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@autistickryptonian!! Hey buddy! Thanks!

22. Would you ever want to swim with sharks?

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To elaborate, that sounds completely and utterly terrifying! Kudos to those brave enough to go down into the cage/tank thing. But I couldn’t. Skydiving, maybe? Running with the bulls, perhaps? Deep spelunking? I’ll consider it. No sharks. Oh… gosh… no sharks!

60. Wear slippers? I have these fuzzy moccasin slippers and boot slippers that I adore. They are warm, functional AND cute. I’m always freezing so they are a must.

82. Favorite type of cookie?

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Cookies!?!? I love so many different kinds. Ummm… I will have to go with… Mrs. Fields’ jumbo frosted butter cookies. Though I am not picky and my favorites change. Basically, if you give me any cookie, I’ll be your friend forever.

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