jumpe rope

I  was tagged by @beatasticband, thank you :)

1. What’s your favorite music genre? grunge (who would’ve guessed it), death metal, prog rock and prog metal, hard/ classic rock and also some thrash metal
2. Last song you listened to? So You Die by Bloodbath
3. Favorite childhood game? Why?  I don’t know, I always used to play chinese jump rope (dict.cc said it’s called like that in English haha) because it was fun haha
4. If you could only dress in one color, which would it be? black (so kvlt ahhh)
5. Was anime a mistake? no, I’m not a huge fan of it but let people like whatever they want
6. Celebrity crush? John Frusciante, Josh Klinghoffer, Jensen Ackles, Mikael Akerfeldt & Eddie Vedder (all of them are old enough to be my parent though) and also Jennifer Weist, Maria Brink & Scarlett Johansson and ahhh also some more
7. Text or call? texts definitely, those voice memos things that you can do on whatsapp are ok too but phone calls… nah
8. Favorite movie? Forrest Gump or the Green Mile
9. Can you dance?
not at all
10. What always makes you smile? doofy memes, bread memes, dav ur outta da band memes, cool people, nice music, John Frusciante’s existence, Opeth…
11. How many times did you drink water today? like 972349 times (I don’t know how often, but very often)

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