The local favorite by Anna Gorin
Via Flickr:
Browse waterfall sites long enough and you’ll come up with all sorts of places to explore you never knew existed! About a year ago I started hearing about this “local favorite” of a place called Jump Creek Falls, but it being out toward Marsing and Marsing not being a place I typically have much reason to visit, I hadn’t bothered checking it out before. But coming back from my roadtrip and already being out toward the Oregon border (and being tired of sitting in the car for hours), I figured it would be a good break. The problem? I couldn’t remember how to find it. So as I crossed the Idaho border, I stopped at the welcome center and a couple of kind gentlemen (neither of whom had heard of the falls, which made me feel very knowledgeable) looked up the intersection for me, which my GPS pinpointed without any trouble. The verdict on Jump Creek? Well, it’s kind of cool. I don’t know if it’s worth a special trip out there if you’re coming from Boise since it’s only a 10-minute hike and not much to do once you’re there, but if you’re in the area, it’s worth a stop. Maybe it would be more impressive a little earlier in the spring! How to get there: 1) Set your GPS for the intersection of Jump Creek Road and Poison Creek Road outside Marsing. 2) Continue south on Jump Creek Road through the intersection as it immediately turns to gravel road, and take the right fork (the one with the “One lane bridge” sign). 3) Continue down the gravel road and when you come to the next fork at the pack it in, pack it out sign, go left toward the rocky canyon. 4) Road conditions permitting, follow the steep but short ramp down to the lower trailhead. Otherwise you can park at the upper lot and walk down, or follow the canyon rim trail. Enjoy! 500px | Blog | Facebook | Tumblr