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Imagine Steve going off on a rant during a PR event about his strong feelings about the current state of baseball.

In Steve’s opinion, it took the once Brooklyn Dodgers far too long to ask him to throw the first pitch out at one of their games.  Sure, they’d moved to Los Angeles (and Steve wasn’t about to let them forget it) but he still considered himself the biggest fan they’d ever had.  The morning of the game was sunny and warm, and Steve gave the ball a throw with all his might.  As he heard the satisfying smack of it hitting the catcher’s mitt, he smiled towards the camera, fully aware that his face was on the jumbo screen, and made his way off the field.

It only took a few minutes of being off the mound before the press swarmed him.  He didn’t even have a chance to find his seat before experiencing the too familiar feeling of ten reporters shouting questions at him.  This time, however, one really caught his attention.

“Captain Rogers, what do you say to the young people who claim that baseball isn’t a real sport?”

“What?” Steve asked incredulously.  “Baseball is not just a sport, it’s an American sport.  It’s in our blood.  Next they’ll be saying that New York isn’t a real city.”  He scoffed and shook his head.  “Baseball might not be as fast-paced as some other sports, but it takes skill and heart to play it.  You have to be versatile, you have to think on your feet, you have to smart and quick and ready for anything.  That’s the American way.  Those boys out there, playing our country’s game, they’re doing it for the love of it.  Really, the only way I could be happier with the current state of baseball is if my team came back to Brooklyn.”

I really didn’t wanna sign up for CBS All-Access, but...

The Good Fight is literally The Good Wife, except:

  • with lesbians
  • is set at an all-black law firm where Diane Lockhart is “a diversity hire” (literal LOL)
  • you get to hear Christine Baranski say “fuck”
  • Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo) actually gets the screen-time she deserves

So, yeah. I really didn’t want to give CBS my money, but tbh, they’ve earned it.

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Prompt for Enjonine? "I work at a movie theater and I'm trying to clean up but you're still here, ugly crying" :P

(ancient prompt? FILLED!)

dedicated to everyone who’s still reading and writing for this ship, in particular to the awesomesauce @aurimaedre who deserves some fluff. 


She’s been here for a while. She’s seen things, some of them she will never be able to unsee, not even if she lives to be a hundred years old. She has seen everything from full frontal nudity to proposals to vomit in every direction - and she hasn’t just seen it on the jumbo screen 

And the tears? She was around when PS I love you premiered (as a surly teenager) and for the hype surrounding The Fault In Our Stars (as the surly assistant manager). 

So she gets it - even the tough guys needed tissues when Han Solo died. And she’s heard that the latest Star Wars movie involved some kind of heroic last stand, so she’d stocked up on the Kleenex. 

She just was not expecting the most outspoken idiot running for Congress to be the weepy mess she would physically have to drag from his seat after the 7 PM showing of Rogue One. 

The surly teen currently on cleanup duty, some friend of Gavroche’s she’d hired out of something resembling pity, had been way too terrified to ask the intimidating man in the three piece suit to get up and leave. Eponine had no such issues. 

“Sir?” she had to force herself to stay polite. “I have to ask you to leave. Your weeping is freaking out my employees and we have another showing to prepare for.” 

Zero tact. Yes, she was aware. 

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HIYA! I thought I'd send through a quick prompt for the 100 s4 celebration countdown, if you get around to it :) Could you do Bellamy and Clarke sitting next to each other at some kind of sporting match, both passionately supporting opposite teams, please?? THANK YOU (and get hyped for s4) :)

A|N: Y’all, I have to preface this by saying that I know nothing about sports. When I was writing this, I literally turned to my friend and was like, “Give me two sports team names!” and here we are, so. Apologizing for any inaccuracies in advance!

also: I added a kiss cam in here because what is a sports game without a cute kiss cam moment??  


At this point, she’s pretty sure he’s doing it just to spite her.

“You’re kidding,” Clarke groans, when the enormous foam finger he’s toting smacks her right in the face. “Seriously, Bell? Up until last week, you had no idea who the Bulls were.”

He glances over at her, smug, before reaching over to knock her own Knicks hat out of place. “That’s a blatant lie, considering I’ve been an avid supporter of the Bulls since they kicked the Knicks ass in the last match.”

She rolls her eyes at that, swiping at the plate of nachos balanced delicately against his arm. “Actually, the Knicks won with a staggering 104 to 89 last match.”

“Ah,” he goes, faltering slightly. Then, as if taking strength from the fact that he’s surrounded by a thousand others dressed exactly like him, he continues, “Well, that was a fluke. So.”

“Oh, my god!” she hisses, letting her hands fall against her thighs with a loud smack. “Will you just stop, already? I said I was sorry!”

That pulls a scowl out of him, lips twisting into a stubborn pout. “No. Not until you take it back.”

It, she supposes, refers to the one time she had laughed (a little!) derisively when Bellamy had mentioned something along the lines of watching the occasional basketball match to unwind. The whole conversation had been a little hard to believe- considering she was pretty sure that he had only said it to impress a girl at the sports bar, and that she had actually witnessed him falling asleep during one of Miller’s many hockey matches.

Look, this is Bellamy they’re talking about, okay? She’s seen him actually get teary eyed over a documentary on the Byzantine empire. A bunch of sweaty guys dribbling a ball around is hardly going to hold his interest.

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BTS Reaction to you being in a girl group

@bangtan-exotic Requested:  Can I get a BTS reaction to you being in a rookie girl group and you guys hit it off really well

I hope you like these :)

Jungkook: When meeting you he was pretty shocked to hear that you were in a new girl group under JYP Entertainment. He’d be walking around with Yugyeom when Yugyeom was showing him around when you accidentally bumped into him. You apologized countless times because you were in a hurry and he watched you slip into a room that was thumping music. Yugyeom would explain that your girl group recently debuted and Jungkook would be surprised that he hadn’t seen or heard of you before because he admitted that you were very pretty to him. He’d stay back and hang out more with Yugyeom when he saw you slip out of the room you had been in and walk in the opposite direction that he and Yugyeom were at. Yugyeom would notice Jungkook staring and before you know it you were being called back by Yugyeom. Jungkook’s eyes would widen because he didn’t know what Yugyeom was doing and not too long after you were in front of both Jungkook and your friend. Yugyeom would be the one to introduce you two and once he saw how well you two were getting along he’d quietly slip away and talk to his band mates who may or may not have been throwing glances your way once seeing that you and Jungkook were talking and seeing how well you two were getting along.

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V: Taehyung would know who you were when you performed, he was a fan of most of the groups that were under YG Entertainment so when your group debuted Taehyung obviously had to see what YG had up their sleeve and he wasn’t disappointed. Seeing your group live at an award show he was very excited, he knew the words to your songs and his excitement ended up having him pop up on the jumbo screen where he more than likely got embarrassed because his face started to turn a light shade of pink. When you were backstage it was a break for the show and most groups came backstage to either use the restroom or get something to snack on or drink and that’s when you ran into Taehyung. You both would start apologizing and end up laughing together and that’s when Taehyung gushed out how he enjoyed your group’s performance and how he also liked your group. You both would be walking back to where all the groups/performers sat and would get a few spare looks from both the boys of BTS and the girls from your group when they saw you two stop at the entrance of the backstage area to continue talking. They wouldn’t shy away from the stares they were giving you two but you were both so focused on each other that you didn’t even notice them staring.

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Jimin: You and Jimin would meet at this years K-Con, BTS would be performing and two groups from Pledis Entertainment would get to perform as well. Your group wasn’t up to perform until the end so you were just hanging around backstage getting ready when you left the dressing room to go talk to your manager. You weren’t looking where you were going as you were texting on your phone and that’s when you ran over bumped into Jimin. Your phone would drop from your hands and your eyes would widen seeing the boy in front of you nearly go down before your hands caught onto his arm to steady himself. Apologies would spew from your mouth as you couldn’t have felt worse because once you got a look of him you noticed it was Jimin. You’d utter more apologies and bowing to him before making your way to your manager, Jimin would notice that your phone was still on the ground and quickly picked it up and followed after you. He’d see that you were close but notice that you were in deed talking to your manager so he’d wait until you were done talking, leaning again the wall and once seeing that you were done he’d see you pat your pockets noticing your cell phone was gone, only then is when Jimin would make his way back over to you and hand it back to you. You would utter a thank you and you both would end up talking until both of your groups made their way around the corner to see both of you. They’d pause for a short moment before they both dragged you away and ushered answers out of you seeing that the both of you looked fairly happy to be talking to one another.

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J-Hope: Hoseok would know who you were because you were mainly the dancer of the group and he would remember seeing an interview of you and your group and you had mentioned that you were a fan of his dancing and would like to have a dance collab with him in the future. He was also very fond of your dancing as well and wouldn’t mind dancing with you in the near future as well. And well, the future was a lot closer for you then you knew. Hoseok was making his way through Starship Entertainment with his manager and your manager when they explained to him that you were in the dance studio alone, you usually stayed in the dance studio either later than your group or just came really early to try and think of new choreography for your group or just dance to get ready for the day. Your manager would point down the hall and say that the dance studio would be the last door on the right, he simply nodded and made his way to the room. When entering the music would be booming and he’d see you quickly stop and turn around to look at him. You’d grab your phone and pause it before turning to see him now in front of you. You both would start with simple small talk then go to start dancing when he’d make a simple joke and you’d start busting up laughing. The music would still be surrounding the both of you when you two would end up from dancing to getting lost with talking to each other and getting to know each other more. You’d lose track of time when you’d see the door open again and see your group members come in and stop in their tracks when seeing the both of you standing in the middle of the room. You both would start laughing and wave them in while they got ready.

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Rap Monster: Upon meeting you Namjoon honestly couldn’t remember your name. He’d look at you and say that you looked familiar but he just couldn’t remember where he knew you from. You’d just give a light chuckle and say your group was the most recent group to debut from TS Entertainment, you only debuted about a month ago so you didn’t give him too hard of a time about not remembering who you were because honestly you weren’t really ‘somebody’ quite yet. Once telling him that when you first debuted you and your group performed at the Melon Music Awards with B.A.P. Namjoon would clap his hands together when finally he remembered who you were, he’d recall that you were the leader of your group and you’d nod and smile at him at the fact that he actually remembered you. He’d ask a few questions at first, the simple get to know you kinda questions. He’d recall that it seemed that you and Youngjae seemed fairly close and friendly on the stage when the both of you were performing, you couldn’t help but laugh bigger when you saw the slight redness pop up on his face when he said that. You’d just nod but explain that you and Youngjae were very close since you were a trainee here at TS and how he really helped you with everything that he was one of your closest friends. After that you and Namjoon would end up talking and talking for what seemed not that long but ended up being more than 3 hours together.

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Suga: Yoongi and the rest of BTS would have known about you and your group because there would be an announcement about how BigHit will have a girl group debut at the beginning of the year and their manager and the CEO of the company would want the guys to help out the girls if having a hard time getting around. It also helped a lot that their were seven members in your group because it was a lot easier to do one on one sessions when if one of you needed help you’d go to the boy in which your manager would assign you to. You were bad with directions, everyone knew that so you could only question why they made you go search for Yoongi to have him show you around the company. You hesitantly agreed to it but you couldn’t help but pray that you wouldn’t get lost and end up on the other side of the building. You turned the corner and ended up at another empty hallway that was dark and quiet. You stomped your foot and sighed when you heard your name called. You turned around and saw no one but heard your voice called again. You popped your head from around the corner and saw Yoongi roaming the halls no doubt looking for you. Once he spotted your head pop out from the other side of the hall he couldn’t help but let out a laugh seeing your whole ‘deer caught in headlights’ look. Once catching up to you he explained that you were on the side of the building where all the meetings and such were held, he also explained that you usually weren’t supposed to be here because it was for the official members of BigHit, you immediately apologized for having him track you down all this way, he said it wasn’t really a problem because this was where he ended up his first week at BigHit too. You both ended up talking about little things, more about you than him but he was the one asking about you so you didn’t really mind. It seemed like you both were talking forever and before you knew it Yoongi brought you back to the main floor. You noticed one of your group members with Jungkook and couldn’t help but see her look back over to you giving you a flirty look before you rolled your eyes and started walking and talking with Yoongi again.

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Jin: Jin would actually be quite shocked to see you at BigHit, he knew you were in a new girl group from SM Entertainment that had only debuted like not even a month ago so seeing you walk around with your group shocked him. He’d see his manager talking to yours and soon wave him over. He’d gulp down and sneak a glance at you to see you completely dazed while looking around, he wouldn’t help but have a smile on his face before directing his eyes back to his manager. The manager would explain that BTS would actually be collaborating with your group in the future and when that does happen he wants you and your group to know where the studio is and where to go when practicing for the live performance starts. Eventually all the girl separated and went their different ways for looking around BigHit but you ended up walking alone, when you were looking down at your phone and trying to text the leader of the group to ask where she was you bumped into someone and dropped your phone. You immediately apologized while grabbing your phone and looking up to see that it was Jin. You bowed to him apologizing once again and explained that you couldn’t remember where the studio was and that you were lost. He smiled down at you and said that he would show you around since he was on the way there anyways. You two would end up going from small talk to just talking about each other, he’d ask how it was at SM and you’d answer truthfully saying that it’s a big company and how at first you had doubts that you would even debut in the first place, Jin would listen to every word you said and eventually you both would be so lost in each others words that you found yourselves already at the studio, all the girls heads would snap back when the both of you arrived and you’d receive several looks from both the girls and the managers. 

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Ok but going to a baseball game with bestfriend!luke bc he’s never been and he’s all excited with snacks and wearing a cute lil baseball cap and suddenly you two are on the jumbo screen for the kiss cam and you’re ready to shake your head and tell em it wasnt going to happen but to your surprise luke grabs your face in his hands and smacks a giggly nacho cheese messed kiss on your lips and when he pulls away he’s wearing the sweetest grin while your cheeks flush and then he giggles out ‘we kissed on the kiss cam, that’s so cheesy’ and you’d roll your eyes at his pun but your heart would be singing with so much love for your loser of a best friend

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! REQUESTS! Would you do the kiss cam story?!

Jason hated that things became so easy between the two of them. Really he did. He wished he could keep her at arm’s length, far away from the tender parts of his heart, but man… it was so hard when she so easily shifted herself into his life. There was something about her that was easy, almost fun. Jason found himself falling into long conversations with her about books, their bare feet brushing up against one another as a fire burned in the distance.

Didn’t Dick see what he had? Didn’t Dick realize that Raven was literally everything Jason had ever wanted in his life? She was smart, sharp, snide, sarcastic, teasing, bright, brilliant, and a whole slew of emotions that Jason couldn’t always fully articulate. And yet, Dick was there… next to her… on his goddamned phone. Jason tried not to think about it as he handed Raven his sweater.

“I can see you’re a bit cold.”

Raven shrugged, something tugging at her expression. She looked like she might admit something that was nagging at the back of her head, but she wasn’t able to articulate it properly. Instead, she wrapped his sweater around her shoulder and Jason tried not to think about how her scent of tea and jasmine would soak into his clothes. Really, he would have to wash it before it smelled too much like… her.

“Are you bored?”

Raven chuckled, the notes low. “I could do without the constant fighting, but… I’m actually having fun.”

“Well… Bruce has season tickets, so if you’re ever interested in hanging out again, we can-“

“Oh! Look!”

Jason locked his jaw into place and glared at the Jumbo-tron screen in front of them that was flashing a picture of Raven and Dick, but Dick wasn’t exactly looking up from his phone. Raven nudged him with her elbow, the notes in her voice calling for his attention.

Jason gritted his teeth together and stared at the picture for a long moment. This wasn’t doing any of them any kind of good. A soft, breathy curse escaping his lips he leaned over and curled his fingers under Raven’s chin. She turned to him, her eyes wide with surprise, but there was a soft smile to the corners of her lips, and without hesitation she leaned into his kiss.

Jason tried not to let his pathetic sigh of excitement escape and he quashed the chuckle that might have been building inside him. She tasted like tea, her lips were just a little chapped from the cold, but it was fine. Even if this was a dream, this was perfect. He could have lived forever in this moment and drowned in Raven. For a moment, she was his, and that was all he needed.

She pulled back, her eyes wide with surprise. “J-Jason?”

He shrugged, uncaring that she now knew every little secret he worked so hard to keep hidden. “Now you know.”

Dick’s low growl rumbled behind her.

Jason just smiled and turned back to the game. “Oh, hey look, Boston scored.”

Raven flushed.

Doesn't being part of the working class suck?

No way to sugar coat it, work usually sucks. You think it, your character thinks it, we all think it. This masterlist contains 20 work related starters for those characters working retail or food or whatever so you can stay away from the generic “so work sucked today” starters! I came up with all of these from my own thoughts and feelings towards my past and present jobs. Hope you find this useful!

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Until The Clock Stops Ticking

(This AU isn’t done yet bc it’s like 64,912 words LOL and I started it this summer and idk maybe all of my 38 devoted followers and cp enthusiasts can give me some feedback if you want more? AnyWHO it’s basically one where Bits is drafted to the Las Vegas Aces and J-Z is kinda his biggest enemy lolz)

Deep breaths and a lot of counting to ten. The sound of that whistle always makes his heart rate rise, and the sound of that buzzer always makes his ears ring. Every game had to be his absolute best, always had to be his hundred-ten percent, because a man his size shouldn’t even be playing in the NHL. It’s boarder line dangerous, but when Bitty went tenth in the draft, chosen to play for the Las Vegas Aces, he couldn’t have been happier. He worked his ass off to be here, but just because he made it on the team the first and second time around and wasn’t sent down to the minors, it’s still a possibility. Which meant no room for mistakes.

Skate through the pain. He can’t be seen as a liability.

He watches as Daniels passes the puck to Parse, but Daniels is checked before the puck even makes it halfway to Kent before Jack Zimmermann intercepts it.

“Bittle!” Coach shouts, frustration and anger laced heavily in his tone. They were behind 4-2, fighting for a spot in the playoffs. “I’m switching up the lines, you’re on!”

It’s true Bitty’s nerves are his biggest rival. Sometimes it helps him on the ice, but in rare moments it causes him to freeze up before getting checked. But even if his nerves aren’t his biggest enemy, Jack Zimmermann is.

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I Want a Better Church (And the Church Is Me)

Anonymous asked:

Sometimes I get really angry at the Western-Protestant church for our consumerism in Christianity and how we base our worship services on emotional highs and raise our hands to the bridges and hooks of songs, out of emotion, and neglect the God they are being sung to.

Hey dear friend, I get mad about that, too. There’s a lot of strange fakery out there and I think people are catching on.

Here’s one thing I’d gently like to suggest, and as I have no pastoral authority with you and I’m just a stranger online, you may please feel free to dismiss what I’m saying and to disagree. I hope you will hear me with a pure heart of grace and love for you.

I absolutely believe you’re coming from a genuine place of desiring authenticity. The only thing is, I wouldn’t want that to make you run the opposite way against a certain subculture or a group of people, as if “I’m not gonna be like those Christians” is going to help. I can promise you with guaranteed certainty that it will not.

Consumerist Christianity is bad; emotionalism is bad; legalism and fundamentalism is bad; those are true sentiments. But at times these sincere convictions can filter the way we see all of church, so that by slow degrees we begin to think buildings are bad, programs are bad, techniques are bad, schedules are bad, and let’s not do it like those guys with big speakers and jumbotrons, and we’ll show them what it really looks like, and I’m so anti-institutional and counter-cultural, and I’m so over the plastic manufactured Sunday machine, and let’s be organic and “get back to our roots.” This is such a common temptation to every Christian that I’m sure it’s Satan’s favorite game-plan.

An over-desire to be “purist” is still idolatry. It’s exactly how Satan fractures the church so that Christians will bicker and grumble at each other instead of looking past the box and getting into the battlefield.

How would Satan divide the churches? By making us hate the packaging of the church. By making us hate materialism so much that we’d rather burn down the house than strengthen its structure. And I can tell you, many of these emotional songs and hand-raising moments and jumbo screens are not going away. In fact, they can still be used in a righteous way that would bring Christians closer and not further from the truth: because God redeems culture as much as He redeems crack addicts and criminals. There’s no extra glory for trying to worship in a garage (though I would love that, too).

We can’t get mad at the people in the church, either. There will always be hypocritical Christians who are actually infants learning how to walk, who will shop for churches based on professionalism and will act differently on Monday-Saturday: but we were like that too, and God still worked through us, and He had no contempt for the consumerism that we were still wrestling with inside, and He was there on the first lap of our faith just as much as He’s here now in our animosity.

And can I also say: there’s nothing more boring and bland than a Christian who acts like the modern church is the enemy, instead of seeing her as a friend who has lost her way. There’s nothing worse than a person who sees problems instead of a way through them. And we need grace for that guy, too.

In the end, we will either see these things with contempt or compassion. We will either look at a Westernized church with disgust and reactionary backlash, or we will see her and ask, “What can I do to help?”

Trying to fix the church with our criticism is still part of the problem and only perpetuates a Western hero-savior mentality, in which bad Christians are making bad churches and only the “True Christian Elite” can bring restoration.

I don’t buy into that narrative for a second. It’s the devil’s script. It’s too easy to be dissatisfied and discontent. It’s a false binary war where we pit cultures against each other for no other reason than pride and superiority. I’m not saying you’re doing that: but it’s worth exploring if we’re doing that. If I’m to call myself a Christian, that means I’m part of the ugly parts of the church that I dislike as well as the parts that I like, and I have to do something with both.

Jesus died for all of her and for all of you and me. And it takes a day at a time to dismantle the lies and hypocrisy and sin inside each of us: and that starts where I’m sitting before I look at anyone else.

I’m sorry that it sounds like I’m taking it hard on you. There are certainly terrible things in the church that must be stopped, immediately. But the question remains: What then? And what now? I believe your passion will be a huge element to restoring the church to her true beauty. I hope we can join each other in that good fight, with weapons of love and grace and truth, gentle as a scalpel with the force of a death-breaking power.


Kiss Cam~ Sammy Wilk

a:n/// I’m not dead I promise. This was inspired by someone but I just liked the kiss cam idea

As one of my gifts for Sam for his birthday, I bought both of us tickets for the Warriors game. Sam has been more then OBSESSED with Steph Curry for the last few months, so I thought it would be awesome to see him playing.

Sam obviously thought it was awesome, since he started jumping up and down and hugging me as soon as he opened his gifts, thanking be a million times for being his best friend. Well, what else is a best friend for?

Today marks the day that we’re going to be seeing the Warriors. However, my day was already bad, since Sammy boy decided he couldn’t handle his excitement.

“Y/n"I heard someone whisper, poking me. I ignored them.

"Y/n"they said again. And again I ignored them.

"Y/N WAKE UP"they yelled. I groaned and opened my eyes, just to see Sam hovering over me.

"Sam it’s 10 in the morning what do you want?"I asked, already annoyed.

"We have the game today!"he said, as if I didn’t know this already.

"Which is not until 10 tonight"I rolled my eyes.

"Still, we have to get ready"he said.

"You take more time then me"I pointed out.

"Whatever, time to get up"he said, throwing the covers off of me and picking me over his shoulders.

"Sam put me down"I insisted.

"I’ll think about it"he said. I rolled my eyes, that was my line.

He finally set me down on the counter, and he was right across from me.

"So, here’s our plan for today…”

**At the game, since I’m too lazy to write about the day**

Finally, after 12 hours of being around Sam, we were at the game. We were in the front row seats, kind of like the VIP. Sam and I were labeled as the “special guests,” so we had access to practically everything.

When the game started, Sam would not stop blabbering. First he talked about Curry, then he talked about the Warriors in general, then he talked about the coaches, then he talked about when he played basketball.

I almost wanted to shoot myself, except for the fact that half the time I wasn’t listening. I payed attention to the game, since it was pretty cool.

“Y/n, are you even listening to me?"Sam asked.

"I am now"I said, looking over at him. He rolled his eyes at me and the buzzer went off, indicating that it was half time.

Sam’s eyes were glued to the cheerleaders who performed right in front of us. Then they started to slingshot t-shirts into the crowd. Then it was the kiss cam. Sam and I were watching the court when soon everyone started cheering.

Confused, I looked over at Sam, who’s eyes were focusing on something else. We were on the jumbo screen, and everyone was chanting "KISS, KISS, KISS!” I looked at Sam who was smiling down at me. Then Sam turned himself to me, placing his lips on mine. I didn’t pull back, instead I kissed back. A few seconds later we pulled back, and Sam still had that cheesy grin on his face.

“That was the best birthday gift"he said into my ear. I laughed and looked at him. What a dork.

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trc ot5 baseball game headcanons?

okay okay okay

  • blue has all the gear. she has the t-shirt and the hat, and she made a poster, much to the dismay of the people sitting behind her
  • gansey would have bought them all seats behind home plate, but adam and blue insisted they pay for their own seats so they sit in the bleacher seats bc its much cheaper
  • ronan doesn’t get the appeal of the sport
  • “no one’s even hitting each other what’s the point”
  • “ronan they hit the ball with the bat”
  • “and if they get hit with the ball, they get a free pass to first base? that’s weak. fight for ur run”
  • and the rest of the group just grumbles because this isn’t boxing, ronan, you’re not supposed to hit anyone
  • adam is a SUPERFAN. he knows every players name and batting average, what teams they’ve all previously been on, and he basically tells everyone what’s going on
  • noah keeps calling the person with the food over. 
  • except watching adam eat a hotdog is torture for ronan tbh it was a mistake to get him one bc ronan needs to walk it off
  • they get on the jumbo screen all five of them and blue and noah just spring up bouncing and making huge arm circles and hollering and the rest of the group just stays seated but cheers anyway
  • they also get on the kiss cam and it was meant for gansey and blue bc they were totally cuddling and bc they cant adam and ronan just go on a huge makeout session and the whole stadium goes wild 
  • look at this punkass kid witht he huge tattoo making out with the blushing freckled kid even the players are cheering from the dugout
  • literally the entire stadium loves these five kids so they’re on the jumbotron like three times throughout the game even tho thats so rare but everyone LOVES THEM
  • gansey gets so into it like someone strikes out and he’s like “DEAR LORD”
  • pop fly caught? “UNFAIR! U N F A I R”

last night at exoluxion, chanyeol kept telling the crowd to take a step back and no one would listen. so he said if everyone took a step back kyungsoo would dance. when people backed up jongin, who was not near kyungsoo turned to the jumbo screen smiling and waiting to see what kyungsoo would do. kyungsoo was too shy to dance so he made a heart and jongin smiled this cute little ‘aww man’ smile and turned back to face the crowd it was so cute!

5SOS Preference #6 : Kiss cam/ Kiss on screen

requested: Yes

Luke: You gather around the group of giggly boys as they talk at the computer screen. Today they were doing a twitcam due to all of the changes and added tour dates that they want to announce. Usually you try to stay out of them casts because you weren’t sure how the fans would react. 

“Hey look who we have here! Hi (y/n)!” calum chirps. 

A wide smile crawls across Luke’s face as you enter the room. You were wearing his favorite flannel shirt and a pair of ripped blacks skinny jeans. He motions for  you to come into the screen area, so you reluctantly enter the viewing area. 

“Say hi babe.” Luke points toward the camera. 

“Hi everyone!” you slyly wave. 

You feel Luke grab your hand, a gesture you have always loved, especially when it was in secret like this. Even though the fans could see you were not sitting on Luke’s lap, they couldn’t see your hands. Tons of comments start to appear on the screen causing Mikey to lean forward. 

Mikey’s hand flies to cover his mouth, muffling a giggle as he looks over at us. I look up at Luke who has the same furrowed-eyebrow expression on his face. 

“Luke, (y/n), they want you to kiss.” He makes kisses faces toward us. 

“Luke I’m not sure if this is a good..” You are stopped mid sentence. 

Luke gently crashes his lips to yours. His lips tease yours with hot air, his hands falling to your sides. You decide to go with it and kiss him back, tugging on his lip a little. As you pull away you realize you were on camera and hide behind your long (y/h/c). 

“Aw babe, there is no need to be embarrassed.” he pulls you close to his chest. 

“The fans seem to like it!” Calum points toward the screen as billions of comments now rush through the server. 

Calum:  The boys had now moved onto the American part of the tour and have generously invited you to come along. Calum had the greatest idea to go see a baseball game because you have never seen one. 

You sit in the crowded stadium as the fans all cheer and shout as the player runs around the diamond on the field. The air smells of cheap hot dogs and beer. You and Calum stand up with everyone else and cheer along even though neither of you have much of an idea what exactly is going on. Calum grabs your hand and looks over at you with his wide brown eyes. 

“Cal this was a great idea!” you giggle and back down on the cool bleacher. 

“(y/n) do you even know what is going on?” he raises an eyebrow up at me. 

 "No not at all! But I am glad to be spending time with you.“ 

"Me too. Hey babe?" 

"Yeah Cal?" 


He directs your attention to the big jumbo screen at the front of the stadium. The two of you are centered in the middle of the square with hearts all around you. Random fans chant ‘kiss’ at us. 

"Kiss cam.” he tells you. 

He leans into kiss you softly, knowing how you feel about too much pda.You kiss him back not caring at this moment. You missed him so much while he was on tour that these are the moments you want to remember and be able to tell your kids some day. Everyone claps and the camera moves onto the next victims.

“I love you (y/n)!”

“I love you too calum.”


“MIKEYYYY” you yell!

You were face timing your best friend since you were currently on tour with your boyfriends band. You miss her like crazy but you always find time to call her. Your boyfriend Michael is poking and prodding at you for your undivided attention, but you pay him no mind and continue to talk to the girl on the screen. 

“Do you want to go? I mean we could talk later?” (y/bff/n) asks.

“No. Mikey please I just want to talk to her.” you push him away.

“I’m not going to let you go before I steal a kiss." 

Before you could even respond he presses his lips to your and you kiss him back know it is the only thing to get some peace and quiet. You best friend smiles at the two of you and you hear the click of a camera. 

"Hey!” you and michael bother say at the same time. 

Both of your phones start to buzz like crazy with little twitter messages. 

'Michael and (y/n) are seriously the cutest.’

The picture of the two of you was not already at over 10,000 retweets. 

“Thank you (y/bff/n).” You sarcastically thank your friend for  posting you kissing online. 

Ashton: You were at the local basketball game sitting in the front row. You won these tickets through work and decided that even if you were still bitter over the fact that our boyfriend just broke up with you, you could still go and have a fun time by yourself. 

Looking over at the empty seat next to you, you notice on the other side of you is a nice looking boy, around the age of twenty, with his hair pulled back behind a gray beanie. His deep hazel eyes meet mine and I give a shy smile to the young man. We are interrupted by a surge of screams through the court because someone had just made a half court shot. The next thing I knew the mysterious man was grabbing me closer to him and he kisses me. 

Taken by surprise it takes me a few moments to kiss him back, but when I do it felt so good. In the heat of the moment I was happy again, I felt spontaneous and free. Everyone around us claps and I look up to see us kissing on the Jumbotron. 

“Sorry, kiss cam.” he smirks over at me. 

“No it’s fine." 

"Hi I’m ashton!” He puts out his hand. 

“(y/n). Nice to meet you." 

"Nice to meet you too (y/n)." 

The rest of the game you spent your time with Ashton. You learn that he is in a successful band and that he is from Australia. You manage to get his number. Never in a million years would you have thought that you would meet your future boyfriend at a basketball game. 

*******Author’s Note****

Hey guys! Sorry this kinda stinks. I just need to have a filler. If you have any requests I am taking them right now. :) 

[150201] Fanaccounts from Idol Athletics Championship Recording

Sources: xmbbb, ggggggggul, sun_xiuminseok, yummybaozi, sehunkidney hugxcom, I_AM_ShuShu, 4qksk, 0525_duck, 0326_XIUCAKE

Translated by Elly

1. When Minseok came out to wait, he kept talking to Minho beside him, and then they both suddenly crossed their legs with their right leg on top, it was cute ㅠㅠ And when the fans reacted to that, Minseok played around putting his right leg up and down and up and down

2. Minseok’s so good at push and pullㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ When he started drumming his thighs with his hands, the fans started copying him with their balloon sticks ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He kept doing it because he was having fun but when it started getting too loud he told us to calm down ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ He made us obedientㅠㅠㅠ

3. Out of everyone, Minseok was the one who stretched the most diligently before the game. But when he was stretching, while folded over, he suddenly relaxed his lower body and shook it like shake shake shake

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a blurb with you're a singer and the boy has a crush on you and shows up to one of your concerts like their thoughts

                        *REQUEST BLURBS*

I think you wanted all of the boys, but if you just wanted one you could just read that one. Thank you for your request. I hope it’s okay that I did a imagine instead, but if you don’t like it you can request again.


Today was the day, the day Luke would finally see you perform live. He was so exited, he even made the boys to come as well. Once he got inside the arena he was on the edge of bursting of joy, all he could think about was how beautiful you were, your pretty hair and those eyes that could make anyone fall in love. As he stood in the front row, patiently waiting for you to come out. When you did he was hypnotized by your beauty. “Luke? are you alright?” Ashton laughed as he gave Luke a dodge. Luke didn’t reply to Ashton comment, he just looked at you with his clear blue eyes.

You were just finished your last song, when you were going to answer some twitter question. You looked out at the crowded audience, little did you know that you’re celebrity crush Luke hemmings was watching your every move. The big screen light up with the first twitter question, who’s your celebrity crush? The entire audience squealed as they read the question, a soft shade of red cam across your cheeks. “Um, well my celebrity crush has to be Luke Hemmings from 5 seconds of summer,” You announced shy. A big smile spread across Luke’s face when those words escaped your pink plump lips.  


His P.O.V

Her plump violet lips sang the last words, she looked at the dark crowd, she smiled knowing how blessed she was to be able to sing to the people who love and support her every night. “You know I  love every single one of you, I can’t explain how much I’ve struggled these last month and just knowing how many of you love and supports me..is just amazing! Thanks to all of you I’m able to live my dream, and I’m forever grateful to you all,” She said and smiled. Cheers came from the crowd, I suddenly heard a my name being screamed to Y/N. It came from a girl in the front row, she walked up to her with her long sparkly dress gently touching the stage. She looked so beautiful with her curled hair, that only could imagine gently pulling my fingers through. She kneeled down  and smiled at her. “What’s your name pretty girl?” Her  soft voice filled the arena. The little girl whispered her name in Y/N’s ear, Her smile light up the entire jumbo screen.

“What a pretty name for a pretty girl, I couldn’t help but hear what you said, would you mind saying it again?” She asked softly, she gave the microphone to the little girl. “Do you have a crush on Calum Hood, because he said you’re the most beautiful girl and you’re his celebrity crush,” the little girl stuttered in the microphone, an awed look came across Y/N’s face as she giggled. Gosh, she was so gorgeous with her big shiny eyes.  “Well I must say I do fancies Calum, and he’s my celebrity crush” The crowd awed at her statement.


His P.O.V

The loud music echoed in my body, her powerful voice filled the arena.  Her classic red lips I could only wish kissing. “Is everyone enjoying themselves so far?” She asked laughing. Maybe a little to much, I thought to myself. I ran my fingers through my dark hair. The crowd cheered in reply. She gave the crowd a winning smile, that always makes me go weak in knees.

“I’m going to sing on last song, which personally is my favorite. Can you all do me a favor and take up your phones, so we can light up the arena?” Her angels like voice started singing my favorite melody, in everyones surprise everyone was quiet and listen to her voice filling the arena. The melody soon faded and she was done.

“MICHEAL CLIFFORD LOVES YOU, y/n,” a fan screamed through the quit arena. She giggled and looked in my direction, only if she knew, knew how perfect she is. “ I don’t know how to answer that question,” she laughed blushing like mad.


Your P.O.V

I wiggled my body soft and seductive to rhythm of the music, a smile spread across my face when I saw who was in the front row, none other than Ashton Irwin. “Why would you guys ask me to dance, you guys know I suck,” I laughed into the microphone, I gave the crew a wave to make them take next twitter question. I looked at the screen and immediately burst out in giggles. “Ashton Irwin says he’s your biggest fan, are you his?,” You read out, the crowd burst out in oh’s and ah’s. “I’m defiantly Ashton’s biggest fan, I mean how can you not he’s so kind to everyone, plus he’s my definition of a perfect guy.” You admitted and blushed.

“I can’t believe I just said that, next question please.” I laughed. The crowd awed and all screamed because they have  shipping coming up. The camera crew noticed Ashton in the crowd and filmed him smiling and blushing as much as you were.

a/n: I really hope you guys like this, because I worked really hard, I’m going to finish the rest of the blurb request this weekend or this week that’s coming. Lots of love to you all