jumbo marshmallow

absolutely random voltron headcanons
  • keith talks to inanimate objects and will enthusiastically deny it if anyone catches him
  • animal: whines lance, sympathetically: i know, baby, i know
  • hunk can keep a straight face come hell or high water, will frequently say some absolutely absurd thing or go off on a silly tangent completely deadpan, and the others just fuckin lose it
  • also hunk has made lance laugh until he peed twice in the history of their friendship and constantly threatens to do it again
  • shiro can drink an entire half gallon of milk in a single go
    • he can also fit twelve jumbo marshmallows in his mouth and is constantly looking for an excuse to show off this talent
  • hunk used to have hair down to his chest before the garrison and he still occasionally laments its loss
    • sometimes he just….. wistfully stares at allura’s long hair, wanting. remembering
    • lance also misses the long hair bc he got to brush it and braid it all the time and pretend like hunk was a disney princess and lance was his prince hunk doesn’t know this and if lance has anything to do with it he never will
  • coran used to be a helpless flirt, like lance… but way more successful
    • was once simultaneously engaged to a widowed countess, a prince, a bounty hunter, and two royal handmaidens
    • allura had to really work her diplomatic connections to get him out of that one and tbh she never lets him live it down even now
  • lance idolized shiro throughout most of his garrison career and is frankly shocked to discover that shiro is just a total goober who frequently pretends like he’s in the star wars universe and has passionate opinions about the matrix movies and drools when he sleeps
  • allura thinks hunk would make a great diplomat and is not-so-subtly grooming him to be so
    • keeps taking him and him alone to meet important people, giving him negotiation tips, asking for his opinions on people they meet even if she’s already made up her mind about them
    • sometimes introduces him to new people as a prince or a minister or some other authoritative figure
      • hunk is chill with this as long as he gets to make up the name of the planet that he’s allegedly the prince of
  • keith snorts when he laughs really hard
    • lance and hunk team up to try and make him snort as often as possible

Wig Hack Wednesday #4 !
Today I wanna introduce a no-sew-no-glue method to add volume to your wig with a jumbo braid (or braiding hair). Using this method will save you time and money because you’ll be getting more bang for your buck! Jumbo braids are pretty cheap and can range from around $2-$8 depend on quality of the hair fiber. Usually, they are used to add thickness to braid hairstyles, but you can use it for any “big-hair” hairstyle, really. Be careful when using hair dryer or heat tools with jumbo braids because they cannot stand as much heat-styling as other wig fibers. For this tutorial, I’m using a jumbo braid in marshmallow from Arda Wigs.
- Untie the end of the jumbo braid. Separate and cut a small piece of weft from it. Keep in mind that you’ll need the piece to be double of the length you would want for the final product because you will be folding the piece in half.
- Use a latch crochet hook to go under the elastic band of the wig and grab the folded hair
- Bring the hook back through the same hole, making sure the latch closes before you pull it through the hole
- Grab the hair with your fingers, twist it once and hold
- Bring the hair from the hanging side and pull it through the twisted loop without tightening the loop
- Bring the loop to the opposite side and twist it again
- Pull the hair from the hanging side through the loop again
- Pull and tighten the knot so it’s as small as possible
- Keep adding more hair to the other elastics and different sections of the wig. You can tease it for more volume!

I used this method to make a Sage Madara (Naruto) wig and it produced great result with high volume but still very light-weight. I hope this helps you create cool wigs with super volume at low cost (looking at Steven Universe people…lol )

I feel like I should tell you what just happened. Do you want me to tell you what just happened?

I’m gonna tell you. I’m gonna tell you what just happened.

I had to stop my mother from fighting off a coyote with her bare hands.

A bit of background: my mother is made of those jumbo-sized marshmallows and cream puffs and love. She is the most mom-ish mom who ever mom-ed. She compulsively bakes and coos at my dog all day and has effectively adopted all of my friends and has a very easy laugh and a pretty, round, happy face. She is one of the sweetest human beings in the history of the world.

But do not fuck with her.

Don’t. Don’t do it. She will end you. She will end you while wearing her matching pink sweater sets and a string of pearls.

Even if you’re a wild predator.

Her mom, my grandma, is from Texas and even though she’s 82, she could legitimately still body slam a 260-pound man to the floor. She was a trapeze artist in the circus. She was often left in charge of the lions and the other big cats when she was, like, eleven and she frequently beat the crap out of anyone who bothered her sisters growing up.

And my mom, despite her insistence on the contrary, inherited the “don’t-mess-with-Texas” gene.

I was driving my sister home from the airport and Mom came along. I stopped at an intersection by our house when something darted into the corner of my eye.

“Oh, my God!” I yelled. “That dog stole a goose!”

What looked like a large jackal-shaped dog ran past our car with a goose flapping in its mouth. I kind of just stared, at a loss, but my mom was losing it.

“Oh, my God!” she shrieked. “That’s not a dog–!”

“That’s a coyote!” my sister finished. “That’s a coyote!”

“I–” I began, without a road map as to where my sentence was going.

Mom started banging on my car door. I have child-proof locks in the back and–good news–they work.

“Let me out!” she yelled, slamming her hand against the window. “Let me out, I’m gonna chase it away–”

“I–no! Mom, God, I’m not going to open the door for you to fight a WILD COYOTE–”




“No, don’t–” my sister interjected. “Don’t open–!”

My mom started banging on the lock, ready to wrestle a coyote to the ground with her bare hands to save the goose when a guy ran up and spooked the coyote, which dropped its dinner and bolted.

We were still screaming.

“I don’t–”


DO!” I all but wailed.

Mom flopped back in her seat.

“Oh, just go home!” she snapped.

She’s now alternating between kissing my dog and talking about how the guy who DID scare off the coyote was a wuss because he was scared of it.

I mean.

I know my mom grew up with frontier parents.

I wouldn’t put it past her to fight one animal in order to save another, honestly.

And yes, the coyote was probably scared of humans.

But I legitimately just had to barricade my mother inside my car to stop her from wrestling with a wild predator.

My cupcake-baking, giggly, sugar-and-cotton-stuffed mother was SLAMMING INTO MY DOOR so she could PRY A GOOSE out from the jaws of a WILD COYOTE.

……..It’s pretty metal.

Hot Chocolate || Open

The sunset a few hours ago but it was still early and the curfew was hours away. A collection of students gathered up firewood, blankets, mugs, and other campfire foods and headed down to the lake.

Nita sat near the fire with a blanket draped over her legs. She held a mug of hot chocolate close for the added warmth against her face. “Excuse me,” her fingers extended to poke the person next to her, “can you hand me a few marshmallows, please?” Nita flashed a sweet smile in hopes they were in a good enough mood to assist her in her quest for a jumbo fluffy marshmallow ro go with her hot chocolate.

the signs as things i have kept in my purse
  • aries: a full sized stapler and extra staples
  • taurus: a takeaway meal for one
  • gemini: six packets of tea and a handful of sugar packets
  • cancer: a full bag of coffee beans and a french press
  • leo: a pair of shoes, a hairbrush and hairspray
  • virgo: a complete outfit with two changes of underwear
  • libra: a cat (only briefly)
  • scorpio: two dirty coffee cups
  • sagittarius: five different forms of identification
  • capricorn: thirteen pounds of school supplies (we weighed it)
  • aquarius: two jackets
  • pisces: half of a jumbo bag of marshmallows