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Of course! I’ll add it asap.

Order of creation:

  1. Brothers Apart– “But what if I never fixed Sam?”
  2. Brothers Found– “But what about JACOB?”
  3. Brothers Adopted– “Okay but Jacob’s too cute, let’s make him small”
  4. Brothers Divided– “… bad, Dean”
  5. Brothers Together– “OSCAR”
  6. Brothers Lost– “Okay we should make BOTH brothers small”
  7. Brothers Asunder– “Wee Sammers and Bowman as brothers!”
  8. Brothers Unexpected– “Because Sam/Jacob and Dean/Oscar are too cute to contain”
  9. Brothers Consulted– “I wonder how Sherlock and Dean would react to each other…”
  10. **Various unannounced ideas**
  11. Brothers Saved– “Big Sam and his tiny big brother strutting around”

More soon to come!

Family Ties, part II

Speaking of things that run in the family…

But then there was -

So really, Luke learned this through both genetics and a crazy mentor. Is this why Vader seems to be not so surprised when Luke jumps? Is he just thinking, “Dammit, I know this is Obi-wan’s fault.”



Some pictures a jp Ichiruki fan shared on twitter, she was talking with other ichiruki about how good the display is and how happy they are with the things the shop choose to display. The merch is always the same old shit but still they are right it looks really nice. By the way it’s the jump/shop in Osaka.

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Okay okay but get this.. . ... insecure Lance with vitiligo I cannot believe this isn't already a thing give me my beautiful space son who's fLipping out because the foundation he had on him leaving earth isn't going to last forever and he really really doesn't want the team to know about anything that will make him different and mark him as a freak like everyone has always said

AHHHH I literally screamed when I saw this. 

Thank you <3 

I sorta went a different way with this. Sorry!

“Stop. It. You can’t cry right now.” Lance inhaled as much oxygen as he could before his lungs hitched and he coughed it out. 

“If you cry the foundation will wear off. So knock it off.” Lance ran his shaking hands through his hair. He didn’t know if he was talking to vent or help himself but he wish he would stop babbling like some teenage girl. 

Lance sat down on the edge of the bathtub glaring at the water. Shiro told them to wash up, but how could he wash away the only thing that is keeping him normal. Lance wanted to take a bath he really did. He wanted to try out the Altean soaps and face masks. He wanted to treat himself™ just like he would at the Garrison. Maybe Allura has some makeup, we have similar skin tones. Lance stood up and marched out of his room, he needed to find the princess. 


“Princess?” Lance hesitantly knocked on her bedroom door. 

“Yes Lance? Why aren’t you out of armor yet? Shiro told you to wash up.” Allura stood up from her where she was perched on her bed. 

“I kn-know. But I have a question for you.” Lance hugged his body, praying his sweat didn’t ruin the foundation anymore than what it was. 

“Well what is it?” Allura gestured for Lance to enter her room and he awkwardly stood in the middle of it while she sat on the edge of her bed. 

“Do Alteans have makeup?” Lance’s voice was so small it made him feel 5. 

“Makeup? Well of course!” Allura jumped up from her seat. “We have a lot of different kinds.” She smiled at him, hoping to relieve his stiff posture. 

“Do you have foundation to match my skin tone.” Lance gestured to his face. 

Allura stood up and placed her hand on his face, pretending she didn’t feel him flinch. “I think we do, mine might not work since it was made especially for me however,” Allura grabbed a small scanner off her desk and made her way back over to the boy, “this scanner will give us the number and type we need to match your skin perfectly.” 

She gently grabbed his hand and placed his finger under the scanner. It flashed a purple light for a few seconds before it beeped green and produced a small chip. 

Allura grabbed the chip “Now I’ll put this in a machine and it will have it made by the time you are done cleaning up.” 

Lance released a breath he didn’t even know he was holding. “Can I get it sooner?” 

“Why do you need it so soon?” Allura chuckled a little bit. 

“I just need it that’s all.” Lance said a bit quietly, too quiet for Alluras liking.

“Once it’s done I’ll drop it off at your room. Okay?” Allura gently said. 


“Now go clean up.” And Lance left. 


Lance sunk down into the tub, letting the water surround him. He slowly submerged himself completely under water and let his mind wander. 

Ugly, Freak, Weirdo, Whats wrong with your face?

 Lance could still hear the kids voices like they said them yesterday. He could still remember the snickers he heard behind his back. He could remember how teachers would look at him sympathetically. He could still feel the shoves from the kids when he asked to play with them. He remembered crying to his mama asking why this happened to him. He remembered his sister teaching him how to do makeup and attempting too help his confidence. Sadly he was only confident with 3 different layers of makeup plastered on his face and arms. 

Lance rose his head from the water and touched his face and smeared the makeup off his face. He drained the water, stood up, turned on the shower and started scrubbing his arms and face. 

What would the team think? He wasn’t normal. He was a freak. 

He watched the water drain down, taking the brown makeup with it. After the water cleared he turned of the shower and dried off. 

Lance put on his pants and started to sort through the different Altean supplies. He found something that resembled lavender and started to apply it to his face. He attempted not to stare at the different color patches that scattered his face. He moved down to his arms, where it only started happening a year prior. He dropped the container when he saw a small patch forming on his stomach. 

“Fuck.” Lance leaned over the sink, not even trying to stop his tears. 

“Why, why, why.” Lance grabbed his hair. He was about to get back into the tub when Allura knocked on his bathroom door. 

“Lance! It’s done~” Allura seem to sing. 

“Ca-Can you ju-just leave it out-outside my door?” Lance nearly punched himself for his voice cracking. 

“Are you alright Lance?” Allura asked, curiosity and concern plaguing her voice.


“No you’re, not….I hope you’re decent because I’m coming in.” Before Lance could react the bathroom door was opening and he was face to face with Allura who was holding a bottle. 

Allura opened and closed her mouth and Lance grabbed a towel and wrapped his torso up in it, happy that he was wearing pants. 

After a few moments of unbearable silence Lance bit out “Go on laugh, I don’t care. Just leave the bottle and go.” 

“Lance.” Allura gently grabbed the towel  from Lance and brought his face closer. “I would never laugh a you for something like this.” She opened the bottle and put a few drops of the liquid on Lances face and started to rub it in. 

Lance stared at Allura as she continued to apply the makeup on Lance. “What?” She asked. 

“Why are you being so nice?” Lance mumbled out. 

“Why wouldn’t I be nice? You can’t help this,” she gestured towards his arms. “Plus this doesn’t changed anything about you. I’ll even keep it a secret from the team if you need.” 

Lance started crying again and Allura hugged him. She gently ran her fingers through his hair. 

Lance hugged her back. “Do you think the team will judge me?”

“They would never.” Allura softly said. 

“Should I tell them?”

“Only if you want.” 

“Will you help me?”

“Of course. Now lets get you ready for dinner.” 

Lance smiled and started to distract himself from the voices of the kids that echoed in his mind. 

Happy Ending! I think? 

Thank you for this!! 

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Andreil swimming ?? Andreil going for a run ?? Neil having to play backliner again for some reason I am currently unable to think about ???

Neil floated below the surface, letting a stream of bubbles dribble out of his mouth as he looked through the blurry water.

Somewhere in front of him he saw a splash as someone else entered the water. Waving his hands a little, he pushed himself to the surface in time to see Matt bob to the surface and wave to Dan to join him.

Since the Foxes had finally proven their metal in their battle against the Ravens, they were given a slight bump in their travel expenses for occasions like this when they would have been driving through the night and sleeping sore on a bus. The hotel wasn’t anywhere near five star, but it had a pool and that was enough for the Foxes.

Neil had been the first to jump in. The air was warm and he hadn’t felt refreshed by the quick shower after the game and the promise of cool water was very inviting. Or, that was his excuse if anyone asked. If he was being honest, he’d stayed in many hotels and motels with his mother while on the run, and had always wished he could use the pool but they never dared leave their room. Forbidden fruit always tasted the sweetest, even when it’s as simple as an over chlorinated pool.

Renee and Allison were soaking in the hot tub near by, Allison saying that a jacuzzi soak was the only way to recover sore muscles. Dan quickly followed Matt off the diving board, splashing him as she entered. Aaron was reading on a chair beside Wymack, Abby was calling out for no one to run on the slippery tile, and Kevin was of course getting in laps, fuming that the extra travel time meant they wouldn’t get in a morning practice.

Neil was wondering where Andrew had gone to until he felt a finger touch the top of his head and begin pushing him under. He waited to sink up to his nose before turning to see Andrew behind him, still wearing his arm bands. Part of Neil wanted to point out the hypocrisy of Andrew calling him an idiot for considering wearing a shirt to the pool to cover his scars, but he never actually would. He considered Andrew’s scars just as much battle scars as his own, but doubted Andrew felt the same.

He settled for “You better not let one of your knives fall into the pool.”

“They’re Renee’s knives, she can find it if she wants it.” He was clearly doing his best to maintain a bored and unaffected look while also treading water on the edge of the shallow end. Neil would have noted that too, had he not been trying to do the same. People like Matt and Kevin never seemed to fully appreciate their ability to touch the bottom of the average community pool and it was horribly unfair.

Neil swam to the side to hold on and relax a little.

“Not going to go under?”

“Your brain cells die when you hold your breath. Unlike you I use mine.” He put his arms on the side of the pool, watching Neil.

Neil opened his mouth to quip back but was forced under by arms from behind him, shoving him under and holding him there. Panic kicked in and visions of his fathers men overcame him as he began thrashing, elbowing the offender in the stomach before a fist grabbed him and dragged him back up.

The smell of alcohol hit Neil as he gasped in a breath and a slurred voice behind him was saying something about thinking an Exy player would have stronger shoulders to carry him. Matt was dragging the guy away while Kevin shoved off another drunk fan who was saying something about playing chicken with /the/ Palmetto Foxes.

Once he got enough air in his lungs he turned back to Andrew who was still gripping his forearm. Neil let him, not wanting to pull away from Andrew, who was giving as much a glare as he could at the drunk fans.

“Why is it always you that’s a magnet for problems?” His grip relaxed but his hand didn’t move from Neil’s arm.

“My guess is the scars. People think I’m tough.”

“Imagine being so fatally misinformed.” His other hand seemed to shake slightly, and Neil thought about the last time he and Andrew were in a motel. It had been a better ending than he had hoped for, but for Andrew it was hours of not knowing what was happening to Neil, only to see him return a shattered mess. For someone with as vivid a memory as Andrew, who couldn’t hear “please” without reliving his own trauma, it couldn’t be easy to be somewhere so similar.

“Lets go to the hot tub, I’m getting cold.” He made his way to the ladder, not having to look back to know Andrew was following. He remembered the comments from the others about Andrew doing anything he asked and was glad he had such a useless imagination that he never thought to take advantage.

Grabbing two towels on the way, he sat on the edge and lowered his legs to the knee into the water, Andrew sinking in beside Renee.

“You OK?” Renee put a hand to his knee, her kind eyes worried as she looked him over for signs of an emotional relapse.

“If you’re not, we’ve got lots of options to beat them up.” Allison lounged across from him but her eyes were anything but relaxed, ready to claw out the eyes of anyone who threatened her Foxes. Neil had to remind himself that every time he was hurt, it must remind her of what it was like watching Seth constantly self destruct, only to be found dead when she thought the worst was over.

He really hated being a reminder of terrible things to his Foxes, but he wouldn’t have fit in if he weren’t a disaster.

He put his towel over his shoulders and put the other over Andrew’s head, drying the hair he had gotten wet when he dunked down to drag Neil up. Neil noted the slight dip of Andrew’s shoulders and the way he leaned back against Neil’s knee as a sign he could continue. This he did take advantage of, letting his little fingers make nonsense patterns on the back of Andrew’s neck. He got a pinch for this but Andrew remained settled against him, so he just grinned and continued. Maybe he did have something for Andrew’s neck.

Soon the hot tub was filled with Foxes and their adult supervision, each making sure Neil and Kevin were OK from getting jumped on. Except of course for Aaron, who simply commented that Neil should have stayed where he could touch, as if he was one to talk.

A bottle of cheap wine that Wymack “found” and did not use travel expense on was passed around. Andrew eventually migrated to sitting between Neil’s legs as a buffer from the others touching him. Neil continued to idly wipe the towel over Andrew’s hair and shoulders while Andrew traced a finger along his submerged ankle.

They stayed far past closing time, most likely because the workers didn’t want to tell Andrew Minyard that he couldn’t do something.

Neil found he liked hotel pools. He smelled strange but there was something about sitting in a steaming hot tub with everyone he cared about, sharing wine, sharing stories, and able to care for Andrew in the small way he allowed him. Maybe out of state games weren’t so bad.

Cas Imagery (and Some Destiel?) in 12x18

As an FYI, there is Destiel in this post, like, all over. So if that’s not your thing, I’d probably stop reading now.

I know, you’ve already seen eight million posts about this–but I had to add my thoughts here. We’re all missing Cas, and as others have pointed out, I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to be missing him right now. We are meant to notice his absence. And to cement that feeling, there is a steady progression of Castiel-based imagery in 12x18 starting almost immediately after Dean and Sam talk about how he is STILL missing (A Destiel side note: Dean does that weapon-cleaning thing he does when he’s nervous because HIS HUSBAND HAS VANISHED and no one in a trenchcoat has turned up in the news either alive “or dead” because of COURSE Dean jumps to worst case scenarios because he’s so worried and he knows Cas has a tendency to have horrible things happen to him when he disappears…but I digress.)

So the first thing I noticed:

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Mark My Words (Klance Soulmate AU - Part 1)

Idk how this happened, i started writing this kind of accidentally BUT HERE, TAKE IT. I finished it instead of working on chapter 7 of Fate’s Predicament lol OOPS. I hope you enjoy it! There will probably be a second and final chapter btw :)

AO3 -  In a world where people are born with marks showcasing the first words they’ll ever hear from their soulmate, some people have common and beautiful words or phrases; others…not so much.

When Lance had come aboard the spaceship, he hadn’t even thought about what would happen to his soulmate.

But now that Hunk had voiced his own concerns, Lance became painfully aware of the mark on his leg. He was, like everyone, born with it, and it had grown along with him, stretching in tandem with his tanned skin, like a birth mark.

A faint “fuck you” imprinted in his inner leg.

He had been mercilessly teased for it. The fact that his soulmate’s first words to him would be “fuck you” made him both wanna laugh and cry.

The thing is…over the years, many people had said that to him. He knew he could get on people’s nerves, and, when he did, they sometimes gave him that less than articulated response. Especially his siblings. When in lack of a comeback just tell people to go fuck themselves, and all is right with the world.

So, as time went by, he kind of just tried to forget the words marking his body - and their importance.

Lance liked to live in the moment, and he believed that what was meant to be, would be.

But now…now he was in space - who knows how far away from Earth at this point - and had no idea of when he would come back, if he ever did.

He couldn’t help but think about it.
What did his soulmate have tattooed in them? Were they looking for him? How were they doing? Were they drinking enough water? Had Lance already met them? If not, would he ever?

Not everyone ended up with their soulmates. There were as many sad stories out there as there were happy ones. Some people simply found solace and love in someone else. Other people searched forever.

Maybe one of those would be his case.

“Do you think we can be soulmates with aliens? They have marks too, right?” Hunk continued. “Maybe…maybe our soulmates are in the ship!” He gasped. “Lance! What if we’re soulmates?!”

Lance snorted. “Like you ever cussed someone out in your life.”

“Oh…right. And what if-”

“I don’t know, Hunk. What happens, happens. I think we’ll be fine.”

He didn’t think they’d be fine. Despite never having put too much thought into it, Lance would like to one day meet his soulmate. And all of this space thing just seemed to make it a lot harder.

He used to abuse the art of pick-up lines, which increased his chances of getting a “fuck you” as a response. If he did, he could feed on the hopes that, maybe, he had just met his soulmate.

Deep within him, he knew it didn’t make sense, since the person would probably recognize the line, but it still gave him that little bit of hope. Even if he always ended up disappointed.

It would be nice meeting his soulmate, but he had a gut feeling that he either already had or never would.

“I mean…my mark says ‘nor are you’. Isn’t that pretty weird? It’s so unusual! I wonder what they’re like…”

“Yeah…i wonder what mine is like, too…”

Keith entered the room, his attentive, violet eyes looking around.

“Oh, hey McMullet.” Lance greeted, smiling lazily.

Keith rolled his eyes. “Fuck you, Lance.”

“I know you wanna.” Lance winked. “Oh, come on, i was trying to be nice!” He laughed when Keith glared at him.

Lance couldn’t catch the other boy’s blush as he had already turned around.

“Keith!” He continued, drawing out the ‘i’. “Where are you going?”

“My room.”

“You’re always holed up in there now.” He muttered.

“I guess.”

“Stay with us a bit. Why would you go there to just be alone like always? You can do whatever it is you’re gonna do there, here.” The blue eyed boy paused and then widened his eyes. “…You can do almost everything here. Please don’t take that too literally.”

“Lance!” Keith was blushing again. “I’m not you!” He blurted out, childishly.

“What? I totally get it, man. I just don’t wanna watch it.” He smirked, looking contemplative. “Well…”

“I’m leaving now.” Keith said through gritted teeth.

“Come back soon, and call me if you need any help!” Lance laughed.

“Oh, my God, fuck you.”

“You keep saying that! But i’m not like you, Keith, i don’t have to always be at it.”

“Lance…” Keith whined, exasperatedly, with his face buried in his hands and not knowing why he was still standing there, taking the jabs without being able to answer back. He felt paralyzed.

“Maybe you’re my soulmate!” Lance suddenly shouted, eyes widened.

“What?!” Keith now stood straight as a board - which was somehow ironic -, all of his blood had suddenly rushed to his face and he felt dangerously light headed.

The other boy started laughing hysterically while Hunk just stared at the whole scene, looking at them like they were bat-shit crazy. “I’m kidding! Relax! You looked like you were gonna die from lack of oxygen!”

Keith spluttered. “I- I know! My reaction was one of disbelief towards your idiocy!”

“You guys are dumb.” Hunk deadpanned.

Keith sighed and finally found the strength to leave the room.

“What’s his problem?” Lance mumbled.


After dinner, they all gathered in the common room talking, like they often did.

“Well,” Shiro began after Hunk brought up the soulmate topic. “My soulmate mark is…pretty generic.” He chuckled. “'Hello’. But…i think that when the person does come along…you realize it. That it’s the hello you’ve been waiting for.” He discreetly glanced at Allura, who looked distracted. “I guess not everyone’s the same, though.” He finished, quietly.

Lance snorted. “My true love’s first words to me are ‘fuck you’, so…”

“You deserved it…” Keith mumbled under his breath.


“I said mine is worse.” He answered, louder.

“Oh, yeah!” Hunk exclaimed. “You never talked about yours.”

“It’s not something i enjoy talking about.” He mumbled. “I never really wanted to meet my soulmate, it’s not something that particularly interests me.”

Because he was scared.

“How could you say that?” Lance asked, sounding almost offended. “I’d love to meet mine. Even if they’re probably kind of an asshole.” He snorted.

Keith rolled his eyes and sagged against the couch. “Wow, Lance, i bet you’d be a great boyfriend.”

“You know it, babe.” He winked.

Hunk laughed. “You two are always flirting, jeesh.”

“We’re not-!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Hunk interrupted. “Anyway, what does your mark say, Keith?” He asked, excitedly.

“I’m not telling any of you. You’ll hold it over me forever.”



“You suck.” Lance deadpanned.

“Yeah, i do.” Keith smirked for a second before he realized what he had just said, eyes widening. “Uh…”

The blue eyed boy started laughing hysterically. “That’s my boy!”

Keith wanted to die.

“I bet it’s some emo crap.” Pidge murmured.

“What’s yours, Pidge?” Keith rushed to ask, trying to ignore Lance practically crying tears of joy by his side.

“Um…well, uh…i don’t think it matters. I’m also not very interested in all that soulmate stuff.” She blushed prettily.

“Pidge!” Lance whined. “Come on! If it doesn’t matter, why can’t you tell us?”

“Because it doesn’t matter!” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Pidge! Please!” Hunk pleaded, drawing out the vowels.

“Yeah, come on!” Allura joined in, smiling.

“Fine! I’ll tell you. But if anyone ever mocks me, i will end them. I don’t care about Voltron. I will kill whoever dares laugh.” She said all this while looking straight at Lance, earning her a nervous chuckle from the boy.

“Go ahead!”

“Okay, well…” She cleared her throat. “My soulmate mark is on my back and it says…” She grumbled. “…It says ‘oh no, you’re hot’.” Pidge begrudgingly admitted.

Lance shrieked and quickly hid his face in a pillow - doing his best to remain serious - after she glared at him fiercely.

“Does…does that mean-” He had to take a deep breath. “Does that mean your- your soulmate is a meme lover?!”

“It might not have anything to do with memes!” She snapped.

“Hey, you should be happy!” Said Hunk. “Your future lover finds you attractive.”

She scoffed. “Yay.”

“Allura, what’s yours?” Shiro asked shyly.

“Well…” She sighed. “My mark says 'hi’.” She laughed bitterly. “The Universe wasn’t very imaginative…”

“Do you think there’s any chance you’ve already met them…?”

“I’m not sure…I’ve never felt that strongly for anyone…I’ve never felt that 'a-ha!’ moment, you know? But…i guess it’s possible. Many people have told me 'hi’…maybe i should’ve been paying more attention.”

“Maybe you should.” He mumbled.

“Ah!” Coran sighed, upon entering the room. “I very much enjoy talking about soulmate marks! It’s so interesting! Sadly, my soulmate died along with Altea…” He smiled sadly, trying to hide how much it truly affected him. “But, ah, she was wonderful…my mark says 'I love your eyes’ and hers said 'wow’.” He laughed wholeheartedly. “She was lovely…”

They talked for a little while longer until Keith stood up.

“Well, i’m going to my room.”

“Yes, again. Go to your hole, then…” Lance said bitterly.

“Quit whining. If you miss me that much, join me.”

“With pleasure.” The boy grinned.

“Goodbye!” Keith said a little louder than necessary, bolting to safety.

When he was already out of the room, they could still hear him scream “You better not actually come, Lance!”.


It was a little past midnight when someone knocked on Keith’s door. He quickly got up and opened it, ready to jump into action.

Of course it was Lance.

“Ugh, what do you want?” He asked, groggily, his brain rapidly going back to sleep now that he knew everything was mostly fine.

“What does your soulmate mark say?” Lance asked rather seriously.

“I- what? Why do you care so much?”

“I need to know…for- for science.”

“Oh my God, you’re such a nerd.”

“And you’re an annoying emo. What’s your mark?”

Keith sighed. “Can we not have this conversation now?”

“Why do you have to keep it a secret?! It can’t be that bad. Are you just trying to keep your broody, mysterious image?”

“Sure, let’s go with that.”

“Keith! Why can’t you just tell me?!” Lance snapped, entering the room.

Keith closed the door and groaned. “And why do you have to know?!”

“Because i do!”


“What if we’re soulmates?!” Lance screamed, before gulping, seemingly calming down. “What if we’re soulmates, Keith? I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot more lately, and…what if? You know?” He sighed, sitting on the unmade bed.

“I- uh. I don’t know.”

“I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t share it. Like…i know we’re probably not soulmates, since you hate my guts, but…i don’t know what i expected coming here. Can you just forget this ever happened? I need to go back to sleep, this is all just sleep deprivation.” He laughed tiredly.

Lance got up but Keith stopped him. “Wait.” He gulped. “Why would you think i hate you? You’re the one who seems to hate me.”

“Why would i hate you?!”

“Why would i?!”

“Well-” He sighed again. “I don’t know…”

“Exactly. Look…i know i don’t really show it, but i- i admire you, i guess.”

Lance tried to grin cockily at that, but he couldn’t hide his flustered state. “Of course you do. Have you seen me?”

“Shut up, nerd.” Keith turned away, not wanting the other boy to see his equally red skin. At least Lance was tanned, while he was pale…

“Well, i admire you too, if i’m to be honest.” Lance grumbled. “And…i respect your decision to not talk about your mark. Sorry i came here and basically attacked you…i’m just not in a great place right now.”

“Thanks.” He gulped. “I- i get it. And it doesn’t mean i’ll never share my mark with you. I’m just not ready yet. But, uh, if you need to talk about it…”

“Thanks, i’ll be fine though. In any case, goodnight.” He turned to leave.

“Yeah, goodnight.”

After Lance left, Keith sighed and let himself fall on his bed, thinking about his mark and all that it implied.

He thought back to the moment he’d first met Lance at the Garrison. The annoying boy had strode over to him and stuck out a hand. “Nice mullet. Do you also ride a Chevy?”

Keith had immediately recognized the phrase as the mark he had on his thigh, but his instinct had still been deadpanning a well deserved “fuck you” to which Lance had scoffed before actually presenting himself and leaving after being rewarded with Keith’s silence, seeing as he was still too busy making sure his heart wouldn’t leap out of his mouth.

He sighed and closed his eyes. How funny that fate had brought them together like that. Despite being scared, the boy knew he should let Lance know one of these days. Maybe he’d actually recognize the line. But for now Keith preferred to deepen their friendship and get used to it. He needed more time to fully accept it.

He lightly ran his hand on his left thigh, where he knew the light mark was, imagining a better future. One where he wasn’t so afraid.

Day with Dad - reidxreader

Anon requested: Can you do an imagine where the reader and Spencer have a six year old daughter and the reader is sick so Spencer spends the day with his daughter?

ok this is such a cute request I love it.

I’ve read one shots where the daughter’s name is Harper as in Harper Lee the author so I used that in this story, i can’t for the fucking life of me remember who’s fic it was so if anyone knows who i’m referring to pls tell me. i’m gonna try to figure it out so i can give them credit for the name but right now my mind is blank. i think it was @dontshootmespence but i can’t be sure??? gaaaahhhhh anyway enjoy this i hope u like it!

Originally posted by lizthirose

Due to your tossing and turning all night you hadn’t slept very well. Thankfully, your husband had a flexible work day today and you had off. 

At 9 am — possibly the latest your six year old daughter ever slept in — you opened your eyes and began to say good morning to Spencer, but your throat was so sore that it hurt.

He furrowed his eyebrows. He lifted the back of his hand to your forehead and commented, “You’re warm. How are you feeling, do you think you might be sick?”

“I didn’t sleep much last night,” you admitted weakly. “I’m probably sick. My throat hurts, I have a headache, and I’m hot and cold at the same time.”

He pouted. “I’m sorry, love. I’m going to spend the day with Harper so you can get some rest.” Spencer gave you medicine and everything else you’d need, kissed your forehead, and closed the bedroom door behind him after getting ready for the day ahead of him.

Harper, your six year old daughter, was sitting on her bed trying to tie her shoes when Spencer walked in. She had impressively gotten dressed without being asked. Harper huffed and looked up at her dad with a defeated expression.

“Do you want to come into work with daddy today?” Spencer asked. He crouched down next to the pink bed and tied her shoes as her mood changed and she squealed with excitement.

“Is aunt JJ gonna be there?” she asked. Spencer smiled, “Of course!”

Harper jumped off of the bed and stood in front of the mirror. Spencer followed, then brushed through her hair and braided it. He’d like to think he’s gotten pretty good at that.

“Where’s mommy?” she asked. Spencer picked the small girl up to bring her to the kitchen for some breakfast.

“Mommy’s sick today, but she’s going to be okay. We can go give her a kiss before we leave.” he replied. Harper seemed satisfied with that answer, she nodded and sat down to eat her cereal as Spencer made himself coffee and her, chocolate milk.

After breakfast, Spencer carried his bag on one arm and Harper in the other to your bedroom. You were finally sleeping.

Spencer held a finger to his lips to tell Harper not to say anything. She kissed your cheek and whispered, “Bye mommy,” and Spencer kissed your forehead and said, “Bye, Y/N.”

And with that, Spencer drove to the BAU with Harper singing along to the radio in the back seat. He didn’t particularly like this kind of music but she did, so he’d keep it on.

“Hey, Hotch,” Spencer said into the phone. “Y/N is sick today and can’t watch Harper, so can I bring her in with me for a little while? I won’t be there long today anyway.” He secretly prayed that he’d say yes, because if not he was kind of screwed here.

On the other end of the line, Hotch smiled. Harper was so sweet, and after the case the team had dealt with last week, they needed a distraction. “Yeah, Reid, that’s fine.” They hung up.

Spencer parked in his spot, holding his daughter’s hand as they walked into the building and then into the elevator. (He let her press the buttons, she seemed to like that.)

They walked off the lift. Harper immediately let go of her dad’s hand to run over to JJ.

“What in the world are you doing here?” JJ asked excitedly. She picked her up and hugged her.

“Mama’s sick, so daddy brought me here.”

JJ nodded. “So, have you had a good day so far with your dad?”

Harper nodded. “Yeah! He said we’re going to go to the park later.”

“Well, that’s exciting,” Derek commented as he walked towards them. 

“Uncle Derek!” Harper exclaimed. He picked her up and she had a huge smile on her face. Spencer was almost afraid the poor girl would explode, this was so much excitement in so little time. 

Penelope came out of her office. She immediately squealed when she saw Harper. She asked her who did her hair, and Harper proudly told her that her daddy did it. Everyone seemed impressed by this. “What?” Spencer asked, chuckling, “You think I have a six year old daughter and don’t know how to do her hair?”

As Harper happily talked and played with Spencer’s team, he smiled gently at how wonderful she was. She was just like you. 

Harper was sweet and caring, she was considerate and beautiful, she was fun and positive. All of which she got from you. On the other hand, she was thoughtful and questioning, and cute and persistent, much like himself. She had his brown eyes which you loved, because every time you looked at her there was a reminder of the beautiful life you’d created with Spencer.

After a little while, everyone was sad that they had to get back to work. Spencer set his daughter up next to him at his desk with some paper and crayons he’d found in his drawers, because she loved to draw and that’d keep her occupied.

It had been about 15 minutes. “Daddy,” she said, moving to sit in his lap, “I drew this for you.”

He smiled proudly at the small picture she’d colored in. It was clearly supposed to be of your family, with you and Spencer on the sides and Harper in the middle holding both of your hands. “This is so good, sweetheart. Can I keep it here?”

She smiled. “Yeah! Put it there.” She placed it in front of an actual photo he had of her in a frame. He laughed at his daughter.

After Harper gave everyone on the floor a hug, and I mean everyone, she and her dad left. They went to the park, and then to lunch, and then back home to check on her mommy and watch a movie in the living room.

Harper ran straight to your bedroom after walking through the front door. You were awake this time, and pulled her into bed next to you.

“Are you still sick, mama?” 

Truthfully, you still weren’t feeling your best but you didn’t feel very sick anymore. The medicine proved to be effective and sleep was very helpful.

“Not anymore, baby. How was your day with daddy?” You asked. You smoothed her hair back while she cuddled into your side.

“Great!” She said, then proceeded to tell you every detail of her day. Spencer walked in and laid next to her.

For about an hour, the three of you laid under the covers of your bed and watched whatever show Harper decided she wanted to see. You loved your little family, with an adorable daughter and a perfect husband. 


Enemies to Lovers

Request:  Hi! Can you do like an enemies to lovers with reader x Eric coulter please! Can you make the reader kinda hyper and sassy please? Thank you so much!

Pairing: Eric Coulter x reader

Warnings: none

Words: 700

 Even though you just had a short glance of him before you jumped into the moving train, you knew exactly who he was. He looked different of course, way more muscles, the black clothes, the tattoos, but you could still make him out easily.

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Darkest Desire 'Consequences’

Don’t forget to read previous chapters!

[Darkest Desire Masterlist]

Chapter 12

Summary: Finally it is revealed why Nick hates you so much. 

Word Count: 3,204

HUGE THANK YOU @i-am-negan-trash for being my beta reader!

Rick stood before the group in the Alexandria church, speaking about the deal Maggie had made with Gregory, the leader of a community called the Hilltop.

“Now, these Saviors. They almost killed Sasha, Daryl, and Abraham on the road. Now sooner or later, they would have found us. Just like those wolves did. Just like Jesus did. They would have killed someone or some of us. And then they would try to own us. And we would try to stop them. But by then, in that kind of fight, low on food, we could lose. This is the only way to be sure. As sure as we can get that we win. And we have to win. We do this for the Hilltop, it’s how we keep this place. It’s how we feed this place. This needs to be a group decision. If anybody objects, here’s your chance to say your peace.”

The room was silent for just a moment until you heard someone stand up in the back. Almost everyone turned to see it was Morgan.

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bones | 03 (m)

Originally posted by fairybcby

• pairing: jung hoseok x reader // min yoongi x reader, college! hoseok, college! yoongi
• genre/warnings: angst, smut, friends with benefits
• words: 9,356
→ summary: you were broken from a past relationship, and Hoseok wanted to fix you, but what price was he willing to pay? Would he end up worse off, or would you realise in time, that your best friend was the one…?
• note. inspired by this song here.

» playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 |

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anonymous asked:

i LOVE your writing, and honestly its the only thing getting me through this hiatus. anyways, i was hoping you could do an engagement?

I’ve been waiting to do one of these! No time like the present! I’ll give it a go!

“Oh honey. I’m homeeee” Jughead sang loudly from his place at the front door, his girlfriend should be home by now but she was always staying late at work, she couldn’t leave unless everything was done and accounted for it was one of the traits Jughead had fallen in love with.

When he didn’t hear a response he moved to the kitchen spotting a note on the fridge scrawled prettily in Betty’s flawless cursive

“Your dad called, needs some help with his bike! seems like that motor just won’t stick, I’ll pick up pizza on the way home. Don’t miss me too much. Love Betty”

He scanned the note and smiled, Jughead was beginning to think his father just wanted to spend time with Betty, the amount of times he called her over for help, he didn’t mind though, he couldn’t really deny the warm feeling he got when he saw two of the most important people in his life getting along so well. Speaking of people he loved.. placed on the living room table was a gift bag, propped on top of it was an envelope labeled “Jellybean” that’s right! It was his little sisters 18th birthday tommorow, they were all heading to his moms house for her family party.

He found himself once again sending a silent thanks to his incredibly organized girlfriend. He had so much to thank her for he could probably write a whole novel on just that.

She was kind and supportive, she never seemed to mind when he locked himself away for hours at a time when he was working on a new novel, she supported him endlessly and even when she got her job as a first grade teacher at Riverdale Elementary she always had time to help him write his stories. There was also the way she was slowly bringing his family back together, he couldn’t forget the way she had barged into his fathers trailer sat him down and told him she had gotten him an interview for a job at the local mechanics shop. F.P had been hesitant but Betty left no room for saying no. And when F.P got the job Betty was their a tray of brownies and her cellphone held out to the older man.

“Your wife is on the phone, tell her about your new job, I’ll make dinner.”

That had been the kick F.P had needed, slowly but surely his mother and father were working out their issues.

Closing his eyes and leaning back against the refrigerator he sighed. He wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He didn’t want to even think of a day where she wasn’t there. He knew what all of this meant, but was he strong enough to do it? Could he really propose to the love of his life? He had been holding the ring in his pant pocket for the past three weeks, carefully weighing the heavy decision.

His thoughts were cut short by the smell of pizza and the clicking of the lock

“I hope your hungry, ya know how moose just bought the new pizza place in town? Well he decided one pizza wasn’t enough so he gave us three! And then when I tried to pay he actually slapped my hand! He told me all I had to do to repay him was say hi to Kevin for him. Insane this town I’m telling you.” She came in giggling, her face covered in motor oil, balancing the large pizza boxes and her purse. She really was a vision.

Jughead stared at her for what seemed like hours. She was still in her yellow teachers sundress, but her bun was a mess and she was covered in oil, placing the pizzas down she pushed a strand of hair from her face

“What?” She asked, smiling lopsidedly

Before Jughead even knew what he had said he was asking

“Marry me?”

The faint sound of keys on the tile barely registered as he stared into her sea green eyes.

“What?” She whispered.

Moving to take both of her hands Jughead held her close

“Marry me. Be with me forever. Share the rest of my life with me.” He pulled the ring from his pocket and got down on one knee, he never imagined he would be asking her like this. It was too traditional yet too casual, but the way her eyes lit up he knew he had done something right.

“Yes” she whispered before tears stared rolling down her face and she smiled wildly “yes! Of course!” She jumped on him tackling him to the ground as he placed the ring on her finger laughing loudly getting another whiff of the pizza as his stomach grumbled , he pulled away from her attack of kisses and smiled “now that that’s been decided can we eat? I’m starving.”

She was staring at her ring, the light blue diamond settling beautifully on the gold band resting comfortably on her finger. Blue and Gold. It was perfect.

“Hmm?” She sighed happily

“Never mind Juliet.” He stared at her adoringly, they were both criss cross on the floor, wrapped up in each other’s arms. It wasn’t the perfect proposal, he was sure other people had hearts and flowers but to Betty and Jughead, it was everything

Double Agent Vader fic: Rocks and Water

Finally a new DAV fic! Sorry for the long wait, everyone. (If you want to read the whole series, the best place to do so is on AO3.)

This one begins very shortly after Trophies, but covers a span of several months during Anakin’s wild bantha chase for the location of the Rebel base between ANH and ESB. It will be a two-parter, as well: the next part will be from Leia’s point of view.

In part one you get: Anakin building a lightsaber and definitely not having any conflicted thoughts about Obi-Wan Kenobi, or any parental feelings about Leia. Nope. None at all. Also we get a glimpse of the secret network of free droids within the Imperial ranks. And there’s a lot of Tatooine folk magic. (If Master Obi-Wan could see this, he’d be very grumpy indeed.)

Title is taken from Deb Talan’s song of the same name, which is basically the Anakin and Leia theme song for this ‘verse.

Warnings for: some body horror (mainly because Anakin has a morbid sense of humor), implied abuse, medical situations, burning, and…casual talk about murder?

Part 1: The Lightsaber

His new left hand was nearly identical to the old one. Anakin smiled to himself without any real humor as he tested the fingers. He wondered darkly if his Master had a store of such things somewhere, just waiting. He’d certainly been ready enough with the life support suit, all those years ago.

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