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Chaotic Good, Emphasis on Chaotic

Context: Running a campaign in which the players are fighting against corruption in a large city, basically god against god, requiring that the characters be good but work outside of the law, as the law is owned by the nobility. One character is a gunslinger, another is a ninja. The ninja is the focus on this one. His alignment is CG.

Part 1: Meeting Matthias

Boy (named Matthias) is angry because his father was wrongfully executed, targeting random guards in a fit of rage. The gunslinger intervenes and convinces the guards to let him go. Still angry, Matthias then reflexively fires a Magic Missile at the gunslinger.

Ninja: I make an attack roll.

Me: …it’s a boy. An emotionally distraught boy.

Ninja: *shrugs* A nonlethal attack.

He proceeds to jump kick the boy in the head, doing enough nonlethal damage to knock him out.

Part 2: Interrogating Matthias

Concerned over poor Matthias (well, one of them was, anyway) they bring him back to a safe-house. To ensure he doesn’t shoot off another attack, they tie him to a chair first, and then the gunslinger wakes him up. Meanwhile the ninja hangs out in the background, hiding in the shadows. Gunslinger asks him about his past, why he was angry, etc, and gets Matthias to promise he won’t attack again, then unties him.

Ninja: Once they’re done, I walk past the boy and out of the room. 

Me: He’s startled, as he had no idea you were there. 

Ninja: Wait! I have a better idea. I’ll hide, constantly. He’ll never know I’m there. I’ll be a ghost. He’ll spend years never knowing if I’m real or a figment of his imagination.

Me: So you want to traumatize the boy? 

Ninja: Yeah. 

Me: The one who lost his mother the day of his birth and just witnessed his father beheaded a few days prior? 

Ninja: That’s the one. 

Me: No. 

Double Power.

> Get a duckling from my cousin.
> No idea why but holy sh*t, those things are cute.
> Play with it like it’s a dog.
> Runs free in our garden. Would get over the fence every once in a time but always returned.
> Actually grows up into a giant killing machine.
> Leaves me and family alone, but attacks strangers when getting to close.
> One day, neighbour kids make a bet. Saw it all from my window.
> Don’t know everything but they dared one of the kids to kick my duck.
> Kid jumps over the fence, kicks my duck from behind.
> Duck turns around and attacks him. Ripping his clothes etc.
> Enjoying the view from inside my house.
> Anyways, an hour later parents of the kids infront of our door.
> They want the duck away because ‘it is a danger for the children’
> Tell them to f*ck off.
> They call the cops, animal protection etc but they didn’t do anything because we did nothing wrong.
> 2 days later they bring a new duckling. Trying to make me get rid of the old one and take the new one as a pet.
> “Accept” the duckling.
> Didnt get rid of the other one.
> Now I have 2 killing machines in my garden.

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YOUR HP HEADCANONS GIVE LIFE nalu tho. She finds out he's in love with her because they were in potions together and she asked him to describe what the love potion he made smelled like and he was so entranced and just THIRSTY for Lucy he just actually says the truth and she's like "wait I use Dove soap and I had coffee this morning and wait I read paperback books too oh. OH" and he just sputters and can't believe he ACTUALLY SAID IT OUT LOUD and Levy gapes WHAT ARE YOURS THO PLS

Ok so i’m not sure if you meant what my favourite smells would be (I am tragically single so nothing lmao) so I’m going to assume you mean how do I picture nalu getting together 

(Your’s is supes adorable tho and we can never have too much nalu fluff so plz write yours <3)

  • It starts in Year Six
  • They have been in mutual pining/love since year three. 
    • Natsu fell first a week into year two when Lucy jump kicked a boy that was trying to hex a first years pet frog. No teacher believed Lucy could be so violent and so her house received no punishment. When Natsu asked her how she managed to get away with it Lucy looked at him slyly and said “Teachers always take your side when you’re the good kid bcus you never do anything bad, so no one believes it when you actually do something bad” before just walking away to class and humming to herself
    • Lucy’s slytherin heritage and Natsu’s love were confirmed on the same day praise
  • Lucy took longer but she found her way there. She can’t pinpoint a moment but suddenly all the prospects her father brought to her for marriage turned from resigned disapproval to outright disgust
    • They weren’t sweet enough or goofy enough or too boring or not good enough with animals or no cute obsession with fire or pink hair 
  • ANyway
  • Everyone else knew
  • And they had to watch these fools dance around one another for yeAR S and there may or may not have been a school wide betting pool on for when they would get together. 
    • Cana started it, Gildarts was the first to lose, and surprisingly Evergreen was the one to win it
      • Even tho she was no longer enrolled and couldn’t technically collect
  • So Year Six:
  • Lucy is renting a small cottage in Magnolia, a town a short train ride away from Hogwarts and suspiciously close to forest known for its wild and rare animals. Her and her father had a… disagreement… about bloodstatus and what she would be doing after Hogwarts.
    • Natsu is basically living with her
    • Despite her weak protests
  • One day in the middle of advanced potions Natsu and Lucy are working seamlessly without even looking at one another, while somehow still bickering endlessly about whether to follow the book (Natsu Dragneel I cannot afford to experiment on another potion I need good grades to keep my job at the Brewery in town and I need my job to pay for rent unless you’d enjoy being homeless) (But Lushi this would mature much quicker if we used 3/4′s newt eye instead of 3/8′s and then substituted bone of Jackle in for the witch’s bane) and Levy makes a comment about them acting like a married couple
    • Natsu: Pshh, that’s stupid
    • Lucy: Yeah Levy, we work much better than any married people we know
    • Natsu: Besides how can act like a married couple if I haven't even bought Lucy’s ring yet
    • Lucy: what
    • Levy: what
    • Juvia: what
    • Porly: what - also Mr. Dragneel your potion is set to explode if you don’t add wart of the greater toad or some other base
    • Natsu: ah shit
    • Lucy: yes
    • Natsu: what
    • Levy: wHAT
    • Juvia: WH A T
    • Levy and Juvia: OH MY GOD
    • Levy -screaming out the door into the corridor and in the general area of the open door where Gajeel and Gray are in their Gryff/Slytherin class- :GET YOUR BLOODY ASSES IN HERE THESE TWO BELLENDS JUST GOT ENGAGED WITHOUT EVEN DATING
    • Juvia: -is crying too hard to understand past howling sobs-
    • *Natsu’s potion explodes*
  • Juvia will not stop hinting for Gray to propose for MONTHS and Gray’s old hatred for Natsu reappears with a vengeance bcus he can’t even talk to the Slytherin house mermaids without being swarmed with proposal questions/advice
    • How does Juvia even know how to speak in the mermaid native tongue???? and why do they protect her like their own?? Like sure she found a way to transfigure parts of her body to water and can spend hours in the lake
      • Gray has be awoken by the sound of screaming first years as Juvia swim by their glass under the lake. 
      • He groggily blows his girlfriend a morning kiss, and then a swarm of mermaids start violently signing for him to put a ring on it
        • being Gray is suffering
  • This prompts Gajeel to finally ask Levy on a date as he will not be outdone by his dumbass cousin. He will be twice, no, triple the boyfriend Salamander could be!
    • Levy is just thankful as they have essentially been dating for over two years (including kissing) but Gajeel was too dense to actually connect the label with their actions
    • She is surprised at how much of a romantic he is though and understand that dating Gajeel and having a thing with him are very different things
      • This sparks a sort of ‘date war’ amongst the boys as to who can woo their partner best. 
      • Gajeel always fucking wins and no one understands how??????

And that’s how Natsu and Lucy get together! Sting and Rouge actually get married before nalu tho, as both settle into their careers before getting married. Natsu becomes a specialist in fire beasts and has to travel quite a bit, and Lucy writes books of their adventures and details the beasts. Her book and thesis on the biology and the resulting anthrozoology of the regions become part of the class mandatory list at Hogwarts. 


Pheromosa (OU)

Pheromosa @ Focus Sash
Ability: Beast Boost  
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe  
Hasty Nature  
- High Jump Kick  
- Ice Beam  
- Poison Jab
- U-turn

Moves:  High Jump Kick is Pheromosa’s strongest stab option available to it. Ice Beam takes advantage of Pheromosa’s impressive mixed attacking stats and allows it to cover the flying types like Landorus-T which would resist High Jump Kick. Ice Beam also hits Garchomp which is a common defensive Pokemon. Poison Jab is used in the third slot for the coverage it provides against fairy types like the Tapus. U-Turn is a decently powerful bug stab move that provides coverage against the psychic types that resist High Jump Kick like Necrozma. Rapid Spin is also an option over one of Pheromosa’s coverage moves as Pheromosa will cause several switches making hazard removal fairly easy. The only problem is that Pheromosa’s best check is Aegislash, a ghost type. Quiver Dance can be used over a coverage move, turning Pheromosa into a terrifying sweeper. 

Spread:  Max speed with a hasty nature allows Pheromosa to take advantage of its incredible speed stat and outspeed the likes of Mega Lopunny, Ash-Greninja, and Mega Alakazam. Max attack allows High Jump Kick to be as powerful as possible. We go Hasty over Jolly so that we aren’t taking anything from a special attack which is important for the power of Ice Beam. I find Focus Sash to be the best item as of right now as it helps make up for Pheromosa’s lackluster bulk; however, Choice Band is also a perfectly fine option as it allows Pheromosa to hit incredibly hard. I find Focus Sash to be superior to Choice Band because Choice Band will force a more prediction heavy play-style with Pheromosa. Expert Belt is also an option but, it isn’t that great. Beast Boost is by far the best ability for Pheromosa because it will give Pheromosa +1 speed every time Pheromosa knocks something out. This is important because it stops the possibility of Pheromosa being revenge killed by a scarf user like Jirachi or a weather abuser like Excadrill, as they won’t be able to outspeed on a safe switch-in after a sack and won’t want to switch in on an attack. 

Team Support/Usage: Pheromosa is a mixed attacking wallbreaker, a revenge killer, and a sweeper. Really, it just kind of does it all, and thus it is extremely flexible on the types of teams it can fit on. In fact, it fits on most any team that isn’t hard stall or a very conservative semi-stall. Despite Pheromosa’s good stats and great flexibility, it does have some decent checks. The main one being Aegislash. Aegislash has a great defensive typing to avoid Pheromosa’s coverage options, and solid defensive stats while in shield form which is all it really needs. This makes dark types like Bisharp, and ground types like Garchomp good partners for Pheromosa as they can at least deal damage to Aegislash. I’ve also found that Aegislash can make a good partner for Pheromosa. Not necessarily because they have good synergy or anything like that, but more so of the fact that they’re both broken and just destroy everything else together.

Thanks everyone for reading! If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or requests then don’t hesitate to leave me an ask, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!


Hello!!! I have a new video! This time is about doing relaxed poses, not crazy poses like jumping while kicking someone, but sitting relaxed, or waiting the bus, or something like that. If you like it, please share it! Thanks!