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There isn’t an Oscar for choreography, but if there were, La La Land would almost certainly be taking it home this year. Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, this musical for the 21st century is full of tapping, waltzing, fox-trotting salutes to 20th century musical classics.

The opening scene is a wow. A typical, Los Angeles traffic jam — blue skies and sunshine over the congested ramp where the 105 freeway meets the 110. Frustrated drivers are stuck sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. All of a sudden they get out of their cars and start to sing and dance!

They’re hopping, jumping and somersaulting over cars and trucks — and all throughout the joyful number, choreographer Mandy Moore was underneath one of the cars — “screaming out the counts. It was really fun,” she says.

Behind This Exuberant Dance Number? Planning, Precision And Practice

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this was supposed to be short, but my rambling got the best of me

Okay, Trini being a cute and awkward gay mess is adorable asf but Trini being a chivalrous sweetheart gets me in the feels. Like she wouldn’t even have to be doing big stuff, just holding the door open for Kimberly or buying her a flower just because or sending Kimberly a picture that reminded Trini of her.

Zack trying to make fun of Trini by poking fun at the fact that she would literally jump over the car to open her girlfriend’s door and Trini just raising her eyebrow and him and saying, “romance and chivalry aren’t dead y'know” before slamming the door into his face when he tries to get out.

Jason trying to tell Trini to tone it down because she’s going to attract unwanted attention when she’s literally blurring to stand in front of Kim when a car splashes onto a puddle or carrying Kim around town without breaking a sweat

Billy being confused when Trini lands herself in detention for the rest of the year because she usually just saunters in without reason but understanding once he sees the faded bruising on her knuckles and face plus the fact that Ty and some of the other football players aren’t at school for a week or two due to some mysterious fight that happened after school.

Kim just playfully rolling her eyes at her adorkable gf while secretly swooning when she does things like this.

The rangers ship it

The Harts and Scotts ship 

 Alpha and Zack are #1 shippers

Billy’s mom and Zack’s mom ship it

Jason giving the “if you hurt her” big brother speech to Trini

Trini paying rapt attention and taking it seriously

Zack trying to give the same speech to Kim, but Kimberly can’t really take him seriously when he’s hanging upside down by his shoelaces

Kim being intimidated and taking it seriously when Zordon gives her the overprotective “wall-dad” speech because he knows what Trini goes through at home, especially when he’s seen Trini wander into the pit to release some frustration and cry because of her parents

Mateo and Isaac (Trini’s brothers) originally not liking Kim because they feel like she’s taking Trini away from them before eventually and slowly warming up to her when they notice how happy she makes their sister and how Trini smiles more

Death is Probably a Myth

Shoot, shoot,duck. Shoot, shoot, duck. For Michael, a standoff with the cops is a comfort zone. It put himself in check. His back on his car and away from the cops, he reloads his gun and turns back around to continue his massacre. He may be immortal, but that doesn’t stop him from thinking, wondering, and worrying. What if he “Dies” and doesn’t regenerate. What if he just doesn’t wake up?

A bullet tears through his shoulder, then his chest. He jumps over the car, fully exposed. Shoot, shoot, push ahead. Shoot, shoot, go forward. Shoot, shoot, fall.

And everything fades to black

At a bar a few blocks away, a boy ordained with gold sunglasses drinks the most expensive drink the place offers. The TV above him shows live footage of the massacre and its product. The news anchors soft mumble grows in his head as she says, “The oddest thing, though, was that the criminals last moments were spent smiling.”

    The man gets up to leave, leaving a generous tab. “Leaving so soon?” the bartender seemed shocked, “You haven’t even finished your drink yet!”

“My friend is going to need a ride home and a change of clothing” he points to the television. And with that, he walks out of the bar.


Nerves - Malia Tate

Request ;; a malia tate x fem!reader imagine based on 6x01 after malia transforms back from being a full coyote and reader gets all nervous because she likes malia and malia knows, so she decides to tease reader and stuff. maybe they could end up together? tysm

A/n ;; 6a has killed me + gifs are not mine ++ i’m back !! i took a break from writing for a while to sort some shit out but i’m working on it and hopefully i’ll be posting more often as of now :)) 

Warnings ;; nudity, mostly fluff, gxg

Words ;; 1.8k

Published ;; 19th february, ‘17


Stay safe + ily🔭

Shivering, you wrapped your arms tighter around yourself as the crisp, late night air brushed over your skin, goosebumps appearing as you groaned in annoyance. “Is this necessary?” Your teeth chattered together as you let out a huff of air aggressively so you’d see your breath in the bitter air just to prove a point to the true alpha that was stood next to you, completely unfazed by the harsh wind.

“Stiles has a theory,” Scott shrugged, looking over at you with a small, innocent smile.

“Stiles always has a theory!” Letting out an overly dramatic groan, you turned to face the wrecked car in which two of your best friends were pointlessly sitting inside of. Stiles, who had seemingly heard your statement, whipped his head around to look at you, doing his famous eye twitch to show his irritancy. “And when am I ever wrong, (Y/N)?!”

“Most of the time,” You sang, a playful grin on your face as you looked back over your shoulder to Scott who was chuckling under his breath at yours and Stiles’ childish banter. He was just glad that his pack was back to normal and their usual bubbly selves after Theo and the Dread Doctors nearly ruined everything.

“I heard that!” He let out an irked yelp from the car and a soft laugh escaped past your chattering teeth at the sound as you made your way closer to the destroyed chunk of metal.

“Hmm,” Lydia hummed from the front seat, looking around warily, her hands wrapped tightly around the steering wheel. Stiles shot up once more from his position in the back seat and looked towards the strawberry blonde with wide eyes.

“What? What is it?!” The sudden eagerness in his voice was apparent as he leaned forward from his spot.

Her right hand left the steering wheel as she shrugged, her middle finger then delicately touching the crease of her eye. “This is a perfect shade for me. I forget the name,” Her shining eyes were on her reflection in the small, compartment mirror, the light smile on her face showcasing that she was definitely proud of her eye look that day. 

“Oo, let me see,” You faintly touched Lydia’s jaw through the open window and she turned to face you, a small smile of appreciation still written on her lips as you eyed her makeup, impressed. You nodded at her in agreement; your eyebrows raised slightly, “Oh, that is nice. Where’d you get that?”

“Macy’s,” She grinned, but it slowly dropped when Stiles let out an obvious, exasperated sound, his eyes squinting down at the two of you.

“Can we stay on topic here?” He ran a hand through his dark hair, sitting up straighter in the car seat.

“I’m not getting anything,” Lydia stated briskly, getting out the car with pursed lips, a roll of her eyes and the need to loudly slam the car door shut to show her annoyance towards Stiles.

“She’s not getting anything,” You repeated for emphasis and shot a look at your sarcastic friend who was sure that this would be a supernatural mystery and dragged you out of your warm and cosy bed at 11 o’clock at night, for the 5th time that week, yelling excitedly in your ear about how ‘they still need us!’

Then, the chilling sound of a coyote howl filled your ears and echoed around the small clearing; you smiled to yourself slightly at the signal. You watched her jump over a wrecked car, landing softly on her paws with a gentle bark and shining blue eyes. You grabbed the pile of clothes out of Lydia’s car in preparation for the werecoyote and when you turned back, she was now crouched in her naked human form, her bare back to you before she stood upright confidently and faced you, her vibrant, glowing eyes fading out until the soft brown was restored. 

Your breath got caught in your throat as you made sure that your eyes stayed grounded and connected to hers instead of instinctively traveling south, a small smirk played on her lips when she secretly tuned into the sound of your racing heartbeat. 

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Tsukki: *blocks* Yams: *breaks through window* *jumps over cars* *flies over gymnasium* NICE TSUKKI!!!! Yams: *aces a serve* Me: *breaks through window* *flies over oceans* *jump to Pluto and back* *parkours into oblivion* SERVICE ACE!!! LOOK AT MY BOY YAMS! LOOK AT ALL THAT HARDWORK PAY OFF!! LOOK AT THAT CONFIDENCE!!! (Can you feel how much i love Yams?)


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jake knows parkour!! he does it all the time,, like just to jump over stuff and rich is just >:OO??? but hes super proud of jake!! rich gives him lil kisses whenever jake does something super cool n jake just melts a bit,, and he's super smily n stuff and rich realises that he's in love,, he's an absolute dork in love with jakey d

Jake yells parkour n jumps over, like, michaels car and michael shrieks

What I say: I’m fine

What I mean: Need for Speed Most Wanted was a game ahead of its time and even now it is a game that can go toe-to-toe with any racing platform. The game’s story may have been simple, but it gave the player motivation to say fuck the police, clime to the top of the blacklist and destroy the fucker that sabotaged your vehicle. Not only that there is an open world with memorable areas and terrain you can use to your advantage. Even in a regular race you might find knocking over a giant donut onto the enemy racers useful. And don’t even get me started on the police chases. There are so many things to worry about. Roadblocks, spike strips, cops actually using tactic to stop your vehicle? LITERAL SUVS RAMMING INTO YOU?? If that wasn’t enough of a reason to play, the big fuck you you can do to the enemy people on the blacklist is POSSIBLY TAKE THEIR CAR WHEN YOU BEAT THEM. If none of that was good enough. Let me tell you the ending (spoilers sorta) So you defeat the dude in first place, drive away in ur vehicle. Dude is taken to prison because he was not in a vehicle. Head of police sees you get away and SCREAMS TO GET YOU. This results in the biggest police chase of your life and if you can somehow escape the shit they do you have a chance to get away by jumping ur car over a lifted bRIDGE AHHHH. Even though you defeat the game running from the police is a never ending fun element. Racing on a harder mode adds difficulty and so on. Overall I cannot stop thinking about how no other racing game even comes close to being this good. THIS is how you make a game.

Adventures | Finn Shelby

Request: 1 - Can u do a finn imagine where he is young like s1 and kind of left on his own alot like his brothers r going away on business so he runs off to have his own adventure basically fluff thanks
2 - Can u do a finn shelby imagine s1 where he is playimg in tommys car even though he isnt allowed so he hides in the back when he comes for the car and gets stuck going somewhere with them. Anyway he gets out of the car outside somewhere they r having a business meeting. He gets caught coming out by someone on the other side who brings him in and uses him as leverage bc a fight is breaking out. He thought his brothers would b made but they r just glad he is safe. Thanks

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Title: Spider-Boy

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt:  Hi I was wondering can you make a (Tom Holland) Spiderman imagine where he has a schoolboy crush on the reader? Also I hope you’re blog becomes really popular

Warnings: Swearing

Important Stuff: Set during the airport scene in Civil War, reader has Ferrokinesis (the ability to manipulate metal)

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               Y/n sighed sadly, silently wondering how they’d ended up like this. She was standing on one side, with Steve, Wanda, Clint, Sam, Bucky, and Scott and they were facing Tony, Nat, King T’Challa, Vision, and Rhodey. These were her friends and they were treating them like fucking criminals.

               “Underoos!” Tony shouted and some sort of webbing gripped Steve’s shield and yanked it out of his hands.

               “Okay Tony. Who the hell is this?” Y/n asked, arching her eyebrow at the person in the bright red and blue suit.

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For RaeX weekend. I hope you like it!


Raven knew she wasn’t much of a prize. She was the dark creepygirl in the corner whom everyone stayed away from. She wasn’t Starfire, brimming with life, and so sweet standing near her was likely to give you a tooth ache. Starfire was beautiful;  a precious gem under a glass case taunting one with its brilliance. Raven thought she was nothing more than a plain Jane. So why the heck was she being kidnapped right now?

“Are you comfortable little bird?” Red-X asked.

Raven rolled her eyes. Here she was in the back of Red-X motorcycle fastened to his waist as she rode backwards behind him. How she wanted to kill him. She could think all the very unpleasant dimensions to send him. One with no air, lava dimensions, places where young stupid thieves where a delicacy. Yet her darn mouth and chakra had a familiar sticky adhesive x.

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More Than Anything

Summary: Bucky remembers what he did to you when he was The Winter Soldier.

Warnings: Mentions of sex, fighting/violence, swearing

Word Count: 1180

A/N: I just put this shit together real quick because I was bored and needed something to do. Italicized is a flashback .Hope you like it. Send requests here.


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