Today a YouTuber named Jumoke uploaded a video called “I finally see I’m FAT!” I watched it and I couldn’t help but feel awful. 

It made me realize I’m fat. It doesn’t mean that I’m ugly or that there is anything wrong with me…but it’s not healthy. Heart disease and diabeties runs in my family and I always say “I don’t have that. It has nothing to do with my weight.” but that’s a lie. I’m just lucky. 


Shay Carl made a video in response to Jumoke’s video and he told a story about how when he was on the plane he could barely buckle the seatbelt. I know what that feels like. I can’t sit in the back seat of cars because the seatbelt doesn’t fit around me. It’s easy to blame the car company…but when do I blame myself? When do I take charge and say NO MORE? 

Today is the day. I’m done. I’m sick of feeling gross. I’m sick of being FAT. I’m sick of letting my “luck” in not getting heart disease keep me from doing what’s right for my body. 

I want anyone who reads this to understand that I’m not doing this for anyone but me…I’m not doing this to “look good” to society. I’m doing this because It’s time I did something about the ONE thing I absolutely hate about me. I don’t want to be skinny. I just want to be able to ride in the back seat of a car and be able to wear the seatbelt and I want to sit comfortably on an airplane. 

Day 12

I finally have my first friend who lives in India. He said he might not be able to couchsurf me, but he was more than willing to meet up. It seems as though we could have a good time together. He suggested some great places to go. It eases my mind to know that I’ve got someone to explore Mumbai with.

medjool date, almonds, walnuts

I’ve been informed that Muslims break their fast with dates, and as it’s Ramadan Day 3 (i think), I thought I’d share this little snack I made with you.

It’s pretty simple, as the picture’s caption suggests, but the key to really enjoying this, is to chew, and chew, and chew, until it becomes, a nutty fudgey crunch delight in your mouth.

Medjool dates are the best. They are big, so you can wrap your nuts in them, and taste beautiful too. The only place I’ve found them is in Costco. Definitely worth a try.

He Lives On.

Developer duo: Jumoke and Chibuzor

Case Study: Segovia

Segovia launched in June 2014 with a mission to help lift millions out of poverty and cut administrative costs by streamlining government-run cash transfer programs. Segovia sought to expand its web-based platform to include a mobile app that would give administrators the ability to reach remote locations. A demo was expected within three weeks. Andela Fellows Chibuzor Obiora and Jumoke Oladimeji were assigned to the project.

Chibuzor tackled implementing the audit log for the mobile app – a feature to facilitate collection, analysis, and storage of recipient data. Tapping into his Andela training, Chibuzor wrote the code for the app in AngularJS. Then, over the course of the following week, he learned the Ionic Framework, which allows Angular applications to run on Android (the most widely used mobile device in Africa). Applying existing knowledge in this way let Chibuzor avoid having to climb the learning curve of native Android programming with tight deadlines looming.

The mobile app needed some method to prevent fraudulent handling or mismanagement of money transfers. Chibuzor integrated cutting-edge NFC support in the app to enable encoding of individualized scan tags. The technology allows Segovia administrators to validate and confirm the identity of the individual in possession of the tag, thereby ensuring that payments reach their intended recipient, one of the company’s prime directives.

Many regions where the app is to be used are remote places with limited internet access. Therefore, Chibuzor also integrated offline storage capabilities that enable field officers to log recipient data in real-time and later sync and save the data as soon as internet access is detected.

While Chibuzor was busy working on the front-end of the app, Jumoke tackled some heavy duty back-end components of the system. She tapped Strong Loop’s Arc framework platform to build out an API quickly. Further facilitating the ease of use for field officers, Jumoke also implemented a localization feature that automatically detects and launches the app in the local language of the region.

Throughout work on the prototype, Chibuzor and Jumoke provided appropriate automated test coverage for the app. Part of Andela’s basic training is the importance of test coverage for ensuring quality and reliability of our work product. The team wrote unit and end-to-end tests verifying app behavior at both internal and user experience levels.

Early in the engagement, the Segovia team stressed that they would hold Andela to its 30-day money back guarantee if they were not satisfied with the quality of work produced by Andela developers. Over the first 30 days, they put Andela to the test — and decided to extend their contract for a full year.

Our partnership is promising. Worldwide, nearly a billion people have received grant aid from government cash transfers totaling an estimated $550 billion in disbursements. Migrating implementation to a digital platform such as Segovia’s mobile app has the potential to lift millions out of poverty and achieve administrative savings as high as $100 billion. The potential impact is massive, and Andela developers are proud to be part of the driving force behind this project.

Afenifere, others seek confab report implementation

The South-West people have been urged to ensure the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in order to safeguard the benefits derivable to the region from the draft constitutional recommendations of the National Conference.

At the end of the post national conference summit, held in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Thursday with the theme, ‘The National Conference, 2015 elections and the Yoruba nation,’ it was unanimously agreed that President Jonathan deserved commendation for yielding to the yearnings of the Yoruba nation through his National Conference initiative.

The summit, which was convened by the Governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Mimiko, had in attendance prominent Yoruba leaders including Chief Ayo Adebanjo, Femi Okurounmu, Richard Akinjide, his daughter and Minister of State for the Federal Capital Territory, Jumoke, a former Oyo State governor Adebayo Alao-Akala, the chairman of the Yoruba caucus at the National Conference, Olu Falae, and the Peoples Democratic Party’s governorship candidate in Oyo State, Teslim Folarin.

Also at the forum is a former governor of Imo State, Peter Obi.

A communiqué issued at the end of the summit noted, among other issues, that the recommendation of the conference, which said that each of the existing six geo-political zones be equally divided into nine states, was in line with the core value of the Yoruba nation.

The recommendation read, “That the President be commended for the successful conduct of the 2014 National Conference which perhaps can be described as a very bold and in fact the most courageous step ever taken by any president since the return of democracy in 1999.

“That other profound recommendations of the confab, particularly those that touch on devolution of powers, creation of states and community police service; making prison service a concurrent matter; allowing each state to have its constitution; decentralisation of power that will allow each region to make law on the establishment and management of railways, sea ports and airports; and development of solid minerals are central to the core interest of the Yoruba.”

The communiqué also said that the conference recommendation of rotational presidency among the six geo-political zones and the rotation of the position of governor among the senatorial districts of each state were in accord with the political aspiration of the Yoruba race. It also noted that the race was committed to the unity of the country based on principles of justice, equity and the rule of law, with ample respect for cultural, religious and linguistic difference.

“We resolve therefore to fully back and work for the re-election of President Jonathan in the presidential elections as only this could guarantees the implementation of the Confab recommendations,” it stated further.

Speaking at the summit, Mimiko said that the decision to hold the meeting in Ibadan and at the Premier Hotel was to reconnect with the recent history of the Yoruba people and the defunct Western Region government where Ibadan was the capital.

“Here, the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, whom I love to refer to as a recent ancestor of the Yoruba people, held court. Let me salute President Goodluck Jonathan for his bold and momentous move as well as his focused leadership which was demonstrated through his compliance with the agitations by Nigerians to debate their collective future. Convening the 2014 National Conference was indeed a historic assignment that we are proud of and as a people; we must do everything possible to ensure that the Confab recommendations get implemented.”

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anonymous asked:

Yeah but tbh you haven't really answered it. Like can you please be specific cause you saying " online " and " at home " I still don't know. If you catch my drift. Thank you

Oh apologies! Right, a lady called Jumoke comes to my house in London to do my hair. Then I get my hair online. As in I saw the place online and ordered from there. (The most recent hair I have is from LaRosh hair). I hope this is more specific x

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