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I pretty much never listen to the music that plays at the coffee shop and just immediately shove headphones into my ears but uh

this playlist is honestly crushing it

I’m loving this gay pop trash playlist lmao

In other news guess who’s fucking writing some fucking fic

YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma


Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the twins get along or not, in fact it’s usually both simultaneously. In which they’re babies, Yasha’s already a fledgling asshole, but Shura still wants to be with him…

(Featuring OC kids Yasha and Shura as infants)

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IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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Anyone Else Notice These Things??

-Watch closely when someone gets in Max’s face/ swings at him (examples: those two times David yelled at him, when Preston yelled at him, when Pikeman swings at him, ect) he flinches. Badly. He just doesn’t give a short jump, he closes his eyes and he backs up.

-He’s kind of immune to pain??? Throughout one single episode, he gets stabbed, punched in the face, slapped multiple times, and he gets tangled up in a bunch of ropes. In another episode, he gets thrown off the Flowerscouts’ “proper walking/ posture” course thing. And he doesn’t really land in the liquid/ acid shit like Space Kid does. He actually gets thrown off. And I know a lot of detail isn’t put in this specific show, but that could’ve really hurt him. But everytime he gets hurt no marks show up on his body (the only reason I’m pointing this out is because when DAVID gets hurt, he gets bandages and scratches/ scars afterwards) and he kinda just walks off all his injuries. (But! In one episode he does get effected by one of Harrison’s magic tricks, and he points out that he doesn’t feel well… Three times??? In that episode.)

-He doesn’t eat a lot. He’s shown drinking coffee in… I’m p sure four different episodes, and he’s shown eating breakfast in one (EDIT: I watched the episode again cuz its one of my favs, but I noticed he doesn’t even eat any. He’s just playing with it with his fork, and he leaves for the shower before he eats). And while everyone else is in line for breakfast (season 1 episode 11) he wants coffee. Hell, even in the theme, he has nothing on his plate while Neil and Nikki have… Food?? On their’s.

-Max has admitted to crying himself to sleep (S1 Ep8)

And before you all come at me, yes. I know. It’s 110% canon that the a majority of the other camper’s lives are pretty fucked up, too. I’m just saying, like?? The other campers sometimes mention their life at home, but every time “home lives” are brought up, to me it feels like Max was scripted (purposely) to not respond.
I dunno.. This has all been on my mind for a while aofbakfjanf


#tfw bastilledan looks straight at u for a millisecond 

Steve had been really looking forward to getting in some practice before his big tennis match on Sunday.

He’d agreed to meet his boss and a few of his friends at the court after work to practice his serve. They’d offered him the chance to go to the gym with them first, but Steve lied and said he’d nip home to get his stuff and change. The real reason is he didn’t want his boss to see him naked, so he decided to change at the side of the court!

Steve had had his tank top on under his shirt and he’d worn his jock under his suit pants as he knew there weren’t any changing rooms at the tennis courts. All he had to do was kick off his dress shoes, pull down his suit pants and pull on his shorts and his trainers.

After checking no one was around, he bent over, his firm bubble butt pushing against the seams of his tight navy suit pants, and unlaced his dress shoes. He kicked them off and unbuckled his brown leather belt.

Steve made sure he had his shorts nearby and ready to pull on quickly. Although, he thought, I’ll slip my trainers on first. I don’t want anyone to know I changed here.

Steve knelt down, his belt swinging open and slipped on his trainers and tied them up.

With his trainers done up, Steve heard the rumble of an engine and the slam of a car door. He quickly undid his flies and the button on his pants, pushing the material to his ankles.

His jock clad bubble butt was bare to the world and Steve was suddenly very conscious of how much he was exposing himself. As he bent over, his cheeks fully presented, he realised how stupid he’d been putting on his trainers first. His suit pants were tangled around his ankles and his trainers.

Hearing the sound of his boss and friends laughing and joking as they approached, Steve started to panic. He stumbled slightly as he managed to free one trainer clad foot from his pants, but the other was caught. He gripped his shorts in his hands as he tried to use his free foot to untangle the other.

“What the hell are you doing, Steve?” His boss’ deep bass voice rumbled behind him.

Steve jumped and dropped his shorts, before stumbling forward, his pants flicking off his ankle to the side of the court. Steve came to a stop on the court, his back to his boss and another 4 guys!

“Boss, I can explain!”

“You better have a good reason for this fat ass!”

Star Wars Episode IX Reylo predictions

Originally posted by street-of-mercy

These are just a few predictions that I believe will occur in episode ix based on the trajectory of the last two films.

1)The time jump will be short.  We can’t time jump years for the last movie.  The reason that I believe this, is that if Ben Solo will be redeemed in the last movie, he can’t be terrorizing the galaxy for a couple of more years.  Otherwise, we are in for another two and a half hours of let’s save Ben Solo.  We already have two movies that have done this.  I can’t sit through a third of the same thing.  If he is destructive and ordering the death of planets then there will be no redemption arc.  However, I do believe he will be redeemed so we need to see a different side of him.  We know that he doesn’t support the annihilation of planets.  We saw that in TFA and honestly, I think had Phasma not asked about the villagers in the beginning of TFA, he would have let them live.  He let Finn and Poe live.  

Originally posted by starwarsvillains

2)Hux will attempt to kill or overthrow Kylo in the first act of the movie.  We have evidence that these two hate each other.  Hux already attempted to kill Ben in TLJ.  Had Ben not woken up when he did, we wouldn’t have a third movie.  Hux may view a security holo in the throne room, but he will come to find the truth that Ben Solo committed high treason in the killing of Snoke. When the coupe occurs, I believe that Ben will escape somehow.

Originally posted by realjburns

3)The Knights of Ren will finally make their appearance.  When Ben goes into hiding, he will go back to the knights.  I think they fall somewhere between the FO and the rebellion.  Neither good or bad.  If they are some of the jedi from the temple that went with him, he knows he is safe with them.  This may also be when he meets Rey to fulfill that piece of her vision from TFA.  He saves her life, again, and they remain together for the rest of the movie.

Originally posted by reyloshionship

4)We will have a Reylo kiss.  I also think that when they do kiss that they will see a vision of their future and see their kids.  Touching hands across the galaxy allowed them a moment of clarity into where they are headed.  They will turn and stand side by side, but in TLJ they still both viewed their vision through a selfish lens.  However, I do think that they both saw the same thing.  The amazing thing is, is that I think JJ will show us what they see.  We saw what Rey saw in TFA.  Rian didn’t share their vision with us, as I think it would give the next movie away.  But, I do believe JJ will actually give us their vision on screen.  It would actually be a beautiful way for Disney to end this saga, but also give themselves an opening if they are to continue the Skywalker saga in the future.

Originally posted by nikkinotions

5)Ben Solo will be redeemed.  I believe he will be redeemed early on in the movie.  He will get a beautiful story.  We left TLJ with everyone calling him Ben.  He looked defeated and weary.  I think the decision was made then.  This kid has had a really rough two weeks.  He knows Luke and Han both gave their lives for him.  He may believe his mom is dead and Rey left him.  The legacy he has been led to believe will be his greatest achievement has only become his downfall.  He no longer has too much Vader in him, but too much of his father.  Even Snoke called him young Solo.  The last thing he sees are the dice that belong to his dad.

 We know that Han has not left him since Luke told us that. Ben will meld the two halves of his life together.  He will become a complete Solo/Skywalker.  This denying the two halves of himself has been tearing him apart to the point that it split his spirit to the bone. I know that people want him to suffer and to suffer terribly and painfully on screen, but why?  Yes, he has done terrible things due to an ideology that he had been sold on from an early age. His family did not protect him from the dark side.  Han gave his life, touching his son’s face in love and forgiveness for what he did to him.  Luke, also gave his life.  Ben knew from the first connection with Rey, that the effort would kill her.  He knew Luke projecting himself would lead to his death. Luke thought Ben was worth saving.  It is not up to us to determine another person’s suffering and “necessary” payment for their sins.  

Originally posted by pixelrey

6)Their Force connection will continue.  These two are connected. They can not deny each other. I don’t think that they will fight against the connection in the beginning for too long.  It serves a purpose for the two of them and I think that they will be extremely lonely without the other. The also become their best selves when they are with each other.

Originally posted by writingreylo

7)Reylo will be end game.  They will get their happily ever after.  That is how fairy tales end.  According to JJ in his commentary of TFA this is a fairy tale.  They will both be alive and it will be so sweet that we are all walking out of that theater with cavities.  We did not wait forty-two years for a horrible ending that leaves no satisfaction to the most romantic and sexy couple in Star Wars history.  The are Anakin and Padame in reverse.  They are equals in the halves that they represent in the force.  They are THE couple. Neither overpowers the other. They understand each other.  I don’t know if the will form a Jedi order as Ben is completely disillusioned from that.  However, they may help other force users understand how to blend the light and dark to be a complete force user.

            First comes the day

             Then comes the night.

            After the darkness shines through the light.

            The difference, they say,

             Is only made right

             By the resolving of gray

             Through refined Jedi sight.

Journal of the Whills 7:477

The Force Awakens novelization

I think that TFA was the day and TLJ is the night, that leaves us with the resolving of gray through refined Jedi sight.


can i just say
how much i appreciate the dekubowl

it’s basically everyone going after deku’s love and it’s just amazing

also i kind of jumped on the short-hair kirishima bandwagon hoho

  • BTS Reactions

BTS Reaction | you being much younger than them but of age

BTS Reaction | them saying something hurtful to you and you start crying

BTS Reaction | you breaking down because of University stress

BTS Reaction | being afraid of turbulences during traveling

BTS Reaction | you having to sit on their lap and try not to squish them

BTS Reaction | you singing one of their songs

BTS Reaction | having troubles in school

BTS Reaction | the other members noticing the hickeys your boyfriend left on you

BTS Reaction | their girlfriends asking them to take her virginity after winning an award

BTS Reaction | being a hacker

BTS Reaction | being short and jumping to hang the jackets up

BTS Reaction | teaching you Korean

BTS Reaction | people starring at you in public

BTS Reaction | you getting turned on in public

BTS Reaction | beating them in an arm wrestle in front of the others

BTS Reaction | meeting their parents

BTS Reaction | their girlfriend dancing to BST

BTS Reaction | being sore the morning after

BTS Reaction | you hurting yourself while practicing together with them

BTS Reaction | their girlfriend leaves waterproof lipstick stains on their lips

BTS Reaction | finding their crush asleep in a funny / cute position

BTS Reaction | you having to kiss them during spin the bottle

BTS Reaction | you burning yourself with hot oil while cooking for them

BTS Reaction | sucking on their bottom lip

BTS Reaction | you asking them out

BTS Reaction | their s/o crying when two of the members are arguing

BTS Reaction | their girlfriend storing stuff in her bra

BTS Reaction | them walking in on you showering because they thought it was another member

BTS Reaction | meeting you and finding out that you’re a mother

BTS Reaction | seeing you tanned and with bikini marks

BTS Reaction | meeting them again after you disappeared for 2 years without an explanation

BTS Reaction | their s/o accidentally kissing another member

BTS Reaction | their girlfriend being able to rap as fast as Yoongi

BTS Reaction | their s/o feeling insecure about their nose

BTS Reaction | their famous idol ex writing a song about them

BTS Reaction | their s/o being scared of thunderstorms

BTS Reaction | how they ask you out

BTS Reaction | their s/o feeling insecure about their weight

BTS Reaction | leaning against their shoulder when tired

BTS Reaction | comforting their s/o after pet loss

BTS Reaction | spoiling their s/o with gifts

BTS Reaction | you having an eating disorder

BTS Reaction | having your first big fight with them

BTS Reaction | being in a long distance relationship and you have to leave after a long stay

BTS Reaction | being in a long distance relationship and you surprise them with a visit

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Please do not forget that Yuzuru Hanyu is an actual, real person who deserves to be seen as such and not just as a reference to your favourite anime, especially now after he won the world cup for the second time. This goes for every other figure skater too btw. It’s okay if Yuri on Ice got you into figure skating or whatever, but Yuzuru Hanyu is not Yuri and he should be known and appreciated for the fact that he is an outstanding figure skater and not for the comments on his performances saying that he is definately Yuri. Thank you.