walked, Jungkook felt a sting in the back of his hand, directing him towards a home, where he knew it would be an animal soul he had to collect. These jobs were much easier, the human’s would soon get over the loss only to obtain a new species of animal, that would live for the same time as the last and not realizing they’d have to repeat the process over again once more in another 8 years time. He walked into the house, being met with only a single young girl sitting on the floor with the animal. She looked much to young to be alone in the house, around 7 years of age. The dog was laying on the floor, taking the last few breaths it would have on this Earth.

It was an old dog, that had lived a full life, Jungkook knew. Most dogs wouldn’t live as long as he, but for some reason those human’s had been good to him. He went over to the dog and gave it a few strokes. Jungkook knelt across from the girl, watching her for a grave moment.

The young girl was not crying. She hugged her knee’s to her chest as she smiled at the dog. “It’s okay,” she murmured. “This nice boy will take you to heaven, now.”

Jungkook froze, furrowing his brows. He shook his head briskly for a moment. There was no way a human, much less a child could see him, could there?

“Will you be nice to my doggy?” Her voice quivered slightly, and Jungkook noticed the glistening tears filling her eyes, threatening to spill. His mouth hung open as he watched her, speak to him.

“M-me?” His voice was flat, and she nodded, letting out a sad laugh.

“Who else is here? I’m alone…Always alone… Daddy will be so sad when he comes home. Will you make sure you take him out for walks? He’s a really nice doggy. He…he…” She had to stop speaking, as a few stray tears tumbled down her cheeks and dripped onto her knee cap. Jungkook placed his sleeve under her eye, wiping the tears off.

“Don’t be sad,” he whispered. “Being sad isn’t nice.”

“I can’t help it. What else should I do when my doggy dies?”

Jungkook pondered that for a moment. “You think of all the good memories you had. You had good memories with your doggy, right?”

She nodded her head, pouting her lips firmly. “Really good memories!”

His hand fell on the top of her head, where he ruffled her hair. “See? Whenever you feel sad over him, just think of all the fun times you had together, not that he’s going to heaven.”

He couldn’t bring himself to tell her there was no such thing as heaven. Jungkook could barely bring himself to composure as he spoke to the first human that was able to see him.

“I’m really happy,” she nodded once more. “I’m really happy that a nice person will take him to heaven.”

Jungkook paused again, feeling a tightness form in his chest. He gripped his jacket tightly, letting out a long breath. Human’s spoke so easily…He’d probably never feel a fondness this strong in his entire existence after this little girl.

“He’ll be a happy doggy.” Jungkook lied, smiling at her through tight lips. More tears happened to escape down her cheeks relentlessly, but this time he didn’t wipe them away. She got up quickly, before disappearing behind a door.

Jungkook didn’t expect for her to come back out, so he readied himself to take the dying soul from the dogs body, until she returned with a small blanket. He was startled by her when he felt the warmth of her small hand touch his cheek.

“Will you bring him his blanket in heaven? He can’t sleep without it.”

She held out the soft fabric for him to take, which he gently placed a hand on. He couldn’t accept this, because the fact was, he’d never ever find the dog’s soul among the fields of other ones. Yet, he still took the blanket between his fingers, promising he would definitely give it to her dog.

“That’s a relief. I would be really sad if you didn’t.”

“Little girl,” Jungkook’s voice was softer than he’d ever heard before, which shocked him. “You should go to your room until your daddy comes home. I need to bring your doggy to heaven with me, now.”

“Will I ever see you again, Mr. god?” She took his large hand in both of her small ones, and he flinched at the feeling. Even though he knew his body temperature was under the reasonable comfort level for a human, for some reason this little girl didn’t seem to care. He wondered just how she could see him in the first place, but he didn’t dwell on the fact.

“Yes,” he lied once more. She didn’t seem to believe him by the way her face fell.

“Prove it.”

He looked at her for a moment, before shaking his hand free from both of hers. Jungkook untied both of his shoelaces, yanking them free and handing one of them to her. She looked at it with distaste, until realizing that he was tying one onto his wrists.

“Is this a friendship bracelet?” She wondered, voice soft.

“Yes, a friendship bracelet. Whenever you look at it, you have to smile, okay? If you don’t smile, I won’t be able to see you again.” He took the shoelace from her, wrapping it around her wrist at least 4 times until he could comfortably tie it in a bow.

She ran her hand along the vibrant red lace, nodding in agreement. “Whenever you see that shoelace, you have to smile too, then! You look so sad, Mr. god. Your mommy is probably sad that you are, too.”

He chuckled, nodding his head. That was the first time Jungkook felt the need to smile, without forcing it onto his lips. “You’re right, my mommy probably isn’t very happy to see me sad.”

“Mm,” she agreed. “My mommy says that when I’m sad she feels sad, too.”

“What a nice mommy,” Jungkook mused. “Where is she?”

“At the hospital with my daddy. My baby brother was being born, but daddy said he went to heaven, too. That’s why I’m alone today.”

Jungkook froze at her words, watching as her lips formed a tight line. A baby brother…going to heaven…She looked up at him with soft eyes.

“Did you take him to heaven, too, Mr. god?”

He couldn’t speak, feeling as if his entire throat had just been closed off by the things she said. His bottom lip quivered as he opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

“Don’t cry,” she cooed, wiping her hand on your cheek, much like Jungkook had done to her. “It’s okay if you had to take him, too. I’m not mad at you.”

“Not mad at me?” Jungkook mumbled, pushing her hand away in the softest manner he could. She nodded, coming closer to him. The little girl wrapped her arms around Jungkook’s neck, nuzzling her head comfortingly into the nape of his neck.

“Not mad at you one bit,” she promised.

It went on like that for years. Jungkook found himself going back to the human girls house to visit quite often. She didn’t remember him once each time he returned, besides the shoelace she wore on her wrist was the same as the one he had.

After a few years of visiting, Jungkook gave up in finding refuge with such a human. He took Hoseok’s advice to never befriend a human.

Besides the fact that everywhere he looked, that girl was there. He entered a coffee shop, taking in the mere aroma of coffee and soft chatter made between each table. Jungkook leaned against the counter as he watched all of the human’s live their daily lives.

“Can I help you, sir?” A voice caught his attention, before he turned around. She was looking right at him, but her eyebrows furrowed once their eyes met.

“Who are you talking too?” Her co-worker asked, and Jungkook’s eyes fell onto the girls wrist as she picked it up to brush some stray hair out of her eyes.

“I…I thought I saw someone standing there for a minute, but I was wrong.”


I jumped from one roof to the next, the heels on my boots clicking with each jump and footfall in my pace. I kept a hand on my sword when I jumped, not wanting to lose me weapon. 

I heard a loud explosion below me, and stopped to access the situation. Meta with super strength just robbed the bank and was currently trying to get away. I wasn’t blessed with super strength in my arms, but that particle accelerator gave me super strong legs.

I jumped from the roof of the 60 floor office building, landing and creating a small crater around the impact sight of my landing. The loud thud caught everyone within a 2 block radius’s attention, and I rose up slowly from my knelt position. 

An abandoned car a few meters away, which still had it’s radio blasting, had Yonce’ by Beyonce playing loudly over the speakers. A smirk formed over my features.

“Damn, I love this song.” I chuckled lowly, walking towards the Meta, who was holding bags of money. I pulled my cross up and kissed it, letting go and letting it fall back into it’s position as my necklace. 

With a flip of my (H/C) hair, I whipped out my sword, spinning it a few times in my hand, before getting into a fighting stance. 

The Meta starred at me, wide eye for a moment, before dropping his bags and turning his full attention to me.

“Pretty little kitten wants to fight, how cute.” The Meta purred, running his eyes up and down my body.

“Well, this pretty little kitten has claws. Let’s consider this a fair fight, you win, you keep your money. I win, you’re going with me to Iron Heights.” I purred, twirling my sword.

“Deal kitten. I’ll try not to break you in 2 seconds.” He smirked, before running forward and trying to grab me. 

I dodged his slow attack quickly, bringing one of my legs up behind him, kicking the meta to the ground. 

He snarled, turning his head, and I saw multiple veins bulge out of his neck. I smirked down at him, pointing my sword at him. Before I could react, he grabbed my sword, throwing me through the air and into a nearby car.

“Kittens been de-clawed.” The Meta laughed, holding my sword and examining it.

My eyes widened, and realized it was my turn to take the defensive. I pushed my body off the ground, my (H/C) hair falling over my eyes. 

The Meta ran at me, rearing back one of his fists to punch me. I timed it perfectly, and brought one of my legs up in a powerful high kick, and it came in contact with the Meta’s fist. A shock wave rippled through the area, shattering windows as it went. The sheer energy of our attacks balancing each other out, caused both the Meta and I to fly backwards.  

My sword flew in my direction,and I grabbed it quickly. 

Before I had a chance to react, a red blur flashed passed me, tying up the Meta, I was just fighting, and coming to stand before me.

This man in red was vibrating his body so I couldn’t make out his features. Clever.

“Okay speedster, who the hell are you?” I groaned, standing to my feet, holding my sword in one hand and keeping the other across my stomach.

Suddenly, wind rushed past me, and I found myself inside a circular clue, white, and grey room, full of technology I had only ever dreamed of using, and 5 other people.

Behind a row of computers stood a girl with long, red hair, staring at me wide eyed. Then there was a girl, maybe 16, standing behind an older man who I presumed to be her father. Then, there was a Latino boy standing off to the side, twizzler hanging from his gaping mouth as he stared at me. 

Then there was the man in the red suit, who in a low, vibrated voice, spoke with authority. 

“Who are you?”

“The names Lectus. Nice to meet you Flash.” I said, sheathing my sword, and holding my hand out to the popular speedster.

“What does that mean?” The scarlet speedster asked, looking down at my hand.

“Lectus means kick in Latin” I hummed back.

I smiled kindly toward him, letting my hard, cocky exterior fall, flashing him a warm smiled. At my sudden mood change, he reluctantly shook my hand.

“I do have one question though Flash, why did you bring me here?” I asked, putting one of my hands on my hip.

“He’s jealous of your abilities and hero qualifications.” The Latino said, laughing as the red speedster shot him a death glare.

I laughed, looking back over at the Latino, smiling and laughed, causing his face to redden. 

“NO! Well, maybe, but I brought you in cause a majority of my team wanted to recruit you.” He said, pulling off his mask. Cute, but average,guy.

“Hm, I might have to take you all up on that offer. But, I need to know you all’s names?” I asked, running a hand through my (H/C) hair.

“I’m Caitlin.”

“Harrison, and this is my daughter Jessie.”

“I’m Barry Allen.”

“And my names Cisco.”

With a warm smile, i stated my name. 

“The name’s (Y/N) (L/N), ass kicking extraordinaire.” I said, and that caused Cisco to laugh, making me laugh as well.

A sudden beep on a computer screen caught us all of guard, and Caitlin rushed to read it.

“Robbery on 4th street Barry” She said, looking up at him. Barry pulled on his mask, and  I unsheathed my sword, getting ready to leave.

“Oh no you don’t.” Cisco said, grabbing my arm just as I was about to follow after Barry’s zooming figure.

“We have to run tests on you, figure out your powers.” Caitlin said, walking around the row of computers and in front of Cisco and I.

“It’s simple. I have strong legs. Can I go now?” I whined, trying to pull away from Cisco’s surprisingly powerful grip.

“Nope.” They both responded, dragging me to another room.

—- 2 Months Later —-

I sat in the cortex, watching The Princess Bride with Cisco for maybe the hundredth time, quoting every line with him as the movie went along. 

We had our legs propped up on the cortex’s semi circle desk, our legs intertwined. It was 2 AM, and we were on maybe out 6th movie when I noticed Cisco was sound asleep next to me. 

Cisco and I became close friends during my time as a member of Team Flash, and he even helped give me a new name. Illusion. It sounds way cooler than Lectus. 

I honestly can’t keep myself away from Cisco. He is infectious. From his smile, to his nerdy comments, to his sass. Everything about him is amazing. No wonder I have feelings for him.

That’s when I heard whimpering, and I turned my head to see my favorite guy in the world scrunching up up his face in his sleep, and whimpering. I rolled my chair closer to his when he started to cry in his sleep. 

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, pulling half of his upper body into my lap. I ran a hand gently through his hair, before singing a lullaby based off of a song from the play Hamilton.

“My sweet Cisco, what to say to you?

Domestic life, had always been my style,

But when you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart. 

And I thought I was so smart.

You will grow and change with this great city.

I’ll bleed and fight for you. I promise I’d die for you.

If I give you what you need, will you stay with me.

I’ll give my all for you, I’ll give my world to you.

And you blow us all away,

Always, always.

Yeah you blow us all away.”

I hummed the last few notes into Cisco’s hair, kissing his head gently as he stopped crying and latched onto my arm. 

With a soft smile, I fell asleep, holding Cisco slightly in my arms, hoping to push his nightmares of Eobard away. 

Awwwwwwww you sang to him. That’s to cute. I loved writing this. So much fluff, it’s amazing!

anonymous asked:

So, I find it interesting how you cite the manga rather than the dub in your defense of Goku being "heroic." Bearing this fact in mind, do you think that the comparisons between him and Superman have any validity?

There’s some fun comparisons in their backstories but there’s not much of anything as far as characterization.

Superman is characterized as an ideal of what a perfect hero should be. He represents “the good” and all that that encompasses. His enemies all represent “the evil” that tries to turn Superman away from that good. Their goal is to sully Superman’s pure intentions with a little bit of poison and they always fail.

Goku is characterized as a realistic hero. The kind of guy who would jump in to save a girl from a burning building without thinking much about it and then say he wasn’t a hero, he just did what’s right.

A good guy who does the right thing because, well, doesn’t everybody? He’s not setting out to be a hero or to be an ideal or to represent “the good” and that’s exactly what MAKES him a hero.

That’s what makes him an inspiration. Because his balance of good and humanity is attainable unlike Superman’s.

His enemies are people doing evil things who selfishly have no care for others. They are psychopaths with no empathy.

Goku is a realistic person who has empathy. What happens when a good person who doesn’t let evil walk by him without stopping it runs into a truly evil force that could kill him?

He fights.

  • Lin: You really think you're ready to be the Avatar? I once used defibrillators on myself. I've pulled shards of glass from my fucking eye. I've jumped from a high-rise building using only a raincoat as a parachute and broke both legs upon landing-I still had to pretend I was in a fucking Cirque du Soleil show! I've swallowed enough microchips and shit them back out again to make a computer. This arm has been ripped off completely and re-attached with this fucking arm.
  • Korra: I don't know that that's possible... I mean medically...
  • Lin: During the threat of an assassination attempt, I appeared convincingly in front of congress as Barack Obama.
  • Korra: In black-face? That's not appropriate.
  • Lin: I watched the woman I love get tossed from a plane and hit by another plane mid-air. I drove a car off a freeway on top of a train while I was on fire. Not the car. I was on fire.
  • Korra: Jesus, you're intense.