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Hi, got any tips or suggestions to make eyeshadow more pigmented? I feel like eye shadows end up looking chalky on me or just don't show up. I've gotten primer and I've tried different formulas/brands like Revlon cream palettes, NYX dream catcher, morphe warm palette. I don't want resort to the more expensive palettes like Lorac yet but I can't seem to get the hang of drugstore palettes. Thanks!

Hey girl!  Don’t worry - your eyeshadows still have hope!  Even the worst quality eyeshadows can have some life if you’re using the right base and method of application!

Good job getting yourself some eyeshadow primer - they’re important!  Eyeshadow primers help to prevent shadows from creasing by controlling the oils on your eyelids.  With good eyeshadows, they’ll make colors show up better and help blend out your colors better, but with chalky, powdery, poorly pigmented colors you need a little extra boost.  For that, I recommend getting an eyeshadow base!

So what’s the difference between a primer and a base?  When we’re talking about eyeshadows, a base has a tint to it, where a primer is usually clear, translucent, or very, very sheer.  Eyeshadow base can be skin tone colored, or any color of the rainbow!  I recommend getting one that’s either a little lighter than your skin tone, or a white one, because these can be used with pretty much any eyeshadow look.  Other colored bases should be used in coordinating colors with your look… for instance, a blue eyeshadow base for a bright blue eyeshadow look (but be careful!)

If you’re not ready to shell out the dough for a MAC Paint Pot, which are some of the most coveted and popular eyeshadow bases on the market, I recommend trying out some of the NYX ones!  They have a huge selection of different products that could be considered bases, but these are my favorites:

NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone - $7

I like this one because it comes in a convenient pot, so you can just dive in there with your brush (or fingers if you don’t share and have a hand sanitizer addiction).  The color of this isn’t super crazy pale, and works really well on people with darker skin tones as opposed to a white base.  The texture is smooth and creamy and makes colors very blendable and is just sticky enough to grip shadows without being crease-y.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk - $4.50

Yes, you’re seeing that right, they’re only $4.50!  If you’ve been around the beauty community online for a while, you’ll look at this baby like an old friend.  The hype around NYX Milk Pencil is real!  This is a staple for any brightly colored eyeshadow look.  It’s super creamy and very convenient because the pencil applicator is precise, and you could use it as an eyeliner or face paint or really anything your heart desires in addition to being a base.  

There are other great products that you could find at pretty much any drugstore that are very similar to these eyeshadow bases.  Milani Shadow Eyez are another of my faves, as are the Maybelline Color Tattoos. A makeup artist trade secret is using concealer as an eyeshadow base… just make sure you use your primer beforehand, because concealers normally contain oils that could cause your shadows to crease.

My last tip is to make sure you’re using the right kinds of tools and the right kind of application.  To pack color on your lids as much as possible, be sure that you’re using a flat eyeshadow brush, or even a sponge tip applicator.  Also, make sure you’re truly PACKING the color on, by patting it and building it, instead of sweeping it across your eyelid.  

Real Techniques Shading Brush - $6

For really stubborn colors, you can dampen your brush first with either a setting spray or a teeny amount of water or contact lens solution.  Applying your eyeshadow wet will ensure that it goes on as pigmented as possible!

I hope that this helps you out!  If you’re not ready to splurge on expensive eyeshadows, don’t do it.  You can create gorgeous makeup looks without spending tons of money on color, as long as you have the right stuff for the “behind the scenes” application!  

You can find all of these products on Drugstore.com.  Use this link to help support this blog!


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My all natural hair- no teasing, no product, no extensions/wig! I only used a little heat to create the few tame curls framing my face. It is naturally this thick and crazy! Yay or nay to my natural hair?

Makeup used:
Skin 79 BB cream (hot pink), emcosmetics chiaroscuro stick in fair, NYX taupe eyeshadow, NYX jumbo eye pencil in white, Hydraperfect powder in translucent, toofaced chocolate soleil, Toofaced sweethearts candy flush blush.
ELF Primer, NYW Jumbor eye pencils in milk, strawberry milk, …gold? and rust. Sugarpill tako and asteria, NYX hot pink, light pink and browns from haute jersey palette, Kat von D tattoo liner in trooper, ebay lashes, Buxom eyeliner in pearl, duo glue. Brows are NYX brow kit.
Lips: Kat Von D foiled love lipstick in “forever and never” with a dab of NYX jumbo eye pencil in strawberry milk.

So, as of now, this is my entire makeup collection. It’s actually not as big as I thought it was, but I plan to really expand my collection this year.

Breaking down each photo:
1. First photo is all of my eyeshadow palettes, some from Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Sigma, BH Cosmetics, Too Faced and so on.

2. Second photo is all my lip products. I definitely want to expand more when it comes to my lip products! Brands include Lime Crime, Urban Decay, Milani, Kat Von D, Jesse’s Girl, etc.

3. Third photo is all my eye liners, gel liners, liquid liners, and glitter liners. Brands include a crap ton of Urban Decay, some old Hot Topic liners, Inglot, E.L.F, etc.

4. Fourth photo is a collection of single and smaller eyeshadow palettes. These are quite old, I wore these constantly during my high school years before I started getting into more higher end brands. Brands include NYX, L.A Color, Essence, etc.

5. Fifth photo is all my loose eyeshadow pigments. I really wanna expand my loose pigment collection this year. Brands include Sugarpill, M.A.C, Beautifully Addictive and LA Splash

6. Sixth photo is just another collection of single eyeshadows. These, however, are more new and more used than the ones in the other photo. Brands include Urban Decay, Sugarpill, Milani, etc.

7. Seventh photo is just a collection of miscellaneous cosmetics that I use for my face, depotted NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils, mascaras, and also free samples that I got with my purchases. I know, I have a lot of UD primers lol. Brands include Urban Decay, Kat Von D, NYX, Benefit, Smashbox, etc.

well, that’s my whole collection. I can’t wait to watch it grow even more. 


the “still haven’t found my chill and hit the same mall twice in one week but got all of this today in ONE MF trip jesus christ i need to be stopped but that’s okay” haul

Nike Shorts - 35x2
Nike Jogger Tops - 70x2

Victoria’s Secret:
Undies - (12.50x5) + (11.50x15)
(most of them are going towards a panty drive on campus so im basically robon hood)

Sandals - 32.50

Cotton On:
Sweatshirt (gift) - 24.95
Tee (gift) - 29.95
Cardigan (gift) - 29.95
Socks (gifts) - 7.95 and 9.95x2
Leggings ft. cat - no idea

Dillard’s once again:
Kate Spade wallets - 100x2
Kate Spade earrings - 38x3 and 48x2
Marc Jacobs earrings - 48
Michael Kors earrings - 65

Bath and Body Works:
Lotion - 5
Candle - 12.50
Hand Cream - 5
Socks - ???
Wallflowers - 6.50x3

Naked Smoky Pallette - 54
Kat Von D liquid lippies - 20x3
Sephora Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil - 14
Urban Decay Gunmetal Glitter Eyeliner - 20x2

Total (no taxes bc why tf): $1,232.90

i just broke 1K
and got a Naked
I might be crying
can’t belive i got all of this in one trip? ??

God bless @smokeyandthebandit for the lil pep talk before sephora, u bae as hell 😘😘 everyone go follow her and look through her hauls bc she is the brains on this operation


Day 14: 🎯Dart Board🎯Mini-Vid📺
I’m going to give you some quick DIY Halloween looks for the next couple days, so if you’re running out of time for a costume, whip this look up! 👌🏻😅
@MehronMakeup Paradise Makeup AQ in Black
@makeupforeverofficial / @Makeupforeverus Flash palette
@suvabeauty Dance Party HydraLiner
@sugarpill Goldilux loose eyeshadow
@Nyxcosmetics Jumbo Pencil Black Bean
@morphebrushes 35B for shading
(at Hollywood)

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Tutorial of previous post
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BROWS- @anastasiabeverlyhills brow definer in chocolate and clear brow gel

EYESHADOW- @nyxcosmetics jumbo pencil in milk as base and @urbandecaycosmetics naked basics palette

EYELINER- @maybelline gel liner in blackest black! I use the @sigmabeauty e06 brush for my winged eyeliner.

LASHES- @shopvioletvoss eye donut care

BRUSHES- @sigmabeauty (use code TANIALOVESU for 20% off your entire purchase)
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One of the colourful makeup looks I created on today shoot for the Loreal Colour Trophy.

For the base I used Kryolan Ultra Cream Foundation palette, and I set it using M&S translucent powder.

I used a mixture of highly pigmented eyeshadows from Grimas, Kryolan & SugarPill Cosmetics -
A tip when you want colours to really pop on the skin is to use a white base before applying the eyeshadow.
NYX jumbo pencil in Milk is a great product to place down first, then blend it out & then place the eyeshadows on top of it.
It will help enhance the true vibrancy of the eyeshadow.

I place some gel liner across the top lid - Bobbi Brown Ink Black.
Then lastly I buffed some Black eyeshadow around the eye to create some depth.