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hate that feeling when you see something and your heart literally sinks, but you have to sit there and pretend you don’t care at all.
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This is the conversation that takes place just before Vriska claims responsibility for Jade’s narcolepsy, so I’m pretty sure Tavros’s explanation here is intended as a mirror for Jade. She sleeps a lot because there was something that happened that was incredibly terrible.

Yet despite Vriska’s propensity for claiming ownership of character moments, there ought to still be some truth to her claim? You could say… she acts as an agent of wish fulfillment? Her manifestation as John’s death wish indicated that he wanted the green flames that Vriska orchestrated through the production of Bec Noir, and the conversation above implies that Jade wants to sleep a lot of the time, and Vriska is obliging her. Even when she jumped Tavros off a cliff, she was cruelly enacting his fantasy of flight?

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Abs, would you rather jump off a cliff and turn into a goldfish at the last second, or go out on a date with a necromancer and a vampire?

Definitely the last one.

I’m a Paladin. I do extra damage to Undead. ;)

It’s nights like this

When I want to jump off a cliff.

When I desperately want to fall asleep

And never wake up again.

It’s nights like this

When I feel like I’m all alone 

When there is so much I miss

And so much I want to forget.
It’s nights like this

When I just want to shut down my mind

When my head is spinning like wild

When I go insane as second by second goes by.
It’s nights like this

When I reach out for the pills

To ease the pain

To make it go away.
It’s nights like this

When I’m drinking too much

When I’m craving for a touch

But all I can get is this sick feeling in my body.
It’s nights like this

When I’m aware

That we were

Not what I thought we were
That you aren’t there.

That you don’t and never did care.
—  killed by loneliness //

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Your art is cool. Don't give up. People who hates you? Yea they are jealous lmao. they told you to jump off cliff? Well that means they haven't past their kindergarten grades yet and never succeeded!

*sniff!* THANK YOU!!! QWQ

The Time I Pushed a Jerkface off a 35ft Cliff(With Good Reason)

Before we start off let me be clear. I did not murder a man by randomly shoving him off a cliff. Technically, I actually had permission, but still not murder. Chill.

Here we go.

So this is back in Mexico, at the same park as the Sting Ray Incident, just an hour later. Id already recovered from my near death experience and moved on from my friend nearly drowning me. I faced it, i survived, im good and not concerned.

One of the many attractions at this park was the Cliff of Courage. It’s a 35ft cliff that plunges into the water. Now, by my standards, 35ft is low for a cliff jump. Ive done way higher (adrenaline junkie) but obviously i was gonna jump just to say that I did. My parents, grandparents, and Jamie didnt want to jump. No surprise, so they went ahead to meet me on the other side of the river.

So sixteen year old me wanders over and there’s this big group of burly looking men.

Like huge

They’re all standing at the edge jostling each other around. And just by looking at them you can see they’re american. I dont even need to hear their texan accents to know.

So they’re pulling the whole macho act of “you jump i jump” “ohhh but then you wont jump” bs and just generally being chickens and not willing to show it.

And because of this they wont let anyone else jump. Like ten people came and left because these jerks wouldnt let anyone else go.

Eventually i get annoyed and snap “either jump or get out of my way!”

And the dude who is obviously the leader just turns and grins at me.

He assumed what i call the “douchebag alpha male pose” hands on hips, crotch foreward, you know the one, and you know the body language that goes with it.

He thinks he’s superior. Now this guy is the biggest of them all.

Massive biceps, raging six pack, the works. The Hulk would probaby do a double take at this dudes size.

And little me is not intimidated in the least.

I learned to fight at a very young age, especially men larger than me. I know if things turns south i can take him no problem. A few hits here and there and he’s out for the count.

He starts walking towards me, and i step forward too. He may be alpha male, but he just crossed an Alpha Female who doesnt back down from a challenge.

Strike one.

He looks over at his pals and says,

“Ohhhh, the little lady’s going to jump, is she?” And he just sneers down at me, all arrogance and misplaced confidence.

Strike two.

“Tell you what, sweetheart.” Ohhh he did not just say that. “You jump, we’ll let you push us.”

Three strikes he’s out he just made the biggest mistake of his life.

I just grin and go “ok” and turn and immediately dive over the edge. Im soaring through the air, enjoying the fall. I turn just in time to see his face go from 😏 to 😧

I smack down into the water grinning. Originally the plan was the swim across the river and meet up with my family, but i am cashing in this bet. Except there’s only one way to get back up to that cliff from here

I scale the side of the cliff with the rope and I can hear them chatting nervously up top

I pop up over the edge and prop myself up on the ledge with the sweetest, most steel-lined smile I can manage and say, “who’s next?”

So Alpha laughs and stands at the edge as I haul myself up. He’s laughing and assuring his buddies he’ll be back in a second cause I wont really do it and–

I straight arm him and he goes flying

He flails and plunges over the edge, shrieking in the most high pitched, terrified shriek Ive ever heard a dude bro make. He sputters to the surface and gapes up at me as I grin like a hellion down at him. I turn to the rest of his jerk buddies and smile.

Oddly enough they all jumped of their own accord

Don’t put your happiness in other people’s hands
They’ll drop it.
They’ll drop it every time.
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