I had a dream where juno was being a depress3d alcoholic and then rita (and i think somebody else but idk who) was like ‘alright mister steel were gonna help u get through this’ and he was like 'ok fine’ but then they actually atarted talkiing about how to improve his wellbeing and he literally jumoed out a window and started running away to avoid self imporvement


Junkers Ju 287

Ju 287 was the creation of German Designer Hans Wocke in a firm known as Junkers “Flugzeug und Motorenwerks AG”. It was primarily intended to equip the German Luftwaffe with a Jet-powered bomber aircraft that could remain aloof to the enemy interception. It had a unique swept-forward wing design which was the brain child of the project’s head designer, Dr Hans Wocke. He wanted to provide it with extra lift at low airspeeds. Earlier turbojets were vulnerable at the times of take-off and landing because of their poor responsiveness. There were 3 prototypes which were produced and later the Russian Army confiscated the plant before the end of the Second World War. Later till 1946, the Soviets continued with its further development. August 16, 1944 was the date when its first flight took place.



3 (V3 variant)


4 (prototype #1) or 6 (prototype #2)x Junkers Jumo 004B-1 turbojets, 8,825 kN (1,984 lbf) each


18.30 m (60 ft)


20.11 m (65 ft 11 in)


4.70 m (15 ft)

Wing area:

61 m² (655 ft²)

Empty weight:

12,500 kg (27,500 lb)

Loaded weight:

20,000 kg (44,000 lb)

Maximum speed:

780 km/h (487.5 mph)


1,570 km (980 miles)

Service ceiling:

9,400 m (30,000 ft)

Rate of climb:

580 m/min (1,890 ft/min)


2 x 13 mm MG 131 machine guns in tail turret


4,000 kg (8,800 lb) of bombs (proposed)

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I think you should wait for the later seasons i mean there are still four to come we don't know what's going to happen there!(I think it's too early tu jumo to conclusions)I for one hope that hunk lance and podge get more important roles and character improvement and im sure they will do it :D we just need parience.

it’s not about what could come in future seasons. what we were given in s2 was racist. you can still maintain certain characters as complex and important without focusing on their arc, but vld writers failed to do that. instead, hunk and lance were reduced to cheap stereotypes, and yes, these stereotypes are racialized. flirty cuban airhead and fat brown boy whose development centers around food? gross.

if the writers have to rely on future episodes that the audience cant even see yet to prop up their current development, then that’s bad writing.

Imagine: Your boyfriend Mark stops you from gaming for 1 minute just to say this to you.


you were currently recording yourself playing Until Dawn and was perfectly hitting every button at the right time when suddenly your pink warfstache loving boyfriend grabbed your controller and paused the game holding it away from you.

“ Mark what are you doing ” you whined jumping as high as you could to reach the controller. “ Stop whatever your doing and listen to me,” he holds his hand out in a stop gesture making you stop jumoing and tilt yohr head wondering what he wanted “this is of the utmost importance (Y/N)” sighing you sat down and stared at your boyfriend, his face looked completely serious for about 3 seconds before he gave a big smile

“you look beautiful today” “whaaaaa” you stare at you boyfriend confused “i said you looked beautiful today” he repeated pointing to you. “Wait woah you just stopped me from playing and recording to tell me something you always tell me” the annoyed look on your face scared him a little, he hadnt ment to annoy you in any way “umm babe i-im sorry i d-” he was silenced by your soft lips on his. He was shocked for a second but soon returned the kiss. “ thank you Mark your amazing i love you” you giggle and take back your controller from him and return to your game. The man chuckled as he walked out the room,damn how he loved you so much. “Your gonna be the one i marry (Y/N) that i know” he whispers to himself before heading to his own office to record a video.


ok guys i hope you enjoyed this imagine pls do send in your requests as do enjoy writing them also im planing on writing star wars imagines but im not sure who to start with so pls do send me suggestions thanks guys

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Unbroken: The Mari Religion

The Mari native religion (Mari: Чимарий йӱла, Čimarij jüla), or Mari Paganism, is the ethnic religion of the Mari people, a Volga Finnic ethnic group based in the republic of Mari El, in Russia. The religion has undergone changes over time, particularly under the influence of neighbouring monotheisms. In the last few decades, while keeping its traditional features in the countryside, an organised Neopagan-kind revival has taken place.

The Mari religion is based on the worship of the forces of nature, which man must honour and respect. Before the spread of monotheistic teachings amongst the Mari, they worshipped many gods (the jumo, a word cognate to the Finnish Jumala), while recognising the primacy of a “Great God”, Kugu Jumo. In the 19th century, influenced by monotheism, the Pagan beliefs altered and the image of a Osh Kugu Jumo, literally “Great God of Light”, was strengthened.

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