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to say it hurt was easily an overstatement.

he’d been over the pain of the fire days and days ago. indeed, kept at the hospital to make sure things stayed the same and that the eye he could no longer see out of didn’t get infected in some way, he rested day and night, fingers tapping together. simply enough, he was excited to see his aunt some more, to finally get to see his brother, hopefully soon. the thought of simply reuniting was rejuvenating to the eldest hamada brother, and each day he spent cooped up in that room, the more he grew restless, asking and asking to see the younger why isn’t he in today?

often times, when nobody was actively checking up on him, out of the room, he’d be up and about, exercising his legs and getting the blood flowing back through his aching body freely and warmly. all the man wanted was to get out already was hiro not allowed to visit for some reason?

right now he sat, positioned at the foot of the bed with a random book in hand, flipping through without really reading. excitement was clear in his every feature, every gentle bounce of the knee, every tooth biting softly into his tongue. today was the day. leaving day, he liked to call it, himself. and god, finally. it had been nearly three weeks since he’d seen the outside world past the hospital cafeteria and windows that existed around the institution, and boy, was he psyched

a nurse enters the room and he glances up, standing shortly afterwards as the book is closed with a single hand. he looks to question her, but she doesn’t let him speak, instead informing him that hiro was also in the hospital, and that is why he was unable to see his brother previously.

excitement turns to fear as he moves towards the door quickly, and the nurse backs up a second before stopping him to assure he was okay. that he could leave. but the determination present in his expression makes her let go. however, immediate leave was impossible he still didn’t even know where hiro was being kept in the first place. but he needed to go there asap and needed the nurse’s help to get there.

which is exactly where he found himself in nearly five minutes, in the doorway of the room containing his little brother. it’s evident that hiro is awake, though he still tries to be quiet, gentle. a single step is taken, and he clears his throat.


Oh, wow. Maybe less lust, more loving. I’m very much like the type of guy that’s always been, ‘Hi, what’s your name? Oh, you’re talking to me for five minutes—let’s go out for three years.’ It wasn’t so much like I looked for someone and sought them out—they kind of came to me first. It’s different now. I don’t jump into things.

Norman Reedus, GQ [online] (Oct/2014)

22. How does love change as you get older?

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