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This September, stuntman Eddie Braun will attempt the Snake River Canyon jump that nearly killed Evel Knievel in 1974 — and you can watch it happen.

When Evel Knievel attempted the stunt in a steam-powered rocket in ‘74, the parachute deployed prematurely and halted the rocket’s momentum, sending him crashing into the walls of the canyon. He never attempted the jump again, saying it was “just too dangerous.”

Eddie Braun, who met Evel when he was a child, will attempt to complete his hero’s jump on September 17 — and a documentary crew has been following him for the past three years as he prepares. Their film, One Last Crash, will end with Eddie firing up his 10,000 horsepower steam-powered rocket and blasting himself over the canyon. Called the EVEL SPIRIT, the rocket is based on the original blueprints for Evel Knievel’s rocket.

“No one else has attempted this jump in forty-two years,” the filmmakers say. “Some people think it can’t be done — especially in a rocket made with 1970s rocket technology. But Eddie is determined to prove them wrong … or die trying.”

Support the film — and hear the cover of “Rocket Man” that guitar hero Slash recorded just for the doc! — right here.