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Well, what a sight



‘’Doffy!’’- well, hehe, nicely played Oda, but you won’t -

!!!1!!1 THEEERE WE GO, he’s finally making me guiltily ship this for real.

jyn erso: *jumps into the line of fire to save a random kid*
jyn erso: *shields a robot with her body to stop saw’s men from killing him*
jyn erso: *risks her life to try and rescue her father*
jyn erso: *willingly goes into a suicidal mission for a slim chance that she might get crucial intel to the rebellion*
jyn erso: *literally gives her life for the good of the galaxy*
y'all: i hate jyn erso she’s such a selfish mary sue

I love this because a) Jensen crashed Misha and Sebastian’s panel by jumping in line for questions and using some ridiculous accent. Back then, that is NOT something Jensen would just casually do. And yet he does because b) he can tell that Misha was getting to the end of his patience. Whereas with Jensen or even Jared, Misha is always screwing around, having a good time, cracking jokes, etc. etc., with Sebastian, he lost his spark towards the end. Which leads me to c) Jensen is so in tune with Misha that he knew he need to rescue his friend, so he goes outside his comfort zone, does something reminiscent of Misha, and then when he comes on stage (after this adorably relieved but casual hug) Jensen takes MISHA’S mic. He knows that Misha just needs a break so he takes over interacting with Sebastian and the fans and lets Misha just chill.

(Also look at how happy Misha looks to see Jensen. I mean that smile is glowing)

Because of the very limited customization options in TF2, headwear quickly became the most easily recognizable status symbol for experienced gamers. The rarer the baubles festooning your fighter’s face, the longer a player must’ve spent performing suicidal rocket jumps across enemy lines. When they realized how crazy their community had gotten over these accessories, Valve decided to go the consumer-friendly (read: lazy) route and let the players create their own cosmetic items to display in-game.

Then, in September 2010, the company turned on their “Mann-Conomy,” allowing community-created items to be sold in their official store and the artists to start making money off their creations. If you read that sentence and thought, “How adorable, all these little tykes making a few extra bucks selling their imaginary hats,” then you don’t understand the obsessive-collective nature of the gamer. In only a couple weeks, some of these cosmetic modders had made upwards of $47,000, having to fly to Seattle to physically pick up royalty checks too big for their PayPal accounts to handle.

Making a living designing and selling gaming endowment enhancers isn’t exactly revelatory, but TF2 gamers went one step further with this new influx of cosmetic items. They set up an entire barter economy, which has been valued at over $50 million.

Valve even went as far as to hire an economist to help manage this real economy. That man was Yanis Varoufakis, who later became the Greek Minister of Finance. It’s not often you can say that moving from overseeing an in-game store to running an entire country’s finances was at best a lateral career move.

7 Video Games People Are Playing In Awesomely Creative Ways

Ask away

1. Tell me about your favorite person.

2. What was the last book you read and finished?

3. What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

4. Recommended Netflix shows?

5. If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?

6. Do you believe in miracles?

7. Snorkeling, sky diving, bunjee jumping or zip lining?

8. How do you take your coffee?

9. All expense paid vacation to… ?

10. Favorite homemade food?

11. What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?

12. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

13. If you were going to go to the movies alone, what type of movie would you want to see?

14. Dream job?

15. What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself?

16. Favorite vacation spot?

17. Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no plans?

18. What are you waiting for at this very moment?

19. Five favorite songs!

20. You have thirty seconds to tell the world anything you want. What do you say?

21. Favorite Disney movie?

22. What is your favorite board game or card game?

23. What did you love most about the place you grew up?

24. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

25. What is your most bizarre talent?

26. Do you collect anything?

27. If you could change one thing about your past what would it be?

28. Have you ever been arrested or in trouble with the law?

29. You could have any super power in the world, what would it be and why?

30. Ever been in love?

31. If you could achieve anything what would be your number one goal?

32. When was the last time you left your comfort zone?

33. Think of the five people you are closest to. Are they good people who influence your life in a positive way?

34. If you found $100 on the ground what would you spend it on?

35. Favorite quote

36. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

37. List five good things that happened today

38. Do you think we should make things happen or let fate guide our lives?

can we as a fandom please not forget that bitty is a pretty hardcore athlete? he did figure skating for years and made it to junior regionals figure skaters do ballet as well for multiple reasons that’s some pretty hardcore stuff on its own but then he moved on to hockey and it probably overlapped with his figure skating at first and he made captain of his team in just a few short years and then got into a college on a hockey scholarship. college hockey is a pretty serious level its not just some beer league stuff about 30 percent of current nhl players were college players at one point 12 players on the pens roster were college players and players like toews played in college and samwell is a d1 ncaa hockey team which while not located in boston, it is pretty close and boston is a serious college hockey area (to put it in perspective boston college, boston university, and harvard are in the the top 10 in standings for d1 hockey right now. boston college is in 3rd. in the ecac conference standings harvard is in 6th). and bitty jumped from third line to first line his freshman year on a team that made it to the final four with jack zimmermann on his line a future nhl player and someone who he canonically makes him play better when they are together

im just so tired of bitty being seen as this small weak tiny dude in this fandom just because he’s smaller then the average hockey player and he is afraid of checking


lord I don’t even know where to begin but honestly this was the best day of my life by far. I never knew if I would ever have the chance to meet hope solo but I am beyond grateful to have had this opportunity. she is without a doubt the kindest, most genuine person I have ever met in my entire life. she really takes so much time with her fans and cares so much about what everyone has to say and listens to intently it’s so sweet I love her so much. when I first got there I met up with @in-solo-we-trust and we were waiting for @nardleylloyd to meet up with us and honestly I’m surprised the 3 of us held it together. after being able to jump ahead in line the day started moving by faster and eventually the people working in the store were asking us all to stand back and kind of form a line because she was going to be walking out soon and honestly when she did I thought I was gonna drop dead because she looked so good and it was so cute because she was giving everyone high fives and kneeled down to interact with the little kids next to us and she said she missed her fans which made me want to cry honestly!! AND THEN SHE GRABBED MY HAND AND HELD IT FOR A FEW SECONDS AND I NEARLY DIED ON THE SPOT SHE REALLY CAME FOR MY WHOLE LIFE BEFORE I EVEN MET HER but honestly it was the cutest moment. the entire time I’m waiting to meet her im just shaking and I’m so anxious because what do you even say to the person who has had the biggest influence on your life and who you look up to and admire more than anyone? I’m just trying not to cry and die the entire time but eventually when it was my turn to meet her I accidentally blurted out “oh god” and I’m 99% sure she heard but I don’t even care ahsjajdkaks. I literally had no idea what to say at first so I just thanked her for tweeting me on Halloween and she laughed and said “you’re the lucky one!” and then I told her I got her a gift and she was like “aw its a late Christmas present!” I said she didn’t have to open it right then if she didn’t have time but I at least wanted to explain to her why I got her what I did. (since hope has always talked about how it was her number one goal and biggest dream to win the World Cup and that she spent her whole life chasing a World Cup, and hoped that one day when she retires she will have become a World Cup champion, I got her a wanderer bracelet with the coordinates of where she won the World Cup and became a World Cup champion because those bracelets are to symbolize a place that is more important to you than anywhere else in the world and since her biggest dream came true, I thought it was fitting.) anyways she asked “do you want me to open it now?” and I said “if you have time!” and she said “CAN I open it?” and it was so cute because it’s literally a gift for her and she’s asking if she can open it lmao. so I wrote a note that said “because you said it was always your biggest dream to win the World Cup…” and then I explained to her why I got her that and she was so excited she was asking about it more and was like “oh my god so these are the coordinates in Vancouver of the stadium?” and I said yes and she like dipped down and turn to me with a big smile and said “no way! that’s so cool and unique and so thoughtful I really appreciate that!” and thanked me for the gift and was so sweet the entire time I wanted to cry I love her so much. I handed her the letter I wrote her after that and she was like “aw is this gonna make me cry?” while laughing and I told her that I cried while writing it so that speaks for itself. and she was laughing and was like “aww no!” and then after that she gave me a hug and I thought I was gonna die she gives good hugs and honestly I held her hand and hugged her in the same day and managed to survive? i truly cannot believe. but then she asked what I wanted signed so I handed her her book and she asked if she should sign the cover and I said that was fine and she was smiling so big when she handed it back and I told her thank you and she said it again and I told her to have a nice day and AHHHHHHHH. I truly don’t know how I made it through this day but it was the best day of my life and I’m never going to get over this I literally love her more than life itself she is so genuine and sweet and I’m so thankful I was able to meet her because I literally have never wanted anything more in my entire life. she means the world to me and I’m glad I was also able to meet her and write to her and tell her everything that I’ve ever wanted to say to her and personally thank her. she really is the greatest person and she deserves the whole entire world and it was so nice to see her so happy and see so many people come out to see her and support her and you could really tell how much she appreciated everyone. I love her so much I truly cannot believe this is my life!!!!!

I won’t give up on Destiel until the very last episode of Supernatural airs. You guys can all jump ship, but I will go down with it.


Resurrected Car Model Names

 From the late 1930s to early 1950s, you could not swing a tire iron without hitting a car that used Special or Deluxe in the model name. By the mid 1950s the marketing teams were spinning out lofty names inspired by graceful animals, elegant locations or mythical creatures.  The Impala was a mainstay for Chevrolet for more than a couple decades. That name went on hiatus from the mid-1980s and returning in the mid-1990s, but remaining with Chevrolet.  

1958 Chevrolet Impala 

(Technically, Impala was a top trim level of the Bel Air series for the first year)

For this post, I pulled together a few model names that jumped over corporate lines and found new homes, with mixed results.

Mandela effect

What if the reason that we experience déjà vu is because of the Mandela effect. That we are jumping time lines and when we jump we have these flashes of déjà vu because we have experienced that already happening before just on a different time line.