jumped from a building

Suicide at Chinese iPhone factory reignites concern over working conditions
A US-based Chinese workers’ rights organisation has claimed that a factory worker at a firm that produces Apple’s iPhones in China, died after jumping from a building on Saturday.

A US-based Chinese workers’ rights organisation has claimed that a factory worker at a firm that produces Apple’s iPhones in China, died after jumping from a building on Saturday.

China Labor Watch (CLW) said that Li Ming, 31, jumped to his death from a building in the city of Zhengzhou, in the east-central Chinese Henan province, where he had been working for Foxconn.

The death has triggered comparisons with a wave of suicides in 2010 and 2011 at Foxconn factories in China amid concerns over working conditions.

sorry for the telegraph link but this is the only place i can see reporting this so far

Love Like Religion - 1

Hello everyone! This is my first contribution to the BTS fandom with regards to fanfic. As most people have, I have been utterly inspired by Halsey’s entire Badlands album, and decided to write an AU Yoongi fic because of it. This was originally just going to be a one-shot, but it ended up becoming a multi-chapter project. For now, enjoy chapter one, and keep a look out for the next one! :)

Genre: Angst/Smut in the future, but for now just Fluff?

Premise: Y/N runs away from home in the hope of finding something more, but she never expected to find him.

Word Count: 3200+

chapter two

He smelt of cigarettes; the remnants of liquor still on his soft lips, intoxicating and deadly. His cold fingertips ghosted over the curves of your hips, igniting a fire within your belly, goosebumps dancing across your skin in their wake. His hot breath tickled your neck as he gently moved his lips down your jawline, pressing soft kisses against your burning skin. Every touch was strategically placed; he knew your every weakness, he knew how to make your heart race and to have you submit to him completely; mind, body, and soul.

You had found God, and you found him in Min Yoongi.

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Has tesla ever made any embarassing mistakes or have any fun personality qirks

He was a human just like us so he made tons of mistakes. Like thinking he could fly as child building wings and jumping from the roof of his house, or developing a gambling habit that nearly thwarted his career. Also, Tesla was extremely OCD to the point where he hated germs, calculated his movements and environment by threes, and had many other odd obsessions.

Please fire me. Everyday my boss comes into work very loud and peppy asking me how I’m doing. I work in retail…it’s not fucking fun. I want someone to come into my area of work and beat me before I jump from our one story building. That’s how I’m doing. Happy fucking New Year!

Grow Wings and Fly- Johnlock RP

Sherlock let out a deep breath, sinking against the couch. There hadn’t been a crime in two weeks. Lestrade had been giving him small, easy crimes. Things without danger.

Things that wouldn’t result in him jumping from a building and disappearing for two years. He was still going through a trial period with all of them- John, Lestrade, even Mycroft. They wanted to see him alive and safe and-

And this ennui was killing him. He didn’t like being all alone in the flat with nothing to occupy him. It felt like the walls were suffocating him and there was nothing to come between him and the cold tendrils of his memories. John hadn’t moved back in yet. He was still trying to figure the entire thing out but Sherlock couldn’t tell him the truth of what had happened while he was away. If he did, that would mean talking. It would mean vulnerability. It would be too much, too soon. He needed to distance himself from the memories before he could talk about it properly.

He sure missed his Boswell though.

Anita Sarkeesian

I’ll get this out of the way real fast, first off, I don’t like her, I think she’s a con-artist, and a liar.  Okay?  Okay, not lets go into why.  She says she likes video games, she said so in her kickstarter campaign,

she says so in interviews, basically she says it a lot.  But what about before she was getting all this money for being a “woman in gaming?”

Oh…well that’s not nearly as nice.  That won’t raise nearly the amount of money you need!  Luckily she lied and raised well over her $6,000asking funds.

Yeah all that money originally just to make five videos (now expanded to twelve) which she has not completed.  So what has she been up to instead of those videos she has over $150,000 for?  Well she’s tweeting and going on tv of course!

Here’s a particularly vile tweet by her about how males in general are to blame for mass shootings.  Then here’s her on the Colbert Report.

Oh and as far as what she’s saying her, well she better try and make sure her and Mcintosh are on the same page because here’s the writer of feminstfrequency saying that a certain factual feminist can’t be a feminist because…fuck I guess just because he says so.

Yeah, so much for giving feminist a voice, douchebag.

Also about her being on the Colbert Report, if you look on youtube there’s something interesting about that video.

Yeah, you can’t comment.  Look familiar?

Now they say it’s because she’s a woman and people will harass her, but then why does Mcintosh’s video have the comments disabled as well?

Especially when that very video says that he’s more likely to be taken seriously because he’s male?  Also why do none of the Colber Report’s other video have disabled comments?

Political figures and whatever else, psh say what ever you want, but put a feminist up there and no no don’t be mean to her!

Anita says that games don’t represent women well physically or mentally, but really she cherry picks quite a bit.  

The weird thing is she seems to acknowledge that these games exist then when you think she might say something smart she just turns around and goes, “lol but those don’t matter!”

She attacks games like Bayonetta for having a sexualized character, 

and I suppose she doesn’t really care that the creator of the character design was a woman named, Mari Shimazaki, who admitted to it being a kind of power fantasy.

A woman, I’m guessing, who also wouldn’t appreciate her character being referred to as a “fighting fuck toy.”

Now, that’s just rude.

Other than that when she does actually get around to making a video she steals art and let’s play footage and rarely bothers to actually play the games herself unless it’s to make a character do something intentionally misogynistic that no one else who plays the game is doing, otherwise she’d have probably just used their footage.   She says that because certain games give players the ability to kill women, even if they get penalized for it, that it still reinforces the belief that violence towards women is okay.  Which is sort of like saying that because Mirror’s Edge allows me to fall off a building it’s reinforcing the belief that I should jump from the empire state building.  It’s just stupid.  And that’s pretty much what I think about her in her entirety, she’s a liar, a con-artist, and pretty dumb to boot.

  • Deacon: You really think you're ready for the field? I once used defibrillators on myself. I put shards of glass in my fuckin' eye. I've jumped from a high-rise building using only a raincoat as a parachute and broke both legs upon landing. I've swallowed enough microchips and shit them back out again to make a terminal. This arm has been ripped off completely and re-attached with *this* fuckin' arm.
  • Sole Survivor: I don't know that that's possible... I mean medically...
  • Deacon: I piloted a vertibird on top of an airship while it was on fire. Not the vertibird, *I* was on fire.
  • Sole Survivor: Jesus, you're intense.

(GIF By X) 

Requested by MoonlitHoundoom of AO3. 

As always thanks to the-gothic-assassin for editing my works. :D 


           (Y/N) was sitting on her knees, talking to the little girl with twin tails at the door frame of the Café Theatre’s side door. The woman’s dress suggested that she was going out on a business.

“Remember what I have said, Juliette?”

“Don’t play a prank on Madame Gouze or anyone else, Maman,” She replied. Her face was a little bit sad.

“That’s my girl,” (Y/N) kissed her daughter’s forehead; “I won’t be too long, être une bonne fille. And don’t persuade your Papa to play anything dangerous.”

“And what is it that you’d find dangerous?” She smiled cheekily.

Just like her father, she thought, and then answered; “Anything which require climbing and leaping among buildings.”

(Y/N) repeated her words again, before leaving the Café. Juliette couldn’t help but walked back upstairs, since she had strolled around the Salon – which was filled with customers and scholars who usually came to the Café – and no one could played with her (or accurately, she couldn’t play a prank on anyone).

She walked pass the training room and Memento Gallery – where her mother and father taught her to play the harpsichord – until she reached the garden.   

Her (E/C) eyes saw the tall man walking around the garden, with a book in his hand. She ran quickly to him.

Papa!” She shouted as she hugged him tightly.

“Ah, mon petit ange,” Arno said as he closed the book, sat down, and seized her into his arms. “I thought you were going with your Maman.”

“She said her business was a secret, I can’t go with her.”

“Also she said that you can’t play a prank on every one, Am I right?”

“And I can’t play anything exciting with you either,” Juliette twisted her lips.

“So, it also means that we can’t practice your climbing and leaping.”

Arno said with an indifferent expression, but his daughter jumped a little;

“No, Papa! I want to practice them!” She grabbed his hand, her eyes were immersed.

“But your Maman has said that you can’t do that, hasn’t she? Beside, aren’t you afraid of falling?” He teased her by pretend to agree with (Y/N).

“I always have you to watch over me, you would surely save me from it.” She circled her arms around her father’s neck, “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Papa. I want to climb the Notre Dame like you do, when I grow up.”

“You have to promise me – one thing only – if you want to.” He still pretended to be the solemn father, but he was almost laughing.

“What is it, Papa?”

“Don’t tell your mother, because we are sneaking out from here – the garden!”

Her face immediately turned cheerful. She nodded eagerly and hugged him tight, before taking off her dress – to reveal that she had been wearing a shirt and pants like a boy already.

Arno picked up the dress, to hide it behind the bushes. He was confident that (Y/N) would never think of this place.

The father and the daughter started leaping and climbing to the rooftop of the Café; from the main building to the building – where the most of the staffs slept and lived – but they didn’t go further than the area around Île Saint-Louis.

“Papa,” She tugged Arno’s sleeve as they were sitting on the rooftop of a building near the Notre Dame – resting their legs, after leaping and climbing buildings for hours.

“Yes, what is with you, ma petit fille?” He smiled.

“When can I climb to the top of the Notre Dame?”

“Maybe when you’re fifteen or sixteen, when you’re skillful enough,” He said. Then he saw his daughter’s face, and sighed softly.

“But it’s almost ten years from now!” She whined, “You will be older; your hairs will turn grey and you will be slower than you are now.”

“Just ten years, it can’t make me that weaker,” Arno chuckled, caressing her head. Then he looked at the dusky sky.

“Stand up. We should go home now, or your mother will be worried.”

Juliette jumped up and followed her father down from the building. When her feet reached the solid ground, Arno bended his knees for his daughter could climb upon his back. As everything was ready, he started running back to the Café Theatre – laughing loudly and cheerfully with his girl.

“How would you tell Maman, about what we have played today?” Arno asked her – to check as if she had forgotten their promises already.

“I would tell her that we had played princess tea party! And you had agreed to dress like a pretty lady, before we went for a walk around Île Saint-Louis!”

“That’s my girl.” He let her down to the ground inside Café Theatre’s yard, kissing her forehead before walking hand in hand to the hall.

(Y/N) was sitting on a coach, grabbing a little dress. When she saw her husband and daughter approached to her, she began smoothly;

“Could each one of you explain this to me?”

“Maman,” Juliette ran to her and kissed her cheek. “I didn’t persuade Papa to play anything dangerous!”

“Oui, mon amour,” Arno smiled innocently. “We didn’t play anything dangerous!”

But it seemed like (Y/N) didn’t believe them. She continued;

“What did the two of you play today, then?”

“I persuaded Papa to play a princess tea party with me – he also dressed like a lady too – Before we went out for walk around the place!” the girl blurted out and sincerely looked at her mother face.

“And I told her to take off the dress, because I gave her running lessons too,” He backed up his daughter’s words.

“Really?” She narrowed her eyes. Both of Arno and Juliette nodded like their lives depended on them.

Arno thought it was the best to get away; he quickly picked Juliette up and walking straight to the staircase.

“Regardless, you’re still going to be punished,” She stopped them. Then she inspected Juliette’s clothes and found them to be full of stains. “This is the third shirt you’ve stained this month. There will be no chocolate after dinner for you, Juliette. And you…Arno.”  

“Yes? There will be no chocolate for me either, right?” He smirked.  

“No,” She smiled wickedly, “Worse than that.”


Will You Still Love Me?

It was a quiet night for the dynamic duo as they patrolled the city of lights. Fighting Akumas and putting a halt to Hawkmoths schemes were a tedious and tiring routine for the teenage heroes, so nights like these were precious to them. Swiftly they swing from building to building, jumping from each rooftop as if it was child’s play. Later, they landed on top of a building that gave them the perfect view of the city and decided to take a break to enjoy the view.

“I can never get tired of this view, it’s almost as breathtaking as me,” Chat said as he turned a seduction look over to his partner.

“Haha. Very funny,” Ladybug said with a not so amused looked. “Though I have to agree with your opinion about the view, it’s beautiful.”

As Ladybug turned her head back to appreciate the view more it got her to think about her life and what’s been going on. The bakery has been booming since the holiday season has arrived and her family couldn’t be happier. Her parents always go on about how proud they are of her, and she knows how blessed she is and wouldn’t trade anything in the world for it. Even her school life has been wonderful. With having to do patrols at night, it’s been hard to balance her studies with this duo superhero life, but she’ been receiving B’s on her past tests and is finally on track with her education. Speaking of school, Chloe hasn’t been pestering her as much as she usually does, which is a major plus in her perspective. Marinette is also very happy for her best friend Alya, her and Nino had finally become a couple as of last week. With Alya always helping her find the confidence just to talk to Adrien, it’s nice to see her have her own happiness, she deserved it. Then the name caught Marinette’s attention, Adrien. The boy she was love struck by since he stepped into her classroom. No matter what she does it seems she never found the courage just to speak a proper sentence to the boy.

Ladybug took a few steps towards the edge of the building while still gazing at the view.

“My Lady…?” Chat gave a concerning gaze towards Ladybug, but she just continued on with her thoughts.

“Marinette you’re such a klutz,” she thought to herself. With the mask, she is seen as this empowered young lady that is determined to complete anything she starts and won’t let anyone or anything get in her way. Yet she knew all that was a lie, but she couldn’t let the people of Paris down. It’s also one of the reasons why she’s so resistant towards Chat Noir. He only knew her masked self, and she’s positive that if he were to see the real side, the klutzy Marinette, he would be disappointed. As with Adrien who has seen, hopefully, the worse of her, gave her hope, but nothing seems to be happening.

Ladybug gives a sigh of disbelief “It’s pathetic right?”

“Ladybug? Are you alright?” Chat said as he started to steadily walk towards Ladybug.

“It’s like who am I exactly? If I were to go out with either one of you I still wouldn’t be me. I shouldn’t even try anymore at this point, right? Yet…” She turns over to Cat Noir “I can’t help but to fall for you two every time..” A single tear rolls down Marinette’s cheek.

“What’s it about you two that makes me act this way?!? Why do I feel like I’m not good enough or that I’ll be a disappointment to you guys!?!” Ladybug is bursting into tears at this point.

Chat goes in and embraces Ladybug. “Hey, don’t say that. You’re NOT a disappointment!”

“You don’t know me Chat, without the mask I’m completely different,” Ladybug says as she sobs with every other word.

“I know through your eyes that you’re a magnificent young lady. You’re someone that puts others needs before yours. You give everything you have in anything you do and try to make the best of any situation. I didn’t fall for you just for your powers My Lady.

Ladybug pushes Chat releasing the hug and said "But will you still love me?”

“What? Of course!” Chat said without any hesitation.

“Will you still love me in every weak moment of my life? When I’m not this high mighty superhero, but instead a normal girl with a normal life? Will you still love me in the moments where I need to complain about the latest school drama even though I know you’ll find it annoying? Will you?” Ladybug starts to walk backward to the edge of the building again.

“Those are the types of moments that I’ve always wanted to share with you, My Lady,” Chat says as he carefully watches Ladybug making sure she doesn’t make one to many steps back.

“I hope you’re telling the truth.” With that moment her transformation wears off and there stood before Chat, not the Miraculous Ladybug, but Marinette Cheng, your everyday school girl.

Chat stood there in awe. No words came out of his mouth.

“Chat?” Marinette questioned him. She was already beginning to regret this decision.

Chat shook his head to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. “I-I think, er I mean, I didn’t think it was possible…to fall even more in love with you, Marinette.

"H-how do you know my name? Do we know each other in the civilian world” Marinette asked with a surprised tone.

“More than you know” With that the transformation of Chat Noir ward off and there stood Adrian Agreste.

Left Behind (Tex x Reader)

Pairing: Tex x Reader

Reader Gender: neutral

So I have decided to leave requests behind right now and work on the stuff I have been wanting to work on for a while now and I hope you enjoy this.

Sorry it’s a little long


“Now are my words clear?” The director said, looking between the freelancers. Over the table, the only light in the room being the blue light from the holographic pictures that he had been showing before glowing on his face almost giving him an almost spooky sport of look.

He had made you all a new ‘mission’ of sorts. A simple capture the flag kind of setting. He was splitting you all in three teams. And each team has to find their flag and bring it back, whichever team returns with their correct flag first. Wins. It was a simple task that he thought would test you all. He had only selected a few of you to do this mission, mainly because you were top of the bored and he wanted to see strengths and weaknesses. The freelancers chosen were, Texas, Carolina, York, North and South Dakota, Connecticut, Washington, Maine, and you.

You all nodded, “Yessir.”

“The teams are as said: Team 1; Agent Carolina, Agent Maine, Agent Connecticut and Agent (state name).”

The four of you glanced at each other, you were happy with the team. They were all extremely capable soldiers. You were glad Tex wasn’t on this team. You two had spoken and actually got along very well but you couldn’t bare to imagine what would happen if her and Carolina were to end up on the same team. Then again, it’s still going to be competition city if she’s versing Tex.

The director had a slight smirk on his face as he continued, “Team 2; Agent York, Agent North Dakota, Agent South Dakota and Agent Washington.”

By now everyone have each other confused looks, if they’re on a team that means that…

“And Team 3; Agent Texas.”

Carolina actually looked like she was going to blow a fuse. You took a hesitant step to the left away from everyone, not wanting to be in the middle of anything if she were to go off her nut. One of the freelancers, North, stepped in and asked before she could start going off, “Excuse me, Director, is it exactly fair that Agent Texas to be on a team by herself? I mean the rest of us have four and it would seem an-”

“Agent North, if your meaning to tell me you’re worried that one agent will defeat four in a simple capture the flag then maybe you’re not cut out to be a freelancer.” The director cut him off.

“No I’m not worried about losing, I just-”

“Then you should have nothing to worry about. I know exactly what I am doing. Though you may doubt me.”

He didn’t continue on, he just nodded, “Yessir. I understand.” Completely and utter lie, but what was he supposed to say?

“Remember, this test is about stamina, speed, efficiency, and team work. By the end of this, I think we’ll know more about you than what you think,” he looked down at all of you, it was as though he was some kind of parent or teacher who had told you very strict and clear rules that he expected you to follow, “You all leave in 15 minutes, I expect you all to be prompt and ready.”


You had almost hit yourself when you soon realised that you and the director have different meanings to the word ‘simple’ and were ashamed that you thought that for once they may have the same meaning. For him, simple on this mission meant that there were hidden snipers who were constantly trying to fire at you and the occasional bomb would explode. Yes. Oh how simple.

“(State name) can you get it?” Caroline’s voice snapped on the radio.

“Yep!” You answered grabbing the flag from the side of the building while holding on to the grappling hook rope Carolina was holding you by, “I got it! Pull me up.”

You had almost wished you used different words, because apparently Carolinas version of 'pull me up’ is have you come up as quick as possible while most likely giving you server whiplash. You grabbed the roof of the building and she and Maine pulled you off and Carolina took the flag. It wasn’t too hard to figure out which flag belonged to which team, they were all labelled in small writing, yours was labelled 'Team One’.

“Alright now let’s get back!” She said, trying to avoid the bullets behind aimed at all of you.

You felt nauseous and light headed, having trouble standing up straight, “I’m not sure I can…” You said.

“(State name) we don’t have time for this bullshit we have to go now!”

“Carolina, (state name) doesn’t actually look well.” Connie said actually feeling concerned about you.

“We can give you a check up when we get back now hurry up! The ship isn’t that far away!” She ran to the other side of the building and jumped off to a lower one, Maine soon following. Connie grabbed your hand and the two of you ran after them together, you didn’t feel as though you could keep up with your feet all you can remember was that you and Connie had let go of each other’s hands when you jumped off, when you landed, your leg was left in a stinging pain and you found you couldn’t run without a slight limp. You both had caught up with Carolin and Maine, and so far you had a chance at being first back to the ship Tex was jumping running on another building not far from you all. It was only a mile away on a concrete clearing with the loading door open for you all to enter in. You didn’t know when it happened but at one point the light headedness took over and you fell down unable to run, this time hearing a crack in your leg. You were incredibly dizzy, and everything was spinning around. You could see Carolina, Maine and Connie still running to jump down to ground level.

“Guys… come back, help…” You tried to get up but you couldn’t, you couldn’t even move your leg.

“Shit!” You snapped in frustration. How were you going to get up them, you went onto your radio hoping that at least one of them would help you, “Team One, I repeat Team One, I’m down, I can’t get up, I can’t move, I repeat I can’t move.”

No reply.

“Team One! Can you read me?! Shit!” You cried when a bullet shot near the leg that was already hurting. You tried to drag yourself away from the gunshots, you didn’t want to die on this mission, you looked down at the ground as you tried to drag yourself.

That was when you heard footsteps coming towards, a teammate? You looked up in hope that it was at lest Maine or Connie who had come back for you, but when you looked up to see who was running and saw it was Tex, holding the flag in her hand. Great. Even better. One of the best agent was going to see you while you were at your worst.

She ran over to you, “(State name)? Where’s your team?” She asked, confusion in her voice.

“They left, they couldn’t hear me.” You ducked when you heard gunshots fire near you.

“They abandoned you?” Her head tilted. It sounded more like a statement than a question.

“No it’s fine. They just… couldn’t hear me.”

She kneeled down, “Can you walk?”

“I don’t think so,” you said honestly. Feeling pathetic.

Without even thinking, she wrapped your arm over her shoulder and helped you up, “Wait Tex, what’re you doing!?”

“Taking you back.”

“I’m not on your team! You’re going to lose!”

She didn’t listen, she stood at the side where your leg was useless and put her arm around your middle, “We’re going to have to work together, okay?” She said.

There was no use fighting her, you nodded and started walking, she was replacing your hurt leg, “Hold on.” She jumped down the building, thankfully this one wasn’t as high so landing wasn’t too much of a problem. She let you try your hardest to run. So you didn’t feel as useless, it had soon turned into a walk/hobble and you felt so guilty for slowing her down this much. You looked at the ships entrance and could see that Carolina, Connie and Maine were already inside and were watching you two make your way over.

You heard Tex mutter what you thought was, “Mother fuckers.” You looked down. Thinking it was because she lost the race, you only felt more guilty for slowing her down. If you hadn’t have fallen or were able to walk and keep up like you should be able too, she most likely would have made it back first.

When you got inside, she sat you down on one of the seats, checking you were okay before walking over to 479er to explain the situation you were in.

Connie and Maine immediately walked over to you, Connie kneeled down while Maine sat next to you, “(State name) I’m so sorry, we didn’t know. We would’ve come back but we didn’t realise you were gone. We’re so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” you said, slightly doubting the story because you had tried to contact the through their radios, “I’m sure you didn’t mean it.”

By now, Team Three was back and they also had circled you, “(State name) are you okay?” North asked.

“Yeah, just, my leg hurts.” You said. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Tex walking up to Carolina. Whatever it is. There’s no way that it’s going to end well.

“You have a lot of nerve for leaving your team behind.” She said, “I know you have some sort of competition thing against me, Carolina but you never abandon your team.”

“We didn’t know, it was an honest mistake.” She defended.

“Well that 'honest mistake’ almost got, (state name) killed.” She said, sounding as though she didn’t believe a word of Carolina’s reasoning.

When you all arrive back on the MOI you were to receive immediate medical attention. You hadn’t broken your leg like some others had though, but it was a dislocation, thanks to your armour, your knee stayed in place and didn’t need too much readjusting. You were allowed to use crutches and as soon as you were able to start using them, the director called another meeting to give the results to the test. No one knew but the Director had actually been recording it from cameras that he had set up around the city earlier.

Apparently everyone heard your help call including, your team just didn’t reply back to it, from the footage it looked as though Carolina was forcing them to finish first with the words of 'they’ll find their own way back’. You also managed to see that Tex, who had also heard you call, came to help when she saw that your team hadn’t turned back for you. She was just about to jump down to a lower level and run to the ship but as soon as she saw your team she looked over to the building where you had fallen and looked back at the ship. She completely changed direction and ran the opposite way to help you. You never knew she had deliberately come after you, you just thought that she had taken your building for a short cut and just happened to notice you.

The footage showed her talking to you and helping you up as the two of you started walking. The footage soon changed to Team Three who had been shooting the hidden sniper rifles, protecting you and Tex. You thought that maybe they had organised it but apparently North and York happened to noticed and decided to help, it was almost a silent agreement among them all. Usually South wouldn’t dare help Tex, but it wasn’t really helping Tex, it was helping you. And she was actually close with you and didn’t want you to get hurt because Carolina wanted to win.

The director stopped the footage, “I believe you’re all capable of filling in the dots of what happened.” He said and the lights in the room turned back on.

“It seems to me that some of you forgot one of the main aspects of this test,” his voice seemed frustrated and as though he was ready to shout, “As rules apply their first team to make it back wins. And Team One since you were missing a member you do not qualify. However, Agent Texas did make it back with (state name) so she by rule comes first, especially after taking a teammate that was not hers.”

Carolina crossed her arms, “I thought you said it was based on stamina and speed?”

He glared at her, “I did not believe that I would have to spell everything out for all of you, you’re all meant to be the best freelancers, common sense should have told you that you had to work as a team. And quite frankly, if you can’t work as a team I don’t see how you’re meant to do half of the missions we place here. And as far as anything goes I would call Team One’s mission a failure.”

“Wouldn’t it be a success? We brought the flag back?” She said.

“Leaving a teammate behind for dead is not what I call success, Agent Carolina.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Another reason I didn’t say that was because this test was also going to help sort out who your partners are going to be.”

Everyone looked around at each other, really? Put them in danger just to see who they would work best with. Actually no. You weren’t surprised anymore.

“Agent’s North and South Dakota, we are keeping you two together but we are going to try you with different partners to see how it works out.”

“Agent’s Maine and Wash, you’ll be doing the next few missions together.”

“Agent’s (state name) and Texas, I believe you two will be a very efficient team, Agent Texas may you take Agent (state name) back to their room? I look forward for seeing you back on the field.” He said.

You nodded, Tex stood beside you and you both walked through the halls back to your room.

“You didn’t have to help me you know,” you said, “You could have won.”

“Winning doesn’t matter,” she said, “You should never abandon your team.”

“I’m not your team,” you said.

“I know.” She sighed.

It was silent between the two of your for a while, the only sounds being the clicking of your crutches as the two of you walked to your room and her footsteps.

“And I care about you,” she said.

You looked up at her, “What?”

“You heard me. I care. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

You reached your room and opened your door, it was all sort of clearer now. Tex wouldn’t just go back for someone who wasn’t on her team. Never. If you’re not on her team she won’t care. She wasn’t angry with the others when she swore because they beat her, it was because they left you behind. You were finding it hard to believe. But it was true. It all made sense.

“Well, I look forward to working with you, I think we’ll make a good team.” She said.

You smiled, “Thanks, same here.”

She paused for a moment, “Take care and… don’t hurt yourself okay? Don’t want to have to wait longer,” she joked awkwardly.

You nodded, “By-”

“Oh uh, can you please not say goodbye, it just, I really hate them.”

You tilted your head slightly, “Yeah okay, sure, is I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”

She nodded, “I’ll see you tomorrow sounds much better.” You weren’t sure, but you were pretty sure you could hear and feel the smile under her helmet.

You smiled, “Well then, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She nodded before taking a step back, I’ll see you tomorrow,“ she said, ”… sleep well.“ And with that she left. She looked like she was mumbling under her breath when she left. You smiled to yourself as you walked into you’re room.

You were definitely hoping your leg would heal fast.

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below!

read the warning!

read the warning!

read the warning!

okay, you’ve been warned!  please enjoy the fic!

Wow, I’m honored to receive your first ask!  For me, specific is good, especially when it’s as unique as this one, so I actually really love this prompt!!  Thank you for sending this, and I hope you’ll send more in the future!  Enjoy!  =)

“Akaashi!”  Bokuto practically shouted.  “Did you see that?  He jumped all the way from one building to another!  Do you think Hinata could do that?  Do you think I could do that?  Hey, we should try-”

“Bokuto-san,” Akaashi whispered patiently, for about the 400th time.  “Please keep your voice down.  It’s impolite to talk in a movie theater.”

He regretted sitting next to Bokuto.  He loved his captain, he really did.  Really and truly did.  As in, he was completely head over heels in love with him, even if he didn’t act like it, even if he didn’t want to be.  But love aside, Akaashi could feel his teammates’ eyes on his back, urging him to silence their team’s leader, asking him why he hadn’t been able to already when it was normally a fairly easy task for him.  Moreover, he could feel the rest of the audience glaring at him.  He couldn’t pay attention to the movie at all.

Although, as Bokuto finally quieted down about halfway through the movie, he realized that the captain’s antics weren’t the only reason he was distracted.  He’d felt fine on the way here, but suddenly Akaashi’s stomach felt… off, to say the least.  Incredibly nauseas would be the most accurate way to describe the way he felt at that moment.

He muffled a burp into his fist and took a discrete peek at Bokuto, who, being in the aisle seat, was currently blocking Akaashi’s exit.  The spiky haired boy was leaning forward in his seat, hands clasped.  He was clearly enraptured in the action movie.  Akaashi again found himself distracted, this time by the way the light was playing on Bokuto’s face.  Akaashi was so out of it that he didn’t even notice when Bokuto turned to face him.


“Shhh, Bokuto-san-“

“Are you okay?”  Bokuto frowned.  Akaashi’s heart fluttered.  Bokuto was so kind, ready to drop everything at even the smallest sign for concern.  But Akaashi kept seeing the way he’d stared at the screen in awe, the way he’d been so focused on the movie until Akaashi had distracted him… A focused Bokuto was rare to see outside of the volleyball court, and Akaashi didn’t like being the one to destroy such a beautiful sight.

He nodded.  “Thank you for worrying, but I’m fine, Bokuto-san.  Just enjoy the movie.”

Bokuto raised his eyebrows but nodded and turned back to face the screen.  He seemed unsure at first, but by the time ten or so minutes had passed, he seemed to be completely absorbed once more.  Akaashi was glad.  He was also very queasy, and his head was spinning.

He didn’t regret having dismissed Bokuto’s concern, but he did regret not having been smarter about doing so.  He should have just said that he needed the restroom.  Now he would be in a tight spot if he did that because it might raise concern.

Still.  He really didn’t feel good.  He knew now, with inexplicable certainty, that he was going to throw up, and it was going to happen soon.  An image of Bokuto watching wide-eyed and paralyzed by fear as Akaashi puked all over himself and the person in front of him flashed through his mind.

He needed out, whether he had to disrupt Bokuto or not.

“Bokuto-san, I need to use the restroom,” he whispered, hoping the older boy wouldn’t think much of it.  Bokuto stared at him for a moment.  “Bokuto-san, please,” Akaashi’s voice was becoming strained.

Finally, Bokuto nodded, but when Akaashi stood on unsteady feet, the other boy stood, too.  Bokuto stepped into the aisle and looked at Akaashi pointedly.

“Akaashi.  Are you really-“

Just then Akaashi belched.  Loudly.  Embarrassingly.  And undeniably sickly.  His face flamed red and he brought a hand to his mouth, swallowing acid back down but not trusting himself to speak.  He shook his head in response to Bokuto’s unfinished question and hoped the older boy would understand.

Fortunately, the captain could be surprisingly perceptive.  After a brief moment of panic, a determined look crossed over Bokuto’s face.  A moment later, there was a large hand grasping Akaashi’s wrist firmly.  It was slightly painful, but a huge and unexpected comfort all the same.  It was nice to have someone who cared with him when Akaashi was feeling this bad.  Not to mention, Bokuto knew this theater better than Akaashi did and was able to bring him straight to the bathroom.

As soon as he was in a stall, Akaashi fell to his knees.  He might have cracked them if Bokuto hadn’t caught him under the arms and slowly lowered him to the ground, where he immediately started heaving over the toilet.  It didn’t take much for the previously repressed vomit to come pouring out of his mouth.  Akaashi’s eyes watered as some of it dribbled out of his nose, making it nearly impossible to breathe.  He felt like a tube of toothpaste being squeezed, slowly but steadily, from overfull to completely empty.

Akaashi had forgotten that Bokuto was there until he spoke.  “You’re okay Akaashi, that’s it, don’t worry, you’ll feel better soon.”

As Akaashi’s stomach gave him a reprise, he panted into the toilet and marveled at how calm Bokuto was.  Were their situations flipped, Akaashi was sure that he would be panicking.  It was so strange to be comforted by his normally emotionally unstable captain.  Gratitude washed over Akaashi a moment before a new wave of nausea, and then he was being sick again.

Needless to say, it was an awful experience.  The half-digested food was repulsive, and not only because of the loathsome taste.  The worst part, for Akaashi, was the fact that he had absolutely no control over it.  At times, when he felt like he couldn’t breathe, he even wondered if he might die, helpless.  He sobbed, even though he didn’t want to, and felt worse.  He choked as some puke got lodged in his throat and coughed until it surged up with twice the normal amount of force.

“Akaashi, keep breathing,” Bokuto’s voice, again, soothed him.  It reminded him that there was a large, steady hand on his back, that belonged to someone who cared, who wouldn’t let him suffocate, who was staying even though he was a complete mess.

It wasn’t until later, when Akaashi was cradled in Bokuto’s arms right there on the bathroom floor, the older boy wiping the younger’s face clean without complaint, that Akaashi understood: he and Bokuto were probably more similar than he’d realized.

The loss of control, the sense of helplessness and lack of air, that was something that Bokuto knew how to deal with because he suffered with it on a regular basis.  Every time he messed up, he felt like he was floating away in the ocean, unable to swim even though he supposedly knew how.

He’d always called Akaashi his anchor.  Akaashi had never understood why.  It hadn’t made sense.  If you’re drowning, you don’t want an anchor.  But in Bokuto’s case, it isn’t the drowning that scared him.  It was the helplessness.

It isn’t the anchor’s job to save the swimmer, Akaashi realized.  The anchor is just there to remind the swimmer that he can save himself.  And if sometimes the anchor is on the shore, offering the swimmer a direct lifeline to salvation, well, that certainly didn’t hurt.

“Thank you, Bokuto-san,” Akaashi whispered.  Bokuto smiled.

“Of course, Akaashi.  I’m glad you’re okay.”

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it's me again, a person who asked about the beats' works. thank you for answering my question! and yes, i'm a fan of kyd. i'm really into lucien, his relationship with david and especially david's murder, so it would be great if you gave me a detailed explanation!

wooo yes!!!! ok SO all the books i mentioned have a version of the murder story except, of course, jack & allen’s letters (which were all written long after). i’ll go in the order i read them and describe how close they are to kyd/what you should expect from each!!

and the hippos were boiled in their tanks (by burroughs & kerouac): unlike kyd, the characters are not in school, they just get by day to day bar-hopping and trying to get themselves shipped out. phillip (lucien) kills al (david) with a hatchet instead of a boy scout knife. the book ends soon after the murder, so most of the reading you’ll be doing is just the events leading up to it (which are still super entertaining, i love this book!).

vanity of duluoz (by jack kerouac): the claude chapters (aka lucien chapters) are pretty accurate to real life & similar to the events of kyd; they give a wonderful depiction of lucien in his school days (one of my favorites!) and a lot of great insight into the lucien/david relationship. there’s some really funny stuff that goes down with jack and the other inmates once he’s incarcerated as an accessory, so that’s a bonus.

the book of martyrdom & artifice (by allen ginsberg): allen’s infamous “bloodsong” is from this book, which is a collection of all of allen’s early writings from his journals and includes his time at school when he met lucien and the rest of the beat crew. there’s lots of interesting stuff about lucien and the murder as they happen (all dated!) and then you can actually read allen’s fictionalized account of the murder (which of course he never witnessed, so what he wrote is his own highly romanticized and gay as hell wishful-thinking version). this is the piece he turned in as his thesis in kyd, that was rejected for being “smutty” (he mentions that in the book). there’s more stuff in there too, but i haven’t gotten through it all yet (it’s a very big book!). really good for kyd fans, i think, especially those interested in what allen thought of lu!

the town & the city (by jack kerouac): the first half depicts jack’s childhood in “the town” and the second part his life in “the city” (new york), so you’ll want to skip to the second part, where you can read another fictionalized version of the murder story in which waldo (david) supposedly commits suicide by jumping off a building. since it’s so far from the truth and not exactly focused on the murder it’s not really the best for accuracy BUT it has one of the most fascinating interpretations of the lucien/david relationship that i’ve read thus far. in this book, waldo lost an arm as a result of a car crash that kenneth (lucien) caused. kenneth ridicules him mercilessly for this disability (which HE caused!!!), yet waldo, of course, only wants kenneth’s company and obsesses over him all the more. veeeery interesting dynamic that calls to mind a lot of implications. the part about them isn’t very long, though.

you’ll be okay (by edie parker): i’d definitely recommend reading this whole book for both entertainment and the accuracy of the story. though most of what’s written about the actual murder incident is about edie’s confusion when she’s brought in for questioning and her worrying with celine over the boys who’re stuck in jail, it has so much good stuff about the whole beat circle you met in kyd and the characters it left out that it’s totally worth it!! it gives you a really great idea of how they all interacted and what actually happened and it’s very mean to david lol (just like the town & the city). lots of fun!!

anyway that’s as far as i’ve gotten. i hope this was helpful! if anyone knows of any other books that include the murder story PLEEEEASE tell me cause i want to read every version out there!!!!

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Prompt: Omni-Mass and Wingspan get trapped together by a super-villain and have nothing to do but talk about life and feelings once they realize they can’t get out.

Thanks for the request! Sorry it took so long. I assumed this was supposed to be OmniWing?
Damn. They couldn’t have one night off, could they?
A new monster had invaded. Where did it come from? Where do they all come from? That thought they could barely process before they were forced into action by Kane once again.
“You’d think that guy could say please, just once.” Wingspan complained, jumping from a building perch to get a running start for flight.
“I’d like to see the day that happens.” Ricardo scoffed, running along while Stretch silently swung around lampposts, too in his thoughts to say anything but- “Focus, guys!”
“Eee!” Wingspan squealed somewhat femininely as the tall, scrawny monster grabbed his foot. The monster was like some sort of metal tree, maybe like a power tower?
“I got you man!” Omni mass shouted as his feet swelled to huge proportions and he stopped on the monsters hand, causing it to scream and let go of Wingspan.
Wingspan flapped his arms a bit as he got control of himself once more, face flushed under his mask in embarrassment. “Yeah, thanks!” He breathlessly shouted.
Later on in the fight, the trio was getting frustrated. Was this thing unstoppable?! Impossible! They wouldn’t stop until this… this THING was contained.
Stretch- well, stretched himself across the room, trying to trip the monster. But it backfired rather harshly, as the monster managed to use him as a slingshot, Omni mass and Wingspan getting thrown haphazardly across the room.
Omni mass huffed as he hit the ground and coughed softly. “You alright, Wing?” He asked as he tried to get to his feet, holding his side in pain.
A groan from beside him let him know that Wingspan was fine enough to keep going. Said boy popped his head up and whined. “This isn’t working!” He grunted, annoyed.
“What I wouldn’t give to be in bed.” He muttered as he got to his feet, popping his back as he stood.
“Well-“ Omni mass was cut off, however, as a- What was that?!
He quickly jumped in front of Wingspan, putting all his mass in his back to cushion the impact.
Omni mass put his mass back to normal, Wingspan standing straight and looking around for whatever had just happened.
“What?!” He screeched in a panicked voice, moving to press against the humongous glass dome that was trapping them against a corner of the room.
“This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.” He whimpered, banging on the glass and running from one side of it to the other. “Ricardo!” He squealed, gasping.
Ricardo grabbed Wingspan by the shoulders and shook him firmly.
“Get ahold of yourself, man!” He shouted, letting out a sigh and letting his friend go from his grip.
Wingspan started taking deep breaths, leaning against the glass as Omni mass started to try to bash there way out.


“Give it up, Ricardo!” Wingspan groaned from where he was sitting, huddled in the corner.
Omni mass punched the glass in a steadily slowing rhythm, breathing heavily as he ran out of steam. He growled, frustrated, but turned his back to the glass and let himself slip down, sitting against it.
If they weren’t able to get out of it, than it had to be made out of some kind of flexarium. They couldn’t fly out of it. They couldn’t break the barrier. They couldn’t go through the floor- There was people in the lower floors of this building!
The two sat in silence for a while, Wingspan picking at the paint on the wall and Omni mass sitting with his head buried in his knees. The only sound was the soft breathing coming from them both.
The silence was… infuriating.
“I wonder what Jake’s doing.” Wingspan thought aloud, glancing over at Omni mass.
“Probably getting his butt kicked.” Omni mass grunted, not looking up. With his face covered, his words were muffled.
Wingspan sighed and tipped his head back to the ceiling.
“Oh, c’mon. Do you have no faith in him?” He asked, moving to sit up straight.
Omni mass finally looked up, sitting straight at well.
“If we couldn’t fight it together, what makes you think he can win on his own?” He asked, chuckling painfully.
“Oh.” Wingspan looked at the floor, then glanced back at Omni mass.

Omni mass sighed. “So… How’s it going with Erika?”
“Oh?” Wingspan perked up, but deflated again when he realized what had been asked.
“Well… Uh… Not great.” He mumbled softly.
“You have no skills.” Omni mass chuckled.
“Hey!” Wingspan got up, moving to sit by Omni mass so he could hit the other in the arm. “It’s not like you have girls begging to date you either.”
“Yeah, but the difference is that I’m not trying.” Omni mass teased.
It had been a solid hour and the two passed the time, bringing up casual conservation topics and picking on each other.
“…And that’s why my mom stays away from parsley.” Wingspan finishes.
Omni mass groaned playfully. “Yawn!” He laughed as Wingspan hit him in the arm for what felt like the millionth time that day.
Their laughter died down after a moment, Wingspan sighing peacefully. A small silence filled the space once more before Wingspan lazily looked at Omni mass.
“You know, why /haven’t/ you tried to pick up any girls?” He asked, turning his head towards him in interest. “I mean, you’re always bragging that girls were all over you back from your last school, but no ones jumping to date you now.”
Omni mass froze a moment, melting into his seat. “Oh, right.” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. “Well, you see, uh…”
“Wait! Did you lie?” Wingspan sat up, a huge grin on his face, thinking he saw through Ricardo’s scheme.
“No, no.” Omni mass was quick to shut Wingspan down. “It’s just… uh..”
He let out a frustrated groan. “I don’t know, man… Girls are complicated.” He ran his hands through his hair, suddenly feeling embarrassed. Oh geez, was he REALLY going to have to explain this?
“Well, Yeah. I knew that!” Wingspan stated, raising an eyebrow at Omni mass. He was confused. “But that doesn’t stop Jake and I from trying.” He mentioned.
Omni mass let out a frustrated sound. “No, you don’t understand! It’s just- I think- I might-“ He sighed, slamming his fists on the ground.

“GUYS! HANG ON! HELPS ON THE WAY!” Stretch yelled from the other side of the barrier.

Supergirl season 1 rewatch thoughts....

I like to think that Cat realized that Kara was actually Supergirl the moment Winn and James jump from the building in 1x19, because of how Supergirl said their names as if she knew them. In 1x20 and in the few episodes of season 2 with Cat in it she is fully aware of who Kara is, as she confirms in 2x22. 

Also, in 1x19 Kara was not a mindless drone at her desk. I mean, come on! Cat Grant can’t be that naive to believe Kara just got lucky and wasn’t in the area affected by Myriad!

I don’t know, it’s a headcanon I’ve always had.

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Uummm, need something fluffy. Any happy headcanons with Benriya trio?

Ask and ye shall receive! —Kai 


  • he loves humming when he’s in a good mood, even if he can’t often carry a tune
  • he likes to celebrate little victories in life
  • Worick loves it when his partner plays with his hair
  • getting complimented by his s/o results in him teasing them, but that’s to cover up how happy it makes him feel (especially if it isn’t just about his appearance)


  • she loves holding hands and cuddling
  • Alex loves cooking for her partner, although she isn’t especially talented at it
  • she secretly loves poetry


  • Like Worick, Nic hums too, and very off-key. He usually does this while jumping from building to building during his jobs.
  • Nina never fails to cheer him up or at least console him when he’s in pain.
  • After a long day of hard work, he loves to come home and collapse on his s/o’s lap and cling to them as a koala does to a tree.
  • Illya: You really think you’re ready for the field? I once used defibrillators on myself. I put shards of glass in my fuckin’ eye. I’ve jumped from a high-rise building using only a raincoat as a parachute and broke both legs upon landing; I still had to pretend I was in the fucking Russian circus! I’ve swallowed enough microchips and shit them back out again to make a computer. This arm has been ripped off completely and re-attached with the other’ arm.
  • Gaby: I don’t know that that’s possible… I mean medically…
  • Illya: During the threat of an assassination attempt, I appeared convincingly in front of congress as american singer-activist Paul Robeson.
  • Gaby: In black-face? That’s not appropriate.
  • Illya: I watched the woman I love get tossed from a plane and hit by another plane mid-air. I drove a car off a freeway on top of a train while it was on fire. Not the car, I was on fire.
  • Napoleon: Jesus, you’re intense.

Best performances in 2015: #5 Jason Statham as Rick Ford in Spy

You really think you’re ready for the field? I once used defibrillators on myself. I put shards of glass in my fuckin’ eye. I’ve jumped from a high-rise building using only a raincoat as a parachute and broke both legs upon landing; I still had to pretend I was in a fucking Cirque du Soleil show! I’ve swallowed enough microchips and shit them back out again to make a computer. This arm has been ripped off completely and re-attached with *this* fuckin’ arm. 

don’t tap the glass

Mamihlapinatapei - The look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move.

for. @cheerilyeerie

Please don’t tap the glass. Eyes are windows to the soul and the glass is very fragile. 

He didn’t mean to stare. He doesn’t mean to stare even now, but it’s hard to pull his gaze away when Marinette’s bright blue eyes are fixated upon him. Even though Adrien is a few feet away, a few stairs down on the school’s stony steps, he can hear her small gasp. With one breath, she’s stolen all the air and he’s finding it hard to breathe, desperately needing oxygen of his own, but remembering now is not a priority. As he looks up at her, Marinette chews on her bottom lip, worrying at it so fiercely he’s afraid she might start to bleed.

But, for some reason, he can’t let go, caught in the trance of watching pink stain her cheeks. There are no words he can say as the world drifts away, entangled in this moment he doesn’t quite understand.

Why are you looking at me?

However, as soon as he starts to tap on the window of her soul, seeking out questions he doesn’t know quite yet, Nino claps a hand on his shoulder. The action shatters whatever moment was between them as Adrien turns around.  

“Ready to go, dude?” Nino says, his cheerfulness ignorant to what happened.

In a blink of a moment, it’s like the world has started moving again, continuing forward as it has intended for all of eternity. Breathing is just easy he remembers, in and out, out and in.

“Adrien, dude?”

Adrien blinks again, his friend coming into focus and he nods his head. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just give me a second, yeah?”

Yet as he turns back around towards Marinette, searching for answers he now needs to hear, she’s gone from her place on the steps.

A small part of him has never felt so hollow.

And the larger part of him has no idea why.

She didn’t mean to get this close, but she is and she is able to count every single golden freckle in his green eyes. Does Chat know that his green eyes are so electric, so vibrant and alive? Their noses are almost touching and his eyes are looking directly into hers and she has never felt more on fire.

Neither one of them dares take a breath and she can smell icy mint coming from his lips. Yet she cannot feel cool under his gaze, burning and smoldering, as his eyes sing her praise. As her heart races against her ribs, this is the first time Ladybug–no, Marinette–realizes that Chat is more than just her partner, he is also a boy.

And she is also a girl.

And sometimes boys and girls get caught in moments when they both realize that they can have relationships that are not made by the mind, but built by the body.

As she swallows, hard and deep, out of the corner of her eye, she can see a black gloved hand go to lightly caress the swell of her cheek. Even through leather gloves, she can still feel the warmth of his touch, the back of his fingers searing a trail on her skin. Her hands twitch at her sides, they want to trace his path with their own pads, but she digs her nails into her palms as a reminder not to lose sight.

What does that even mean anymore?

But it is Chat who moves away first, the mismatched beeping of their stones becoming louder in the night, as he takes careful steps to the edge of the building. He never breaks eye contact with her though, his green eyes piercing into hers. Each step he takes to widen the distance between them twists her heart into a way she can’t explain (and she doesn’t even want to).

With a small quirk of his lips, he salutes her before turning around, releasing her from his hold. As she stares at the expanse of his back, she hears him say, “Good night, my Lady.”

He then jumps off the building and disappears from view without waiting for a reply. It is only then Marinette slowly brings a hand to her face to finally follow the path his fingers made as her knees sink to the floor.   

It is a late night in Paris, the world asleep save two teenagers who are hopelessly in love with people who just started noticing at them. And who, as two teenagers, began noticing someone else besides their heart’s desire.

Yet as each close their eyes, they fall into sleep where dreams are made from blue and green eyes, making their heartbeat faster for not the one they thought they wanted, but for the one they are starting to consider.

For eyes are the windows to the soul, but the glass happens to be quite fragile. But when we are told not to touch–be careful, that might break!–it makes us want to knock a little harder.