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Clueless (M)

A one-shot based on a request from @angustdissin. Hope you like it!


Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Roommate! Jungkook, smut and fluff

Warnings: Slightly Dom!Jungkook

Word count: 7,469 words

You were greeted with the sound of the TV blaring from the living room when you opened the front door of your house. Although he couldn’t see or hear you, it didn’t stop you from letting out a small sigh accompanied with a smile to yourself as you untied your sneakers and put them away neatly on the shoe rack. The thick white socks you wore made your steps quiet.

As you padded into the house, you weren’t surprised to find your roommate sprawled on the floor with his back leaning against the lower half of the couch and his long legs stretched carelessly under the coffee table. He was staring at the show playing on his laptop on the table but you weren’t sure if he was really paying attention to it. At first you opened your mouth to check if he needed a call back to Earth, then you saw the gaggle of men and women sprinting across the screen and gasped.

“JUNGKOOK! How could you?!”

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So I’ve been working on this drabble for a couple of days and somehow it grew to 2045 words. This one’s for @survey-corps-rookie based on an AU she told me about involving Comic book nerd Levi meeting his favorite actor, Erwin Smith. I wanted to do this as a thank you for always helping me find merch I’m looking for and I really enjoy talking about Eruri together. I hope this turned out ok. Also thank you to everyone whom looked over this for me, I appreciate it so much<3 I’m gonna just post now because the wind is blowing pretty hard right now and I don’t want to lose power XD

Levi checks over the items in his backpack one last time before zippering it closed. He slings it over his shoulder and takes a quick look in the mirror. He adjusts his glasses and grabs his keys off the dresser. He tries to ignore the nervousness in his stomach as he heads to his car.
The day of the Con had finally arrived after an agonizing 6 month wait. Levi had rushed to register  as soon he had seen the poster in his favorite comic store advertising this year’s  special guests. He would finally get the chance to meet his favorite actor, Erwin Smith. 

Levi had never been a fan of movie versions of his favorite comics. They always butchered the plot and the casting was always terrible .
One boring Saturday night about a year ago  had changed his mind. Hange and Moblit had dragged him to some shitty remake and Levi had only tagged along because Hange always got free tickets from their job at the theater and he had nothing better to do.

At least he could kill a couple of hours by pointing out every single plot hole and have a good laugh at the shitty acting that was sure to accompany it. His mind had been changed that night. For the first time ever, Levi had watched the entire movie. The film was still loaded with flaws but he was too mesmerized by Erwin’s performance to notice. As soon as he had arrived home, he went straight to his computer to find out everything he could about Erwin Smith. 


Levi pulls up in front of the house shared by Hange and Moblit and honks the horn impatiently. After a few moments the front door is thrown open and a slightly disheveled Hange exits being trailed by Moblit. Levi’s irritation leaves his face temporarily at the sight of them. He unlocks the doors and tries to bite back a laugh when Hange slides into the back seat trying not to lose her wig while Moblit gets in next to Levi. .

“Took you long enough, we have to be at the hotel by two pm for pre-judging for the cosplay contest!” Hange whines, wig still slightly off center. “Do people even watch “Sailor Moon” anymore?” Levi questions as he pulls away from the curb.
She straightens her tiara with a huff. “Pretty bold coming from a grown ass man who still plays with toys!” She snaps. “They’re action figures and I collect them, there’s a difference!” Levi shouts back. “At least I don’t guilt people into wearing lame costumes!” Moblit turns nervously towards the window. “ Tuxedo Mask isn’t lame, right Moblit?” Hange asks. Moblit  just nods and continues to stare out at the road.

Two long hours later, Levi pulls into the hotel parking lot. He huffs in annoyance as Moblit helps extract Hange from the back seat after her boot somehow got caught. They finally make their way to the hotel entrance from the parking lot. After obtaining their passes they decide to split up and meet again later in time for the signing. 

Nervous excitement is still buzzing through Levi’s veins just thinking about how close he is to meeting Erwin. He checks his phone and sighs upon noticing he has some time to kill. He heads into the dealers room to see if he can score some more merch for his collection back at home. 

Levi’s collection was small, only being able to buy figures here and there when he had some money to spare but it was his pride and joy. He kept them on a shelf in his room he had built himself and cleaned them once a week to keep them from getting dusty. 

He makes his way around the rooms, stopping when something catches his eye. He ends up buying a couple of keychains to add to his backpack and makes his way back to the lobby. He takes a seat on one of the empty couches and just people watches for a while. 

He lets out a small laugh when he receives a text from Hange bragging that she and Moblit had managed to win 3rd place in the Cosplay contest. He jumps slightly when the alarm he set goes off indicating that it was time to get in line for the guest signings.

After meeting back up with Hange and Moblit, they slowly make their way through the queue. Levi tries to get a glimpse of Erwin and then curses himself for being too damn short to see around the large crowd. “What’s the matter shorty, do you need a boost?” She says with a grin. “Ow, I was just kidding!” She cries when  Levi casually stomps on her foot in response. 

After an eternity of standing in line being subjected to Hange’s litany of complaints about starvation and tingling in her foot, they finally approach the guest table and Levi can feel his heart hammering in his chest. Now that he has an unobstructed view, he can clearly see Erwin and he is a hundred times more handsome in person. As Levi approaches him, Erwin looks up at him and smiles and Levi swears he feels his heart stop. 

Levi gasps as he is thumped on the back by Hange. “Aren’t you going to answer, Erwin asked you  what your name is?” She hisses quietly from behind him. Levi feels his cheeks heat up in embarrassment as he looks up at Erwin who is still smiling and waiting patiently. “Um, I-I’m Levi.” He manages to stammer. Erwin extends his hand to him. “Nice to meet you, Levi.” He says, grasping Levi’s hand firmly shaking it causing Levi’s blush to reach up to his ears.

Levi places a poster and a couple DVD cases on the table for Erwin to sign. “Oh, so you’ve seen some of my movies?” Erwin asks as he starts signing. “He’s seen all of them at least a hundred times and he’s the president of your fan club in our city!” Hange  chimes in from behind and Levi just wants to sink into the floor. 

“I’m sorry, someone obviously forgot to take their meds this morning.” Levi apologized, glaring daggers up at Hange. Erwin turns to Levi and smiles warmly. “No need to apologize, I am honored to meet such a supportive fan, thank you Levi.”  He gazes sincerely up at him with his beautiful blue eyes and Levi almost melts. Levi looks down at his hands.

“Um, it’s nice to meet you too, Mr. Smith.” He mumbles. Erwin chuckles. “No need for formalities , just call me Erwin.” He finishes signing and slides the items back across the table. Levi quickly but carefully returns the items to his bag. “Thank you, Erwin.” He replies shyly and gets ready to leave.

“Wait, Levi, I would like your email address if you don’t mind, I like to keep in touch with my fan clubs, I wouldn’t be here without them after all.” He says handing Levi a pen. Levi takes it nervously and scrawls down his name and email. “Thank you, Levi, I appreciate it.”  Levi’s cheeks heat up again. “No, problem.” He says with a small smile. “I’ll be in touch.” Erwin takes the paper back with a smile and waves at Levi whom waves back limply and walks away with Hange and Moblit in tow.

It was about a week later that Levi first heard back from Erwin. He honestly didn’t think he would ever hear from him in the first place. Erwin was a popular actor and a very busy man. Levi was sure that Erwin was just being polite after Hange had embarrassed him. Levi wasn’t mad at her though he knew Hange long enough to know that she tends to get overexcited sometimes. 

Late one evening, he checked his email like he always did before going to bed and to his surprise there was an email from Erwin. Levi felt a flutter in his stomach as he clicked it open. Levi had expected that it was just a formal mass email that was sent out as a formality but the only recipient of the mail was himself. Erwin had thanked him again for the support and coming out to see him. He had ended with a few questions for Levi about his hobbies and what fandoms he was into. Levi carefully typed out a short response and hit send.

After his initial response to Erwin, Levi started receiving messages from him once or twice a week sometimes less when Erwin was busy filming overseas. They started small, exchanging small talk about their lives and backgrounds. Levi found out that they were only five years apart in age when Erwin had mentioned he had just celebrated his thirtieth birthday a few weeks prior. Over time they had learned that they had quite a bit in common. They both were  collectors of comics and both got their start from their parents.

 Levi told Erwin how his mother had bought him him his first comic and how that day was was one of his favorite memories of her. Sadly she had gotten sick and passed away when Levi was still very young and that comic had gotten lost between moves to foster homes. Levi always keeps an eye out at cons hoping to find a copy of it again someday. 

Erwin had gotten his start by collecting with his father. He would go to the comic shop every other week with him and add to his collection. Levi chuckled when Erwin told him that his dad still sends him a comic occasionally in the mail.
As time moved on the emails moved to Skype, and recently the occasional text. Several months before the con came into town the following year, Levi had received a phone call from Erwin saying he was invited to attend again and that he would like Levi to come as his guest. 


Levi draws in a deep breath as he knocks on the door to the room where Erwin was waiting. As soon as he enters Erwin walks towards him with a smile. Levi blushes and pushes his glasses back up as they slide down again. Erwin tries to turn away quickly hoping Levi didn’t catch him blushing.
“It’s good to see you again,Levi.” Erwin says reaching out to shake hands. Levi can’t help but notice that Erwin’s hand feels just as clammy as his. “Oh, I almost forgot, I have something for you!” Erwin replies as he grabs a package off of a table and hands it to Levi.

Levi tears open the paper carefully and tears almost spring to his eyes. In his hands was a copy of the comic he had lost long ago. “How did you find this?” He asks softly. “I called in a few favors.” Erwin replies and invites him to join him on the couch. “Thanks but you didn’t have to do this, and I didn’t bring you anything.”  Erwin smiles. “You coming here was enough and besides I owe you an apology.” Levi raises an eyebrow at him. “Apology? For what?” He asks, confused. “I wasn’t exactly honest with you, when I asked for your email address because of the fan club, I have people that take care of that for me because I’m so busy.” Erwin averts his eyes momentarily.

“I just wanted an excuse to talk to you again.” Levi is silent for a minute. “So you made up some bullshit excuse to talk to me, why?” He asks, cheeks still slightly pink. “I thought you were cute.” Erwin admits nervously. Levi feels his heart race slightly. He chuckles. “Apology accepted, and Erwin?” He asks moving closer. “Yes?” Levi moves forward and kisses him on the cheek. “Maybe, I think you’re cute too.”

TC UPDATE #2 (8/20/17)

school started back last week, and I have one of m’s class this semester and two of m’s classes next semester PRAISE ! (I sit front row 👀👀)

yesterday, I competed at the state level in a contest that my tc coaches (it was put on by the club I’m in and my tc is the advisor of the club, for privacy reasons i’m not going to say what club it is) and after the contest was over, we went to an auditorium to find out results. while they were counting down to 1st place, m’s hand was GRIPPING my arm so tight I-

when we found out that I won the contest, m jumped up and HUGGED ME like a full on FRONT hug! he was so freaking excited and i was so happy, it was so CUTE ❤️ when i went to go get my trophy and get my picture taken, m put HIS hands on MY shoulders

he’s taken me out for froyo tomorrow afternoon to celebrate 🍧

How is it that my Magikarp can be swooped up by a Pidgeotto while jumping a couple feet in the air to get a berry, but the same Magikarp can jump 198 meters in a jumping contest with no fear.

Do they spray Pidgeotto repellent on the Magikarps before they participate in jumping competitions?

The end of Raw Air

To sum up Raw Air 🦅

I consider first part of the Tournament was one big washout, especially Lillehammer. Trondheim was fine and Vikersund… I am quoting Pero ,, The dictionary doesn’t have enough words to describe this[…]“.
I know there were some controversy in team competition, I’ll admit, I also don’t understand the decision about restart, but I let it go and just enjoyed that amazing competition. In my opininon every single team which was on podium, deserved it

~All Polish competitors who jumped in contests in Vikersund broke their own records

~World record was broken two times in one day

~Kevin Bickner who broke US record and then his fall, I was so sorry for him and wish him a speedy recovery

~Kamil Stoch who was 15th (If i remember well) after Oslo and ended up on podium 🥈
And his victory today, my Champ is back 🥇

~Noriaki Kasai and his great jumps, I wish I would be in simular shape in  his age

~ I am also sorry for Milka boy, but it shows how much small mistakes and detalis means on skiflying hills. It made me upset to see him so sad, because they both (Kamil & Andreas) deserved this second place

~ Stefan Kraft, great winner of Raw Air and official owner of black plate  I thought it would be Andi, but no one can deny, he deserved it 🥇

I think I used "deserve” too many times today, but I don’t give a damn  about it. I am simply happy because I like all 3 guys who were on podium today (I mean competition) and just can’t wait to Planica, where I am going (unfortunately for only one contest, but it is still sth big for me), but I am sad because it is almost the end of this beautiful season To sum up Raw Air 🦅

And at the end, huge respect for Daniel and Kamil who were comforting Andi (of course also for other guys who said sth nice to/about Andreas, but I haven’t noticed that)


Burbank, California — July 13, 2017 — Today, SEGA® unveiled its San Diego Comic-Con plans, putting Sonic the Hedgehog front and center of all the action. During the 5-day span of Comic-Con, Sonic the Hedgehog can be enjoyed and experienced at a number of events and in a number of ways including a behind-the-scenes panel on Sonic Mania, a “Sounds of Sonic” music extravaganza, Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces game demos on the show floor, an exciting Sonic “Ring Jump” contest, an immersive Sonic Boom viewing experience on a 360 dome, and an exclusive Sonic Mania autograph session.

If you’re looking to learn more about Sonic Mania, then the “Sonic Mania: Behind the Scenes” panel is where you’ll want to be! The panel will take place on Saturday, July 22nd from 7:30pm to 8:30pm in Convention Center Room 24ABC and will feature Takashi Iizuka (head of Sonic Team), Christian Whitehead (developer for Sonic Mania), Simon Thomley (programmer for Sonic Mania), Tom Fry (artist for Sonic Mania), and Tee Lopes (composer for Sonic Mania). Moderated by Aaron Webber (social media manager for Sonic), the panelists will discuss the road to development behind Sonic Mania and share new insights about the game releasing on August 15th.

Urge to play the Sonic games coming out later this year? Visit SEGA’s SDCC Booth #437 and try out a demo of Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. If you’re lucky, you may be able to get your hands on the limited-edition Sonic giveaway posters!

Those looking to unwind on a Thursday at night can enjoy a performance of music from certain Sonic games arranged by master-producer, composer, and guitarist Shota Nakama with a special band. Legendary Sonic sound director and guitarist, Jun Senoue , will perform with them. This spellbinding experience will feature video footage as well as special arrangements of both classic and new Sonic themes and is sure to delight audiences of all ages. The first come, first serve live Sonic music extravaganza will be held at the Indigo Ballroom in the Hilton San Diego Bayfront at 6pm. Come early Comic-Con badge holders, as this will be sure to fill up quick!

If you’re feeling competitive, test your ‘platforming’ abilities at SEGA’s hit “Jump for the Gold Ring” contest. First seen during this year’s E3, the jump will make its return at Comic-Con. Hosted at the nearby Omni Hotel at the Futurism & Tech Pavilion (Grand Ballroom CDE, 4th floor) each day of the show, fans can come challenge their skills by bouncing on the Sonic trampoline for a chance to win $1,000 and also get themselves embedded in Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces videos to post on their social. Come #SonicRingJump and get free Sonic swag after (while supplies last)!

Also at the Futurism & Tech Pavilion, experience the Sonic 360 dome on Saturday, July 22nd from 9:30am to 7pm. At 4pm, “Robots from the Sky”, a special four-part story from Sonic Boom, will unfold. Space is limited.

It’s an autograph session with Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka and some of the Sonic Mania dev team members! The autograph session will take place in the Autograph Area on the Upper Level in the Sails Pavilion on Sunday from 11am to 12pm. Come get the Limited Edition Sonic giveaway item and have it signed by the team!

This year is truly the one Sonic will take over Comic-Con. Be sure to print out a copy of the ‘Sanic’ Survival Guide to make sure you don’t miss any of the Sonic activities.

See you there!

sweet-home-my-obama  asked:

For the Shonen Jump Universal manga contest, what qualities of the work will be judged and how? And what are the limits on the drawing styles one can use for the one-shot?

Hi sweet-home-my-obama,

The manga will be judged on grounds such as the story (whether or not it’s interesting, easy to understand, the potential of it, it’s characters, etc.) and the quality of the artwork among other things. There is technically no limit on the drawing style you may use, however keep in mind that quality should be good enough to be potentially serialized in Shonen Jump!

Hope this helps and good luck to everyone entering!

Check out the entries here: https://medibang.com/contest/jumpuniversal/

The MediBang Team

Random ideas for stuff I’d like to see in future Magikarp Jump updates!

* Character customization like in Pokemon Go would be awesome! Even maybe just changing your hat. Oh, or adding accessories to your magikarps!!!
* It would kinda be nice if more characters could be added? Like, just give the league champions a unique design and maybe a few lines of dialogue. It would spice up the sameyness of the jump contests.
* More patterns! or even just more of the existing patterns! I think that’d also help mitigate the grind of the later levels, i mean you’re getting to the point where you have to raise multiple magikarps just to grind enough to beat one match of a twenty match league. Having more variants to hunt would make it less frustrating! And I think it could be pretty easy to just like.. apply the colour variations to all the pattern variations. Its weird how when you finally unlock pink magikarp you only get them in the belly stripe pattern. It kinda sucks to only have three more to catch when there was such a big gap between the first and second fishing rods. Gimme my plain pattern pinkie! What if there were calicos for every different colour combination! Oh, and what if REVERSE SKELLIE?? Like, a pure white magikarp with only a little red pattern. Ooh, all sorts of white base red pattern ones would be awesome, you can get kois that look like that after all!
* Oh and maybe smaller optional variations to set them apart, like whisker or crown length? or lil stripey whiskers, or grumpy eyes, or something. You wouldnt get a dex entry for finding these, but it would make your magikarp seem more unique even when you get the same pattern twice in a row. or maybe just have some flavour text in their status screen that says they have a particular Nature or a favourite food or something. Oh, or maybe size variations! Cos I think that all magikarp always having the same three sizes is a missed opportunity. It doesnt feel as much like progress if your max level 40 karp is the same size as the level 10 ones, it could be cool if the higher level limits unlocked bigger sizes! Or if it was randomized so sometimes you just get a comically small one. No effect on gameplay or anything, just for cuteness! (and maybe getting an achievement)
* It could be funny if Feebas became an entry in the pattern dex. I mean, it seems a weird choice to be a random event when it makes the most sense as an assist pokemon! But it even makes so much sense that if any other pokemon was gonna be allowed to participate in Magikarp Jump, it would be this one! You could just randomly fish them up and they act exactly the same as magikarps, and are counted as a pattern.
* Maybe if Magikarps have personalities then it could have an effect on training? it could just be a cool idea to rename the JP bonuses into natures and assign some personality to each one. And maybe add some more that’re like… have a penalty as the cost to having a high reward. Make it less gamebreaking when you get those random chance +200% training karps, maybe they get less JP from events or berries. And that could also be framed as personality traits, like a rebellious karp gets less training JP. Oh, and maybe add some more bonuses, like an adventurous karp has a higher chance to get random events!
* It would be nice if there was some kind of optional affection minigame. Often after my karp loses a tournement I wanna pet it to let it know that I’m not mad, and I still believe in it! Tapping the karp doesnt really work cos there’s that bad event from tapping too much. So maybe just have a petting/grooming/hugging/polite compliments minigame! Doesnt have any gameplay benefit, just lets you get even more attatched to your fishie. Oh, maybe you could polish its scales like how you polished the gym badges in Gen IV! i got way too distracted by that damn feature XD
* It would be nice if there was a conveinient family tree where you could see all the karps you’ve raised. I’ve been keeping screenshots but I dunno if I’ve missed any of the ones who died super quickly thanks to voltorbs :<
* Maybe magikarp breeding? Increase the chances of getting certain patterns by pairing up retired karps in the right combination. Tho its still super cute and sweet that the karps are like one big family even though they’re all just randomly fished up from different places. I LOVE THE ANCESTOR RETIREE GRANDMA HORDE WATCHING OVER THE NEXT GENERATION
* Maybe have some random events related to that? Unlocked when you have a certain amount of karps in the retired pond. Maybe it could just be stuff like ‘[first karp you raised] is no longer lonely now the retiree pond is so full’, and your trainer gets motivated by happiness! Or maybe instead of just floating in the background at random, the retired karps could appear in random events sometimes to give advice to the latest baby, or offer it a berry or something. Maybe just if you click on the retired karps in the background they could make a happy squeak. I LOVE ALL OF MY KARPS OF DAYS PAST


My new horror short film! Headphones in for the full experience!

we were defending on kings row and it was at the last point and the enemy team wiped our entire team except for my sister on widowmaker bc ofc shes widowmaker shes not grouped w us BUT when we all died she jumped onto the payload and managed to jump around and contest until we all respawned and we won and this is why my sister is the only widowmaker i trust


DO NOT BE AFRAID TO DRAW WHAT YOU WANT. See this man? THIS IS EDITOR YOSHIDA FROM SHUEISHIA (SHONEN JUMP). I met him when I met my hero Takeshi Obata. Who of which (Obata-Sensei) gave me props and said “WOW. You’re REALLY good.” when I gave him a drawing of CROW. Yoshida then reviewed my work and love the Dream Vesper ( A manga project of mine) artwork I did as well as other work I had done. He also went on to say that he did not expect to see Americans drawing manga like I did. Seeing black and white pages was refreshing to him. He and the assistants encouraged me to enter the next JUMP Manga contest. He was bummed I missed the deadline BY A DAY because of the time zone and would’ve loved Dream Vesper. So I was told to do 31 pages next time instead of 45.

SO to all of those people that scoff at “Americans” drawing manga, zip it. It doesn’t matter where you come from. Everyone loves a good comic. They aren’t “racist” or “mean”..or any of that crap. Learn the language. Learn the culture. Respect them, they respect you. Most importantly, CREATE SOMETHING THAT ONLY YOU CAN CREATE. BE YOURSELF AND DRAW WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART TO DRAW. (Yes, learn your fundamentals but don’t be ashamed of having a manga influenced style). Editor Y himself said that my style was a SUCCESSFUL fusion of Western and Eastern influences. So if a “kid” out of Detroit can get Jump’s respect. SO CAN YOU. NOW GO DRAW.


The seventh contestant for Go! Go! Hypergrind: Take Two!, and the final female contestant to show up for the roster is Mariana! Mariana changed a bit from her last design. The two biggest changes she had were her hair and her name. Her original name was “Marine”, but I decided to go with Mariana for sounding like a more exotic name, and it still makes sense for her being someone from the ocean. I do like how she looks in her new version here. ;P

Anyway, Mariana is a mermaid scientist who creates machines deep at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. After hearing about the second Go! Go! Hypergind contest she jumped at the chance to be a part of it. She hopes to bring awareness to the usefulness of underwater scientific studies with the help of this contest, as well as to promote her “Fairy Tails are Garbage” campaign to educate people on the truth about mermaids and the underwater city of Atlantis and how many movies, books, and other sorts of adaptations have gotten everything wrong.

I’m sure you’re wondering how a mermaid could skateboard thanks to their lack of legs. Well, not to worry, Marine has that all covered with the help of one of her gadgets. It’s not considered cheating due to her not having any legs, but she was still allowed to use her gadgets just to see what kind of chaos will ensue.

Enjoy y'all! :D
Go! Go! Hypergrind © Atlus
Mariana created by @blumoontoons

In a new TV game show contestants must jump into a wormhole that drops them into a random point in time where they must survive for longer than the other contestants. You’ve just been dropped in the worst possible place.