jump the shark

I want a Sharkboy and Lavagirl remake where the CGI is insanely good and the acting is super emotional and intriguing, but nothing about the story changes. Sharkboy still has to sing the dream song and mister Electricidad still has to go “YOU ARE IN MY CLASS!!! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND”

Can we just talk about Sam in this gif for a minute? That right there is the face of a guy who has wanted a baby brother for a really long time and finally has one. Just look at his face. He’s just pretty much, like, “I’m so proud of my little brother, looking at him shooting accurately.” And Dean in the background is just like, “fuck this shit, I hate everything. Sammy was my brother first, and Dad was our dad before he was yours.” And Adam’s like, “lolz, they think I’m not a ghoul." 

You know what I miss?  

Doctor Who. I miss being excited about Doctor Who.  

I miss looking forward to streaming the show every week.  I miss being excited for the Christmas special.  I miss the cliffhangers and the recurring characters and the personalities of the individual doctors.  

I just saw an ad for the new series in September and I literally thought “meh.” 

I remember a time where you’d see nothing but the show on your dash, and all the posts had 10,000+ notes because literally everyone loved it and got excited about it.  

I think the idea of fandom lost traction everywhere around the same time the show started doing plot circles, so people lost interest and it died a slow, agonizing death. 

I didn’t ever think it would get here, but it has, and somewhere it makes me sad.