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Mischaracterization of Characters in Haikyuu

Don’t read this if you are not going to have an open mind about it. [Edited]

I am honestly sick and tired of characters being misrepresented here in the Haikyuu fandom. I’m not talking about minor headcanons etc, I’m talking about how more than half of the fandom have been mischaracterizing and diluting characters personalities, twisting them into something that is no way near their original intended character. Quite personally, this is probably one of the worst things you can do. So, right here, right now. I am going to go in depth of some of the most mischaracterized characters in Haikyuu based on my personal opinion. 

This is in no way to hate on any of them, I love every single person in the anime, each for their own individual attributes that make them unique, here, I am merely stating blatant facts based of the manga and anime. So if you like this sort of thing, sit back and grab some motherfucking popcorn cause this is going to be a long-fucking rant.

- Oikawa -

Listen here. Oikawa is not a whiny crybaby who cries all the fucking time, he is probably the most mischaracterized character in the entire fandom. He’s a strong guy who is dedicated to the thing he loves and ensures his teammates can play to the best of their ability. I get that all of us one way or another have an inner sadist in ourselves that makes up enjoy watching our favourite characters suffer psychologically or physically. But when people perceive, write, draw Oikawa as a boy who cries over the smallest of thing, whines, and overall is a weak little shit, it gets very annoying and frustrating. You are diluting his character seriously, tarnishing his real personality and character. And because of that half of the fandom sees him as this weak dude who breaks down and cries over the tiniest and most minuscule of things?

Look at him, does this look like the face of someone who cries all the fucking time? 

Let me say, Oikawa is bloody capable of destroying someone if he wishes. His serves are fucking powerful, and even Ushijima, one of the top spikers in the Miyagi prefecture, acknowledges that. So why do people characterize him as a selfish whiny asshole. You know very well this little ball of terror cares deeply for his teammates, not a self-centred asshole who asks Iwaizumi to bang his ass all the time. Also, why to some people whore him out? He isn’t that type of guy. Although I get that in various different contexts, the situation depends. But just so you know, canon Oikawa is very well a man of pride, I admit, he does whine, but to the extent of using emotional pity to get what he wants is just so out of character

I love Oikawa, probably as much as I love Iwa [IHajime is my favourite character in the series, if you did not know.] , that’s why it’s sad to see that he has been “re-written” by fans as this weak-ass teenager with nothing better to do than tear up all the goddamn time. Really, Oikawa is fucking strong as hell and though he may have a few insecurities, he will crush his opponents with his abilities and strengths. Not fucking whining. 

Even his teammates respect him and put all their trust and faith into this beauty of a captain, they know he can do shit to annoy them, but they acknowledge his true strength and believe in him no matter how dire the situation. He is Seijou’s captain, heartthrob of many high schools, and one of the most respected Setters. So for fuck’s sake, stop diluting his character more than people have already have.

- Iwaizumi -

I wouldn’t go as far to say Iwa’s is as bad as Oikawa’s, however, since he is my favourite character, and I may have a biased opinion towards this, I would like to say some things as to how he has been in some instances misrepresented in the fandom.

Stop mischaracterizing him as this big old brute who does nothing but threaten to hit Oikawa all the time, I mean, sure, he does that, but we all know it’s out of concern. As a personal writer of fanfiction, I often use this to express his concern towards his friend, not a threat, so why are there actually people who see him as abusive? It’s clear this is his way of caring for Oikawa and ensuring he doesn’t hurt himself or overexert his knee in practice. His aggression is just his own way of saying “I care for you so don’t do anything stupid”, also, I’m not very sure why people would think Iwaizumi is the emotionally “Stronger” one between him and Oikawa. If you need a refresher, Iwa isn’t able to keep in his emotions as well as Oikawa, seeing as the very person who told Oikawa the team with the better six is stronger, questioned his self-worth and position as ace because he couldn’t help his team win. In my unpopular personal view on this, Hajime may be more emotional than people make him out to be.

Another thing that genuinely upsets me is that this baby is as strong as Ushijima but doesn’t get the recognition he deserves? Like, give him some credit, his spikes based off official statistics state that it’s a 5/5, just like Ushijima. So can we please do what we can to spread that Iwaizumi is not just the other half to Oikawa and a person by himself as well? You shouldn’t only love him because he makes up the one of the halves to your OTP, you should also love him for the very fact that this baby loves Godzilla, is a huge dork, is a great Senpai, multi-athletic, and most importantly, the ace of Aoba Jousai, a powerhouse school. Give him as much love as you give everyone else. Okay? okay.

Now, moving on to the fandom aspect, may we please have more Oikawa taking care of Iwa? Just have more fanfiction or fanart with Oikawa reassuring he is enough? We have a rather huge amount of fan-related contributions with Oikawa as the person being constantly assured that he is enough and he tried his best. But may I please see more contributions with Iwaizumi being comforted that he is enough, and that he shouldn’t question his role as ace? I don’t know man, but I think Iwa needs that, he has to learn to recognise his own strengths.

- Tsukishima -

Tsukki is not only a salty french fry who looks down on everyone besides Yamaguchi. Tsukki is one of those characters with the best character development. I agree, he can be a dick, but he doesn’t doubt his teammates capabilities. For example, he may find Hinata annoying at first, however, he acknowledges that Hinata has too surprised him with his drive and determination to rise to the top, making him want to be in some way the “moon” that supports the “sun”.

Let me be in honest here. Before I finished watching Haikyuu, all I saw in Tsukki was an unmotivated dick, but after learning how the person he looked up to, in this in case Akiteru, lied to him and made his idea of “working hard to get you anywhere” fall apart, I realised that after knowing this, his character and personality made so much more sense. This boy went from someone who only saw “Volleyball” as a club activity to something he could actually put effort into. That’s right, he tries. This boy does tries. Shocking I know.

- Yachi -

Yachi is not just a girl who gets in the way of your ships. She is so much more than that. She, despite having a very obvious fear of confronting people she is not comfortable with still tries her very best to do what she can for the Karasuno boys. Don’t forget, this little sweetheart is the girl who helped come up with the poster for the team. She put in a lot of effort into that, so I think it would be nice to give her credit where it’s due even if you might not like her.

I personally feel that Yachi has undergone a lot of character development, she went from this fearful girl to someone worthy of being the next manager of Karasuno. She does her best to pick up what she can from Kiyoko so she can be as good of a manager in the future, if not better. So please stop hating on this cinnamon roll just because she might get in the way of you ships. She has done nothing wrong and I don’t feel she deserves hate in anyway, unless you can validify your point and give me good evidence as to why she is to be hated, this treatment towards her is completely unnecessary.

- Kiyoko -

Kiyoko is the classic case of fans over-sexualising her in fanart or in fan-related contributions. This beautiful lady is not just a woman with a big bust and no brains. Mind you, Kiyoko was an ex-athlete. She could whoop your puny ass in running if you try and I highly doubt you’d win. She was the great heroine who brought Hinata’s bag on her two feet excuse yourself. So please don’t paint her as this lady who all guys fawn over just because she is pretty, she has a personality and life too. See past that superficial layer and grow up.

Look at her, look how sweet she is. It is clear she is a little shy at times, yet she, like Yachi, do their best to express their support towards the boys. I think girls in Sports anime tend to receive more hate than usual, mainly with the idea they are a hindrance to your gay OTPs, hey you, what makes you think that? Can’t a girl be a nice to guy platonically? Even if they in fact to get together with someone who is partially but of you OTP, just congratulate them and move on for fuck’s sake. Stop sparking up unnecessary drama when you lack maturity to comprehend that they can do whatever the hell they want. If you are genuinely upset, just write fanfiction to feed your guilty pleasures, no need to hate on anybody.

Look at what a good senpai she is.

- Yamaguchi -

Okay, listen here you little shits. If you hate on this little precious smol cinnamon roll I will rip your throat out and shove it up your ass. Do not tell me that Yamaguchi is just this weak little boy who doesn’t deserve to be on the Karasuno team. Do not tell me that this boy doesn’t try to do his best just so he can play alongside his friends, because more than anyone among the first years, Yama tries the hardest. He finds someone who can teach him a jump float serve so he can prove to be a valuable player and not just a good ol’ bench-warmer. And you can see even if he might not be perfect, this little bean tries so fucking hard to have something he can contribute to the team’s success.

I don’t care if you don’t ship Tsukkiyama or not, honestly, I don’t give two shits about what you ship. But if you hate on him just because you ship some other ship, you are fucked up. What on earth did he do? He’s the best friend of Tsukishima, yes, I perosnally ship them both romantically and just as friends because I do have multiple ships alongside rare-pairs, but why hate on him? Boy, why hate on anybody? Can’t everyone accept that all characters have their on individual strengths, weaknesses, character, personalities? Seeing your NOTPs isn’t a valid excuse to create hateblogs or hateposts against other characters, that is just childish and immature.

- Sugawara -

Suga is not some weak-ass bitch who depends on Daichi for everything JesusFuckADuck. Stop drawing him as this overly-feminine character when his build is not that far off from Daichi’s. Note, I am not saying being feminine is bad, it’s good, definitely, however going as far as to make Sugawara a guy with almost no trace of masculinity left is a little odd. If that’s what you want, go ahead. Just stop portraying him as someone who can’t even defend hiself lmao, Suga will and can whoop anyone’s ass, do you not remember how painful his jabs can be? Even Daichi and Asahi fear him.

Look at him. He can be intimidating, an angel and a devil. He’s Karasuno’s mom alright, but he is a strong independent mother who will and can be strict if he wants to. He was Karasuno’s setter before Kageyama if you don’t remember, he is intelligent, smart and selfless enough to be willing to sacrifice his opportunity to play on the court, because he knows Kageyama taking his place was the best shot to give the team a chance at winning. Yeah well sorry if you’re butthurt if I said that, I just had to remind you guys, seems like some people forgot.

- Kuroo -

[ Contributed by @mayphenix and edited by me. Check them out. ]

Kuroo isn’t a sex god, he’s a dork who likes having fun, teasing his kouhais but knows when he goes over the top and apologizes [Like he does to Sawamura when he thinks he’s hurt Tsukki]. He loves science and is overall a huge little science nerd, currently attending college prep class as one of the top student’s in Nekoma. He’s very well capable of recognizing his opponents’ abilities and strengths, coming up with more than decent strategies to overcome them and pulverising them.

Yes, he is sexy but that’s not a reason to only see him as that. What about his passion and love for volleyball? It’s the guy who learned volleyball by watching on people play it on televsion [Which is pretty close to Volleyball genius Kageyama learning by watching Oikawa] and he’s fucking brilliant at volleyball but he doesn’t let it go over his head. He’s modest and he’s helpful towards his own school kouhais, but also players on other teams, just because he’s just that nice. He just wants to play volleyball and help his coach’s dream to be fulfilled; the Battle of the Trash Dump, live on the national stage. He is such a good person but he’s viewed as this mischievous, mocking and sometimes cunning guy when really he’s got his heart on his sleeve and helps out whenever he can.

- Bokuto -

[ Also contributed by @mayphenix​ and edited by me. Check them out. ]

Bokuto isn’t a fool who is self-centered and moody. Yes he acts like a dork, yes he is moody occasionally. But what matters most is that he has the capacity to pick himself and act like a proper Captain and Ace. [Not that we’ve seen it happen yet, they stated it may be a biased opinion since Bokuto is their favourite character. But I completley agree with them, Please note all this was in their perspective and I am merely adding it onto this master post.] They doubt Fukurodani chose him as Captain simply because he’s the most powerful player and has Akaashi to keep him in check.

In the manga and anime, they say that the rest of the team pulls him forward, and Akaashi says that a strong opponent doesn’t phase him, I believe we’ll see him being the one pulling Fukurodani forward when they need him the most. He takes a lot of pride in being the Ace of a powerhouse school and among the top 5 spikers in the Miyagi prefecture, but like Kuroo, he doesn’t let it get into his head. He also helps out younger players who aren’t even on his team, showing how much of a good senpai he can be. He’s pretty quick to figure out someone’s behaviour or character, since he figures out Tsukki’s personality very quickly. And in the last few chapters we’ve seen him analyze tactics and plays. One does not simply become among the top 5 spikers just because they’ve got big arms and power: They need to be clever enough to think of patterns and attacks and act accordingly to the given situation. He’s not only an owl-obssessed idiot. He’s not a burden and he leads his team proudly. He’s not just moody, he’s just free to be who he wants to be thanks to the trust his teammates have in him.

- Ushijima -

Okay, I want this post to be honest and true, so let’s make it clear. I did not like Ushijima at all in the beginning, not one bit. Which was immaturity on my part because I didn’t see his full story, I saw him as this pushy emotionless guy who had issues with Oikawa not going to Shiratorizawa. But boy, was I wrong. Ushijima is a giant softie at heart who just has trouble expressing his emotions normally, when he does do it, it may not come out the way he had intended it to be. And as a person who has trouble controlling their emotions, I relate to him a lot. Let’s not forget that Ushijima was a single child who was shunned by some people in his family for being left-handed, one of his relatives even suggested trying to correct it though we all know that is not the way to go.

The following is extracted from the Haikyuu wiki. “Ushijima doesn’t speak often, but when he does he bluntly says what’s on his mind and usually comes off as tactless. He will apologize if he realizes that he has insulted someone, but he won’t change his viewpoint.This boy is not some prick who doesn’t apologise alright? He is not a cold-ass villian with no tact, he is just not very emotionally connected our capable. As @manga-trashcan-pen​ has pointed out, Ushijima was an isolated child. Meaning he did not experience much social interaction which should have helped build his character and social sensitivity. He is a human with just as much emotions as anybody, for god’s sake this big bean’s favourite food is rice.

He is a captain who has faith in his team’s ability, he believes that only the strongest could have got onto his team and thus he makes sure to bring out the best in everyone.

- Tendou -

Tendo is a very sad character I would say. Not only was he bullied and ostracized in school, he was not liked by some of his peers even in the later part of his life, even though he is a very respectable and skilled middle blocker. Not only does he have the talent and skill to deduce an opponents moves, he has the physical capacity to actually do what is necessary to prevent it. It makes me a little sad that there are people who actually hate him, cause I absolutely love him and think he deserves so much more recognition.

Let’s back up a little and delve into his past. We know that this little red floof was bullied for looking like a “monster”, but when he moved on to highschool however, we can see so much more of his character as it’s obvious he feels more accepted in the academy. And though he may be at times a little annoying, he is still a little sinnamon roll, just like how he knew not to push on with Ushijima when the latter spoke about his family. This boy does have tact and knows when it’s enough to stop probing. He is not a over-enthusiastic dick who annoys everyone he sees alright? This boy who had no friends went on to befriend one of the most notable spikers in the prefecture. Even going as far as to call Ushijima his best friend.

Never forget what he said when they lost the match against Karasuno. He lost one of the only things that made him feel accepted and if that doesn’t break your heart then go get one.

Since I realised I left out some other really major characters, I have added on. And mostly because you guys like me venting??

This was with the help of other Tumblr users who have helped contributed to this post, I merely did a sum up. Credits and thanks to the following users for adding their share and pointing out other very mischaracterized characters, @mayphenix​ , @gayerthanchanel​ , @dragonarmada​ , @manga-trashcan-pen​ , and KingofhellLordofTime from my instagram.

In the edit, I covered other characters I have failed to mention earlier or who were not brought to my intention

Well, That’s it. That’s the end of this rant. Have a nice day.

For @pokuio ‘s Yamaguchi + BNHA au!! 

Yamaguchi’s quirk is “Floating Breath”: He can float as long as he can hold his breath! The only limit to his floating distance and elevation is his lung capacity! He can control how he falls with how fast he exhales, so don’t make him suddenly laugh or he’ll drop right away..

(I thought because Yamaguchi performs the jump float serve, his quirk could be related to floating! Other ideas I had were his ahoge acting as an extendable whip, or a quirk that could play off his spear symbolism with Tsukki as the shield) 

Other characters:

Tsukishima  Hinata  Kageyama  Suga  Daichi  Tanaka  Nishinoya  Asahi  Ennoshita

I can honestly say that i did not like Yamaguchi in the beginning. Maybe it was because I identified with him as being a coward, and who likes being a coward, right? Then as the series progressed, his growth and success, especially in the match against Aobajosai, really inspired me. He’s not a coward, and I hope to step up like he did. And I can honestly say now, that he’s one of my favourite characters!


A Timid Pinch Serve

Deciding to do the best that he can, Yamaguchi takes a chance at the Jump Float Serve that he’d been honing throughout their training and practices, as well as his one on one coaching sessions with Shimada.

However halfway through he starts to overthink things and ends up making another serve that is a bit lower than it should be…

And yet miraculously it still manages to roll right over the net, earning them that one point they need to get closer to wrapping this match up.

service specialist yamaguchi!!!
  • jersey #3
  • he’s actually really really excited to get that jersey number because it seemed like all the previous karasuno’s #3 were great servers
  • both asahi and tanaka were people he really looked up to during his first year (especially how they can calmly pull off such strong serves all the time)
  • honestly, he still haven’t get over the coincidence of getting to share his jersey number with those strong servers after all these time
  • it became a tradition that strong servers/pinch servers get the #3 jersey in their third year (unless they are the captain)
  • although he was initially satisfied with just being the team’s pinch server, he started to train harder in his second year in hopes of becoming a regular by his third year
  • he did become in the starting line up and the whole baby crow gang was so proud of him
  • he knew middle blocker wasn’t the position for him since he cannot be as aggressive of a blocker as his kouhai or as calm and analytical as tsukki to compete with his read blocking
  • so he aimed to take over ennoshita’s position after the then captain graduates (which was also daichi’s position)
  • to do so, he trained the hell out of his receives (which were his worst skill back then tbh)
  • he started with noya just giving him tips and helping him practice the basics for a short while after every practice ended
  • and then tanaka, kags, and hinata started joining in to serve and spike for him to receive
  • these after practice sessions became known as mission: yama-gotta receive that ball
  • hinata came up with the name
  • tsukki didn’t join in these sessions at first because he felt that he had nothing to contribute (his serves were average and hinata and tanaka can do the spiking)
  • but he shows his support by leaving a small pack of fries by his bag every single time
  • yams almost gave up on improving his receives but there was a turning point during their second year training camp (where he had a small fight/confrontation with tsukki again)
  • he found out tsukki was refusing to improve on his serves or learn float serve despite how everyone claims that his tall height makes jump floats very advantageous for him
  • tsukki was avoiding improving his serves because he did not want to take any playing time away from yams in matches since he was the one always substituted out for him
  • “i don’t need your pity tsukki” “it’s not pity. i just think a jump serve will take up a lot of my energ-” “LET ME EARN MY OWN SPOT ON MY OWN TSUKISHIMA!
  • and so they promised that tsukki will learn the new serve and yams will not give up on his receives until they are of standard
  • and he does really deserve the title of service specialist
  • by his third year, he can easily pull off jump serves and float serves any time of the match
  • his aiming for jump serves are a little off but his float serves can be of pin point accuracy they are as scary as oikawa’s
  • matches against date tech are his favourite because he want to see how his and tsukki’s serve block combo fare against the iron wall’s signature play
  • and he will not hesitate to serve a mean on to your head during practice matches if you pissed him off
  • it didn’t matter where you stood on the court, he will hit you
  • still can’t serve good trash talk smh

third year first years: part one | part two | captain!tsukki

Volleyball!NCT Dream AU

So I know I said that I couldn’t see Dream as a volleyball squad, but after watching a bit more of youth volleyball, I could see the Dreamies as a squad! 

Outsides: The big guns. These boys are all about the offense. The go-to attackers ready for any set, even off of a 1-point pass. Get the most sets and make the most errors, but their kills make up for any points lost

Mark Lee

I know what you’re thinking, “you put mark at libero last time!” Well yes I did, but that was a completely different squad. With U/127, he would absolutely be the libero. With Dream, however, he would be an outside hitter. He is one of the most athletic members of the Dream team and they need his strength and power on the left pin to crush down balls. He is also one of the smartest players due to his experience. He’s played the game for a long time and with that, his toolbox has expanded as well. Loves hitting the sharp angle when it’s open. When he hits it, expect the largest, brightest smile. Most of the time he hits line though, it’s away from the two main passers and if they play the rotations right, will take the setter out of the play. He serves a jump float when behind the line. In practices, he always works on his top spin serve, but always goes back to the trusty float. Since he is a libero on another squad, his passing ability is exceptional. Very rarely does this team get out of system and a large portion of that is thanks to Mark. Yes, the team may have its own libero in Chenle, but he doesn’t have the experience playing as many elite teams as Mark has which is why Mark mentors Chenle. Mark takes his experience and shares it. He doesn’t want the whole team revolving around him - after all, there is no I in team.

Originally posted by nctmark

Lee Jeno

The definition of a power hitter (I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN HIS ARMS LIKE JENO CALM THE FUCK DOWN.) During the drafting of this, I thought that he was maybe like the second most athletic on the dream squad but recent studies have shown that that’s a lie. Jeno = power and that goes for wherever he is on the court. In the front, he very rarely uses off speed unless the opposition has been picking up his hammered balls. From the back line, he has a crazy top spin jump serve (that to be honest Libero!Chenle is afraid to return during practice.) From the back court, he loves running the BIC attack. That’s his bread and butter. It’s so exhilarating to just fly in behind the middle attacker and attack basically an open net, it gives him such a thrill. He’s the fourth best passer on the team but that doesn’t mean he’s bad. He just has to complete with an outside who is a libero at heart, an opposite with libero training, and their actual libero for that title. Passing is more of an after thought to him (which is why he is still under Opposite!Haechan in passing.) He’d rather let Libero!Chenle take a ball in the back row so he can get in position for the combination play than getting eliminated from the play in the first touch. Off of the court, he is a total gym rat. He always want to head to the gym in order to get stronger. A man’s gotta keep his vertical am I right?

Originally posted by na-jmin

Middle Blockers: Part 1 of the major defense of each team. Height and speed are needed, although height can be substituted for a mad vertical. Don’t get set often but their efficiency is through the roof.

Park Jisung

So I almost put this tall boy as a setter, but after much deliberation, I placed him in the middle. Either way, this boy is gonna be aggressive. His favorite ball to hit is when his server just rips one over the net, forcing the overpass from the opponent, and he just slams the ball straight down. He gets so exhilarated every time it happens. Same goes for a stuff block. He turns off the net and everyone is pointing and screaming at him and he just basks in the glory. Definitely more of a blocking middle. He can get his kills don’t get me wrong, but this kid is known for his blocking. He is first on the team! When hitting, he usually swing across his body deep into the 1 location. He usually has a high kill percentage when he hits here because either 1. the setter left early and no one is defending or 2. setters USUALLY don’t like playing defense or aren’t as skilled. When he gets into the service box, he serves a jump float. His height lets him get a good angle over the net, needing nothing but downward trajectory to send that ball curving towards the ground. He would probably be the only one to really mess with a short serve. The team can’t help but baby the small giant despite the cries from Jisung. Jisung can’t help but roast the squad despite the cries from his elders. It goes hand in hand to be honest.

Originally posted by kunxxxsol

Na Jaemin

So this little ball of sunshine is the other middle for the squad. He is definitely more of the attacking middle. Kills are big and flashy and he loves getting all of the attention that comes with it. Loves catching the side lines, especially the spot between locations 4 and 5, right in front of the libero. He loves testing the libero so much. Like any time he can beat them, it just adds a boost to his confidence. As for blocking, he is speedy getting to the pins and transitions well, almost too well. The exhaust he puts on his body often results in injury. When he is out, the team brings Middle!WinWin down to fill his spot. When Jaemin rotates to the back row, he serves a jump top spin but not with a lot of power. He is more focused on consistency than absolutely slamming the ball. You could have power but hit it right to them and be dug so easily. Placement is just as important. His pregame includes spending hours in the training room getting taped and his legs warmed. If anyone ever complains about soreness and pain, he always recommends his favorite remedies or methods of being taped. Is currently out due to injury and everyone loves and misses him. There are rumors he is joining the squad again and the hype could not be more real.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Right Side/Opposite: Swings from behind the setter. In charge of shutting down the outside attack, which is vital since the outside gets the most sets. Does not get set often but when they do, they usually terminate.

Lee Donghyuck (Haechan)

Like the U + 127 squad, Donghyuck would be the opposite hitter. In this team, he plays all 6 rotations defending the right side of the court. When he hits, he loves hitting line but it doesn’t always go down. He’s another one who loves testing the libero. Most of the time he will go cross though because that’s where USUALLY the worst defenders on the court are, and often that’s an easy kill. I say usually because it’s not true all the time - even Haechan is an exception to this. He has libero training meaning he is quick and balanced. He knows his spots like the back of his hand and can deliver a perfect pass. He is very vocal on the team: calling open spots, how many blockers are up, and whether the setter is front row. Basically if anything is happening, Hyuckie is calling it out. He’d normally jump float serve but if they are up by a lot, he’d try a top spin serve. Has so much heart for the game, he’ll go after anything. He sacrifices his body so much that he’s basically Jaemin’s pet. Uses 99% of Jaemin’s tape and patience. During practice, he is always asking when they are gonna do ball massages. “If I get three pancakes, can we do ball massages???” King of Pancakes, he calls himself as to him, there is nothing better. He jokes around with all the members but always reassures that he loves them with all his heart. 

Originally posted by haecha

Setter: In charge of spreading around the ball, allowing the offense to be run. Need nice hands to deliver a clean ball to any area of the court. Speed is also vital as location of the first contact varies especially when the level of play increases.

Huang Renjun

This little bean is the setter of the squad. I originally had him as a middle but instantly thought twice about it. This boy is so gentle and sweet, I could see him as a setter in a heartbeat. He would definitely be more about sharing the love than slamming a ball down. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be offensive as a setter though. If the pass is tight, don’t be surprised to see Renjun slam the ball down. He likes to run a faster offense. If he could, he’d have the outsides hitting 3’s, the middles running 1’s, and the right side running I’s all the time. 3’s and I’s aren’t too common in the men’s game however so he just settles for a faster set all the way to the pins. Him and Hyuckie will dabble with I’s from time to time however. When he rotates to the back, he will serve a jump float so he can get to his base as soon as possible. He doesn’t feel the need to score from behind the service line, just get it in. As far as defending, he’s only really comfortable defending the opposite attack while in the back row. He really gets his defending going while blocking. Being able to shut down the strong pin just gives him such a confidence boost and you get to see his wonderful smile, it’s great. I have a feeling he would be the team mom always carrying snacks and extra socks and knee pads. Very very responsible.

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Libero: Have the best passing skill. Second part of the major defense team. Reserved as best receivers and servers. Height is not required as they don’t play at the net. Liberos do not take up substitutions and they wear an off-colored jersey. Goes into the back row for the middle.

Zhong Chenle

My brother from another motherChenle would be the libero on this squad. He is so energetic and active, I think he would make such a nice libero. He would be fast moving to locations and can stop on a dime when the attack is about to start their swing. If the ball is not directly hit at him, you know he will dive for it every single time. He loves getting a one handed dig, just scooping up the ball with his forearms. If they win that point, he just kind of smuggly brushes the dust off his shoulder before he just shines the brightest smile. Not one to swing to much if they are out of system and he needs to send the third ball over. Watching this kid during warm ups would be so cute. Every time he gets a good hit, everyone will be cheering as loud as they can. Liberos can’t serve in the men’s game, but during practice he would serve a jump float for the same reason as Setter!Renjun. The faster he can get to his base, the better. He looks up to Mark so much as a libero. If Chenle has any questions, he will instantly go to Mark. He is quite young and questions he’s abilities often, but the rest of the team frequently tells him how much of a good job he is doing. Every one wants to protect him, even the maknae. His cuteness is just contagious.

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I hope I didn’t use too many volleyball terms where you can’t understand. If I did, please tell me so I can make a little guide!

So the format of these, I think, is getting better and better so I’m wondering if you guys would want me to rewrite some of my older, messier au’s! If you like that idea, message me or send me an ask!


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Third year!First years headcanons
  • Yamaguchi is the captain. He still specializes in the jump float serve but by now he has improved enough to also be a regular on the team.
  • Kageyama is the vice captain. The first years find him quite intimidating the first few weeks. However, after a while they find out he only yells at Hinata and is actually very polite to the other teammembers.
  • Hinata has become pretty famous, both because of the things he can do when working with Kageyama and because of his own abilities (To his disappointment he didn’t get a cool nickname though). 
  • Tsukishima is generally feared by spikers from other teams. His blocking has improved drastically and every once in a while he will get some pointers from Kuroo so he can improve even more. He also the most popular with the girls to everyone’s surprise. Especially when he wears contacts he gets a lot more attention.
  • Yachi ended up being a great manager. She’s very organized with everything concerning the team but also helps the team members with organizing their homework. If someone needs help she’s going to be there for whatever they need. One thing that hasn’t changed is that she is still shy but she has the other team members to protect her. 

Haikyuu!! Wallpapers

►Karasuno High is a high school located in Torono Town, Miyagi Prefecture◄

▶Karasuno’s strongest attribute is its offensive power, with a heavy focus on attacks such as the quick strike, pipe-line, and synchronized attacks using tempo. It also utilizes uncommon techniques like the Calculated One-Point Two-Setter, the jump float serve, and a libero toss to throw off opponents◀

HQ headcanon: Kageyama would be a great captain. He would keep his crows in check and he would know how to motivate them. (Example from the first episode when he tells his teammates they cant ride on the coattails of their schools name. & Every pep talk he gives Hinata) Hes learned by watching Daichi and listening to Suga. Everyone knows how talented the third years are and that is enough for people to apply to the volleyball club. All the kouhai want to learn how to do Kageyama-san & Hinata-san’s quick attack but learned it was impossible to do so but they ask, on occasion, to show them because its so cool to watch. 

Hinata (the vice) will be exactly the same but a little more stable. He motivates everyone around him effortlessly and scares them if they question their own strength. He and Kageyama are great at teaching/improving receives. The underclassmen aren’t afraid to come to Hinata for anything and often reach out to him for non-volleyball problems (although he doesnt always have the greatest solutions)

Tsukki would function more as Tanaka. He would try to scare the first years but quickly warm up to them (and tries to hide it) because all the first years admire Tsukishima-senpai (he asks them not to call him senpai) because he’s so cool, smart and talented. If anyone tries to scare his crows he is the first one to step up (Kageyama doesnt stop him but Yamaguchi and Hinata do if he gets too much

Yamaguchi, however, is everyone’s favorite. His jump float serve is known throughout. He’s become more relaxed and confident. The first years see him more as the Easy-going-senpai than the rest. He would never hesitate to help someone out and volunteers to help his teammates with serves, receives, etc. Every first year has a slight crush on Yamaguchi because they have all seen him smile. The attention to Yamaguchi makes Tsukki happy because he’s finally getting the attention and respect he deserves. 

HAIKYUU: Dating Yamaguchi Headcanons


- He’s super cuddly. Whenever you two are alone he’ll hold onto you and cuddle with you, he also likes being the small spoon!

- Tsukishima had to help him build up the courage to ask you, he was so nervous. He tried his best though and thankfully you said yes! Yams couldn’t stop smiling the entire day after you agreed on being his s/o.

- He’s actually not afraid of PDA! It’s only simple things like holding your hand or hugging you, he’ll only kiss you if he really missed you or is really excited/happy about something.

- This boy is really rough on himself. He just couldn’t get the jump float serve right and stayed up nearly all night working on it! So sometimes you have to tell him to take a break for the night so he can rest and practice more tomorrow, and most of the time he listens and agrees that you’re right.

- God, sometimes he’s so awkward. Like when you kissed for the first time, he was stuttering and blushed really hard, searching for the right words to stay.

- Occasionally he’ll study with you and Tsukki. He likes helping you with your homework and it also helps him study it too!

- He tends to be emotional sometimes, especially if he messes up on something or gets frustrated. He might be frustrated at himself or something that happened and he just rants to you about it while cuddling. Sometimes he’ll cry but it makes him happy knowing that you’re there to listen to him.

- Overall, Yamaguchi is an amazing boyfriend. He’s a very funny, caring, and smart guy. He doesn’t forget important dates and always does his best when planning a date with you! He’s very passionate and prefers to show that he loves you instead of just saying it!

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hey y'all i really wish we get yamaguchi development that isn’t just about his jump float serving

like come oooon you’re really going to tell me he isn’t practicing his receives to prolong his time on the court as a pinch server? that he’s not at least working out so he can be physically strong enough to nail a jump serve? that with the determination he’s been shown to have so far, he isn’t trying to improve anything apart from his jump floater?

he has terrible stats across the board. realistically speaking, if he only works on his serving then he’ll never have a spot on karasuno’s regular team, and it doesn’t really make sense that becoming a regular isn’t his goal given his desire to “lend a helping hand” to his teammates.

idk man he’s just my baby and i love him pls give him a chance furudate

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there's just not enough with him to quench my thirst and i know this request will be in very capable hands so: scenario in which ukai's parents set him up on a date with the reader, who's daughter of a family friend, and even though he's annoyed that they did this, the two end up hitting it off really well?

The admins all love Ukai, so we were very happy to receive this ask! Hope I did him justice :)

~Admin Alyx

“You did not set me up on a date!

You ran your fingers through your hair in exasperation, staring at your mom, who looked utterly unperturbed by your protests.

“All I’m asking is that you give it a try. It could be good for you, dear. Keishin is such a nice boy.”

“I like him just fine, but that doesn’t mean I want to go on a date with him! Besides, I’m an adult, I can get my own dates!” you cried.

“I’m sure you can, darling.” Your mom sounded completely patronizing.

“Oh my god,” you muttered. “Just because I haven’t been dating lately doesn’t mean I can’t get dates. I’ve just been… focused on other things, okay?”

“I know. You work so hard, you deserve to take a break sometimes. Do something fun. Please just give it a try. I already told them you’d go!”

You heaved a sigh, scrubbing a hand across your forehead. “Okay, fine, I’ll go. This is going to be so awkward.”

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I think shimada is so cute and he is like big brother to yamaguchi

YESS!!! Shimada is so GOOD!! He doesn’t have to be spending his spare time teaching some freckly kid a jump float serve nor does he have to go to all their games but he DOES AND HE EVEN GIVES YAMAGUCHI SOLID ADVICE ABOUT VOLLEYBALL IN GENERAL AND I JUST THINK THATS SWELL

I actually think we forget about Shimada AND Takinoue far too often THEY GO TO ALL THE GAMES and they are a very important part of the Karasuno cheer squad! 

Little haikyuu things that make me happy

-Hinata’s friendship with Aone.

-Yamaguchi acing the jump float serve.

-Yamaguchi in general (this character is so amazing, do you ever cry because of how amazing he is??).

-Kuroo helping Kenma beat a boss in a game.

-ALL Kuroo-Kenma interactions.

-Kageyama tying to smile (but failing).

-Kageyama ACTUALLY SMILING at the end of the second ending!!

-“Don’t mind, don’t mind!”

-“One more!”

-Not regulars getting to play in matches.

-Asahi screaming: “SUGAAAA.”

-Suga smiling. Just…Suga existing.

-The stage play.

-STAGE PLAY ACTORS. (Asama Kousuke, hehehe)

-How literally everyone is a cinnamon roll, like, Even people like Oikawa and Ushijima are actually big nerds who need to be protected.

-Both the Tsukkishima brothers fidgeting with their fingers when they’re nervous.

-Training camp.

-Bokuto and Kuroo helping Tsukki getting hooked on volleyball.


-tsukkishima’s character development in general, this nerd grows so much, it’s amazing.

-Kageyama’s characters development.


-just everyone okay, all these vollydorks make me so happy!!

College OiYama concept: Yamaguchi ends up going to the same college as Oikawa completely by chance. Oikawa almost doesn’t recognise him at first, until he performs a perfect jump float serve during the tryouts for the college volleyball team, and it clicks in him that this is the pinch server from Karasuno all those years ago. They end up getting along super well, and Oikawa takes Yamaguchi under his wing and helps him practice his serves. They become quite the duo, dishing out some pretty scathing mockery together, and their college team becomes known for its deadly serve aces. 

Oikawa is super impressed with how far he’s come as a player, but also can’t stop noticing that hot diggity the years have been kind to this boy. Oikawa frequently comments on his freckles, and it makes Yamaguchi bashful af bc Oikawa is The Prettiest, and he’s also his senior. Oikawa starts giving him cutesie nicknames and Yamaguchi’s heart skips a beat every time. There’s so much romantic tension between them for so long that the rest of the team are So Tired, and when they finally get together their team is relieved bc it was super frustrating watching these dorks dance around each other when they were so clearly in love but neither would admit it.