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Question, aircraft loving friend. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the Horton brothers were influenced by US flying wing attempts pre-war, resulting in the ho-229. Post war, without using the ho-229 design, the US developed The YB-49, and it sorta was trash and crashed a lot but oh man did it look cool. Right? Oh and the Brits had the AW.52 (Thoughts on it? I think she looked lovely!) Did the Ho-229, the Aw.52 or the YB-49 have any impact on the development of the B-2?

No, as far as I know the Horten brothers began their studies into flying wing designs in parallel with Jack Northrop, as that field had always interested aircraft engineers since the days of the legendary designer Hugo Junkers, whom before the 30′s came the closest to achieve the concept with his G.38

And for what I can tell, the Horten Ho 229 was far superior to the Northrop’s aircraft, with much better handling and less stability problems, her Achilles’s heel being her crappy, crappy Junkers Jumo 004 jet engines

Besides, the YB-49, basically a YB-35 with jet engines, barely offered any improvements on the aerodynamics department, basically still a late 30′s design

And I believe that, with the experience gained with this bomber alongside the german knowledge (Operation Paperclip), the B-2 was eventually possible

As for the British prototype, all I can say is that it was promising, but ultimately uneventful.