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My List of Lipsticks for Creatures of the Night

Really felt like making a list of my personal favorite gothic lipsticks for you all. Now mind you, there are soooooo many other different colors and brands out there (that I wish I had) so this list is from my own personal collection. I won’t have any swatches in this particular post either, mainly because the list is really long and I sometimes hate using product up for swatches. But anyway, I hope you like it!

From Lime Crime:

Salem velvetine (matte chocolate brown)

Wicked velvetine (matte burgundy red)

Black Velvet velvetine (matte black)

Red Velvet velvetine (matte blue toned red)

Chinchilla lipstick (grey toned lavender)

Poisonberry lipstick (deep toned berry)

Serpentina lipstick (deep metallic forest green)

Styletto lipstick (satin black)

Glamour 101 lipstick (deep blue toned red)

From Wet N’ Wild:

Pagan Angel lipstick (satin black)

Stoplight Red lipstick (bright red)

Vamp It Up lipstick (deep eggplant purple)

Cherry Bomb lipstick (deep brick red)

From Milani Cosmetics:

Best Red lipstick (blue toned red)

Black Cherry lipstick (deep black cherry)

Sangria lipstick (deep warm toned berry)

From Kat Von D:

Homegirl lipstick (deep black cherry)

Motorhead lipstick (deep dark berry)

Vampira lipstick (deep burgundy red)

Coven lipstick (vivid lavender)

Poe lipstick (deep navy)

L.U.V lipstick (rich violet)

Hexagram lipstick (deep blood red)

Prayer lipstick (deep wine)

Wolvesmouth lipstick (metallic berry)

Slayer lipstick (matte black)

Bauhau5 lipstick (deep raspberry)

From NYX Cosmetics:

Perfect Red lipstick (matte deep blue toned red)

Sinful Wicked Lippie (deep cobalt blue)

Cold Hearted Wicked Lippie (deep metallic grey)

Betrayal Wicked Lippie (deep purple)

Temptress lipstick (deep royal purple)

Aphrodisiac lipstick (plummy brown)

Bewitching lipstick (cool toned burgundy)

She Devil lipstick (deep plum)

Leading Lady lipstick (deep blue toned red)

Maroon jumbo lip crayon (deep maroon)

From Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics:

Pagan lip tar (deep purple)

Technopagan lip tar (deep purple with blue shift)

Lydia lip tar (light plum)

Black Metal Dahlia lip tar (deep metallic burgundy)

Sebastian lip tar (plum toned taupe)

From Colourpop Cosmetics:

Creature Lippie Stix (dark burgundy)

Wet Lippie Stix (metallic taupe)

Feminist Lippie Stix (deep blackened eggplant)

Ellarie Lippie Stix (deep cranberry)

Bullchic Lippie Stix (matte black)

Bichette Lippie Stix (deep wine)

Pitch Lippie Stix (deep chocolate brown)

Bunny Lippie Stix (metallic forest green)

Leather Lippie Stix (deep violet)

Bossy Lippie Stix (blue toned red)

From Urban Decay:

Venom lipstick (deep berry)

From Too Faced:

Stiletto Red lipstick (creamy blue toned red)

Divine Wine lipstick (deep wine)

From Maybelline:

Divine Wine lipstick (matte deep wine)

Espresso Exposed lipstick (deep red toned brown)

If you are a fellow sexy goth vampire demon from the nether, I would really give these lipsticks a try :D

3CE Jumbo Lip Crayon Review (Bohemian Pink and Woman To Woman)

Sytlenanda is incredibly stylish and chic and their makeup brand 3CE is no different. 3CE was one of the main brands I was dying to try out on our Korea trip last year. I was so excited to be able to be in the main Stylenanda store in Hongdae and then again a couple of times in the little store set up they had in the Lotte Department Store. It was so much fun to see and swatch everything, but of course, all the products are available to be shipped worldwide on the stylenanda website as well.
3CE Jumbo Lip Crayons provide easy glide and clear colors! This lip crayon helps you create a perfect pout.
Smooth Glide: Have a lip balm moisturised-like finish with this soft textured lip crayon
Bold Colours: Use the colour of your choice to create a bold and beautiful lip makeup
Two-in-One: Aim for the perfect lips with this lip crayon which can be used as a lip liner and a lipstick as well

3CE has changed their packaging for these Jumbo Lip Crayons. The version I have is the traditional crayon type that needs to be sharpened and has the clear plastic lid. I have to say, I really do prefer the upgraded packaging design which has the crayon in a retractable form.  
Old packaging vs New Packaging

Now to the colors I have:

-Woman to Woman is a beautiful bright red, and described on the stylenanda website as lively, but never too much!
-Bohemian Pink is described as a pretty pink beige tone that can be used to tone down the color of your lips.

Swatch time!

The jumbo lip crayons have a great range of colors to choose from, it was really hard to narrow it down to just 2! The two-in-one function mentions that you can use it as a lip liner and a lipstick, but you can also use this products lighting as a cheek color as well. I liked that these lip crayons allowed me to be very precise with my application and that it was very smooth and glided on very well. They are quite pigmented, but the photos are a little misleading because the finish and the pigmentation weren’t like they were shown in the pictures of the models. I found that the wear time was average. It lasted around after 2 hours before I noticed the color was beginning to fading. Unfortunately, I didn’t find these lip crayons to be too moisturizing, especially after a while when the color starts to fade. The found that the lip crayons ended up emphasizing the lines in my lips or just any dry parts in general.  As one of the main selling points that they market, I was pretty disappointed. I don’t find myself reaching for these lip crayons often, but overall they are nice products to have and use every now and then.

-has a range of colours
-can be used multiple ways
-smooth and glides on well
-allows you to be very precise with application
-good pigmentation, but not as rich as in the photos

-old packaging design is inconvenient
-average lasting power
-not as moisturising as advertised

Overall Rating: 3/5