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They are in Georgia, for fuck’s sake.

She shouldn’t be seeing snowflakes splattering onto the keyboard of her laptop while she mixes music on the quad. 

Because she’s in Georgia, and Georgia isn’t supposed to snow.

Beca looks up from her spot to see if this was some sort of prank, but it isn't– there are real snowflakes falling from the sky. It’s weird and cold and she was getting wet, so she decides that the excitement from other students around her isn’t worth it, and walks briskly to the nearest building she can think of.

“Hey, Bec,” Jesse says when she walks into his room at the Treble house, clearly surprised at her sudden arrival. He gets up from his spot on his bed to give her a brief kiss. “You didn’t tell me you were coming over.”

“Yeah, well,” she shrugs, setting her things down, with the exception of her laptop, before collapsing onto his bed and burrowing herself in his duvet. He sits next to her, balancing his laptop atop his knees, which were folded against his chest. “It’s snowing outside and I was getting cold and wet.”

Beca’s too focused on typing the password into her laptop’s start screen to notice the sound of Jesse’s own typing had ceased. He stares at her, eyebrows raised. “Did you just say that it’s snowing outside?”

She takes her eyes off the screen to look at him. “Yeah.”

Instantly, Jesse’s on his feet and peering out of his window like a small child. “Holy shit, it is!”

“Well, yeah. I wasn’t lying.”

He grins at Beca, and suddenly he was buzzing with excitement. “Bec, get up! We gotta go outside!”

She stares at him, dumbfounded. “I came over here to stay out of the outside and the snow and the cold, remember?”

“Aw, come on,” he juts out his bottom lip into a pout, much to Beca’s disdain (and, unfortunate, pathetic weakness). “It’s snowing!”

He keeps the puppy-dog eyes and stupid pout until she finally lets out a hefty sigh of defeat. “Can I at least bring your blanket?”

He nods enthusiastically and practically drags her outside to the Treble’s backyard, tottering on the snow-covered grass barefoot. Beca, wrapped in Jesse’s duvet, quickly finds herself at the nearest bench, knees folded to her chest, tucking the duvet underneath her to keep herself warm. 

“Isn’t this amazing?!” Jesse grins, opening his arms to the sky. “Bec, come on!”

He twirls and jumps and does all sorts of ridiculous things with his tongue sticking out, trying to catch all the snowflakes he possibly can. He encourages her to do the same by giving her glances and upping his silly gestures. 

“You’re missing out on all the fun!” Jesse seems to say, his words only half-formed with his tongue lolled out. 

His happiness is contagious, so she can’t help but dart her tongue out for a brief second, her nose scrunching when she feels a cluster of snowflakes hit her tongue.

He laughs at this, amused at his girlfriend’s unwillingness. He slows down his movements and grabs a seat next to Beca, panting slightly.

“You’re gonna get sick, you know,” she muses, ignoring the blush that colors her cheeks when he bops her nose with his finger.

“I don’t care. I love the snow,” he smiles, wrapping an arm around Beca’s bundled frame. “If we get more, can we make a snowman?”

She looks into his eyes– so deeply filled with affection and genuine happiness– and finally plasters a smile of her own onto her face. It’s a small one, but it reaches to the crinkles of her eyes, and Jesse’s face lights up immediately.

“Yeah, I guess.”

The cold forces them back inside. Jesse makes them hot cocoa and lets Beca choose a Christmas movie to watch, despite the fact that they both have finals to study for. 

A couple of hours later, they check outside once again to find that it snowed a total of one measly inch. Beca sees the disappointment in Jesse’s eyes and she can’t help but feel it in her heart to make him smile again.

So, she brings him jumbo marshmallows and mini pretzel sticks later that night. His eyes light up once again and he can’t stop laughing, but he thanks her for the sweet gesture and they transform the kitchen into a Kindergarten classroom project zone. They stick mini chocolate chips for faces and use Reese’s peanut butter cups for top hats, and together, they make their own little army of edible snowmen in Georgia.

And when Beca opens her laptop the following morning, she finds a sticky note attached to her keyboard.

Thanks for the best snow day ever. I love you. - J